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    Short summary for now. Only have a phone which isn't convenient for typing much. The Collaboration Fluctuation Sheldon and Amy begin to collaborate on a scientific project when Sheldon realizes something she's been working on could have implications with regard to a challenging issue in quantum mechanics. They try to work out some ground rules between them for this new kind of interaction and find that being snarky with one another helps their cognitive thought processes. Raj and Penny get along so well doing various "girly" activities together that Leonard feels left out. He spends some time with Howard and Bernadette before bringing it up to Raj and Penny.
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    There were two stories in this episode, so instead of going in order, I'm going to summarize the two separately. Each paragraph represents a scene. "The Collaboration Fluctuation" Director: Mark Cendrowski Story by: Chuck Lorre, Tara Hernandez, and Giuseppe Graziano Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, and Dave Goetsch Penny and Raj are doing yoga in the living room of 4A. Penny forgot about her breakfast plans with Leonard. Raj says it's his fault because he asked her to do yoga with him. Raj asks if Leonard will take Cinnamon for a walk. Leonard agrees, sarcastically saying that Raj is living with them, so why not do him more favors? Leonard picks up the dog and Penny says 'bye sweetie'. Leonard says goodbye, and she says oh yeah, goodbye to him too. He's back with the dog in mere seconds with a wet spot on his pants. Obviously Cinnamon didn't make it outside to go. In the kitchen, Raj and Penny gossip/discuss the people she works with. Leonard doesn't recognize any of the names of the people they talk about. On the couch, Penny and Raj are wearing matching facial moisturizing masks. Leonard suggests playing a board game, but Raj and Penny want to go shopping. Leonard goes with them, and he looks bored and cranky throughout a music montage of Raj and Penny happily shopping for makeup, shoes, and clothes, including matching floral shirts. The song playing is "Happy Together" by the Turtles. In the minivan with Howard, Bernadette, and Halley's car seat, Leonard is accompanying them on a trip to Target, seeming happy to be included in something. At Target, Bernadette asks if Leonard's bothered by Raj and Penny spending time together in the sense that he's another man. Leonard says he might've been, but then he saw them in those matching shirts. He just feels left out of all their girly activities. Besides, Raj was his friend first. Back at 4A, Raj is teaching Penny how to savor a good wine. They ask Leonard a question, and then realize he's not there and wonder when he left. Penny thinks that was rude of him (Leonard). In the minivan again, Bernadette urges Leonard to talk to Penny and Raj about his feelings. At 4A, he explains to Penny and Raj, who interrupt him repeatedly. He's annoyed that they're leaving him out of his own explanation of how he has been feeling left out. They agree to go do something that Leonard wants to do to try to make it up to him. He chooses to browse for books at a book store. This time Penny is the one who looks bored as Leonard and Raj happily shop for books. ----- In Amy's car, Sheldon tells her about the project with the guys. To obey confidentiality requirements, he beeps the horn for the 'redacted' parts. Amy offers to tell him about her work. Apparently small muscle movements begin before a person becomes consciously aware of their own decision to move. She's working to measure/understand that super short instant. At the cafeteria with the guys, Sheldon tells them about Amy's work and that he thinks it might be relevant to an important issue in quantum mechanics. Back at 4B, Sheldon and Amy discuss her work and its relevance to physics. They mention the Copenhagen interpretation and Amy wonders if they can pinpoint the exact moment that the wave function collapses. She is concerned about them working together in an academic context. They decide to make ground rules. Sheldon suggests the first one: no one should use their sexuality to get their way. Amy is perplexed. Sheldon demonstrates by doing an exaggerated hip-wiggling walk across the room towards their bedroom. Sheldon reads some rules out of his notebook. He wants final say about physics, and she can have the same for neuroscience, unless he disagrees with her. He wants to be first on anything they publish and first to speak at awards, etc. Amy is having none of that. She swipes the notebook and tosses it out their open kitchen window. The first ground rule, she says, is that she makes the rules. Amy has a list of rules. They're a team, not competing with one another. No insults, etc. A montage follows, also to the song "Happy Together." They fill up 5 or so whiteboards with calculations. When they are done, they look it over and come to an agreement: it's complete garbage. Annoyed by the poor results, they try to figure it out. Sheldon complains about Amy's breathing and insists she blow her nose. She does so over and over, loudly right up in his face. Then he realizes the breathing sounds were actually just him anyway. Amy says she knew it was a bad idea to work together. Sheldon notices a problem on the board and fixes it. It should make a big difference. They get back to fighting. Then Amy notices something. He says it's her first good idea of the day, and suggests that their arguing might be helping. Amy says fight/flight hormones might be improving their cognitive processes. Faced with scientific progress vs. risking their personal relationship, Sheldon votes science. Amy calls him a bonehead and more ideas for their work flow from Sheldon. Tag: Amy reads the revised rules. They are a team, but it is a competition. There are such things as stupid questions. And it's okay to point out how stupid right to the person's stupid face. That one's Sheldon's favorite. The final rule is a list of allowed insult categories, including fields of study, educational background and mothers. Sheldon tries it out, something about Amy's mother and sailors.
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    On my day off, I decided to make this. I hope I've included everyone. If I didn't, forgive me, but I saved the file, LOL... I could still add you. I think this encapsulates us. We're crazy and fun and sometimes we're weird, but we're always together (even when we're fighting!). I just love you guys... out of all the corners of the Internet, I stumbled onto this one and met some incredible people. Tomorrow marks 2 years of me in this thread, and I just love it here. BTW, FYI - I'm never leaving this place!
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    Regarding Sheldon's butt-swaying walk, I had to think about it after I watched it too, and I believe he was doing an impression of Amy as opposed to trying to be sexy himself. All of Sheldon's rule suggestions were for his own benefit, to the point where she literally chucked his list out the window. I don't think this one was some magnanimous attempt to protect Amy from his sexiness. It's way more likely that he didn't want her to have the upper hand. It's a funny scene and a pretty big admission from Sheldon that is kind of buried in the humor of the moment so you don't realize it right away. I don't remember a big reaction from Amy. I think she just made a mild wtf face and the scene ended.
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    I only have one thing to say about this plot, and that is: This has literally been my #1 wish for YEARS! I have been desperately tweeting articles to Bill for ages hoping that he would get the hint! LOL! And this is EXACTLY the topic I had in mind!!!! You have no idea how much I've been spazzing all morning and I can't get anything done for the excitement. I can die and go to heaven now, the show can get cancelled, the apocalypse may come (although, if it could wait until I see how Game of Thrones ends, it would be much appreciated) and I couldn't care less. *runs around the room flailing like a maniac*
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    THANKS, RJ! I HOPE YOU HAD FUN! SHAMY WORKING TOGETHER EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER MIND PROPOSALS AND BABIES, THIS - THIS - IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! * AW. FUCK. YEAH. AND SNARK HELPS THEIR COGNITIVE PROCESSES?!?! Squee gun? Squee gun? Where my squee gun at? oh, THERE you are. I know the last few nice-enough-but-meh episodes had you allllll excited. I know you'd had your heart set on that holiday in the Caribbean. But sorry, pal. It's all hands on deck, I'm afraid. *(obviously no offence meant to anyone who wanted proposals and babies)
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    2 years in the planning, 15 hour flight getting there from Australia , oh I'll have a great time! The wife's excited too! It will be her laugh you'll here over all others when Ep is shown on TV[emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IMO, I think people saying Leonard and Penny don't have anything in common, part of the reason is because the writers failed to write Leonard and Penny individually. I often compare Penny with Rachel from Friends. I know, not the same, but to me, they still have some similarities. In ten years, we watched Rachel becoming a professional woman gradually. Similar to Penny, she also was a terrible waitress with a big dream - Fashion, but she wasn't just dreaming, she acted on it. We watched her quitting the Coffee shop job, we watched her going to interviews, we watched her starting to work at Bloomingdales, we watched her fighting for the promotion, we watched her job-hopping to Ralph Lauren, and in the end, we watched her turning down the Paris job. This was a process step by step. And, Let's take a look at Penny. We knew she was a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, and like Friends, the gang also constantly went to CF to eat, but unlike Rachel, we rarely got to see Penny's life at CF, except for Bernadette, we knew NO ONE from her job. The Cheesecake Factory was just a set for the four guys and Penny to interact, not about Penny herself. And, we knew Penny went to community college, but except for Sheldon's mocking line: "Not knowing is the part of the fun? Was that the motto of your community college?", the essay episode, the oral presentation episode, The Disappointing Child by Beverly episode, nothing more. Till this day, we still don't konw how Penny is doing in the college. Since 801, Penny got a new sales rep job, but we either got side descriptions or nothing at all. Off the top of my head, I can think of some episodes regarding to Penny's job: 1. Penny's interview with her Boss Dan. We knew she is a "people person". 2. Penny was studying with Bernie about her new job. But it was just a short scene. 3. Penny was practising her sales skills with Emily, but sadly, the topic changed before we learn something interesting about her job. 4. The lonely doctor misunderstood Penny and wanted to court her, but aside from that, still not about Penny's job itself. 5. Penny and Bernie went to their company's party, but I think this episode was more about Bernie. 6. Penny went to see Dr. Gallo, but sadly, just after a few lines, the topic changed, again. I want to see her "people person" side at work, not heard of that. TBH, I'm shocked about we got so few Penny's individual story plots, and here I thought "Penny is one of the BIG THREE, Penny is one of the Original Five, and Penny is the Leading Female Character. " How foolish of me.
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    Another spoiler. Same source. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRrIIoDBLAB/
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    Hi, everyone! Loooooong-time shipper/lurker here. I've hemmed and hawed over joining this forum for a long time, but here I am! I see that the Shamy thread is indeed a happy place, as it should be since our babies have been so adorable! Someone had noted recently how Sheldon has been sitting on both sides of the couch in 4B, and the more I think about it, the more I like that. Although he still has his spot in 4A in some capacity, the fact that he doesn't have a designated spot in 4B shows that he doesn't NEED one to feel secure there. Amy is his security now. She is his spot (I swear if he says this when he proposes my fangirling level will go through the roof!). I just think it screams how comfortable he is being there, and I love that.
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    A little peek at this mysterious western/texan-style bar, that surfaced in the IG stories of Briana Cuoco and Kaley.
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    What youre gonna see in tonight's episode is Beverly (the expert in her field) outlining two problems for two couples- Sheldon's old room being a surrogate "escape hatch" for Shamy, and the introduction of another roommate into Lenny's life and the possible reason for it (other than helping a friend). The interesting thing I found in watching the taping of thos is how each couple handled Beverly's revelations. Amy initially told Sheldon to ignore Beverly, but later she and Sheldon discuss the feelings behind it. And even prior to Beverly's skype session Amy has a sit down with Sheldon to discuss their feelings about the 4A issue. What you dont really see is Lenny doing that. Penny is immediately dismissive of Beverlys comment as was Leonard, but then Leonard second guesses it and gets concerned. Penny kind of throws Leonard under the bus and treats issues related to Raj moving in as Leonard's problem. They dont have a real discussion and in the end Leonard dismisses his own concerns as Beverly planting doubt in his head. The issue of communication between Lenny was even mocked by Sheldon in last weeks episode. Its pretty bad when Sheldon gets it and Lenny doesnt. The latest TR continues to bring this issue front and center. Lenny will probably be the focus of the finale IMO, and unfortunately in a likely cliffhanger icky episode. Fingers crossed that Im wrong...
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    You say you want a Lenny Revolution ... Well, you know ... We all want to change the show ... You tell me that it's evolution ... Well, you know ... We all don't want the Sheldon Show ... But when you talk about the kitchen island ... Don't you know that you can count me out ... Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … You say you got a real solution ... Well, you know ... We'd all love to see more Lenny ... You ask me for a contribution ... Well, you know ... We're as vocal as we can ... But if you think that TPTB have minds that don't rate ... All I can tell is brother you are great! Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … Taking profound liberties … my deepest apologies to the Beatles and their fans.
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    I've watched it a few times since it actually aired and each time i do i find the whole season opener more and more underwhelming/borderline boring truth be told. A lot of guest star power used up in a storyline that never really sucked me in. It felt like they had an opportunity to get some big stars in and that was all that mattered and not the actual storyline in this one. Not the first time and it won't be the last. If I remember at the time my concern was the damage a potential hook-up might have caused in terms of friendships on the show during the hiatus and not actual real interest in whether Alfred and Mary hooked up or not. For a season opener I thought it was very meh. But that's just my opinion.
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    The episode that was taped tonight has the title "The Recollection Dissipation". Thanks for the info @nusspot.
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    Ok..just watched the newest episode again...(as always, I apologize if I am repeating things that have already been said) The way that Amy gets him to tell her what is bothering him...she is so gentle. After the scene walking up the stairs, when they enter 4B she says "Talk to me, what's going on". Later in bed, when he can't sleep, she wakes up and says "Are you okay?...what's wrong?" His cheeky grin when they are talking about the anniversary gift..."You said "surprise me". Amy, this isn't your first rodeo, you should know better...lol Cinnamon is an "attack Tribble"...nice Star Trek reference. I want Sheldon and Cinnamon to become friends. Finally when Stuart bursts into H/B bedroom with his bat, it's a Walking Dead shout out. My son noticed..Negan's barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that he calls Lucille. I don't watch TWD, but my son does and he rewound TBBT twice to be sure. He thought that it was pretty funny that the physically weakest character on TBBT was brandishing such a violent weapon from TWD world. Anyway, love Shamy in this episode. Can't wait to see what is in store for the remaining Season 10 episodes.
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    I am glad that Sheldon chose science, and I would hope that Amy would too. I mean, she sort of already has, yes? Didn't she need to be lured back into continuing cohabitation #ForScience? Also, I don't see it as one over the other. Their love of science is so fundamental to who they are. It's such a huge part of what drew them to each other, and it's such a big part of their relationship already. I can't really root for people in a relationship unless they make sense for me as individuals. ShAmy's personhood and their individuality, for me, is a massive part of why I enjoy them together. And science and their arrogance and their intellectual snobbery are such huge, huge parts of that. I don't know, I guess I would see a 'me or science?' ultimatum as almost a 'me or our baby?'. Unthinkable. and the ShAmy already have a baby! And Sheldon is already trying to win it away from Mommy! Sigh. Oh this season.
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    Amy definitely stands up for herself throughout this episode, and it's great! I remember when Mary told Amy that she just needed to put some zing on it. Well, when Amy said that the first rule is that she makes the rules, there was a lot of zing in the delivery of that line. In fact, they had to reshoot that scene because the audience went 'ooh' instead of laughing, which we aren't supposed to do. Jim gave the audience a funny little mock look of reprimand for our loud 'ooh'.
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    "what's weird is that Penny almost got a science fact right." Oh Amy, your sass (and using it to cheer him up) brightened up that clip for me. Leonard is really getting on my nerves with those jokes. Also...I know we're lucky to know anything from the latest taping but I keep checking back here for more details, any details! In regards to the latest taping *rolls up sleeves* I challenge anyone who tries to say those two are no longer the quirky, unique couple they are.Or that they are no longer a relationship of the mind. This possible breakthrough from both may give us so many things we've been asking for: More Amy in her lab The return of Sheldon and Amy as intellectual sparring partners Those two getting randy from each other's brain. Quirky Amy I'm loving everything about this. Still want more details though, (I'm stuck here at school till 9 so please! Give me something)
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    I´m just going to leave this here #FORSCIENCE (CAN'T WAIT)
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    Majim birthday selfie in Shamy's apartment! Guys, there's FwF this week!!!!In the corner you can see 4A apartment flag and the board!!! FwF, a zoo, Bert, Stuart....this episode is gonna be awesome!!!
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    themelissarauch I'm so in love with this @bigbangtheory_cbs guest star...Paco the Sloth!
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    They tried Amy’s ultra-friendly collaboration plan first, and when that yielded poor results, they were both frustrated. Sheldon then aimed some of his frustration at Amy, which shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone. He’s rude in the way that you would probably expect from his character. It’s possible that some won’t like their argument, but I was fine with it. Season 10 Amy didn’t just sit there and take it, she got to have an equal voice, and the back-and-forth nature of their little spat is why I chose to describe it as snark. It was also interrupted a few times by their various work-related epiphanies, and it didn’t take long for them to figure out that riling each other up was actually the thing that was helping them progress.
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    This is in the episode, so you will find out. It's one of many little details that I remember but left out of the TR. Shamy working together plays out so very differently than Sheldon and Raj. You'll all have to form your own opinions about the dialog. The thing that I enjoyed about the Shamy storyline was the way that Amy pushed back against Sheldon's attempts to dominate their working relationship, and the fact that it turned out to be just what he (and she) needed most to be successful. I think it ends up showing once again how well-suited those two are for one another. I think most Shamy fans will enjoy this episode. With the way that they kind of argue and Sheldon makes rude remarks, I suspect a lot of non-Shamy fans might think we're all nuts for enjoying it though, lol.
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    This is a little spoiler for "The Recollection Dissipation" from an Instagram posting. Of course, there's no guarantee for accuracy. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRrIIoDBLAB/
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    I'm working on a more detailed report right now, and I'll follow it up with a post of my opinions on how things played out. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes, and I appreciate the Lenny fans who recognize I'm not at fault for reporting story info that you don't like. Keep that in mind for the longer report because you won't like that either. The only positive thing I can say for Lenny is that I don't think Raj was in any way presented as a romantic threat.
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    I like the idea of them working together, that makes me happy
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    Yes! I've been saying for years that it would be a total waste for this show not to play on the Curie symbolism with Shamy since they're literally the only couple on the show that can do that. Howard and Bernie could only feasibly work together if they build biological weapons (LOL). But physics and neuroscience these days are a total power couple in academia! Furthermore, they could get Howard involved later on too if they want to play around with neuromorphic circuits. (I need to stop before I get carried away). Regarding authorship... You can have joint first authors when both authors have contributed equally. It's usually a little asterisk by the names that is footnoted as "these authors contributed equally to this work". What would be good to see for a change is a plot where there's finally a move on from the usual "Sheldon wants all the credit" stuff.
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    I'm trying to wrap my head around these pictures.. It's only the 2nd day of the rehearsal week and it doesn't appear that they built a special set. I've seen that space before in pictures, that gallery wall up above, the P/A painting lives there when not in use. If today was a Monday, I would thing that they are pre-taping, but it's Thursday. It's possible they wanted a live animal for a scene they are planning and the only day the sloth was available was today, so maybe they are taping background action for a scene they will pre-tape on Monday editing in the sloth? Anywho..Paco isn't a koala or a monkey, but a sloth...what a metaphor for the Shamy relationship. lol!
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    I strongly disagree. If Leonard and Penny didn't have anything at all in common they would not become a couple, no matter how much chemistry J&K have and how much the writers desire to make them a couple. They may have different hobbies, occupations and interests but is that all there is? Monica and Chandler, one of (if not THE) my favorite sitcom couples, were also different in these regards, yet Friends didn't emphasize that as TBBT does for Lenny. Monica and Chandler, as Courtney Cox said before they were even together, had a similar sarcasric attitude. They were also quite neurotic. They were similar in aspects of their personalities. Lenny are also this way. Both have a similar sense of humor and (albeit tossing some harsh jokes on their friends which goes back to the humor part) are quite kind and compassionate (see Sheldon and now Raj...). If I had to define the characters in few words I would probably use "snarky and compassionate" for both. This allows them to take joint stances on many ocassions. The openning of "The Escape Hatch Identification" shows that really well - they respond to Raj's post in a similar way (joking but feeling sorry for him, wanting to help but preferring not to) and make a joint decision easily. It also shows when they comment on other characters, IMO many of their lines could be switched and we wouldn't notice. I also think it's quite plausible that both have at least some similar social and political views but the show justifiably doesn't go there. Focusing on their differences is a choice, not something that is necessary because of their characteristics. Actually, when the writers want to show them doing something together they seem to be able to do so. For instance, we have seen them having fun dressing up in both "The Valentino Submergance" and "The Holiday Summation". I also find it implausible that they can't find anything to do together after being good friends for almost 9.5 years and a couple for about 6, living across the hall or together all along. Do they seriously expect me to believe all they did was making out, having sex and deal with Sheldon? This is preposterous.
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    I'm not reading the report because I don't want to know all the details, but what I'm gathering from the comments sounds pretty exciting! I also was under the impression he was imitating/exaggerating what Amy (unconsciously) does that he finds attractive, but it might be that he's just trying to get his way ala Brain Bowl too. To be honest, I don't mind whichever way this plays out and, again, I don't really care how often they have sex or not. I don't think sex is the only form of intimacy they can enjoy, and they can still find each other attractive and engage in other 'activities' when they feel a bit randy, to quote Sheldon If they got rid of the stupid "deadline" though, it would be much better because that makes less and less sense with each of these episodes. I'm really excited that it sounds like they're working hard at calculations together! Oh, man! Can this get any better? Also, if they managed to get Gillian Anderson on the show to play a scientist I might just spontaneously combust for real. I was just tweeting about her and AFF yesterday in my International Women's day tweet. Two of my favorite fictional ladies ever.
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    I really hope it's an arc that lasts at least until the end of the season. Or one of those plots that pop up here and there across next season. There's a lot that can be mined here and, if they are to be realistic, it's not the kind of stuff you work on for a week and then drop it. In other news, I was digging through my wishful thinking list of articles where I dreamt of a Shamy joint project and I wonder if the plot has anything to do with this: https://phys.org/news/2015-08-neural-qubits-quantum-cognition-based.html
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    Finally...we've been waiting for this for sooo long I really hope this plot does not end in one single episode.... there is so much fun / interesting scenarios they can go...
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    One thing I'm am sick of hearing from TPTB, is the worry, evidently in the writers mind, that something the do will change the DNA of the show. Let's see, Sheldon living with his girlfriend isn't a change to the DNA? Howard, of all people, married with a kid, isn't a change to the DNA? Raj being able to talk, isn't a change to the DNA? They were sooooooo worried about splitting Leonard and Sheldon, I can't see where it's been a negative for the show, other than the can't seem to write anything for Lenny, except "let's have them fight again". To me, their use of the phrase "change the DNA" has come to mean, that's a lot of work and we don't want to put in the effort or we have no idea how to make that work. I've come to the conclusion that they can write Lenny, (The Graduation talk, Thanksgiving and the slutty carrot, the dirty store) but, it takes work to write them, and they don't want to put in the effort. The would rather fall back on cheap gags. I have simply lost faith in the writers. It's not going to get better. It was supposed to get better in the second half of season eight, it didn't. It was supposed to get better in the second half of season nine, it didn't. The Completely OOC Lenny relationship agreement was maybe an acknwledgement that they've messed up Lenny and would start fixing it. It wasn't, what we got was more fighting, and the apparent ignoring of the RA. So nothing has been fixed, and I don't believe anything will get fixed.
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    @wowbagger, another essay from you which cracked me up. The never-ending string of jokes about Leonard’s unworthiness of Penny is the series' worst ongoing cliché, especially now 10 seasons in. Penny has evolved in plenty of positive ways (maturity-wise, confidence-wise, being-able-to-go-toe-to-toe-with-Sheldon-in dealing-with-his-fussiness-wise), even though the character relied on her physical looks and didn't spend a lot of time developing much else in the early seasons. And yes, Leonard has been whiny, arrogant, dismissive, and needy on too many occasions. How's about we all (it means you, too, writers) just accept that they're each deserving of the other and find humor in other areas of their coupledom? Also, I can't help feeling that the writing should be more complex, thus reflecting the complicated and convoluted worlds in which the characters dwell. Too often, a scene in an episode will start off strong, but instead of developing into something really terrific, it will end quickly with an adequate punchline. I think laziness has set in. If the show continues, I'd like to see the writers experiment with more challenging plotline and with taking the characters into new directions. Sigh.
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    I think for the story to have any sort of bite, we'd have had to see Beverley and Alfred interact, and we would have had to have a clear and sustained idea of Beverley nursing hurt beneath her clinical indifference. And even then, honestly why would we care all that much? I yield to no woman in my love of Christine Baranski, but in the context of the show I'm basically interested in what is going on with Beverley and Alfred only insofar as it affects Leonard (and by extension Penny). It's even harder to care when I have literally only met Alfred for the first time in the S9 finale, and the show hasn't done anything with Beverley and Alfred's interactions to suggest anything other than irritation - not in a passion-charged 'I hate you' way, but in an exhausted 'Oh here we fucking go' way. And, as you say, they didn't even do anything with the Mary/Alfred thing. The whole thing was a storm in a teacup. A cup with cold tea. That nobody actually ordered and nobody wanted to drink.
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    Yeah, it was pretty mystifying who the audience was meant to be for that whole caper. How does one recurring character feel about another recurring character hooking up with another character introduced for the first time this episode? Tune in next season to find out! What effect will the possible liaison between their parents have on two characters who live together and already refer to each other as brothers? Tune in next season to find out! I mean, I might even have somewhat forgiven the show if it were going with the story of the Thawing of Ice Princess Beverley Hofstadter (only somewhat, though). But - um - not so much, eh? I mean, honestly, is there a viewer - regular or casual - who is so invested in the sexual shenanigans of the extended families of the show's main characters? Or is there a thriving community of Judd Hirsch/Laurie Metcalfe 'shippers out there? There may be, for all I know. And I guess they got their itches kinda sorta not-really scratched?
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    Well to be clear, Sheldon is mean during this little part. It’s been difficult to explain or describe why I enjoyed their argument despite that. I think everyone will just have to judge this aspect for themselves. Regardless, the end result of them successfully working together is pretty sweet, and I think the tag showed they were in a great place. I liked their set of final rules, and thought it was just right for them I was really hoping for that going into the filming of the tag scene, but it'll have to remain in the realm of fanfic writers for now. Sheldon's Amy impression should tide everyone over. It still makes me smile to think that that's what it looks like to him when she walks, lol.
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    Thank you everyone for the kind Birthday wishes!
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    He never had his spot even in Amy's old apartment, nor ever made a fuss about where to sit there as it happened for Penny's or Raj's apartment. I guess his spot with Amy is wherever she is.., Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun here!
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    Yeah, that was great! I liked how Sheldon recognized the truth of Amy’s explanation and that he was immediately calmed by it. Wanting to have a plan B for every situation does not mean that he considers that situation to be likely in any way. The order that he would eat his friends in the event of an apocalypse is an absurd scenario, but that was his first thought as an example. It seems that he finds the idea of needing an ‘escape hatch’ from his relationship to be pretty darn improbable if that’s the comparison that springs to his mind.
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    I got to thinking about the whole Raj roommate thing. It could be possible that (intrusiveness aside) Raj could be the one to help Lenny through some issues. Love him or hate him, Raj is the kind of guy that can be that sympathetic ear for the gang when he wants to be. When he and Sheldon spent time in the CalTech basement it was Raj who talked to a scared Sheldon facing a career change, and tried to comfort him and bring perspective to the change Sheldon was facing. Raj has given advice to Howardette that was spot on when he stayed briefly with them (and it was probably too close to home since in the end Howardette turned on Raj lol). And despite his one time and short lived drunken bedroom romp with Penny, Raj DID insist to Penny once that she should tell Leonard she loved him when leonard confessed to Raj that she never had. I think Raj wants them happy. Raj has often times been the one that went out of his way to keep the gang together with his love for themed events, scavenger hunts, boys gaming nights, and involvement in girls nights too (jewelry making). I know he is written to also be a tool bag too, and he has screwed up a lot over the years. But this latest TR shows he can be a friend to both Leonard and Penny. So just maybe Raj at some point can be the one that helps Lenny recognize some things that may elude them, and in the end he could become a surrogate therapist of some sort. He can be a sensitive and deep thinking guy on the show. Just something to consider.
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    Yes, that part sounds hysterical! Amy, your man is putty in your hands with a hipswing and a bit of sexy talk - get it, gurl! LOL
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    From @RJ1013 report: "Back at 4B, Sheldon and Amy discuss her work and its relevance to physics. They mention the Copenhagen interpretation and Amy wonders if they can pinpoint the exact moment that the wave function collapses. She is concerned about them working together in an academic context. They decide to make ground rules. Sheldon suggests the first one: no one should use their sexuality to get their way. Amy is perplexed. Sheldon demonstrates by doing an exaggerated hip-wiggling walk across the room towards their bedroom. " The bold part: can not wait to see this on screen; LOL! This episode what is shamy concerned is going to be gold! <3
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    The final TR is out: This is everything I wished the Shamy story would be. OMG I can't wait for the follow up episodes cause it seems like something more ongoing and the final rules feel like the perfect setup to get more of everybody's favourite Shamy scientific snarky banter. LOL
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    I mean, what's the point of reading fan fictions if the writers give us what we want week after week? LOL I can't even put into words how excited I am for this storyline. Hope it goes on for a few episodes (and, as @Jonny suggested, also leads to something else. #ForScience! A girl can dream!) @RJ1013, thank you so so much for the info!
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    Cool! I really like the idea of them working together on a major project! Who knows all the science talk on this project and the intellectual sparring they have (and love having with each other lol) might get them all hot and bothered and lead to something 'spontaneous'?! Looking forward to and seeing where they go with this! Thanks @RJ1013, I hope you had a fantastic time!
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    Yep...it's taping day again. So...Happy taping day, everyone!