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    After lurking for a long time I finally joined up just to ask the question, why didn't Amy ask Sheldon if Stuart was also standing in for coitus? That would have been interesting.
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    The point was not that Sheldon didn't want to go shopping with her - she was angry because he didn't tell her. She said so herself that it was the lack of communication that upset her: "You know, just when I think we're making progress in our relationship, we revert to our old patterns where thoughts and feelings go unexpressed. I mean, if he didn't want to go shopping with me, why didn't he just say so?" Sending Stuart back was simply giving him a taste of his own medicine. It was a minor conflict to set up some jokes (that obviously fell flat for many here) and to set up the interaction with Beverly and the girls. It was stupid and contrived but its use as a mechanic within the episode seems to be pretty obvious to me.
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    This is another beyond wonderful moment (and once again, they are alone). She was so upset and stressed out that he already owned a copy of "Hitch-hikers Guide...". She needed to prove to him the depth of her feeling and thinking she couldn't give him that one, simple thing, she produced something remarkable. Something that proved that she was in love him much, much earlier than her confession. "Of course I did. It's you." That is simply (to me) the most romantic moment of 9 seasons of The Big Bang Theory.
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    This is one of the best things about Shamy. I don't think either one cares much about fashion, and I love how they love each other for who they are, not their clothing choices.
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    Since we're posting our favorite Lenny moments, I hope you don't mind when I dust off some drawings I posted a few months ago.
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    Welcome, with an excellent question! You're one of us, one of us...
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    The guys on the show rag on each other in the exact same way the guys on Friends did, their banter is exactly the same as any other group of pals and as a life long nerd, raising a house full of sci-fi/comic book fanatics we (in this house) are not offended by it in anyway I absolutely hate it when people accuse this show of being 'mean to geeks' or somehow faking geek culture to be cool. When this show started airing 'geek culture' was not cool. Batman T shirts were not considered fashionable at all and I honestly think this show was a big part of making so called 'nerdy stuff' mainstream. I mean, just look at these dorks!: ...They aint faking nothing! The Big Bang theory started airing in 2007, in 2008 Marvel released the first Iron Man movie and suddenly wearing a T shirt with a comic book character on it was A-ok! Before the early 2000's it was pretty hard to get X Men T shirts in adult sizes, believe me I looked. When I was a teenager being caught watching a cartoon would get you ridiculed at school the next day, now my teenagers friends make fun of each other if they aren't up to date with the latest episode of Adventure Time. The world has gone mad and I love it! I used to have to hide my X-Files and Star Trek collections and now that is the sort of thing to be celebrated! Last year I saw people out dressed as Shamy for Halloween, Shamy! Fans Cosplaying my fandom right here in my home town! If you google it you get some pretty cool ones and there a thousands of hits for 'shamy halloween costumes : I also saw groups of friends all dressed as the flash and home made Doppler effect costumes This show has become a part of mainstream culture and that's gonna attract haters. By all means these people can attack it for being un-funny, humour is subjective what I find funny others don't and that is fine but accusing this show of faking geek-ery is just hilarious to me! I do agree that the show is sadly failing girl geeks though but this show is failing girls in general imo! Bill Prady's wife (above) is in a Star Trek uniform there, Mayim is a self confessed geek these writers must realise that girls who play D&D, watch Sci-Fi and read comics exist? surely!
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    Yeah, screw it. Stupid (foot)balloon.
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    While others search for crickets, non-pathetic people do this.
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    I have little story about this scene. I saw it together with my girlfriend for the first time in the fall of 2011, since we only discovered the show around that time. To know how it all began we bought the DVD's for seasons 1,2 and 3. When we came to "The Jiminy Conjecture"I remember like yesterday how my girlfriend reacted, when this scene appeared on the TV screen. After Penny's "So we'll just be friends'" she uttered an disappointed "Oh, no" (in german ), but shortly after it became a joyful yelled "YES...WOOHOO" and she jumped up and down clapping hands, then she hugged me so hard we both fell off the sofa. At that time I wasn't the Lenny shipper I am today, but my joy was tremendous as well.
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    I think during the course of the seasons Sheldon's dresses has changed a lot. I don't speak of course of his everyday clothes, his "uniform", as Nibbler called it, but of his more formal outfits. In the first seasons, he had those plaid suits which were so odd and so funny (I miss them somehow, I would have liked to see them in his storage in the hoarding episode together with his costumes) and he thought that it was not very worth to pay so much money just for "one" colour (I beg to differ here, I miss his black suit in The Pants Alternative as much as I miss his plaid ones, LOL!). As he started dating Amy, he gave up the plaid, but still wore very old fashioned suits. shirts and ties, which in general didn't match at all. In season 8 and 9 he found his "style", IMO, wearing those two pieces and striped shirts, finally matching. I think the custom department in the show works very well, since his way of dressing for me reflects his changes in attitude towards social activities in general and date nights in particular. He is still himself, since his everyday clothes are always the same, but he has learnt to put more care in his "formal" dresses, he looks nicer now when there's a special occasion or he is with Amy. I like that.
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    It's just unfair that Jim isn't nominated... and, in my opinion totally absurd that the whole show isn't neither...
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    we all have a 'uniform' but we really never pay attention to it. I literally wear jeans every day. During the winter, they are paired up with sweaters/jumpers and during the warmer months, tees and other colourful shirts. This is my attire even at work. I have been dressing like this for the last 25 years. Comfort trumps style for me any day. those would actually be great with jeans that flare out just a little bit. I'd wear those.
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    "Strategic"??? What the everloving fuck are you even talking about? Why the heck are you guys going on about this numbers game of Shamy vs. Lenny shippers? Do you feel insecure about some shit or what is it? Why the hell do you have such a hard time just being nice? Are you proud about chasing people away??? Don't you realise how pathetic that sounds? (I can see your posts in the other threads, you know? lol) For the Shamies who left and the few who are still active it's not about numbers it's about fostering a welcoming online community. We all like the same show after all, right? (Well, to varying degrees, I guess.) You may claim this was all just in good fun but obviously that misfired when it makes people feel less welcome on this site. Again, let me point out to you how this hostile atmosphere with all the negativity ended in stricter rules on this very forum so it's not some over-sensitive Shamies imagining all of this. To sum it up with Wheaton's law: Don't be a dick!
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    2016 Emmy nomination voting begins on Monday, June 13th and ends Monday, June 27th (at 10 pm PDT). The nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 14th.
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    It's hard to choose, but I think this just might be my favorite Leonard and Penny moment because it has moved them beyond their doubts, hesitations, fears, and insecurities. Penny: ' … it's just that we have the option of being just friends.' Leonard: 'Is that what you want?' Penny: ' … it was simpler when we were just friends.' Leonard: 'I guess.' Penny: 'So we'll just be friends.' They hug which becomes a smoldering look in which the need, want, desire, lust, and love combine and fire and turns to an impassioned kiss. It is an elemental force that they cannot stop. The Universe has spoken.
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    "No! The heat of the moment is, 'Oh yeah, just like that', not WILL YOU MARRY ME!!" I loved how that was played for maximum surprise, because I don't think anyone expected that sentence to come out of Penny's mouth. The audience's reaction was great.
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    The substitution episode..oy. I am one of the people who thought that the Shamy fight was obviously and lazily contrived by writers who could not be bothered to come up with an organic conflict. a ) The shopping. Okay, hand on heart, I do not know women-outside dated comedies/stand up routines- who drag their menfolk shopping with them unless they are holidaying somewhere and don't have a way to contact each other and can't be separated, or if the partner's presence is necessary to the decision. Like they're shopping for a pet/ something for a shared domicile/ something else that also affects the partner. Sheldon and Amy were not holidaying, they don't share a house and-well, where is Giuseppe? I miss that little scamp. It needed to be shopping so that we could 'forgive' Sheldon for skipping it, without considering 'hang on, but why would Amy even WANT Sheldon of all people to go shopping with her?' More to the point, if Sheldon needed to be present at the shopping, we'd obviously say 'WTF?' about his handing it off to Stuart. But then, if he needed to be there... b ) the exciting late nineteenth century invention of the telephone. A device with which Sheldon had already proven himself to be familiar when contacting Amy to discuss changes in plans. There is no obvious reason that Sheldon could not have picked up the damn phone and told Amy that he didn't want to go shopping because he was in queue. Yes, Stuart got his brief moment in the sun, which was all very nice. But 'because the writers wanted to' is not an adequate reason, if your plot device confuses more than it illuminates. one obvious-ish explanation-which would have silenced at least my latter objection-is that Sheldon is an inveterate early adopter. If the show had spun Sheldon's excitement about small -scale personal services outsourcing, that may have been one thing. Although I would also have rolled my eyes and snorted 'what, you've never heard of a personal assistant before, show?'. So.....actually, I take it back. I would have found this plotline wincingly stupid, however much lipstick the show put on it.
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    Sheldon wears some really nice smart jackets and shirts these days, much better than the awful plaid lol. His formal smart clothing is a lot better, I really noticed it towards the end of Season 8.
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    I say goodbye for today. It's bedtime for me. Therefore a little bedtime candy for ya.
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    After this Penny says let's move to Sheldon's spot and make out Leonard goes you dirty girl in my mind they have done it in Sheldon's spot many times we just have not seen it
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    Oh well. Disappointed with the England draw so need some happy lenny moments to cheer me up. So cute. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    ...and dirty LOL ...searching for crickets?
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    This. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I just don´t get it, why it is so hard these days to write stuff like this. Penny is adorable in this scence.
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    Yep! No chance for Lenny. Since the winner is a foregone conclusion, there's no need to vote. Because of the simple fact that there are way more Shamy shippers than Lenny shippers, a Lenny episode would never have a chance in a head to head comparison anyway. Even the content or the quality of the episode would be irrelevant.
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    "The Launch Acceleration" does not only contain this great awww moment in the hall, but also one of the hottest Lenny make out scenes (besides the legendary lime kiss) ever. Has anyone ever counted the number of kisses?
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    Great choice SPTF! One of my favorite moments. After his ill-timed proposal, an awkward meeting in that wonderful hallway was eased by her embrace and kiss!
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    I also like that Amy didn't change the way she dressed and was happy with her wardrobe and wasn't open to influence. It shows an inner confidence which is so great to see. Love that Sheldon loves her just the way she is. No changes required. That being said every main character seems to have a uniform minus Penny. Sheldon's superhero/comic tees, Leonard's enviro tees plus hoodie , Raj's old man cardigans plus cargos, Howie's skinny colourful jeans plus Dickie and bright top, Bernie's dresses, tights and cropped cardigans and Amy's old lady wear. Hmmm I looked at what I wear to work....I may dress like one of the characters. Dresses, tights, platform sandals so I can be a bit taller, a cardigan cause I'm always cold. Lol! I guess I have a uniform too!
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    In addition to Leonard and Penny dancing together again, a little more Lenny bed time action next season would be very nice too. Wishing can't hurt.
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    There are new and stricter rules in place now because of this nonsense. Shamy shippers did not feel welcome in this forum so they took their shipping elsewhere. It's not a matter of being loyal to the ship, it's a matter of being loyal to this forum - and many of those Shamy shippers that left felt they have more fun on other sites. There are plenty of Shamy fans active on tumblr and the aforementioned FB group (and probably other places as well) -
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    To your defense @hokie3457 is that Leonard never said what gas it was, and by the way who remember the conversation when we have a hot make out scene for Lenny.
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    http://www.vevo.com/watch/rockwell/somebodys-watching-me/USMV30400012 Tensor is Planning his 39th anniversary trip, creating topics for the season 10 Forum, and writing on his fan fic. So, although the board is quiet, I am keeping busy.
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    What happen to all the Shamy that's what I'm thinking. Seems most of them only post during the season. Where is the loyalty and the love? Lenny may be a minority here but at least we are hard-core and loyal. I'll get lenny to give them a call. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Last post for the next 90 minutes. Love this.
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    Mirs, it was reported that there was an option, in the contracts, for another season and that was my working hypothesis for the last couple of years. However, recent comments by multiple cast and producers have me wondering. Kunal stated he doesn't have a contract after season 10. Molaro (I know, we don't normally trust him, but this isn't a plot point) said his current assumption is that season 10 will be the end, although he does see a way. Kaley said there would be a season 11 if she has anything to say about it. While Johnny is the quiet type (Hi spaced ) he is the only cast member that I can't find a comment about continuing after season 10 (there may be one, I just haven't seen it, so if someone knows about such a comment, please feel free to correct me.). This is not to say that I think he will leave, just that I haven't heard such a comment from him.
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    It stopped being eggnog a while ago.... That quick moment in the hallway after she says "you're driving me crazy" where there is just a brief bit of silence; she is breathing a little heavy; they both realize what she said out-loud for the first time.....Yikes!
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    On the last count of Lenny kisses before the start of Season 9. It stood at 68 kisses. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Really sweet and cute moment ! This is just one of many cute Lenny moments in the hallway.
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    Me too! I thought it was a delightful episode. One of the funniest this season for me. I liked Convergence a lot as well but it relies a lot on its guest stars while Valentino is all about the gang and each of the couples has cute and funny moments. <3
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    I don´t know if Sheldon went into the jacuzzi if he knew that Howard had sex with Bernadette there. But he will surely make him pay for it. I wanted to say that I love your Avatar! Is that Jim Parsons? Boy, just the look of his naked arm gives me goose pimples.