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  2. 1. No. But it's an issue that seems to relate to Leonard. 2. No argument though everything's a writers issue. 3. All we know is that Penny isn't supposedto keep things from Leonard. Not the other way around. If the RA is in use Leonard's living to Penny isn't it. If it was wouldn't been mentioned.
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  4. Probably an issue of availability of the actress. Totally agree, though.
  5. Then why was Leonard the one who had to drive after Penny to make things okay? And when he tried to, she basically told him to go away? I'm not upset about Leonard and Penny having problems. They're married, that's bound to happen and like I've mentioned several times on here: I love angst when it's written well. What I'm saying is they could've done that without putting them in a totally OOC situation. Leonard sitting there like a homeless guy and burping? Penny all of a sudden daydreaming about the cheesiest, most schmaltzy romantic evening even though she's not even into that? I get that the writers tried to make a point but they could've done that without making them look like morons yet again. The one thing, the ONE good thing about this was Johnny and Kaley's acting.
  6. Well yes I agree with you. Ive said before I would love if we hear Lenny are going to see a marrage thearapist. We don't need to see episodes revolved around it. But little references. And Lenny talking about it would be nice.
  7. I don't see why Penny, and even Leonard, don't just go see that psychiatrist that made them feel better. Both of them have the kind of jobs that have good health insurance that would cover at least a few sessions, and they probably could even afford them themselves in real life. Also, if Penny "has a guy" for her money, she should come clean to him about her mountain of debt and make plans to deal with it. Then she'd have some idea about how much longer she needed to do this job she doesn't like and could make some plans about what to do next. I know none of this is very funny, but the way they are going on now on the show isn't funny, either.
  8. 1. Penny never exclusively stated it has anything to do with Leonard. She obviousley complained he was being complacent latest episode. But next episode it seems deeper then that. 2. Yes. But Penny often suppresses things. And once again this is a writers issue. They well make Penny communicate when they see fit 3. The RA had for Penny not to keep things from Leonard, and not to get restricted once she reveals stuff. But Leonard in the next episode. Lied to Penny, that he is okay with the whole Randall thing. So what is the difference.
  9. A house and baby has nothing to do with her career. 1. Doesn't it have something to with Leonard? 2. Isn't something that she should be discussing with Leonard and not keep that info from him? 3. Wasn't that part of the RA?
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    good news,now I am spoiler free now,haha, I watched the 1013,I am happy for sheldon and amy,their teenager style fasinated me.not to mention the" I miss you",I believe I am not the only one recall the episode 5x19 in which howard and brenie said the samilar thing.the x and x+1 lines are so romantic that I almost forget the pain when studying math.
  15. I thought it was obvious why she is unhappy. I woulden't say she is not happy anymore. I mean she moved to Pasadena in 2007 to be a big movie star. But the writers have never really addressed these issues earlier on. I mean around Barbarian Sublimation. Instead of making her hang out with the guys. Work as an waitress for the next 5 years/seasons. They should made her look at finding her passion, a profession. Acting does seem to be her passion though. But no here we are 7 years later. Married in love. But completely unfulfilled in other aspects of her life. She lacks self actulization. Tends to happen with girls like Penny, who have an external locus of identity. I did feel around Season 6 The Monster Isolation. Hey their you go, she can act, in a play sense. But nope dropped it never seen again. Then they gave her the awful Serial Apist. That only found cult success because sleazy guys living in their basements think shes "hot". That was degrading for Penny. Then of course same season Season 7, her part in NCIS was cut. Heck she could of outburst at Leonard then. And then this season, in the CC episode. You know the one, where he treated Penny like a "Trophy Wife". But nope she supressed it. Nothing in her life turned out like it should. And Kaley has always been so incredible at realistically portraying a struggling actress. But now she's at a point in her life, where she needs autonomy. I think the writing is the problem. Has been for a long time. Penny seems to me, lacks balance in her life. Her only passion is Leonard. But I Think she really needs to get over it, considering where she was in the pilot. She's a damn lucky woman.
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  17. I don't think you can say she's unhappy about her life in general. She may not enjoy how certain parts of her life are progressing, but that doesn't mean she's not happy. Leonard, for example, makes her incredibly happy, she said it herself. Her career doesn't.
  18. Hi everyone. I've posted a few times in Shamy, but forgot there was the rest of the lovely forums to look at. I completely forgot to introduce myself. I'm EggCoriander, I'm from Houston, much are we supposed to share on these welcomes? Um, I'm an Aries? I was born on a dark and stormy night one Thursday to a doctor named Steve at St. Jos.... ...perhaps that's too much. Anyway, I've been watching the show since the beginning through ups and downs. I love to write and I love music, especially Muse. And I like lurk, and gush over Shamy.
  19. Dear Diary, Today I won in a thread. - The Winner (of this thread).
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    It's always amazing how everyone says the same thing about Jim, each and every time.
  21. Hotdogs, yummy hotdogs
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    I seriously doubt they are allowed to contractually. What I get from the latest statements by Johnny and Kaley as well is that they are willing to continue and placing pressure on TPTB in negotiations to make it happen. If it dosent they can honestly say they were willing but that management just wouldn't do what it takes to keep going. Basically if it ends it wasn't their fault, and fans won't blame them which could impact any fan enthusiasm for their future projects. It's a smart move
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    I seriously doubt that any of the actors would come out and criticize the writing or the direction of the show Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  25. Ship Zone

    You could read that's as he loves working with Kaley not necessarily as he loves the material they have to work with.
  26. The Shamys vote it very good because of the Sheldon/Amy interactions and kiss. You gotta remember Lenny's are not the majority here
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