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    Thanks everyone for the best wishes on the taping, I had a great time! Ok here is my TR, the usual disclaimers apply--the quotes are close to what was said as I did take some notes, hopefully it rings true for those that read it when this episode airs. And if not, my apologies! The main thing I took from this episode was Beverly's take on the intro of Raj into Lenny's lives. As a lightweight Lenny shipper I didn't care for how this was framed, and I heard gasps from some in the audience too, because it just sounded too logical and all too real. I think that couple is still in for a haul this season despite how this episode ends. I could be wrong. As for Shamy's own drama, I think the "escape hatch" theory was somewhat logical too but Sheldon's reaction to it was more of a panic that Amys response was able to squash. Anyway, here ya go and I'm happy to answer any questions you have if I can.... "The Escape Hatch Identification" The opening scene was pre-taped and starts with Leonard on the couch in 4A. He looks upset and tells Penny Raj's latest post (unknown what he posted on) was sad. Raj is looking for a cheap place to live. Lenny feel sorry for Raj because of his money situation. They discuss offering Sheldon's old room to Raj. The scene switches to Howard and Bernie in bed, and an amused Howard is reading Raj's post too and he thinks the post is pathetic. Bernie gives Howard a "give him a break" look. Howard says he told Raj to try "India" in response to where he could live cheaply. They discuss setting Raj up in there garage. The scene switches to Shamy in bed with Sheldon looking at his laptop. Amy is annoyed and tells Sheldon no matter what he says they are not giving him a place to stay. Sheldon has the perfect spot for a life size Spider-Man statue. When Amy shoots him down he pleads for a life size Hulk or Batman statue, and Amy shoots them all down. Sheldon mumbles that he's beginning to think Amys offer of redecorating the apartment wasn't genuine...End of opening scene. The next scene begins with Howard phoning Raj and proposing he moves into their garage. Howard explains that it will fit all his furniture and also has a cool button that moves an entire wall up and down when pushed. Raj puts Howard on hold to take another call and its Leonard calling to offer Sheldon's old room. Raj puts Leonard on hold and goes back and forth between the two asking what the perks are ( how's the WiFi in the garage, can he use the downstairs bathroom, how is sharing a bathroom with Penny and does she own a loufer?) The last time he switches back to Leonard and tells him he's close to a decision Penny is on the line instead. She's annoyed and demands to know if he's moving in or not. Raj answers "Yes ma'am" in a meek tone. Footnote: Kaley looked really cute in a navy pullover sweater over a collared shirt and jeans, hair on her shoulders. I only mention it because to me she has been generally in the sweatpants hair in a messy bun mode lately (no offense intended so please don't flame me lol). In the next scene Shamy are following Lenny up the stairs from the mailbox lobby. Sheldon is holding a letter and tells Leonard he's confused by it since it is addressed to Occupant and he no longer occupies 4A and isn't sure if it belongs to him or Leonard. Leonard asks who the letter is from and Sheldon replies "A roofer" . Leonard said "It's yours", and Sheldon turns to Amy and smack her arm with the letter in a derisive manner while stating "Just throw it out" in a way that suggests Amy had told him to just toss it as junk mail when he first got it. The four of them continue walking upstairs with Sheldon expressing sympathy for Raj's predicament. Leonard tells Amy he's glad she has him on medication and that she "nailed the dosage" in reference to Sheldon's empathy. Sheldon gets annoyed at the comment and complains that people always get upset at his behavior. Penny chimes in and says "That's because for every ACTION you have a gigantic annoying REACTION". Leonard is pleased and tells Penny "just when I thought you couldn't get any sexier!". Amy drops her shoulders and is annoyed at Penny for her comment as they split up to go in their respective apartments. As they enter 4B Sheldon tells Amy that Leonard is only annoyed because he thinks he will be upset at his old room being taken by Raj. Amy asks "and aren't you?" and Sheldon replies "I'm outraged!"...Amy expresses bewilderment that Penny almost got a scientific theory right... Sheldon has a seat on 4B's couch and Amy asks him to talk about what's bothering him. Sheldon explains he feels like he's being replaced by Raj in 4A and that his old room holds a lot of memories for him. Amy sympathizes and says that room has memories for her too, and that it was where Sheldon first told her he loved her. Sheldon corrects Amy and says it didn't happen in the room but instead in the hall outside his room. Amy replies sarcastically "And THAT'S the love I'm talking about". She then continues and says that Raj is broke and is "probably" humiliated- Sheldon responds with "Until we know for sure how will I feel better?". The next scene is a group meal in 4A with everyone but Shamy, who are in 4B preparing to come over. Raj has just finished moving in and Raj asks Everyone if he can get them anything else after setting up the food containers. They decline and say he's done enough for them already and Raj says it's the least he could do since they helped carry all of his stuff up. Howard chuckles and tells Leonard "Look, you got a Raj and I got a Stuart-we should take them to a park where they can run around together!" Bernie shoots Howard a dry look and said "yeah, Mister paper towels" indicating Howard took the light stuff up the stairs. Shamy are in 4A preparing to go to 4B and Amy asks Sheldon what the gift bag is that he's carrying. he explains that he feels bad for Raj and is bringing a house warming gift to him. Amy looks suspicious and asks him if it's a bag full of "springy snakes". Sheldon said no--Amy responds "That was the lousiest anniversary present ever". Sheldon shoots back "Well you said surprise you, and it sure was a surprise when they sprung out" (or something to that effect). Shamy enter 4A and Sheldon welcomes Raj to the building with his gift. Penny begins to ask if the bag has those--Amy cuts her off and tells her she already asked Sheldon that...Raj is pleasantly surprised and removes a blank journal from the gift bag. Sheldon explains that some of his most brilliant ideas came to him in that room and he's sure that Raj will get some too. Raj is pretty pleased with it. Sheldon then tells Raj that Raj is poor and feeling humiliated and he hopes the book helps. Amy tries to cut Sheldon off with a "Sheldon..." and Sheldon chuckles and looks to Amy while saying "She's such a stickler for citing sources", and explains to Raj that what he said was actually Amy's words. Amy stands up to cut Sheldon off again and Sheldon responds with something to do with the cartoon Charlie Brown (can't remember the line). Raj is visibly upset and calls Sheldon a jerk, at which time Sheldon turns to the group and asks them "Can you believe this guy??"...they respond in unison "yes" and a bewildered Sheldon turns to Amy and says "I thought that would go differently" ( something like that). Amy suggests that she and Sheldon should eat in 4B. Sheldon is upset and tells the group and Raj "Can you believe him?? You take my apartment AND you turn my friends against me and YOURE the one that's angry?!" Raj responds with something like "you're the angry one and I'm the humiliated one", and Sheldon asks Amy why it's okay for Raj to say it and not him. Amy pushes Sheldon out and the scene ends. In the next scene Shamy are back in 4B and Sheldon is initiating a Skype call on his laptop to Leonard's mom Beverly. Amy asks why he is Skyping her and a flustered Sheldon says that this bedroom issue with Raj has all of these anger emotions surfacing, and he tells Amy that she (Amy) knows how he hates subconscious thoughts and emotions. Beverly answers and Sheldon explains the situation. There is a brief pause and Sheldon asks Beverly to skip the dramatic pause portion of her thoughts and to just get to the part where she tells him what's wrong. Beverly is amused and said she's still going to give him a pause, and then goes into her explanation as she sees it. Beverly tells Sheldon that he sees his old room in 4A as an "escape hatch" for his relationship after having moved in with "Doctor Amy Fowler", and with Raj taking the room Sheldon is now "trapped in the relationship" without it. A shocked Amy hears this and yells to Sheldon "Don't listen to her!" Beverly also says its a defense mechanism for Amy as well, and a flustered Amy comes from the kitchen to Sheldon's laptop and tells Beverly "No it's not" and Beverly responds "as she says defensively" with a snarky smirk on her face. Beverly is clearly enjoying what's going on. The scene ends with Beverly remarking how interesting it is that Leonard and Penny got another roommate to replace Sheldon. The next scene has Raj sitting on the couch in 4A with Cinnamon in his lap. Leonard is in the kitchen and Penny in her chair. Raj apologizes to Penny for the drama he created and Penny shakes him off, stating this is all Sheldon's fault. Leonard chuckles and says what Penny said would make a good throw pillow. Sheldon walks in unannounced and is immediately taken aback by Cinnamon's presence and shrinks from her. He excitedly tells Raj to put her on a leash and he tells him she's fine, at which time Sheldon tells Raj to at least hold her still so he can pretend she's a stuffed animal. Sheldon apologizes to Raj for his behavior yesterday and Raj accepts it. Sheldon confesses he can't take all the credit for his apology because Beverly's advice was responsible for it. Leonard chimes in sarcastically and wanted confirmation that HIS mother was actually helpful. The same mom who made HIS life miserable. Sheldon tells Leonard that Beverly also said Leonard and Penny had marital problems too and Penny denies this, saying "We're fine" in an annoyed tone towards Sheldon. Sheldon responds with "You're okay only when you have a buffer between you and Leonard". Lenny are taken aback by this. As Sheldon turns to leave he tells Raj that if he cries when Lenny are fighting they will take him to McDonalds for ice cream. The scene immediately switches to Leonard Skyping Beverly demanding to know what her problem was. Beverly explains that Sheldon was used as a buffer and when he left they are trying to replace him with Raj. Lenny both deny this at which time Beverly points out to Leonard that didn't he say Penny wanted her brother to be a roommate not long ago? Leonard appears to ponder that while Penny said that didn't count because it was family. Leonard appears to be shaken a little by this point that Beverly is making. Penny takes notice of this. The scene ends when Beverly tells Leonard "I would never get between you and Penny, I'll leave that to the parade of roommates you have".... It's evening now and the next scene shows Howard and Bernie sleeping in bed. Raj is standing next to the bed whispering to them which awakens Howard who shrieks at seeing Raj, which causes Raj to scream. Raj explains that Lenny are fighting and he wants to stay at their place instead. Stuart bursts in in his underwear holding a "Walking Dead" barbed wire baseball bat. Bernie tells Stuart it's just Raj but it it's still okay if he hits him. A panting Stuart tells them "If my heart stops just let me go"... Raj tells Howard that because of the drama he wants to stay somewhere else. Howard replies "I said it once and I'll say it again, try India". Raj asks if he can stay in the garage and Bernie suggests the couch for the night until they sort it all out. The scene switches to 4B with Shamy in bed. Amy is trying to sleep while a restless Sheldon tosses and moans. Amy asks what's the problem and Sheldon explains he can't sleep because of what Beverly told him. Amy wants to know if it bothered him and Sheldon tells her it did and he asks her "what if I'm feeling insecure about our relationship?". Sheldon appears truly disturbed and scared. Amy sits up and doesn't appear concerned. She tells Sheldon that he probably just sees the "escape hatch" as more of a contingency plan and nothing more. Sheldon ponders this and seems relieved. He smiles and says "well you do know how I like those" and then tells her "you know I even have one in the event of an apocalypse, I have a list of who I would eat first starting with my least liked friend". He ends the list with "and because I love you, you're the dessert". Amy, who appears a little annoyed at the turn the conversation took, says she wants to smile but thinks she's actually disgusted by the thought. Next scene has Raj and Stuart in the living room at Howard/Bernie's house. Both are in their pajamas with Stuart and Raj making the bedding on the couch for Raj. Stuart warns Raj that if he's looking for spare change in the couch that he already cleaned it out. Raj asks Stuart if they should both get a place to be roommates since they are both down on their luck. Stuart sits Raj down and explains that he has a good thing going on and if everything works out right this house will be his retirement home. Stuart then grabs a sandwich and is devouring it when Raj asks hi if he ever feels bad for sponging off his friends. Stuart tells him there's $6 worth of meat on his sandwich. He then explains that he went to Art Academy to be a graphic artist then a comic book artist, and all he has to show for it is a visible rib cage. He tells Raj that you can actually see his heart beating inside his chest. Raj said he didn't go to Art school and that instead he has a degree in Astrophysics. Stuart looks at Raj and says "It'll be easier to see the stars above without a roof over your head" and continues to eat his sandwich as the scene ends. The next day has Lenny in the pajamas waking up in the kitchen at 4A. As Penny walks in Leonard is looking at a note and tells her Raj moved out. He reads the note out loud and it ends with "Cinnamon is with me, but if you want to screw with Sheldon just tell him she's loose in the building". Leonard asks Penny if they should ask Raj to come back. Penny replies "You're the one who is worried a roommate is a sign of marital troubles" and Leonard responds with "That's only because my mother possessed my head like Satan, I mean really she IS Satan". Penny tells Leonard to go ahead and ask Raj back and Leonard begins to leave 4A in his robe. Penny asks him if he's going to change first and Leonard says "yeah hold on" and exits. He walks to the door at 4B and yells " Cinnamons loose in the building!"...Sheldon is then heard inside of 4B screaming "Amy lock the front door!"...with a smirk on her face Penny raises her coffee cup in a toasting gesture while seated at the kitchen counter. The next scene is at Howard/Bernie's house again. Everyone but Shamy are seated in the living room. Penny apologizes to Raj and tells him they were not fighting because of him. Raj feels terrible about the drama involving him and the bedroom. Raj said that not only did he cause the drama between Lenny but that he even made Sheldon mad and that Sheldon wouldn't want to return to 4A if he was there. Penny responds with "even more reason for you to stay with us". Howard offers the garage to Raj but Raj declines and says it's probably best to stay with Lenny. Raj assures everyone though that the living arrangement is only temporary and Bernie replies as she glances at Stuart "that's good, because you don't want a moocher living in your house permanently". Stuart tells Bernie " is that any way to talk about your baby??" The tag has Shamy sitting on the couch of 4B with Amy on an iPad and Sheldon on his laptop. Sheldon proudly boasts about the strength of their relationship and how glad he is that unlike the others THEY don't need to have a third person be a buffer. Amy dryly says "Yeah that's it". The camera pans out to reveal a full size Dark Knight Batman statue standing proudly behind them near the refrigerator. End of the episode! BTS: Not much really, the cast looked pretty busy in between takes. Johnny flirted a few times with the guy who does the marker and gave him a hug. Jim and Penny both were eating the fries in their containers before the group meal scene was shot in 4A. Penny blew a line on the stairs and laughed when she faced Jim. Mayim, Johnny, and Kunar all blew lines and so did Kevin Sussman. Kevin appeared to play with the baseball bat in between takes of the bedroom scene. During the usual crowd chat, Kaley claimed that we were getting two more seasons and that they were all excited and hoped everyone was ready to watch more of them
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    Tonights taping "The Escape Hatch Identification". No ring (sorry Shamys), Raj moves in with Lenny (sorry Lennies) and some drama for Shamy and Lenny as a result though all ends well. TR to follow when I get back to my hotel
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    thanks for the lovely detailed TR, 2L! I hope you had a lovely time! as to the episode itself: Hmmmmm. I have to confess that my first reaction to reading 2L's summary and then TR was: Yeah, this is why some people might groan at the thought of a renewal. Because this season has actually done a decent job moving most of the characters along. It's made a good fist of dealing with the pregnancy, even though Bernie is apparently a mutant elephant and nobody thought to tell us. The shake -up in the living arrangements has breathed fresh life into the shamy dynamic for the most part, and as a bonus we've had some really lovely scenes with PAmy and pamydette. Lenny suffered greatly in comparison, but I don't think lenny's being written significantly worse this season than it has been for...ouf, a while now. It is, however, noticeable that the show is stalling with them in comparison to many other characters. I wondered a little whether all this movement and freshness was because the showrunners knew they only had a few more weeks of the show, so they could just use up all their ideas. But I largely ignored the thought. And then came news of the renewal and a string of wheel-spinning, at-least-mildly irritating episodes. And I know correlation is not causation, but it is a bit hard to look at this latest TR and not think 'damn you, renewal-engendered complacency!' okay, it's going to take a while to unpack the things that intrigue me and the things that bother me about these plots, so let's make a list: a ) Raj:. Run, Kunal nayyar. Run. This late in the game, and all these writers can think of to do with your character is to bus you from house to house like a foundling. Never mind the implausibility of Raj's financial situation. Show, if you want us to buy that an academic in a not-particularly-deluxe-looking flat is broke, you have to play up his extravagance in other arenas in a sustained way. You have to give him bling and Lamborghinis and a new big screen TV every week and Swarovski feeding bowls for his dog and Bollinger in his Smeg fridge. You do not, for example, have him wandering the countryside looking like my maths teacher growing up. A maths teacher who managed to limp through life entirely solvent, by the way. It is a bit late in the day to hurriedly tell me in an episode that raj is extravagant, when you have taken no pains to SHOW me that he is. The occasional extravagant gift for his girlfriend? Hell, Leonard bought his girlfriend a car and his other great love a 4000 USD trip to a train something-or-other! And apart from his magically reappearing/vanishing student debt, Leonard manages to get by, yes? b ) women, amirite? Another episode where women are largely around to tut and sigh and be vaguely affronted by their menfolk. Bernie with Mister Paper Towels, and Amy with Sheldon's Batman whatever and his shitty anniversary gifts or her being disturbed at an actually quite sweet zombie dessert declaration that in quite a few other episodes I am fairly sure she would take in the spirit in which it is meant. And again, nobody is saying that women need to love every single thing their menfolk do. But I would quite like the show to mix it up more often and let the women have the crazy quirky decorating suggestions while the guys look perplexed. It was nice that penny went hogwild with the pink that one time. How about Amy wanting a harp in that tiny flat while Sheldon says '....er....'? Or Bernie wanting to convert a room into a lab? Something? c ) well, I suppose there was ONE exception. Pop psychology with Beverly Hofstadter! And just - oh, brother. Did anyone else get the feeling that all that blether about escape hatches and contingencies felt like the writers talking about themselves, rather than the couples? To be fair, they have somewhat accurately identified their own malaise with Lenny. The writers do indeed seem to struggle to write Lenny without a buffer. I might be vaguely optimistic if I weren't grimly certain that nothing concrete would ever come of it. And if I didn't see that the same explanation were being liberally daubed over Sheldon's pathologies. Right. Because the Man With A Thousand Contracts is apparently so terrified of commitment that he needs an escape hatch. And it is all so unnecessary, moreover. The seventh episode concisely and clearly diagnosed Sheldon's issues with moving. Moving is a change. Sheldon does not like change. Done! Simple! Why the zeal to pretend that lenny's problems are Sheldon's problems and vice versa? I would have more sympathy if the issue were more that Sheldon is worried about being burnt in his relationship and so looks on 4A as a contingency. Which is, thank heavens, what Amy said. It's nice that Amy is allowed a moment of clarity and acuity, but why not let her say so to Beverly instead of panicking and running around like a headless chicken? I love Christine Baraski, but this insistence on making Beverly seem some sort of omniscient puppetmaster in this episode seems rather irksome.
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    and in the meantime - and I really cannot believe that this needs to be reiterated so fucking often - it is possible to enjoy BOTH characters, Penny AND Amy.
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    Look at me, my dear fellow Lennys! I am covered in warm fuzzies! I thought Lenny was wonderful last night as it had my two absolute requisites: 1) they were adorable and; 2) No Sheldon! (and I cannot stress #2 enough -- as a matter of fact, in an aside, I always equate Sheldon with #2. But, I digress). Loved the opening for several reasons -- the guys spinning the disc while seeing how long Raj could hold his breath -- harkened back to the days when the guys would do their fun science-y stuff but combine it with athleticism or group play (the time they were breaking the balloons with lasers or playing Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess). Loved this! Loved this! Loved this! That whole scene, to me, felt like 'back in the day writing'! Loved how Leonard explained the physics of the disc to Penny, while Penny showed her best patented 'don't wanna-be-interested-but-interested' moves. Loved her getting involved in the bet but losing! Lenny was night was tremendous! Although it was the usual, tiny gems, I'm very glad they were there. TBH, I was afraid of the 'but then you have to marry one of them' comment but, to me, it wasn't said snarky or in a derogatory manner, so it played all right. Loved that they: hosted the evening with friends at their apartment; loved Leonard having a go at Howardette, suggesting Raj could stay with them. (LOL at Howard's 'I brought imported beer. Why don't you like me?) and then Bernadette's bitchy 'Stop being so helpful!' when he suggested the garage. The pay off was the laughing 'OMG face' Penny gave Leonard while he was rattling their cage. Loved too the quickly and privately mutually shared 'Whew … Yeah' as they dodged that bullet when Raj didn't accept their offer to stay with them. It showed that they were totally on the same mutually supportive page! Take that Randall! Tiny gems for Lenny last night, tiny gems. But in those tiny moments, it was so reaffirming to see their love for one another, their mutual support, and respect without a droplet of snark or argument to be found! SEE THAT WRITERS!! WAS THAT SOOOO DIFFICULT?!
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    As promised. Here's a new drawing. I hope you enjoy.
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    Oh God this is so exciting !!!! But keeping expectations low ! Happy taping day all BTW - are we not so lucky with Jim & Mayim - they really think of us fans with all these selfies & IG posts - we are lucky people ......plus they are such teases, and seem as excited as us about Shamy - LOVE them ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My Shamy thoughts from last night-- I enjoyed the opening in bed with Amy insisting on no superhero statues in the apartment. Gotta draw the line somewhere...I liked it even more that Sheldon ultimately gets the Batman--did he wear Amy down or was there a compromise somewhere? I probably didnt do a good job of describing it in the TR, but it was cute how Sheldon smacks Amy with the mail in the stairwell scene. Amy no doubt earlier told Sheldon to toss the junkmail, and when Leonard sarcastically told him the "Occupant" mail was in fact his Sheldon looked proud as if he had been right all along, and that it was a close call when amy told him to throw it away. It was funny! Shamy are both finding some of the jabs aimed at Sheldon by the gang, and in particular from Leonard, are tiresome episode after episode. Nonetheless I still laughed at the medication jokes. I didnt care for the spring snakes anniversary gift revelation. Im sure he was only being funny (like playing a prank with Leonards coffee, or the pie in the face prank in Mars) but the fact Amy shared the info with Penny showed she didnt think it was funny. I like Amy reflecting on Sheldons room and her first ILY there, even if Sheldon did kind of ruin it for her by correcting her. Sheldon was an ass to Raj when he embarraased him with the humiliation comments but I dont think he intended to be one. I also dont think he was deliberately tossing Amy under the bus--he had that silly "haha just sharing some info" look on his face. I liked how Amy reigned in her emotions after initially reacting to Bevs Skype conversation. She wasnt having any of Beverlys psyche babble and in the end talked a very nervous Sheldon down from the roof. Yay for Amy! I wonder what Sheldon did or said to get that huge Batman into 4B lol. Maybe it was a concession by Amy for blowing off ComicCon? Just got tired of the topic? Shes a sport and domestic Shamy continues to be cute!
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    Before a second take of the argument between sheldon and raj in 4A Kunal was screwing with Jim to get him to laugh. He feigned throwing the book at him and when that didnt work he silently mouthed "F-ck You!" while pointing at his face. This got Kim to stifle a laugh just as they were telling everyone quiet on the set and were about to shoot the scene. Jim looked away from Raj for a second but got his composure back. One of the audience members was asked between takes to recite the Rock Paper Scissors Spock thing. The guy stumbled through it and this caught the eye of some of the cast as the guy suffered through it. He actually managed to nail it to the applause of everyone, and Kayley came up and told the guy "that Spock thing was awesome good job!"..THIS caused Johnny to laugh out loud and say "Really, that Spock "thing"?? " Johnny clearly knew what the Spock game was and Kayley looked a little embarrassed as she replied "I dont know whatever, I heard "Spock" so..."
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    Yes. Sure she's not in the same academic circle as Leonard is, but she's smarter than him in other ways. She's better in social situation and is more in touch with the world outside of the geek circle he lives in. Leonard's constantly surrounded by people like him at work, and his friends are the same as well. It's nice to have a partner that's different to you because they give a new dimension to your life. If he was with someone that did the same as him, his life would continue in it's small bubble. Penny is also quite adventurous and has helped Leonard try new things. He's quite timid and cautious, so it's good that there's someone to push him out of his comfort zone. Not in a mean way either. I would say she's quite kind, she's taken on a motherly role with Sheldon, and I'd say that takes a lot of patience. On that note, she's a good partner for Leonard because Sheldon is his best friend, and I imagine many girls wouldn't be able to put up with Sheldon at all. She's not once asked him to give up his friends for her. In fact, she fits into his friendship circle really well, despite everyone else being different to her.
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    Yes I confirm. The scene in the promo is the tag scene. Not more. In live, the way Jim acted it, and when he drops the lines made this moment very funny for a majority. As it was funny, that's why I won't say anything because I thought to watch in discovering with the episode was more funny than if you read it. But no, that was not a secret to say that something big happens, sorry for the hope. :-/
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    I know this has probably been mentioned (probably even by myself after 8.24), but I'm forever swooning at how both Sheldon and Amy refer to their date in 4.01 as when they started dating and becoming a couple. For example, Amy's comment in 8.24: "Can you believe we've been together five years?" Sheldon: "I know." And of course, in this last episode, how they wistfully thought back to their first date at the coffee shop. I'm currently watching through all the BBT episodes with my roommate, who's watching BBT for the very first time. We're partway through season 4, and it's just so funny to see Sheldon (and to a lesser degree Amy did this as well) ADAMANTLY refuse to refer to Amy as his girlfriend. And now all these years later, they both say they've been together since 4.01. I think one of the things about Sheldon that really resonates with me is his rare and uncharacteristic willingness to admit to being wrong or unsuccessful in any way when it comes to Amy. This is why what he said at the end of 9.09 ("I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn't one of them") is so powerful to me. It's like Amy is the only one he will swallow his pride for. It's funny because my roommate asked me, "When do Sheldon and Amy get together?" And I stopped and had to think about it for a moment. I was like, "Well, that's kind of hard to answer. They don't 'officially' become girlfriend and boyfriend until season 5, but they remain platonic until season 7. However now they both consider season 4 as the beginning of their relationship." And my roommate looked at me funny because she's just witnessed episode after episode of "Amy is a girl who is a friend, but she is NOT my girlfriend." And I'm just like, it will make sense later lol. I don't know why I find it so endearing. It's like even when they didn't show signs of having feelings for each other yet (which, IMO, started happening for Sheldon in Alien Parasite and for Amy in Herb Garden) and vigorously denied having them at the time, NOW they realized that even from day one at the coffee shop, those feelings were absolutely there. That's so freakin cute. <3 <3
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    Agreed, and even after having watched the taping and viewing multiple takes on several scenes I'm gonna have to see how it all comes together to get a better feel for it. I was disappointed to see yet another "clueless Sheldon" scene with him blurting out stuff to Raj and throwing Amy under the bus. On one hand he looked truly empathetic when it came to Raj, though he was unhappy his room was getting taken. He even gets the guy a thoughtful gift. Yet he still says dumbass things. Even got Amy a stupid anniversary gift apparently. Oh well.... Those who ship Lenny may be disappointed in the plot, and even the Shamy stuff was a little bit of a downer. Howard and Bernie were their usual sarcastic funny selves, and Stuart got in a few zingers and was pretty funny....a mixed bag for me.
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    Apparently Michael Ausiello is having fun on TBBT set...
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    I’m glad there are others who see it that way. That’s not the vibe I got from that little clip either. There was nothing desperate in the calm way she turned around and looked at him with a straight face. And for Sheldon, even if the suggestiveness in his wording was unintentional, his flirty body language was not. I totally get why everyone is wary of those old jokes returning, though, because I am too.
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    Anyone else see the irony of Shamy having conducted an experiment on their friends involving gossip and their non-existant sex life, and last night's episode where Sheldon engages in gossip about his very real (albeit infrequent) sex life with Amy and gets in trouble? bahahahaha!
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    They went to the Harry Potter WW together and she accompanied him to the train weekend - BUT OH NOES, she didn't also go with him to CC?? HOW DARE SHE!! How dare she not be a slave to his schedules! How dare she not drop everything for the chance to go to a potentially stressful weekend that doesn't cater to her interests!??? Burn the witch! The writers have ruined everything 5ever!! Give the woman a break! Jeez.
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    Stepping away from my own TR, here are my thoughts on last night's episode: I didnt quite understand why Howard throughout the episode found Raj's dilemma not only funny but worthy of poking fun of--yeah he DOES offer his garage (though when he initially heard Leonards offer he wanted Raj to take that instead) but still, Howards reactions to his BF Raj were in stark contrast to that of Leonard's caring friend compassion. Despite this I was still laughing hard at Howard, Simon is too damned funny not to. Penny and Leonard for the most part were a united front, with Penny being dismissive of Beverly's comments as shared by Sheldon. It only turned when Leonard was struggling with the Randall comment that Bev made in Skype. Leonard later DOES reverse himself when talking to Penny the next morning, blaming then drama on Beverly aka Satan. Lenny come out fine in the end, but what bothers me (I do like Lenny) is that Leonard is still triggered by these thoughts that have him dwelling on his relationship. Hes getting better but theres still work to be done. Sheldon obviously continues to stumble along and it seems he still does his one step forward two steps back routine, as someone else said. He starts out fine by recognizing his outrage at Raj and deciding to get him a housewarming gift and wishing Raj good things in his new arrangement. But then he embarrasses Raj (and Amy too) and then goes off when Raj calls him a jerk. He also starts the drama with Lenny by filling them in on Beverlys assessment and continuing the drama by referring to Raj as the buffer (clearly believing everything Bev said). Amy was a voice of reason and was able to put things in perspective for Sheldon. Good for her for reigning it in, especially after initially reacting to Beverly in the Skype session. And after putting her foot down on not attending Comic Con Im glad to see that she caved (I assumed) with the Batman statue and balance was restored in 4B lol. Surprisingly for me, I really enjoyed the Raj/ Stuart scenes. I am hoping the money situation is a catalyst for much needed change in Raj. He appeared very reflective in this episode and appeared to have done some soul searching regarding his life and his reliance on his dad and friends. When he and Stuart were making up the couch he said "Look at us, did you ever think you would be in this situation?" Stuart replies " No-- I sleep in a bed and youre on the couch, I never thought Id be better off than you". Funny, but Raj clearly is at a low point. He repeatedly questions Stuart about how he feels mooching off of Howard and having to be reliant on him. I hope the LA with Lenny is short lived, but I see it as a way of expanding his role and getting him out of Howards house--one babysitting moocher is enough. Which brings me to Stuart. I know a lot of people chalk him up to being a needy creeper these days (I do get it) but I continue to feel sorry for him. His monologue with Raj showed a guy who has accepted that his efforts and dreams in his youth of being an artist resulted in nothing but despair for him and the best he can do now is to be the Wolowitz man servant. He isnt comforting at all to Raj and in fact suggests that Raj is following down the same path as him. Ots sobering for Raj and sad for Stuart. Im a sucker for a sad sack story, and Stuart is the poster child for one in this episode.
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    Raj was upset because he upset Sheldon (maybe he later realized he overreacted when he called Sheldon a jerk), but mostly because Beverly's revelation about Raj replacing sheldon as a buffer was a catalyst for Lenny drama- Leonard angrily jumps on Skype, Penny feels defensive about her brother, Leonars is now afraid that Beverly might be right, and Penny sees Leonards reaction as maybe weak. They dont fight WITH Raj, and Penny made it clear too, but Raj is feeling guilty. The theme with him in this episode, and he talks about it with Stuart, is feeling guilty about using friends and beeing a leech. That, coupled with the in-fighting with Lenny and Sheldon getting upset about his own relationship insecurity, had Raj fleeing the apartment building. Raj's note to Lenny was short but says some of this, I just cant remember the details becauae Johnny flubbed his linea reading it and everyone howled!
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    Re: cheating. I disagree that genes encode for complex social behaviour like cheating. Ducklings imprinting on the first moving animal? Sure. Human babies rooting for the nipple and instinctively sucking? Sure. Even genes giving us higher libidos, or a desire to mate with multiple partners. But cheating is a different beast. Have the "cheating" gene? Fine--don't marry, don't marry with the promise of fidelity, have a frank discussion with your spouse about opening the marriage, or ending the marriage. Maybe even seek medical assessment if your spouse's libido is exceptionally low to ensure there's not a physical or hormonal cause, and you think that's a "cause" of your wanting to cheat. All of these are viable options. But choosing to cheat--which is fundamentally about lying and being dishonest with your supposed life partner--is not ok, and not "genetically compelled". There are other behavioural options. Having those genes is no excuse for shitty behaviour.
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    Not his "come-hither" PJ's, but I'll take it....lol The IG version....
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    Whatever job Penny does, I just want it to give us some laughs. Although she was unhappy, I always enjoyed it when we visited The Cheesecake Factory. There were a lot of laughs there and good memories. Her pharmaceutical job? None. Unfunny and boring. Truly a comedic black hole.
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    Regarding Lenny's future: I want to see them with their families, both in New Jersey and Nebraska. I want to see Penny working, like really working, not those side description we've been getting. I want Penny to meet all kinds of doctors, I think that will be very funny. And I want some plots involving Penny and her Boss Dan, maybe Lenny will go to some company party, and Penny introduces Leonard to Dan. I want Penny to film commercials for her company, or better yet, she becomes one of the casting staff and chooses the roles from those actresses who come to LA for becoming film stars like herself ten years ago. I think that will be very funny, and perhaps we will get some very touching scenes from Penny. I want Leonard to have some science plots only for himself. No need for something MAJOR, just his own experiments would be nice, and when those three guys come to his office, he could explain to them. I want more Lenny and Howardette scenes. Don't get me wrong, I love Lenny doing stuff with Shamy, but sometimes, I get the feeling that the writers intentionally put Lenny to serve as a foil to Shamy, TBH, I hate that. But, with Howardette, I never got this feeling. For example, in 1016, we got the 4A scenes, and you can tell both Lenny and Howardette were equal, both of them put their own family first. I like that, and I think it was very real. I want more of this, please.
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    One little thing that struck me as particularly intimate during this last episode was the moment when all Amy had to do was say ‘please’ and Sheldon was willing to reveal one of the ultra-private things he had been keeping to himself. That’s a very personal request to make and for him to oblige. It’s fun to speculate about that brief Shamy bit in the preview. Like most everyone, I don’t want a return of desperate Amy/oblivious Sheldon jokes, but I don’t feel like that snippet is enough for me to worry about that yet. Her response will matter a lot to how it plays out. I’d love to see her flirt back and fire off some innuendo of her own. For example, if she said that she would go to comic con with him, but she needed him to do something for her first. Then cut to the two of them at the Wisconsin sheep and wool festival or something. One-sided teasing has been done a lot for them, but any sort of mutual version could have potential. Ah yes, politicians do that so often that I think there is even a word for it: the non-apology apology. I agree it was poorly worded. In this specific case it didn’t bother me, though, because I felt like his actions spoke so much louder than his words—researching, making that chart, and planning how it applied to their lives. Trying to make things right takes effort and proves sincerity in a way that words alone cannot.
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    Kaley delivered some funny facial expressions for the gif collection including another classic Penny eyeroll
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    Note by Tensor: This thread is for discussion of the shows renewal. Due to the way the software moves threads, this post, by Luminous ends up as the first post, even though I started the thread.
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    That is an amazing TR, thank you. I can't believe the trouble people go to, taking the time to write up a TR with all the details when they are on vacation. We are all very grateful. I hope the experience will be a happy memory for you. Safe journey home.
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    It's that darn Gollum picture that has me thinking all day about big things possibly happening tonight, there could have pictures of several items in their place but it was the Gollum which has far as I know been in their place for a while. Honestly without it my expectations would have been something a lot lower even with them clearly doing a bedroom scene. Facing an Internal struggle here to keep my expectations low dammit lol
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    This is kind of sad, how shallow and superficial are the people in this "outside the nerd world" you speak of.
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    Whoa, the negative vibes on Sheldon's shirts! I happen to have a few of the shirts he wears in my "wardrobe" (purely by coincidence, but still cool to see him wear one that Ive got!) so I guess I better grow the hell up and put them out to pasture! I was thinking of wearing the starships shirt at the taping tomorrow but maybe I should go with a baseball shirt instead? decisions, decisions...and Im posting this tongue and cheek, for those that think I'm actually butthurt lol
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    I like that we are having so many glimpses of Shamy domestic life. Now, the bed scene can be them spooning (oh, please, let it be it!) or just reading a book before going to sleep, but in any case it's so good to see them living together. Plus, every time we see their bedroom, we find some new furnishing accessories that were in their old apartments, it's always a funny game to spot them!
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    My biggest wish for the rest of the season is a proposal. I'm starting to get worried that the writers will leave it for s11. Other than that, I want more of the same - more alone screen time and meaningful scenes.
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    I'm all aboard the passionate make out and love making train! :D
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    Yes!! This! The fandom waited years for the SIK (Sheldon Initiated Kiss, for any newbies). And we went crazy when it happened on the train. Now, writers PLEASE give us "SIS". Sheldon Initiated Spooning!
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    Yep! We definitely need some Lenny sexy time again.
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    Ok I just saw the promo and good Lord, Sheldon is dripping with sex appeal. Oh my. It was so hot how he leaned into her like that. There's no way, he doesn't know what he's doing. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Okay , I have rewatched a few more times in HD and these are the things I have noticed and have not mentioned them yet: * Love the smiles of shamy as they remembered the day they met. Although Sheldon made a not nice comment about Bert's date did not show , he mentioned Amy showed in theirs. I could sense a glimpse of happiness in his voice as he mentioned that to Bert. Looking back to then we remember Sheldon did not want to go to the date. Blessing always Raj and Howard for that! And the dirty sock! * I have paid attention to the whole scene in stairs as Amy said to Sheldon that was humilliating to know everybody knew about their sex life. Sheldon almost yelled at Amy as he said they barely had one. First time it seemed it could have been said in a mocking tone but no, it seemed more likely he was upset about that. Love when shamies here help me to be more careful about details * After watching the whole scene in their bedroom, the secret thoughts started with a kind of tease "Two years ago..."What does come to our mind? Ring. Then Amy as she was intruigued ask if they were naughty. Sheldon answered "a litle". Writers teasing us about engangement and their sexual life in the same sentence. Dudes, you have to stop with that tease, there are people here who are not in their twenties anymore, lol! *After the driver's licence revelation, Sheldon winked at Amy. How cute is Sheldon when he does that? *Love the Amy's pride look at Sheldon as he sincerely apologized to her. I really loved their bed talks, thanks Jim for being our captain through and through! <3 BTW, I have rewatched the promo for next week too and is that me or Majim were fighting to not laugh? This! I just love to talk with you , guys. We have more in common than shamy love and it is really spot on . Kindred spirit, sometimes I feel the same about what I have in common with Sheldon and Amy
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    Great post @luminous! Perfect picture! Look at those smiles!!!
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    Something about the opening scene last night really surprised me, even though Penny said she was bored about what the guys were doing, I really got the impression she was actually interested. She stood there and wanted to know what they were doing and then got coffee only to come right back to watch. Old Penny would have stayed at the kitchen island, sitting on a stool, making sarcastic comments. Then to top it off the writers gave Howard a line to call her out that she would have lost her bet about being bored. Penny is becoming more nerdy, she is adjusting to being Leonard's wife and is taking more interest in the things he does, she is doing the things that lead to a successful marriage, just like Leonard was letting her have her way decorating. Also, Even though Lenny were in a supporting role last night, I really enjoyed watching them, you could really see them as a couple and they were cute how they supported each other and looked at each other. Penny's comment about after stealing food and WiFi from her neighbors She had to marry one of them was obviously her trying to make a joke and not derogatory at all. This is exactly how I want to see them and how they should be when they are used in support roles, so I give the writers a big thumbs up for last night.
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    Great point April. You can sort of liken the disconnect on Sheldon's & Amy's interests as with other couples and one having an interest in sports; another in romance novels. My wife absolutely hates to watch (American) football, while I would be more than happy to watch about six hours worth on television. She enjoys certain types of movies and television shows that I can't stomach (real crime drama). We each watch those things alone or with others who share our interest. Sheldon and Amy have plenty of things where their interests intersect. This is quite a lot to do about nothing (in my opinion).....
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    Yes exactly! He's always talked about how fast their relationship has moved and all of a sudden this season (where, arguably, it has moved faster than it ever has) he's saying it's extremely slow? Oh Sheldon, you nut. Yeah, I'm trying to err to the side of caution with the next taping! Because even if it LOOKS like the exact type of situation where coitus could be addressed, it is extremely likely that it's not the case and it's a different kind of bed scene. However, I'm stoked no matter what for another bed scene. :D And both Jim and Mayim seem pretty stoked for it as well! I also wanted to add that I really liked Shamy in this episode. Their date scene felt like the date of a seasoned couple who had been together for a really long time. I mean, they have. But more and more I'm seeing the maturity in their relationship, and how them being together is totally the new normal with no danger whatsoever of that changing. Even their fight felt very mature, especially the making up part. I liked how it segued so seamlessly from Amy being mad into her teasing him about having his own secrets. And I also liked how Sheldon took full responsibility of his actions and completely understood his wrongdoing and didn't try to make any excuses. This is a very different Sheldon from past seasons, where he just completely wouldn't have gotten what he did wrong. And I totally got major feels seeing their names together on that white board. They are very much a unit now. I even like the idea of them being the "it" couple at the university, even if it means people are gossiping. I just got very strong "it's us verses the world" vibes from this episode, and I really liked it.
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    This episode is showing Lenny on the same page in every tiny expression. I'm really happy about that.
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    Not a lot of Lenny but they were cute and a well-oiled machine indeed, like they always are (even when they fight)! I liked the parent-like exchange. Yes, Penny forgot to open the window but Sheldon is a grown man and according to what they said he wasn't in a life-threatening situation, I assume it wasn't a hot day and they were gone for only a little while. I also like their couple-frienship with Howardette, these four were like the grown-ups of the group in this episode. Not exactly a Lenny moment but I liked Leonard's explanation about the disc, I like the way Johnny does the scientific parts
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    I agree with everything you said except for the bold part. I think Sheldon is the writers' favorite character, I'm not gonna lie. But, IMO, Leonard( to an extent Leonard and Penny) is the real glue that held the group together. Take 1012 as an example, the other five characters all came to 4A and told their respective Christmas experiences to each other, it seems like Leonard and Penny were the host. And I think that was the reason the writers put Lenny in 4A. Oh, and please note: I have absolutely no intention to start a character war or ship war or whatnot, just my opinion on this.
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    I'm probably in the minority but I absolutely loved Shamy in this episode. The only "negative" thing about their plot was Sheldon oversharing about their sex life, but it was an honest mistake so I can let it slide. I do have to say though that hearing Sheldon do his regurgitated "blah blah...I'm sorry I made this mistake...blah blah...now I know not to do it again" schtick is starting to get old. Will these ~learning a lesson~ plots ever end? How many epiphanies can a man have during the run of a TV show? Putting that aside, I just loved the way Shamy interacted all through the episode. They just seemed so couple-y. It's cute that they still have date nights and they don't just go to the same place all the time. I even liked their fight on the stairs and in 4b, but then I'm a sucker for some good drama. Of course the bedroom scene was the highlight. Like I said when this episode was taped, Sheldon and Amy in the middle of the chart (and dr Fink? lol) with just Sheldon's very private thoughts between them is a great visual of how Sheldon views his relationship with Amy. I also really liked Sheldon telling Amy about having a driving license. The lying was typical selfish Sheldon but I hope to see him drive a car in the future. Maybe there's going to be a reference in the next episode where Amy will be like "Well, you've got a driving license so you can drive your ass there"? Lastly, I loved seeing Sheldon be protective about Amy and their relationship by telling everyone in the cafeteria off about their behaviour. One of the many tidbits that I liked in this episode was Amy's reaction in the cold open. While she called what the guys were doing immature, when Raj managed to hold his breath long enough she actually cheered along with them, which I thought was cute and a way to show that once a nerd, always a nerd. Lastly (for real this time), I can't help but notice that there's an obvious change in the way Shamy interacted in this episode from all the previous ones. I think this change has been very subtly in the works for a long time now and has been given a big boost with the cohabitation in this season. There were little signs of it in previous episodes like Romance Recalibration but here it was really noticeable. The way they behave towards each other feels much more intimate now, to the point where there were moments that it felt like watching a movie or something and not a sitcom. To me, at least.