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    The fake spoiler we got the day of the taping didn't help either...what was that about? Oh, yes, somebody wrote on Wikia that Penny was having doubts about her marriage after meeting Zack. Thanks goodness a good soul who actually was at the taping wrote the TR and reassured everybody that was #fakenews, LOL!
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    Souns good on paper, I don't mind Zack appearing once in a while. Usually it's not bad news for Lenny (actually he is a Lenny, when he is not with Penny LOL). Of course I could be wrong. I wonder what they will have him do this time...
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    I really think red and blue suit Amy. And Sheldon is wearing a t shirt whose colour means love. *sigh* I have this feeling ( hope I am not wrong) that tonight could be one of best shamy episodes from this season. Shamy are really in their element as their interactions include science.
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    I think you are right with the dip in quality in the second half of the season. To me it feels like the show has run out of momentum, nothing really happens and the writers just wait for the season finale. The writers now knows that there is no rush with any story/plot anymore as they got another 48 episodes.
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    Its funny people are worried about Lenny breaking up. the writers will never break them up - if Leonard's cheating didn't break them up, what will ? If i have learnt anything in the last 5 seasons , it is that, I think it is Shamy who will once again be in trouble in the season finale. The ring is still out there. The proposal is a question mark. Their sex life is a question mark.. The writers love writing trouble and drama and fights for Shamy. Whenever something big happens, it is preceded by some major fight for Shamy. I don't want to be correct but .... i can never underestimate the writers ability to make me facepalm.
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    I not relaxed but not extremely anxious (still anxious though) either. Right now I think the chances of a seperation are about 25-35%, depending on how tonight's episode will play out. However, even if they don't split them I will probably still be mad at TPTB at the end of the season for giving them fighting or nothing for most of the second half of the season. Even if they reveal thebsource of tension and finally resolve it nicely, it was way too much time of them fighting again and again with no clear reason.
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    In real life there are married couples who,like Lenny, keep a running gag - he wore me down, I sponged off the neighbours and married one, wine used to be her hobby but by next year I'll have her into stamp-collecting, we need a roommate or a house guest to focus on - or whatever their own story is - for the whole of their lives. Lenny it seems are going to be one of those. My godparents kept saying that they'd met as tennis partners, become platonic friends, were determined to stay that way but look what happened. Their grandchildren got bored with it but it never stopped them. Perhaps we should just yawn when Lenny tell the same old joke instead of getting annoyed. This might be what they tell people forever. And if neither thinks they're worthy of the other so they have to work at being deserving, deep down they'll always appreciate their good luck.