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  2. I have to agree with you on this because I love Kripke. Besides , there is a duel that I would like to know how it was unscheduled as Sheldon and Amy reunited! See Kripke's opinion as Sheldon lives with Amy would be priceless! BTWI feel I made up a word but it's okay!
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  8. Probably best this is the last season. Overall I beleive it has been better then Season 8 and 9. Which were awful IMO. So i think it is good enough to end on a high. And it also gives them time to end the show in a way the show deserves. This show gave me hope in TV again. In 2007 when it debuted I thought it was the most fresh, and unique sitcom I had seen in years. Friends is not so popular around here, but it was my fav sitcom of all time. So since 2004, I had not found a comedy that I really invested in. TBBT was that show. I think the show well end with them homaging the pilot. I don't think Penny being pregnant is a throwaway line at all. Then again Our babies well be smart and beautiful" was meant to be a set up joke up as well. But I am sure tptb are aware of its popularity. Amy and Sheldon getting married by shows end. Point is they maybe setting this up to be the final season. But I beleive their well be an eleventh season. Nothing I have read to confirm this. but way cast been talking seems they are in negotioans to go for another season. The thing is if the show ended this season. I would be like great run. IF it continued. I would be like fine, let's take this rollercoaster one more time.
  9. To paraphrase Penny: " the heart wants what the heart wants." I want the show to end because I don't like it anymore, and it has become for me more a torture than a pleasure. I really don't care about anybody else but me in that regards. That being said what I want has no bearing on the show continuing or not. Let me explain this to you. You like the way TBBT is written today and want it to continue, right? Do you care that I don't like the way it's being written and want it to stop? We all watch it because of what the shows means to each one of us . I really think it's very simple.
  10. I don't think they were throwaway lines either. I'm sure, by now, TPTB have an idea of how they plan to end this, if this is the final season. Those two lines were pretty much left open so, if needed, they can bring them back up for the end.
  11. I think Molaro already has a plan in place based on the last taping. I don't think Penny mentioning being pregnant or Amy being engaged were just throwaway lines. in regards to the show JMO but maybe one more year. Maybe a little bit more pay than tensor mentioned. The show could be promoted as it being it. I would think ratings would go even higher with people knowing a finality. it was mentioned how shows that run after TBBT get a boost. It seems what I take from the ratings is that it's short term. I turn the channel after the show is over and apparently others do to considering that outdoor show doesn't get half the viewers of TBBT. it would seem like the Fall of 2018 they could put that Sheldon show in its place. Obviously it wouldn't get the numbers TBBT would get but it certainly would cost much less to make. It probably would still be the number one show for the night at least for awhile considering how lopsided things are now.
  12. That's a question I can't answer. The problem with almost everything that has been behind TBBT, is that either the show doesn't make it to it's second season, they fail during the second season, or barely hang on. Shit my Dad Says lasted for one year. The Millers were canceled five episodes into it's second season, after being moved away from TBBT. Two and A Half Men dropped by almost a quarter in the slot after TBBT (and why CBS put a veteran show like TAAHM behind it is another good question). Life in Pieces is hanging on at 9:30 on Thursday, The Odd Couple is the likely cancellation for CBS this year, The Great Indoors loses half of TBBT's audience and Mom grows after it. Speaking of Mom, It's the only show that launched behind TBBT that is doing fairly well. CBS is using it as a top of the hour anchor at 9 PM Thursday. TBBT seems to have had only a minimal impact on helping launch anything. The question for CBS really is, can we afford to lose money with it? That's a question only the accountants and the Board of CBS can answer. If they can, for what ever reasons, they can continue to try and launch other shows. If they can't, it won't be on next year. Your points are all good, in the end, CBS is going to have to figure it out.
  13. What is the value of the show for CBS with regard to what they bring in ratings for the new shows that they launch in their shadow. They always position new product behind TBBT, be it on Mondays in early fall or Thursdays in late fall. Do you drop an expensive product like TBBT knowing that you now have no supernova ratings show to position new programs behind hoping for carryover audiences? I think this is also a weighty issue for CBS.
  14. I was discussing this with Tripper last week. Remember, this is a business, and this may give you something to understand what CBS may be up against. All these numbers are approximate, and what has been reported. There are likely differences in the actual numbers. The salary for the show is currently around 5.5 million a show (a million each for the five, and around 200k for Mayim and Melissa). For 24 episodes, this comes to 132 million. They are also paying around 4 million per episode for the license fee. This is another 96 million, for a total of 228 million. Ad time is currently ~290,000 for a 30 second spot during new episodes. If we go with 19 minutes of show, and 12 minutes of ads (remember the show runs until 8:31), that brings in around 7 million per episode, and 168 million for the season. Ad rates for repeats are roughly 150,000 per 30 second spot, which would be around 3.5 million an episode. There were 24 repeats last year, for around 84 million, bringing the total to 252 million. So for this year, CBS is bringing in about 24 million off of the show. Now let's look at season 11. If the cast (as reported) is asking for a raise, even if we give the five a minimal raise to 1.2 million, and even give Melissa and Mayim 500,000 each, that raises the the salary to 7 million an episode or 168 million for a 24 episode season. If the licensing fee drops to 3 million, that would still add 72 million, for a total of 240 million. Ad rates dropped about 30,000 per spot from last year, so another 30,000 drop this year would bring the ad rate to 260,000 for new and 130,000 for repeats. That would be 6.2 million per episode and 150 million for the year. With 24 repeats, that would be about 3.1 million per episode and 75 million for the year. That totals 225 million for the year. This would be a loss of about 16 million. Now, as I said, these are rough estimates. There are other sources of income that could cover it. CBS could request a lower licensing fee (WB is going to make money on syndication that CBS won't see). They could also reduce the number of new episodes, to reduce salary, which would increase the repeat number. These are all considerations (along with others) that have to be taken into account. Which is why this could be taking so long. There's a couple here who work in the field the may have better numbers (Hi Kerry), and if they think my numbers are way off or misleading, please let me know. On another front, lets look at these storylines. Molaro said he would need a couple of episode warning to wrap the series up, if this is the last season. Let's say they use the last three episode, two to prep, and the final. The last three episodes would tape in April. There is a taping on the 28th of March, which is when the script, for the first of the last three (episode 21), would have to be ready. As the writers are three or so weeks ahead. They would start writing that episode 21 script around early to mid March. That's only two months, or less, from right now. They may need to have these storylines now, to be able to wrap things up. That said, they could also write parallel scripts, where they have one for wraping things up, and one if they contracts get done.
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  17. I could imagine Johnny and Kaley both getting the script, and reacting that way
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  21. Phosphorus, a chemical element with symbol P and atomic number15.
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  23. Rubidium, a chemical element with symbol Rb and atomic number 37.
  24. Both wrong, it's me!
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  28. I' d like to see a plotline about Howard being more involved to share baby time with Bernie, like sharing some tasks but without Raj. I know he is Halley's godfather but I would like more parents / baby stuff, you know. I am sure it would be memorable cute moments and Howard promised Bernie to be more helpfull and less lazy at home once.
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