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    My Shamy thoughts from last night-- I enjoyed the opening in bed with Amy insisting on no superhero statues in the apartment. Gotta draw the line somewhere...I liked it even more that Sheldon ultimately gets the Batman--did he wear Amy down or was there a compromise somewhere? I probably didnt do a good job of describing it in the TR, but it was cute how Sheldon smacks Amy with the mail in the stairwell scene. Amy no doubt earlier told Sheldon to toss the junkmail, and when Leonard sarcastically told him the "Occupant" mail was in fact his Sheldon looked proud as if he had been right all along, and that it was a close call when amy told him to throw it away. It was funny! Shamy are both finding some of the jabs aimed at Sheldon by the gang, and in particular from Leonard, are tiresome episode after episode. Nonetheless I still laughed at the medication jokes. I didnt care for the spring snakes anniversary gift revelation. Im sure he was only being funny (like playing a prank with Leonards coffee, or the pie in the face prank in Mars) but the fact Amy shared the info with Penny showed she didnt think it was funny. I like Amy reflecting on Sheldons room and her first ILY there, even if Sheldon did kind of ruin it for her by correcting her. Sheldon was an ass to Raj when he embarraased him with the humiliation comments but I dont think he intended to be one. I also dont think he was deliberately tossing Amy under the bus--he had that silly "haha just sharing some info" look on his face. I liked how Amy reigned in her emotions after initially reacting to Bevs Skype conversation. She wasnt having any of Beverlys psyche babble and in the end talked a very nervous Sheldon down from the roof. Yay for Amy! I wonder what Sheldon did or said to get that huge Batman into 4B lol. Maybe it was a concession by Amy for blowing off ComicCon? Just got tired of the topic? Shes a sport and domestic Shamy continues to be cute!
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    Stepping away from my own TR, here are my thoughts on last night's episode: I didnt quite understand why Howard throughout the episode found Raj's dilemma not only funny but worthy of poking fun of--yeah he DOES offer his garage (though when he initially heard Leonards offer he wanted Raj to take that instead) but still, Howards reactions to his BF Raj were in stark contrast to that of Leonard's caring friend compassion. Despite this I was still laughing hard at Howard, Simon is too damned funny not to. Penny and Leonard for the most part were a united front, with Penny being dismissive of Beverly's comments as shared by Sheldon. It only turned when Leonard was struggling with the Randall comment that Bev made in Skype. Leonard later DOES reverse himself when talking to Penny the next morning, blaming then drama on Beverly aka Satan. Lenny come out fine in the end, but what bothers me (I do like Lenny) is that Leonard is still triggered by these thoughts that have him dwelling on his relationship. Hes getting better but theres still work to be done. Sheldon obviously continues to stumble along and it seems he still does his one step forward two steps back routine, as someone else said. He starts out fine by recognizing his outrage at Raj and deciding to get him a housewarming gift and wishing Raj good things in his new arrangement. But then he embarrasses Raj (and Amy too) and then goes off when Raj calls him a jerk. He also starts the drama with Lenny by filling them in on Beverlys assessment and continuing the drama by referring to Raj as the buffer (clearly believing everything Bev said). Amy was a voice of reason and was able to put things in perspective for Sheldon. Good for her for reigning it in, especially after initially reacting to Beverly in the Skype session. And after putting her foot down on not attending Comic Con Im glad to see that she caved (I assumed) with the Batman statue and balance was restored in 4B lol. Surprisingly for me, I really enjoyed the Raj/ Stuart scenes. I am hoping the money situation is a catalyst for much needed change in Raj. He appeared very reflective in this episode and appeared to have done some soul searching regarding his life and his reliance on his dad and friends. When he and Stuart were making up the couch he said "Look at us, did you ever think you would be in this situation?" Stuart replies " No-- I sleep in a bed and youre on the couch, I never thought Id be better off than you". Funny, but Raj clearly is at a low point. He repeatedly questions Stuart about how he feels mooching off of Howard and having to be reliant on him. I hope the LA with Lenny is short lived, but I see it as a way of expanding his role and getting him out of Howards house--one babysitting moocher is enough. Which brings me to Stuart. I know a lot of people chalk him up to being a needy creeper these days (I do get it) but I continue to feel sorry for him. His monologue with Raj showed a guy who has accepted that his efforts and dreams in his youth of being an artist resulted in nothing but despair for him and the best he can do now is to be the Wolowitz man servant. He isnt comforting at all to Raj and in fact suggests that Raj is following down the same path as him. Ots sobering for Raj and sad for Stuart. Im a sucker for a sad sack story, and Stuart is the poster child for one in this episode.
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    I'll just give a few thoughts because you all basically covered everything! - The Shelnard and Pamy interactions! I gotta admit, it was weird seeing Sheldon and Amy behind the island in 4B serving Leonard and Penny tea. Still getting used to that! But I love the Leonard's line at the beginning about his mom getting him tested, and the smile he gave Sheldon after lol. - I personally really love that Shamy are so brutally honest with each other. They tell each other how they see it, which IMO is way healthier than keeping stuff from each other. They can pretty much tell each other whatever they want without anyone's feelings getting hurt. Also his line about how when she called him an insensitive jerk he'd like to think she meant it had me laughing really hard for some reason. I think it was just the smile afterwards. Something about this whole episode had me laughing a lot, and I'm not a big laugher lol. - Okay, I've watched the tag so many times it's not even funny. This was just a really fun scene, like April said. And you can clearly see that Mayim and Jim had a lot of fun with it too. He was flirting so hard with her, and she just looked highly amused by his efforts. They were totally on the same page here, and that's what made it so fun and light. - Oh, and yes. The only ball and socket joints in the human body are the shoulder and hip! My anatomy class comes in handy every now and then lol. But I love that he loves her hips. God only knows what he does with her hips when they're alone lol. -Overall a really fun episode! I liked the other couples, too! And I even liked Raj haha. I do feel like he's putting in an effort to improve himself!
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    Thank you for your insights here. Your contributions all day long have been very valuable. Thank again you so much!
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    Next new taping on March 7 and next new episode on March 9, we have to stay strong for a couple of weeks! I really hope the official announcement for the new deals arrives during this hiatus, at least it will keep us busy and happily entertained! LOL!
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    Ok, I had to google this, because human anatomy is not my strongest suit, and now everything is clear, Sheldon has always been fond of Amy's hips! LOL!
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    just doing a head-pop to say I was pleasantly surprised by the tag. The promo had me rolling my eyes all the way across the Channel. But the way it played out was actually quite charming. The promo definitely made it sound like 'oblivious Sheldon, frustrated amy' was in play. But when I actually saw it, neither really was true. Sheldon seemed to know very well what he was doing - in fact my favourite bit was actually the little 'erogenous joints' gag. And for her part Amy too seemed to see right through Sheldon. So instead of 'HAA HAA LOOK AT AMY'S DISAPPOINTED FACE' it was 'Sheldon flirts, Amy is all 'yeah, nice try, bucko'.' A MUCH more pleasant dynamic. As to the rest: I, like 2L, am a little saddened that only Sheldon is the holdout for Comic-Con. I'm also mildly irritated at the whole 'oooo look at this childish fringe event the boys are outgrowing!' thing. Come on, show. Whom do you think you are kidding?
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    I second that. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    I know this wasn't your argument but let me just use your post to clear something up: A "romantic lead" is simply a main character in a romantic story (film, play, whatever). There are no qualifications about how "romantic" the character in question has to be, nor how straight the "romance" is played in the story. A staple of many romantic comedies is exactly that one or sometimes even both of the romantic leads aren't exactly romantic, or they are in a situation that isn't romantic - and that's usually where the comedy comes from. Characters find themselves in some situation and fall in love and pursue a relationship is pretty much all it takes for a "romantic story". So if one wants to categorise Sheldon or Leonard or Penny as a romantic lead then they all match those criteria.
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    Nice episode overall, it was funny, but it confirmed my opinion that this second half of the season is not as strong and hilarious as the first part. There were things I liked about Shamy (and about Sheldon and Amy) and things I wasn't very fond of. I loved Amy's scenes with Penny, their relationship is much better and balanced and I can really say they are friends now. I also liked she was firm in not wanting to go to SDCC with Sheldon, it's not "her" thing and it's only right she spoke her mind with her boyfriend about that. What I didn't like, though, is that it seemed she half-expected Sheldon to give up to CC once his friends decided to not go to stay with their SO. It seemed to me she was (as it has happened in the past) comparing her relationship with the idea of "romance" she got from her girl friends' relationships. Now, obviously SDCC is the kind of event you don't go by yourself, so maybe that had a part in her expectations about him giving up to the convention too, but I got the vibe she wanted Sheldon to behave like Howard and Leonard. Shamy were nicely in the background, the lines Sheldon said about them being honest with each other were hilarious, even if I wouldn't call it "honesty" to underline that a mole is a mole (we waited until E. 17 to have a reference to Amy's hair, way to go, writers!) and a jerk is a jerk, LOL! As for the tag, after having seen the whole scene, there's no way Sheldon didn't know what he was doing, the dialogue from the get go implied he was trying to lure Amy into going to SDCC with him using seduction of some form. So, actually, it is a step forward from the "oblivious" Sheldon kind of jokes. Still not a fan of the fact the writers continue to use innuendos that don't lead to anything, but at least it looks like they are kinda moving from their old jokes and the scene in itself was hilarious. I've seen a IG pic of the Batman statue in question, that's really big! How did the apartment looked like with the statue in it? I don't know...for some weird and twisted reason, I hope it stays, it can do as a dishtowels holder, LOL!
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    Before a second take of the argument between sheldon and raj in 4A Kunal was screwing with Jim to get him to laugh. He feigned throwing the book at him and when that didnt work he silently mouthed "F-ck You!" while pointing at his face. This got Kim to stifle a laugh just as they were telling everyone quiet on the set and were about to shoot the scene. Jim looked away from Raj for a second but got his composure back. One of the audience members was asked between takes to recite the Rock Paper Scissors Spock thing. The guy stumbled through it and this caught the eye of some of the cast as the guy suffered through it. He actually managed to nail it to the applause of everyone, and Kayley came up and told the guy "that Spock thing was awesome good job!"..THIS caused Johnny to laugh out loud and say "Really, that Spock "thing"?? " Johnny clearly knew what the Spock game was and Kayley looked a little embarrassed as she replied "I dont know whatever, I heard "Spock" so..."
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    Yeah, exactly, it's a typical relationship thing and I think that's what the show wants us to see as well cause we got the parallel to Howardette doing the same earlier in the episode. Sure, Sheldon isn't as much of a smooth talker as Howard but he certainly has his own quirky charm. <3 Well... where else does the human body have ball-and-socket joints?? And how intimately does Sheldon know that part of her body?? You may connect the dots yourself...
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    Hey ! So I laughed quite a lot & enjoyed this episode, not my favourite but still a good one. As many have pointed out I enjoyed the Amy & Penny scenes. I think it's good in a relationship that neither Amy or Sheldon pretended they did or didn't want to go to comic con just to please the other - yes I think they both share interests Harry Potter for example ( wink wink ) but this wasn't Amy's thing just like Sheldon didn't want to stay at home - it caused them no problems and they were both open & honest with each other. The tag - Oh Sheldon you cheeky boy, you knew exactly what you were doing, that sexy flirtatious look , up close and personal, the wording haha !! I thought it was sexy & funny all at the same time , he & Amy both knew exactly what was going on ......yes one day I'd like this type of thing to happen and they both dive into a heated make out , but for now I'm content that what we had was some shameless flirting and Sheldon trying his powers of persuasion, did it work no, did Amy look angry or offended no, does that type on chat/flirting happen in relationships absolutely !!!!!! I loved it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just finished watching and really enjoyed it even with the bitter sweet "the guys skip comic con because they have other priorities now" theme. Not much Shamy for this but I liked them in a supporting role here. Amy with Penny was cute and, like others already pointed out, there certainly is a bit more balance to the friendship. I still find Amy's "popular girl" moment endearing cause yes, she's not as mature as people say she is and I like characters that have flaws (hence why I also reject the interpretation of her as a motherly figure for Sheldon when she is not that much further along with her social development). Also, aww, her aunt died. Probably the one from Weekend Vortex?? Aunt Flora would've been 98 this year. Similarly, Sheldon and Leonard having tea in 4B was nice and his advice proved to be right in the end. Though his example with Amy made me laugh more than it should have because of his "I sure hope she meant it when she called me an insensitive jerk" reaction. And no, there is no reason to be pedantic about calling it a mole or a beauty mark or a birthmark. There are no differentiating definitions for either of them and they're used interchangeably - so yes, you were just insensitive, Sheldon! (And to go back on our discussion yesterday: Those are situations where I can understand a character being upset about what he said.) The Shamy and Lenny stuff in the hallway was hilarious to me cause even though they weren't literally standing behind the kitchen island it was still the same dynamic of having one couple make comments about the other and here it was Shamy's time to take their seats on the metaphorical balcony. I also can't fault Amy for thinking that Sheldon would be deciding to stay at home like the other guys. There was a certain vibe in the room and she knows he is not the kind of guy who goes to these things alone - so her assumption doesn't come out of nowhere. But obviously I also can't fault Sheldon for standing his ground and still insist on going. The tag was such a treat and as said the other day: it's such a light hearted silly thing I can't even be mad at the writers. That was just plain fun. It totally mirrored what Howard did with Bernie earlier in the episode so I don't buy the idea of "Sheldon doesn't know what he's doing" cause he totally does. I didn't expect him to call her "pretty" out of the blue (which also makes up for the mole thing earlier - he may comment on Amy's body hair but he hasn't expressed any form of disgust like society would expect you he'd do because female body hair is ewww. fuck society, btw!) and even be touchy feely on her "erogenous" shoulder. LMAO I also love how Amy sees right through this and isn't swayed easily by his flirting. Her trying to keep a straight face was hilarious. All in all, fun little episode!
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    So...I really liked that we got an episode full of Lenny that wasn't them fighting or unhappy for unclear or unjustified reasons! I also loved that, IMO, they showed that BOTH of them want to make each other happy and are willing to make sacrifices for each other. This is kind of new for Penny, it was always Leonard's behavior around her and she seemed to take it for granted or just be happy about it without worrying too much about her part of the deal. She did things for him in the past but it was rare and didn't involve much sacrifice. So to me this is definitely character developement! I think it also shows that they really love each other, in spite of their differences. It can be more challenging to maintain a relationship when a lot of the things each party likes to do are different from those of the other party, and yet they have been together for several years now and got married. IMO this means there is a lot of love there. I think breaking up is not a good option for them (altough I am not rulling out, the characters and certainly the writers can make really bad choices). However, they do, as said here and on other threads many times, need to work on their communication. Couples therapy will be great for them because it seems like both of them will be motivated to work on their issues and I certainly believe they can do it. But they need a professional, not a Shamy interferance. Speaking of Shamy...I think the comparison wasn't meant to show that Lenny are bad and Shamy are so much better. What I got is that they are at almost opposite spots on a scale: Lenny are (not always but in this episode and more generally) too concerned about hurting each other, so they make efforts to hide some of their thoughts and feelings from each other and instead use various manipulations and end up fighting when they are actually on the same side. Shamy on the other hand, well not Shamy, Sheldon... he loves Amy and does things for her but also sticks to his likes, desires, thoughts and feelings to a point that it sometimes hurts her. Shamy weren't all perfect ths episode, not at all actually. So I think the message wasn't that this way is good and that way is not. There should be a balance. Speaking about comparisons: I think the Howardette interaction emphasized how selfless and thoughtfull Leonard's decision at the end was. He decided to give up in order to be with his wife doing something they both will be okay with, whereas Howard wanted to give up so he wouldn't be alone with Sheldon (this is not something against Howardette, just shows something about Leonard's decision). Ironically, I think this episode that brought the differences in Lenny's interests and prefered activities to the front, actually shows that they are not an "opposite attract" case. Those cases, in fact, are quite rare in real life. They may differ in these aspects, but both are generally compassionate, caring people. They care about each other and about other people (for Penny mostly her close friends) and are willing to make efforts to help and make others happy, even if those others are very difficult people (*cough* Sheldon Cooper *cough* Rajesh Koothrappaly). The latest TR appears to show it too: at the beginning it says that both Leonard and Penny feel sorry for Raj and decide to offer him their spare bedroom, while Bernadette has to talk to Howard a little bit to change his initial joking reaction and Shamy are not even talking about it. Both Leonard and Penny are also sarcastic and joke on their friends (more Penny but Leonard is not too far from her level) but that was not emphasized in this episode. Sheldon's meta comments were so on point: he was has been in the middle for all those years and they do want to make each other happy but make each other sad. But while the he and the writers may think it is hillarious, I certainly disagree and I think I am not alone. If it was 2-3 times, and these were like in this episode and not like "The Romance Recalibration" and "The Emotion Detection Automation", maybe. But this is too long, too rough and just all over the place. I really hope they will have them work on their problems, fueled by their love, and not ruin it all by continuing this fight-resolve-fight-resolve cycle, that doesn't get them anywhere and doesn't bring them (and us) any insight about the root causes of their problems, until it breaks them. I want to say I believe the second option won't happen but I lost confidence in the writers.
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    Yeah Sheldon was in a good place, though Amy was grossed out by being the "dessert" in his apocalyptic menu. She didnt look all too thrilled for being in the batcave in the tag either lol
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    From TBBT You Tube Channel...These two kill me..
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    Never said that I thought that Sheldon was the romantic lead. I was having a conversation about romance versus sexuality. I think Sheldon is romantic in his own way. As is Leonard and as is Howard. Romance takes many forms. Just because you don't like how Sheldon expresses his romantic feeling for Amy, doesn't make it wrong.
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to create this taping report. I am glad you had fun and I am insanely jealous!
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    I also found this line both hilarious and weirdly endearing with the smile. Like, for all that people are complaining about Amy nagging about every single thing (which she doesn't, but still) I also get the feeling that Sheldon appreciates it when she tells it like it is. Navigating social clues is difficult enough for him so I can see that maybe he finds it beneficial Amy not sugarcoating when he's insensitive towards her. Apparently brutal honesty goes both ways for him and he can take as much as he dishes out. Good for him. It's a bit of a pity though that this often clashes with Amy's sensibilities. Like, on one hand I think it's endearing that the idea seems to be that Sheldon loves Amy the way she is - with literally every hair on her body that he for some reason won't stop mentioning. When he's describing details of her body that other people would find unappealing (by society's beauty norms ugh) he's at worst matter-of-factly about it and at best ventures off into day-dreamy descriptions. I think it reflects the reality for many couples that even though social norms have been drilled into you (well, maybe not Sheldon as such) they fall by the wayside when you truly love somebody else. On the other hand it's not necessarily easy to have that mindset about your own shortcomings (again, by society's beauty norms) and having your partner comment on things that you're self-concious about may occasionally backfire even though they have the best intentions. And I think here's a bit more room for balance. With the right feedback sure hope Sheldon will be a bit more sensitive about what he chooses to comment on and maybe Amy can learn to take his comments in the right way. And I guess we can see that in the tag a bit with him complimenting her and her smirking a bit in reply to his joint comment. lol
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    That tag. OMG. I knew it was coming, still funny. Yep, no poor Amy there. I think even Amy was mildly amused by what Sheldon did.
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    This is really one of those things where my perception of Amy and the relationship dynamic totally clashes with what apparently "the general public" is seeing. Like, I honestly don't get where that's coming from with this scene. It could have easily played out that way but it didn't. Heck, if you want to see what "hopeful Amy" looks like we got the scene at Howardette's. The tag scene had nothing of that demeanour. To me the writers have been going out of their way to avoid showing Amy in that "desperate for physical intimacy" light so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that their intention is not going for a "poor Amy" effect. The upside of course could be that if the writers realise that their efforts can't shake their sins of the past when they did indeed pull this "haw haw Amy can't get some" crap they might be persuaded to correct course further and finally make that plunge we all want them to do. Fingers crossed and all that.
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    I , too, liked he Penny/Amy scene and I especially liked Amy referring to herself as being the cool one now lol. I think we all discussed it here when the TR came out, but watching the full episode had me feel a bit bittersweet when all the guys weighed in at the end and decided to skip CC. Please please writers don't let the guys grow up...I was happy Sheldon stood his ground. The expression on Sheldon's face in that tag reminded me of the one he used when luring Amy into having a glass of brandy lol....he knew what he was doing then as he did tonight in that tag! It made the room look small lol, it's ridiculous in there! Sorry Sheldon, I'm with Amy on this one...
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    Also now that Lenny are not going to ComicCon maybe they will spend the weekend acting out Luminious latest drawing
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    There you go! It's nice to know that they're both enjoying Amy's hips... or whatever Sheldon is doing with them. Maybe that's even the answer to "Why?... Why!?.. Oh that's why!" LOL
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    The answer to where the human body has ball-and-socket joints is NOT the knees. It's way more obvious. LMAO
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    Oh, I agree on this...The writers sometimes seem to be trapped in their 2007 jokes and don't want to move from that. It's not the right thread to say so (because Shamy seem the only ones in the show that don't have any problem with their finances), but a glaring example of that is the way the writers handle money. Those are well known scientists who work at Caltech for more than 10 years now, they are not anymore Post-doc fellows that have just gotten there (which, BTW, at Caltech earn 40.000$ a year, not that bad...), they should all have a pretty decent salary at this point; the whole issue with Raj being broke doesn't make much sense. Also, as you say, SDCC is a very mainstream event now, and being a nerd is not considered uncool anymore; actually, TBBT itself had a huge part in this shift in mentality, so it's baffling the writers themselves don't acknowledge that. I'm pretty sure that if Amy had a close look to that list of panels (not trying to be dirty here, LOL!), she would have found something she could have enjoyed. Probably not enough to spend 5 full days at the event, but she could have attended a panel or two...Given the way the episode was constructed, anyway, I think the best solution is that each of them does their own things for those five days; Sheldon can go with Stuart (even if I don't really know how he can pay...) if he doesn't find other options. On this, instead, I don't agree very much. Yes, Amy is still trapped in high school, but I think she is getting out of it. She was the "cool girl" doormat for 5 years, now she think she IS the cool girl (whether she is cool or not is not relevant), I see that as a progress, because she can relate with Penny at a more equal level.
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    Overall it was a funny and nice episode. There were a few nice friendship moments I really enjoyed to see, especially the ensemble scene as the decision of Raj of not going to SDCC was very mature for his economical limited conditions at moment and the support guys showed to him but Sheldon was touching and nice ( his reaction was ic from him imo). What lead me to the detail about shamy relationship that I did not like much it happens yet. Sheldon is getting to be a better friend to everyone as he was trying to help Raj but it doesn't mean he would change his ways of think and react about his own things and surprised me a bit that Amy was expecting Sheldon would behave like Howard and Leonard about not going to SDCC. They are really in a good place in their relationship as they are honest to each other and compromise to things in ways that both turn to be happy but there are things that are litle realistic to expect from each other as there are things that are inhereted to them and Sheldon is not the type of doing what others do in a situation he would not enjoy at all. It doesnt make Sheldon a mean person, is the way he is and certainly he would not thought less of Amy if she do something he was not into, and certainly she does a few ones. I know it is a question of time as these kind of things run more organically between them as a couple but it was the only thing that worried me a bit but surely they would do it fine in upcoming similar situations. Anyway, I loved how Amy now is a more confident woman when interacts with Penny. It is nice to see how they get along so well in a equally way and Penny also seek Amy's advices as Amy had always done about Penny. It is really nice to see how both Sheldon and Amy are grown people emotionaly and socially these days, it makes me proud of our adorable couple! Sheldon is a treat indeed, lol! I really love how he is determined to act in his best way without stop being himself, that sequence of dialogue on stairs as lenny was bickering and he was whispering to Amy about what they knew about lenny wishes to go to SDCC was awesome. And Amy is not a less of a treat, the way she revealed the whole true was so Amy 's style, lol! And last but not least the tag scene. First I am with Amy on this one: SDCC had never been her thing and Sheldon should respect that ( I think he does and a Batman statue might have helped to increase that respect, lol). Second, Sheldon knew very well what he was doing, lol! There is a seducing Sheldon pattern after all, lol! Who dare to think the man has not sexual desire as he thinks of Amy's erogenal parts often and he even cathegorized them? Priceless! The complete scene was hilarious, it turned better than I thought it would. Amy's face as she heard the beauty praise as she knew what was coming for Sheldon being saying things like these was so funny! And thankgoodness there was no hint of she might be frustrated for his attempt that had other reason but sex behind of his actions, it was very spott on how she handled with the whole thing, hehe! After all he would not have sex for SDCC , right? I just hope we could see one day a scene like this between shamy again as Sheldon use not only one but both arms to seduce his woman!
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    Thanks so much, it's good to hear your thought from watching it I'm really glad it was Any who calmed him down and talked to him and Amy's method worked .....not Beverlys ! You felt everything was fine by the end, drama resolved ok ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gif service Oh...and I think we have yet again another classic Penny eyeroll
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    I cannot stand what they've done to Sheldon's character. I know most Sheldon fans say that it's just character development, but it's really not. I feel like they've actually gone backwards with him. He started out the series being so brilliant, proud, and dignified. Obnoxious, yes, but still dignified. He had a few childlike quirks, but still acted like a man for the most part. One of main things that attracted me to the show was Sheldon's character. His arrogance was hot as fuck, and the manner in which he carried himself was such a turn on (I'm into that, as you can tell). Nowadays, the writers have turned him into a child. Pretty much every episode has him doing some childish thing and getting scolded for his behavior. I'm over it. He is nothing like he used to be. And because I know people will defend him, I have no problem with him learning proper manners and empathy. My issue is with the way he acts now. There's nothing dignified about him anymore. He's just one huge manchild, its such a turn off. I can't believe Amy still wants to do him. I say this as a Shamy shipper, please give Sheldon his spark back!!!!! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    still hating the Raj storyline (zero realism, if he's such a big spender, for sure he has tons of expensive collectibles to sell - for full price on ebay, not for 10% of the price to suddenly out-of-nowhere cocky Stuart), but the rest was actually hilarious! I've laughed more than in any other episode I remember this season... Also I actually really liked Lenny in this ep, I thought they've had the best chemistry they've had all season, even in spite of the fight [so I'm gonna ignore how unrealistic it is that Penny can't recognize he's lying after she did it in one second in the Thanksgiving ep last season]
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    Romance leads to love. You can have sex without romance. I don't believe that you can have love without romance, gestures that bind people together. Couples who wait to have sex until after marriage, experience romance and love....without the sexual component. Things that Sheldon does for Amy may not seem romantic to you, but they are to Amy and that's all that matters. In this season....hosting the brunch, the brain scan gift, date nights...these things mattered to Amy and she found them romantic.
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    You may disagree as we see things differently but I'd like to think tonight's episode was just that. Not only did we get some good comedic interaction and writing between our couple, but the feelings behind their motives for not being honest was 100% selflessness. Leonard threw so much crap at Penny to sneakily convince her to not go but she took it all in her stride and stuck to her commitment to repay what he's done for her ( something this thread has been crying out to happen for a long time. ) and Leonard's reason for her not going was purely because he didn't want her to have a bad time. For me, this is the beautiful reality of a marriage. You can't be forced to like what the other wants but you still do it out of love. Has kept me and Mrs Itwas going for 25 years. We have very different interests but we can still enjoy them if we do it together. For me this was the most genuinely good representation of a successful Lenny marriage I've seen. Better than schmaltzy love talk, better than finding a common interest, better than all smiles and no fighting. Even better - an unpopular opinion in here - than a steamy make out ( not that I'm suggesting the writers don't write that in somewhere. Loved this episode. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oooooh I love little personal spoilers like this! Thanks so much
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    Beverly was pretty amused to be dissecting the Raj roommate revelation and how in her opinion it affected Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny. She didnt single out Penny and told Sheldon it was "interesting how Leonard and Penny introduced a new roommate. During the Skype with Leonard Beverly states her mind to Leonard and meets resistance from him initially. She then brings up Randall and reminds Leonard that HE was the one who had reservations about that issue, and reminded him that it was Penny who wanted Randall to move in (and in hearing this Penny butts into the convo and defends that decision because Randall was family). But that Skype was all about Beverly vs. Leonard, and she won that battle in the end because Leonard stopped in his tracks...
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    Ok here is what my dirty mind has Lenny saying to each other Leonard Wow 50 Shades Darker was a hot movie better than the first one Penny Yes let's go to our sex dungeon and act out the hot scenes
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    I'm sure Johnny is concerned about his place in the show, but I doubt his main concern is keeping Lenny on the straight and narrow. He's been a victim of Leonard's marginalization, both as an individual character and as half of Lenny. In the past, I could understand his passion for Lenny as it elevated him to a status as romanitc lead and put him on par with Jim. Now, the show has seen fit to make Sheldon both comedic and romantic lead, so what has Lenny been doing for Johnny lately?
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    I'm no Lenny supporter but even I can see some of the issues that some shippers do have with them right now. A reporter needs to get Molaro in a room and ask him what is going on with them, what's the plan? He's not going to reveal specifics but his response would indicate whether they perhaps have something planned or not or if they are just writing it as they go. It also might shed some light on what's their problem, because quite frankly after a number of angsty moments this season between them mostly initiated by Penny but also some by Leonard I still haven't the foggiest what is up with them.
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    I mostly agree with everything you said. It was a very good representation of how much they love each other. As you say when the other party does something for you that you know they don't like or are opposed to (or vice versa) it is a testament of true love. In my own real life, way back when I used to smoke a lot and my wife hated (because of the health risks) but more than once she surprised me by buying me a carton (10 packs in a bigger box) so that I wouldn't spend so much money. I told her how much I appreciated it because I know she did it because it would make me happy and not because she liked it. Back to Lenny, I would love them being all smiles and no fighting, or a steamy make out even if I don't care too much about a common interest. I didn't like Sheldon and Amy in this episode because they think they're better than everybody, but that's not for this thread. Go Lenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Since we spoke of Sheldon's shirts the other day I really like the minimal solar system one he wore today! :D https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/minimal-solar-system/128386/ <3
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    Imo there is no chance for "poor Amy" in tag scene. Actually, I really enjoyed how she read through Sheldon's intentions there and didnt give up of her original intention. I think many of these comments might come from occasional viewers, dont know. It is weird how an obvious scene can be miserstood by a few but everyone have their pov and what make sense to ones might not make to others. It also imo depends on how much a viewer pays atention to all details as they are shippers or not of the couple's relationship in analyse on scene.
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    Sexual innuendo is a friendly, cheeky style of humour. At least it is on this side of the pond. The other person is not necessarily one's partner, in fact often isn't. The goal is only to make the other person laugh, to respond with mock horror, or to keep a straight face like Amy did.
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    Jim will be on The Dan Patrick Show on tomorrow.....
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    No ones arguing Sheldon as a romantic lead. And the straight man is absurd. The show has lost all balance over the years. Leonard should be the lead always. Sheldon responding. They changed that dynamic. For some reason. But OP was just stating how tptb write the show now. And have to agree that the show write stories based on their focus group. And their Demo. Theirs no evidence to support a statement that male fans have been tuned out. But I have a vibe lot of posters or viewers who watched from 2007-2010. Have been tuned out. A lot of it to do with Turning the Show into The Shamy Show. And making Sheldon and Amy the Romantic Hero and Herione. That changed since Season 6. Shamy are not a traditional romantic paradigm. Their uniqueness imo has been lost. Are they writing Lenny like Shamy now? Is Raj the new crutch? Would I rather Lenny just live alone and watch Luke Cage? Yes. Do I want them to stop assassinating their characters? Yes. Do I wish we had a more balanced show? Yes. Is it up to me? No. Can I go back into a time machine to 6.24. And tell Moloro to wake up brother? No. Can we get Prady back? Nope.
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    Romance...to woo, to court, to bestow attention and/or gifts in order to win you true loves heart. Sexual innuendo is a completely different thing...there is only one goal.
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    I really agree with this part. TPTB have been consistent for the past few seasons with their dismal treatment of Lenny and the mindboggling unbelievability of the plots. What keeps me here is the joy, wit, warmth, support and companionship of my fellow Lennys. I am a glass- half-empty-ist and have no crystal ball, but I really have the feeling they are building towards something I really I don't want to see. But whatever lies in wait for us, I know I will get by because of everyone here. What john2p said: Thanks to you all.
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    They did this with S9 actually where the only real Shamy-related blooper was the similarly teasing "You know it's a few hours until my bed time..." and Mayim and Jim cracked up after the scene. So fingers crossed! :D