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    That's not true. I've kissed friends that I'm not romantic with of both genders, often. If Jim and Mayim kiss on the lips, it doesn't automatically mean there is something going on. At the same time, this real life shipping of them is not weird because Jim is gay. It's disrespectful because Jim is in a long term committed relationship.
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    And vice versa The idea of either of them mushing their bathing suit regions, with someone else, makes me want to
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    It was Penny that made the commitment. She made the call to go to Vegas when she saw the hurt in Leonard. She made the call to still get married even while suffering the pain of the betrayal. She has stayed the course when Leonard added further fuel to the fire re Mandy being at Caltech. And now it solid. Commitment issue gone. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I agree, Amy in the show should be with Sheldon and nobody else
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    Jessica Radloff ‏@JRadloff 23m23 minutes ago.@BigBang_CBS wins for multi-camera editing for a comedy series. #CreativeArtsEmmys From Deadline.. Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series The Big Bang Theory • The Comic Book Store Regeneration • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television Peter Chakos, Editor Aisha Tyler ‏@aishatyler 2h2 hours agoAnd then THIS HAPPENED. @chucklorre @melbrooks #sploosh
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    This should put to rest all the talk of Penny's commitment issues. You can't express your commitment anymore clearly or passionately then exchanging vows and taking a life partner; and forgiving a minor indiscretion. You go Penny Hofstadter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    she does look adorable, with that 'I love this man' look. Leonard has a 'This is the best day of my life look and he just has to tell her how much she means to him' look. We may not get the big wedding but we do get their vows and the are not drunk and both really want to be married. this also sort of puts the kiss in perspective, Penny is disappointed in him and hurt, but as cheating goes, this is something she can forgive, she still loves him. Leonard is still rightfully ashamed and based on future episodes is suffering in guilt for what he did to the woman he loves, who didn't give up on him even after he told her.
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    Thinking about upcoming episode, I think it's kind of a turning point. We're keep saying it's only been two, three, four eps... I think five episodes, six of this particular plot is enough for me to make an image of where this all goes. Kinda have a feeling based of what happens in fifth episode it shows if this will or will not be dragged out. IMO we saw every possible reaction from Sheldon, from anger and fighting to sadness and now It seems to me like writers tried them all and will not explore it so much more, and Amy's side they didn't really explore much so I'm not sure if they even plan to. I feel like after this amount of episodes is the time when we'll see, out of frequency of interaction and nature of it, if they are planning to move to really work on this plot more deeply to solve it during November sweeps, or put it on a back burner and come back to it more seriously somewhere around Christmas maybe or 200th episode. In that case I'd at least like get better idea of what Amy's role would be without Sheldon, because I really love her character and would be disappointed if she was just around for one or two lines for half a year or more. All just my opinion of course.
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    Jim and Mayim are just friends and I love their friendship too pieces. So I can see both sides of the coin. I like to see them hold hands and kiss because their friendship makes me happy. The reason we love Shamy so much is because their chemistry is amazing. If they did not like each other in real life then on screen it would be dull. However I respect Jim and Mayim. Jim is a gay man and to ever think that theire is something romantic between him and Mayim is insulting to them both. But Jim can kiss Mayim because he both likes too and has too. I have had a gay friend before and he would kiss me just as friends. Like in the halls of school and stuff like that. I did not feel romantic towards him and he did nit feel that way towards me we were just affectionate. I sometimes hug or kiss my best friend who is a girl but I am not gay. You can be affectionate towards a friend.
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    Slightly off topic, but my season 8 DVD's have arrived !!!! Hue excitement, going to be hard to watch so much Shamy loveliness without needing tissues !! Please let them fix them ASAP for us season 9
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    actually you might be right, after Sheldon tortured Leonard with that sweater in season 7, then stole his work in season 8, I would wonder why Leonard would call him a best friend, and honestly Penny is Leonard's best friend, he can trust her. Trust is a big part of being a best friend, I think Sheldon trusts Leonard and Penny about the same now and has about the same friendship with both of them, but the person he trusts the most now is Amy, so she could be his best friend now. They scheme together, pull pranks and confide in each other. Sheldon doesn't do that much with anyone else as he does with Amy, not even Penny. So I would rationalize that best friend status goes to Amy.
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    haha thanks Luna . Good question! Obviously someone to get our babies back together! Maybe Amy's long lost never heard of sister so she can tell Amy to GO GET HER MAN BACK! It's no way near as hard in the UK as Hollywood but it has its moments . Thank you though Carlos, means a lot
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    do you wait for my comments because you appear to be a stalker. As for your quotes i have almost 3000 posts on here and you have read them all you realize how clueless your comment really is. You forget most Sheldon fans could care less about Amy. If they did care they wouldn't go to such great lengths to defend him.
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    that's the dream! But I have worked on a 4 camera set up, taped infront of a studio audience and got called on for a bow after the taping so... I'm close LOL!
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    not at al , I'm a classicly trained actor (graduated last year). I did what Jim did essentially, cept it's called drama school over here . But I do TV mostly (occasionally stage work) but mainly sitcoms which is why I know way to much
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    No Amy will get drunk end up in bed Kripke like Penny did with Raj at the end of season 3
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    i agree with you on the fact we are getting close to understand where everything is going....we have seen sheldon in denial, vengeful, angry, lost, sad and now it is time to get to a point. I don't know if it will be in the next episode, though...the last one was pretty intese, as far as i understand, so maybe they want to catch a break and have another fun lighthearted episode. I wouldn't mind it and I hope kripke presence is connected with some fun scientific rivalry between them, rather than with him hitting on amy (as many suspect) Anyway, within episode 6 or 7 something has to happen, the show can't affort amy and Sheldon not interact with each other for so long, their chemistry even in non romantic situations is important, so i think the writers will do something about it, in a way or the other, and we'LL understand where this hell is going.
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    Romantic shipping, I mean. I know that Rachel. Sometimes people like you get lumped in with the relentless romantic shippers, and that's not really fair. I too, find their friendship endearing.
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    Jim and Mayim have a lovely friendship and lots of people like that they are happy to express that publicly I'm not shipping them romantically just their friendship and they have great chemistry when it comes to shamy
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    I ship their friendship as much as I ship the Shamy Feels so good to have two actors from Hollywood being sincere in their friendship
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    Do you mean in Indecision Amalgamation, where Sheldon gives Amy their end of date night kiss, and comments about how the game system controllers light up? I'm not surprised he forgot his lines. In his shoes, I'd probably have forgotten my name too.
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    That's not why. He couldn't say his lines because everybody wouldn't stop screaming about the kiss. He finally pulled away and they laughed and he says "I can't say my lines."
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    I read the Kripke Conondrum. It's so good that I almost, ALMOST, shipped Amy and Kripke together. Almost. It's so hard to follow the flow of the show without spoilers centrally placed. I looking all over the place, gathering what I can find, but I'm also afraid of what I may find. All I know is that I can't wait for the season to start, even if I can't watch the shows live because I'm in class.
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    Is Mel Brooks getting make up or eating? lol
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    well to her credit, she was never around when Ramona stated that Penny must be in love with Sheldon, Penny of course saying 'NO', or she wasn't with Penny at the jewelry store when Penny told Sheldon he is so 'not the one'. So she can be excused, however now that I think of it probably every romantic Shenny in the world has not seen those episodes either, or they have and it was wiped from their minds by the evil Government and that probably explains the tin foil they wear on their heads.
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    My thoughts exactly. While coitus and marriage or vice versa would be nice because I would like to see the humor that would ensure from them managing these two new aspects in their lives, it is more important to me that the writers bring back their interactions and quirky behavior that makes them stand out from the other couples. On the 2nd point, as much as I hate it, the break up was necessary, and I don't think it was done for ratings. The writers know the Shamys are pissed off right now. If we take off our rose-colored glasses, we will see that the relationship had gone stagnant. Sheldon had gotten comfortable with the way things were, and Amy realized she was enabling his behavior by letting him get away with not treating her as a priority. We were getting the same old jokes and complaints played out but in different settings with the same result of being swept under the rug so Sheldon can get his way and be happy. Some examples: He told everyone else about the Mars application except her. On fort night, he lamented being on date night with her instead of the party until she came up with something more fun for him to do. On date night, his concern was why Amy wouldn't admit she was wrong rather than accepting some blame for what happened. Continuously, Amy gave him a way out of owning up to his selfishness. While Sheldon wants Amy around, nine times out of ten, her needs and wants are an afterthought. This may not be how he feels, but his presentation speaks otherwise. Something major needed to happen. Take two steps back to move ten forward. I believe Amy knows exactly what she wants and what she is doing. It is not originally what she intended. She wanted a break, not a breakup. Sheldon failed the test by giving her the ok for her decision and then negated it by trying to shorten the break's duration. When he mentions them getting back together, it is always about why he feels they should be together. He has not asked her want she wants or doesn't want? Post break up, he finally asks her to move in, not because she is his first thought but because he couldn't find anyone else suitable, and he just doesn't want to be alone. Kudos for Amy saying no, and I am sure she had to muster up the strength to do it, because we know she wants to be with him. Tough love is painful, but the intent is to help in the long run and produce results. If she didn't care, she'd avoid him. She'd be telling all her friends how unhappy she is, etc. No, she his keeping things to herself and defending him. There exists indication that Amy possesses actual love and affection for Sheldon, because she is willing to suffer herself in order to help them eventually succeed. My heart aches with Sheldon, but this break up is going to do him good. He might try to regress but will see that these feelings can't be shaken off and he's going to need and want her more than ever. Amy is making herself the priority now. By not having her around at his beckoning and will, he will finally come to understand what it is that she has been feeling all these years, and why she has longed for the things he has denied her for so long. Why? Because he will start feeling them, too. Sometimes a fall is needed in order to stand up stronger. The writers may have different ideas, but this is how I see things at this moment.
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    That should not justify his lame behaviour most of the time. Sorry Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Hello all been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join in. I am sorry but he didnt just agree with barry, He actively lied to kripke by making up details kinky ones at that about their supposed sex life such as using a model rocket as a sex toy. You can't honestly tell me you would be happy k with your significant other doing that.
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    It's not just the coitus thing. What if Barry blab about it to colleagues at the university. She now works there. Not good for her reputation. People gossiping about her being a nymphomaniac. Yeah. Not cool. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Sheldon was wrong for lying and that is a separate issue, but I don't think this falls into the category of ruining her reputation. They have been together for long time. Except for the small group that know otherwise, I am sure most people, like Kripke did, assumed they were sleeping together anyway. Even still, the implication is she was sleeping with her exclusive boyfriend. How is that bad for her reputation?
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    I am way past the university stage, but it does crack me up when people will Tweet about their professor's showing scenes from TBBT in their physics or math classes.
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    to play devils advocate for a second, leonard and penny did allegedly give sheldon their sex painting, under the lie of it being something William shatner painted. Speaking of, I wish that painting would be used as a background decoration in sheldons apartment. If William shatner does ever agree to guest star on the show, there's a ready made gag to pay off right there.
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    What difference does that make he still lied about her moral character to make himself look better Sent from my XT1056 using Tapatalk
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    I know you're not a MaJim romantic nut job. I, too love their friendship. Sometimes people need to take a deep breath and think before responding. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ooooookkkkk So for this week's taping, do we think there will be any progress for getting back together or will Sheldon still be in regression mode? For me I'm not expecting much, though Kripke and Sheldon together hopefully sounds good
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    Please Shamies, we are starting to mix Jim/Mayim/Sheldon/Amy feelings again! Jim and Mayim are excellent actors and they are truly friends, they are co workers and IMO they like each other a lot, but in thier actual and private lives, they ARE NOT SHAMY! I beg you, please , we have to stop confuse SHAMY with Majim and mix the show with FF and real life! Abut the kisses: Sheldon dislike Beverly kiss and agreed with her not to talk about it ever Sheldon likes Amy kiss, he briefly returned it and he said "Fascinating!"
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    As it has been mentioned I would hope for a comeuppance for Bernadette, and in general for her to stop being such a bitch. She should go back to the times when you could see how much she loved Howard.
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    During the kiss where they talk about games, Jim forgot to say his line and just continued to kiss Mayim and they had to reshoot it
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    Penny has that I love you so much face.I can't wait see the whole sscene with Penny's vows!
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    'out grown each other' Ones just growing faster than the other doesn't mean to say they don't want the same things That's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back. What aload of bs...
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    "His dim, uncomprehending eyes." I feel real sad for him.....
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    Oh, yeah. He's still a dirt bag, but he's got a legitimate thing for Amy, and I think he's inadvertently going to be the key to getting Shamy back on the same page. It's kind of cool, and Sheldon is all worked up about it. Loving it. Loving it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11271457/1/The-Kripke-Conundrum
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the arm porn... God dam...
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    Actual sex and making out with someone else, NO, please!! SHAMY is "first and only" in all love matters !!! I M O SHAMY is not a regular couple. SHAMY is unique!!!
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    That story that Amy came up with was about what would happen if Leonard did not live with Sheldon. In Amy's eyes the logical thing would be that Penny would go after Sheldon. Which is funny because only Amy would think that could happen.
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    Cheers.... BTW: mjc45 cheers to you too!
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    i was worried for the first 2 ep. but after watching the play-back of 3 not any more they great place. penny look scared when talking to her dad on the phone, but he told her if you are happy I AM HAPPY FOR YOU. look like she felt better about her self after that, even told sheldon that leonard was living with her, by his side when sign the paper work to leave.