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  9. Davis, a city in Garvin and Murray counties in the U.S. state of Oklahoma.
  10. I think we got the message.
  11. You could also say that physical intimacy wasn't in Shamy's DNA. You could say that they crafted a new Shamy that has a physical aspect to their relationship. For me the difference between the couples is: The writers took care and invested a lot in developing Shamy, they didn't give a crap about developing Lenny. Once they ended with Shamy's "old shticks" they carefully crafted new things for them, once they ended with Lenny's "old shticks" they didn't care to craft new things for them, they either neglected them or had them worse then before (fighting without communicating and resolving their problems like theu used to do). And let me remind you something: Lenny's major problem, that led to this on and off and some of the pre-marriage fighting was Penny's issues. As agreed, Penny was the one who proposed. She was ready then and felt complete with her decision. She also had a year to regret it and break up with him again for whatever lenght. She didn't. She grew and overcame her marriage fears, like Sheldon overcame his physical intimacy aversions. That's why we don't expect them to keep this on and off thing. It is behind them. The current fighting could be related to her issues, maybe she wants to take the next step but is afraid to and is also uncomfortable being the one who pushes forward since it was always Leonard who pushed forward. In that case it certainly wouldn't mean that they did wrong by marriying each other. The fighting could also stem from dozens of other sources but again, we are never given any.
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  18. Yay! Mike's back with us I win though.
  19. It seems I misread the TR. Thanks for the correction! Sorry to all for the misunderstanding I created with my earlier comments.
  20. Hog.
  21. Well it is easy for one side of the argument, when Shamy dominate 95% of the shows stories and screen time. But it is not a compeitition. Their are alot of Lenny fans who are very cynical all the time. So even when their are cute, or good Lenny episodes. Still deconstruct it, or over analyze it. Opposed to just accepting it for what it was. The biggest gripe with Lenny fans is. For about 72 episodes now. They have wasted 70% of it on repeated cannon, too many inconsistencies, and just general lazy writing. The last episode was the first time, they wrote Lenny like Season 6-7. It is just confusing why they cannot do that all the time. IT seems they put all their energy into Shamy. They just don't have much left for Lenny or any of the other characters. Hence only one storyline in the Season Finalie. I feel too while TBBT these days is stil a well oiled machine. Alot of the ORIGINAL comedy, and unique storytelling. That made this show so unique. Has been replaced by hacked together, clichied premises from other sitcoms. Like for example Romance Recalibration was so clichied. Lenny for the type of couple they are, have always been far more original then that. Problem with 10.22. Is how backwards it is. That should of been 10.07. Instead of waiting till end of season to do that kinda episode. Just seems they phone it in most of the time, with Lenny. It is like with the whole narrative of "Sheldon becomes a real boy". That clearly most of the mainstream love. Post Season 4. I hate it. I prefer Vintage Sheldon. Deadpan as hell. I just think most of the guys particularly. Are not as endering as they once more Because they are all normal now. Their is nothing peculiar about them anymore. I have no problem with Sheldon finding love. But It is my personal opinion, it is has lacked balance for a long time now. What happened to Sheldon's work? His Science? His preservation for knowledge above all? It just seems most of his stories these days is "Romance Sheldon". They could of changed Sheldon without throwing cannon out the window. Like they seemed to have done even in the season finalie. This is all my opinion. I hope in Season 11 they get a better balance.
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  23. I quote this because I want to say thank you for saying this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I quote @Jonny 's post because I want to say: I feel the same, brother. And I just want to say: I've been feeling this since I've posted on this forum, that is The Discussion Thread has a "theme", as in "You must think that Lenny's plots are so bad, you must think that Lenny are getting divorced, otherwise you are wrong. Even though sometimes you think Lenny's cute, Lenny's plots are very good." Yes, as someone who love Leonard and Penny, individually and together, this indeed made me tired.
  24. Flamingo Coconut Infusion Nail Paint.
  25. With that I am reminded of 2.20 We never got to see Howard's routine.
  26. You are totally right that it isn't a contest, but it is a little tiresome that we only get stories/plots for one of the couples and I also want to say that I'm in no way sees Shamies as an enemy, absolutely not. But in my mind the writers did a mistake with Lenny and Raj in the seasons finale by not having any plot for Lenny or Raj at all. What will we Lennies looking forward to in the next season, there is nothing going on. Perhaps the writers doesn't want to fix it to save plots for the next 48 episodes. Lenny needs to have some plots in season 11 and 12 ,why not more fighting seems to be option from the writers. There could have been all kinds of stories for the newlywed couple(honeymoon, dinner parties, travels ,the list goes on and on ) but the writers choose to not showing any of this, just have them behind the kitchen island. The writers have created this mess with Lenny because there isn't any solutions to fix any problems. Why are they fighting ? nobody know because the writers wont tell us. Lenny were so much better written in the earlier seasons that they are today. To be honest doesn't it feels a little bit strange to have them engaged in the end of S7 and three seasons later they are still not married. I don't see how this could have been better for Lenny. Instead of one season with no wedding planning we would have gotten three seasons. Or they got together in S5 and five seasons later they are still not engaged to be married, again I can't see how this would have been better for Lenny. Look at all the plots Howardette has been given as a wed couple, why can't the writers do this to Lenny. The writers can be really creative when they want to ,they just doesn't want to do it for Lenny at the moment. I really would like to see Lenny as a happy newly wed couple with some interesting plots and not just stand behind the kitchen island, where the writers has placed them far to many time in my opinion.
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