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    Oh I know your dillema, it's been mine here too all day too, lol! I have been thinking of Gollum since earlier and it's like an agel and a devil inside my head: Angel: "It might be one more bedroom goodness scenes of them, Spidergirl. Relax! Not big deal, Mayim is enthusiastic because she is a fan of shamy like you. Besides she is a Lord of rings fan as well!" Devil: "No chance, Spidey! They won't handle with one more year without hanky panky! They are in bed, for nerdiness sake! Gollum knows about the ring. Sheldon might propose in bed! Oh wait, no, he would not do that. Ring first, party after!" The truth is the time I 've spent watching "Daredevil" on Netflix did not distract me from this train of thoughts, lol! I think I should have been working this week after all, lol! *repeats to herself to keep expectations low*
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    It's that darn Gollum picture that has me thinking all day about big things possibly happening tonight, there could have pictures of several items in their place but it was the Gollum which has far as I know been in their place for a while. Honestly without it my expectations would have been something a lot lower even with them clearly doing a bedroom scene. Facing an Internal struggle here to keep my expectations low dammit lol
  4. I think both of them trust each other. The fact that Leonard knows she flirts with doctors in her job (something that I personally don't like, not because of their relationship but because it keeps it as if the only thing she's got is her looks) and doesn't freak out about it every day shows how much he trusts her.
  5. Happy taping day to everyone who's attending tonight! The first taping since I went a couple weeks ago so I've got mixed emotions ! You'll all have a blast and hopefully we get some spoilers tonight!
  6. Happy taping day! Okay maybe Leoanrd didn't cheat maybe he didn't which still seem to be a hot debate around here but truth of matter is many women would not like it if their Boyfriend or husband iss other women even drunk. Amy and Bernadette are exception. She can trust them I tihnk Penny trust Leoanrd but doesn't trust other women if that makes sense.
  7. Thank you 5Miss. Perfectly said throughout. The character assassination of Leonard in 8.24 was extremely sad. For me, it goes along with a feel or a mood of TBBT since it went into syndication.......(typed so much more, but.....)
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    Good girl for stay away from spoilers but me on the other hand i am a needy baby greedy baby i can't wait 5 days for the next episode or the proposal but i have to i have to have spoilersi want Sheldon to propose somewhere amy loves like at the zoo with the monkeys or at the chapel where she wants to get married or in a hall or At 4A with the nurse chapel outfit she wore in season 6 i just love the possibilities of want is to come i think he should propose at the coffe shop where they met with a flashmob and dance because even tho sheldon saids "i don't dance" we know he does and it will be cute they can sing thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran
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    Have you enjoyed this episode?
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    They look so relaxed and happy
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    S10E9 "The Geology Elevation"
  13. I agree with most of what you said, except for 2 things: I think the Mandy incident was introduced for drama and not for the gag of him spending the night with Sheldon. It was a cliffhanger made to attract viewers to watch the beginning of season 9. The Alice incident: "The Good Guy Fluctuation" is one of my most hated TBBT episodes (and the list is not long). He ended up stopping Alice but when he Leonard talked to Penny he appeared to be very excited about "being a player". That made me very angry. He seemed unrecognizable, it was terribly OOC. But I did like the girl. Regarding Penny: I agree that she had a troubling moral compass. I think the Mandy incident actually emphasized how faithfull she has been to Leonard. Even the thought of being unfaithful to him, as it appears, had never crossed her mind. It also appears to be not just due to her maturing, but more specific to her relationship with Leonard: before dating hin she had cheated, she didn't while they were together the first time, then she did again after breaking up with him (though that's more ambigous, maybe she and Zack weren't exclusive at the time?) and then never again when they got back together. Not that I believed it might happen before that episode, but I think it crossed out the possibility of her cheating on him almost entirely (and I'm saying "almost" just because of the saying "never say never"...).
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    Remind me...what episode was this?
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    I like the star wars one it saids "Warning coking hazard" and it has darth vader on it it would be cool for sheldon to wear
  16. Thank you very much. This is the most intelligent post I've read on the subject. Agree 100%. Wish I could have said it as eloquently as you did.
  17. Lice? Leoice? Leonice? Allen? Good thing he eventually ended up with Penny...
  18. I'm sorry but (in regards to the bolded part) I think you're absolutely wrong. Cheating constitutes taking action (of any kind, if you go by the strictest definition). Thinking about someone else while in a relationship is not cheating, it is simply experiencing temptation. Cheating, IMO, is succumbing to that temptation. If you're tempted, but you resist, you have done nothing wrong. Furthermore, by your definition 100 % of humanity would be cheaters, since it is impossible to control your thoughts. Actions, on the other hand can be controlled. In regards to Leonard and Mandy's kiss, it was specifically made very vague in the beginning, and, IMO badly written all around. The reason he was made to have concealed it for 2 years is that most likely the writers just thought of it for the S8 finale, and backdated it for 2 years. Finally, if they were all drunk, and Mandy is the one who kisses him, and he stops it as soon as he realizes what's going on, I don't see how that's cheating. Of course he should have told Penny right away, specifically because it appears he did nothing wrong (with emphasis on the word appears) , but how could he have told her when the writers only thought of it 2 years after the fact? To me (this is just my opinion) the Mandy kiss was one of the most OOC things they ever wrote for Leonard.
  19. I agree with this as this was my take-away from the episodes too. Leonard was drunk and seasick, and Mandy, based on her comment 'Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?' makes me FEEL LIKE Mandy was the aggressor and pounced. This was not a desirous, consensual act. And, despite breaking her tooth, she didn't even remember the event or who she was kissing! IMO, Leonard's number was up and Mandy swooped down as she SEEMED to working her way through any willing partners on board. NB -- I'm not casting any judgment on Mandy here either as she is a young, beautiful woman with a strong sexual appetite. As to the physical act, as long as both (or more!) of the partners are adults and consenting, I have no problem with that. Again, IMO, Leonard would never cheat on Penny, drunk or otherwise. And, after eight seasons of only being supportive and devoted, this episode was total character assassination just for the sake of the 9.1 scenario and punchline: Leonard: I can't believe I'm spending my wedding night with you. Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way. Of all the not-Penny women in Leonard's life, Alice was my favorite. If I wasn't a Lenny, I'd be a Lice. The Alice encounter doesn't bother me for several reasons. The first kiss was initiated by Alice as Leonard was talking -- she started kissing him as he was mid-sentence! But for Alice's actions, I don't see that Leonard would have ever been the aggressor or initiated the act. What's more, he was shown to be completely guilt ridden over the event and even went to Penny for advice and/or permission. Even after speaking to Penny, Leonard was still shown to be very guilty and conflicted. But when push came shove, when he was actually there in Alice's arms, a gorgeous woman who desired him, he couldn't do it. He could talk all he wants about being a 'player', sleeping with one woman while dating another, but he couldn't do it. Actions speak louder than words. He left Alice, a woman who genuinely seemed to care for him and totally accept him as he is and confessed to Priya, who was not only ashamed of her relationship with Leonard but tried to change him as well. I love Penny but I have to agree with this too. Penny has been shown to have a rather cloudy moral compass at times: She had sex with her boyfriend's brother to get revenge on him; Made out with the captain of the football team while his girlfriend was puking; Drunk slept with Leonard while dating Zack; And there was her comment in 9.2 about 'knowing the previous guys she dated weren't above cheating because that's how we met' but then we fall into the grey area of supposition on how much she knew about their availability. Whether she was lied to or an active participant, we don't know, but, based on what we know of her past behavior, an argument could be made either way. For me, the Alice episode was just that: a good guy fluctuation. As for Mandy, the damning part was Leonard's two year silence on the event, which Penny forgave and went on to marry Leonard in that travesty of a ceremony (which was the real crime).
  20. Re: cheating. I disagree that genes encode for complex social behaviour like cheating. Ducklings imprinting on the first moving animal? Sure. Human babies rooting for the nipple and instinctively sucking? Sure. Even genes giving us higher libidos, or a desire to mate with multiple partners. But cheating is a different beast. Have the "cheating" gene? Fine--don't marry, don't marry with the promise of fidelity, have a frank discussion with your spouse about opening the marriage, or ending the marriage. Maybe even seek medical assessment if your spouse's libido is exceptionally low to ensure there's not a physical or hormonal cause, and you think that's a "cause" of your wanting to cheat. All of these are viable options. But choosing to cheat--which is fundamentally about lying and being dishonest with your supposed life partner--is not ok, and not "genetically compelled". There are other behavioural options. Having those genes is no excuse for shitty behaviour.
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    Well, it's just my personal preference when it comes to colours. The two shirts together can stay, just darken the colours and make the colour combinations better. They did the same with Amy and her style didn't change.
  22. the season eight finale definitely made the boat kiss sound more mutual than I'd be comfortable with. Leonard used the ambiguous 'there was kissing' as opposed to 'she kissed me' (tensor, correct me if I am wrong). And did the show clear that up in the subsequent episodes? As in: Do we know that Mandy launched herself at Leonard and his only crime was not pushing her away fast enough? I thought that 'there was kissing' and in any case the real problem was that Leonard sat on the information for two years, omitted to tell penny that his tonsil buddy was his colleague, and that he was kind of a defensive douche when she (correctly) called him on his behaviour. also, the discussion about what does and does constitute cheating shows a puzzling tendency to involve the wronged party's behaviour or history. If you believe that kissing does not mean cheating, then surely you believe that irrespective of how unpleasant or slutty or dumb or whatever you consider the cheated-upon person. Similarly, if you DO think kissing is cheating, then surely you believe so irrespective of whether the wronged party has engaged in similar behaviour in the past?
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    Indeed! And he just loves to tease Mayim merciless too, lol!
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    The very thought that it was Jim who added in that line is absolute gold!!!!
  25. Ship Zone

    I know, I love it! And Mayim if she had to look at Jim 's eyes more than 2 seconds as she had turned around, it would have been surely a take to waiste as she would burst in laughs!
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    I know! Lmao I love it :D
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    Jim does this thing where he purses (I think that's the word, purse or pursed) his lips to stop laughing, seen it before in some of the bloopers. You almost see it in that promo just before Mayim turns around lol
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