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    Hi all. Just a quick report. Got to pack our bags for a flight to San Francisco in the morning Episode was called "The Separation Agitation". If anything it was centered on Bert and StuHowardette more than anyone. But I thought everyone got a fair run without dominating. It was StuHowardette and Bert and the rest appearing together. Started with Fun with Flags: Behind the Flags - a retrospective complete with Raj and Howard on music. Shamy talk to Lenny ( at the kitchen island of course!) via video link about their Fun with Flags memories. They of course show their utter contempt for the whole thing. Found Penny's repartee funny. Then they call for viewers to call in with their memories. Deadly silence is followed by excitement when Bert calls - but just to tell them he has a girl friend. They ask for callers who want to talk flag memories but the next call is just Bert again telling them her name is Rebecca. Later at the university cafeteria, Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are joking around, Bert sits with them, Leonard invites him to come to his place for dinner so they can meet his girl. When they arrive she is a stunning blonde who is a failed actress who has become a personal trainer. She's much younger than Bert. Penny asks if Rebecca has dates a scientist before because she was thinking of starting a support group. Rebecca says she dated a Scientologist. Sheldon quips Bert is copying Lenny. We find out they met online. Raj remarks he had not much success online. Bert says he only got success when he mentioned his $600 thousand grant. Sheldon gets sent out by Amy when he speaks inappropriately. Bec comes back and says if she'd done something wrong and Leonard just says it's just normal Sheldon. Bec says something that implies it was the money and Amy is immediately suspicious and mentions it when Bec goes to the toilet. Sheldon makes another comment, gets sent out again but Amy calls him back when Bec makes her suspicious again. It was all very funny but can't remember the lines. When Bert leaves, Sheldon compares them to Lenny - Berts money and his groveling to get the girl and Leonard says it's completely different - Berts money will run out but he can beg till he dies. Penny quips - all that and he's shorter than me. ( Some will be annoyed by the usual insults but we all found it funny in the delivery of it. I thought Lenny were funny together and Amy's reactions to Sheldons comments were hilarious. Back at cafeteria next day, Sheldon tells a joke about Feinmann, Einstein and Schrodinger. Raj and Leonard react slowly but eventually love. Bert comes in. He is worried about what everyone said about being used. He says something about the relationship that Sheldon thinks is funny and tells Leonard it's his turn to tell a joke. Bert turns up at the apartment to tell them he broke it off. Raj starts saying he did the right thing, comparing him to his story which gets depressing and says maybe someone else should speak. Amy is glad but Bert is upset she convinced him. Sheldon has a go at her and she says to raise your hand for permission to speak. Penny tells Bert he should be looking for someone who likes him for who he is not what he has. Sheldon raises his hand and Penny makes the mistake of letting him speak because he delivers one of his trademark Lenny insults and Leonard just looks up at her and says don't look at me you gave him permission. Bert then leaves saying he might buy Bec a jet ski to get her back. Then there's a Fun with Flags retrospective retrospective and a call comes through and it's Bert saying it worked he got her back. The report of this plot doesn't do it justice. The jokes were very funny in my opinion and everyone else in the audience sounded like they agreed. There were no real dead spots in audience reaction. The other separation plot was Bernie going back to work but being really unhappy about but she is hiding that from Howard. She confides in Stuart who has clearly replaced Raj now that he's moved in with Lenny. Before going back to work, they all take Halley to the zoo but that just depresses Bernie more because she compares herself to other mammals who stay with their young longer than her. Howard has a chat to Stuart as well but he reveals nothing. They finally all share their feelings when it comes to dropping off Halley. They all cry except the baby and Bernie does her trademark angry thing telling Halley off for not caring. Later Howard and Stuart are at daycare dropping her off, showing Bernie via FaceTime how Halley is fine. Bernie cracks it again because she ignores her The boys can't leave. They steal Halley away and take her to the aquarium. Later they come home and pretend they are back from daycare but are caught because Bernie got a call about them taking the baby. Again the report doesn't do it justice without the jokes. I thought all three were hilarious interacting with each other. Stuart got Howard a few times with some comebacks and Bernie as always got them both. Thought it was a very funny episode. Lots of good jokes and no one really dominated. Mayim was hilarious but had a shocker with bloopers. At one point she was just sitting off camera eating the food laughing. I think she was distracted by friends in the front row. Everyone fluffed a line or two and a few scenes got joke rewrites. Raj had his family there as well. As was Kaleys dad but apparently he's always there. Jim reacted to the crowd more than usual according to others near me who had been before. Johnny and Kaley as always climbed up to speak to the audience confirming two more years and thanking all the fans. My wife and I had an absolute ball and stole the show in the audience interaction between scenes. Mrs Itwas won best laugh and I must say I dominated the dance competition ( I did a follow up dance with a crew member I was that "good" - it was no contest on the applause-o-meter) and gave as good as I got from the MC when he started picking on my Aussie accent. According to my wife I had Kaley and Mayim in stitches when I started talking about the difference between Americans calling it math and us Aussies saying Maths. He asked me my job and I said Maths teacher. He said if I'd had trouble communicating with Americans while here and I said only the last two minutes. I have to go write a report on my day for my Facebook fans - family and friends - now so I'm going off till tomorrow. I'll answer any questions if you have any then. So worth the 15 hour flight!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm only going to write Sheldon's plot for 1020. I can't quite share the other plot because my memory is so vague on it that I can't write it. It's a little gist. Sheldon agrees to work with Howard and Leonard together on the same day that Amy works with him. And during their work hours Sheldon is consistently running between his, Leonard, and Howards lab to Amys lab. He does surprisingly well and Amy is very impressed. We find out he gets sick from I'm assuming all the work he does (I might be wrong, correct if I am). Within the next day, Sheldon is lying on the couch of 4A, he wakes up and gang is beside him. Sheldon has forgotten what has happened to him from all the cold medicine Amy's given him. He freaks out because he lost his journal but Raj or Leonard tells him to track down where he was, through his phone. Sheldon's memory slowly becomes more apparent as is fades to him being at a bar where he's dancing and so on and so forth. Moments later we see them down at the bar, asking this friendly bartender where his journal is and he kindly gives it him the journal to Sheldon. The bartender tells him that Sheldon has told him and everyone at the bar the information within the journal but made them pinky swear to keep the information to themselves. At the end, Amy and Sheldon are sitting on the couch while Amy plays soft kitty with a little instrument. She also plays it in German and Mandarin. LOL.... FYI, the thing Sheldon is sucking on is... tea. He's drinking tea.
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    Pardon the interruption ... Just wanted to note that this thread just hit 11,111 replies! Very cool! Congrats, wowbagger for bringing us to that very cool number! Observation concluded … return to your discussion.
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    Thanks, @snow*flower, for the information on both episodes! that's a few mysteries cleared up. I hope you had a wonderful time! @Itwasdestined, I'm not going to say I hope you had a wonderful time, because it seems pretty obvious from your TR that you did, and that TBBT had a wonderful time hosting you. You'll forgive me too, I hope, for saying that that your (and MrsIWD's) antics sound way more fun than the episode itself, because said antics sound like a blast. But thank you for the information. As to the TR: the fatal 'f' word is trembling on my lips. Look, I quite like Bert. But I could have sailed happily through life without getting into the guts of his depressing love-life. The saving grace here is, I suppose, that we get a fair amount of group interaction (sans Howardette and - oy - Stuart) while they're dissecting said love-life. My Lenny friends are going to hate the Lenny jabs, I imagine, and I admit that this sounds like one of those episodes where I can't quite figure out why these people hang out together. And yes, not a huge fan of Amy once more being seemingly relegated to policing Sheldon's behaviour, but maybe it'll play out differently? The Howardette plot has this to say for it, I think, which is that the separation anxiety is not painted as an exclusively Mommy thing. That, at least, is good. But I am once more squinting at the show and thinking 'You have barely twenty minutes of running time, and seven characters for whom you need to find stories. And now Stuart, for some reason. Do you really think you can handle guest characters on top of it? Bert and the sloth?'
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    The gang discovers that Bert finds love with a pretty young lady who is into him for his money only. And Bernadette is finally ready to go back to work but struggles to do so while Hallie is going to daycare.
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    Hang on: Is there a Universal Theory of Sex Appeal that I missed? Is 'Sex Appeal' a matter of objective fact and I've just been too wrapped up in myself to notice? some people find Penny, for example, sexy. Perhaps more people find her sexy than they do, say, Bernadette or Amy. Some of these people may be attracted to women sexually (male or female). Some may not be sexually attracted to women, but may have aesthetic opinions and opinions on what constitutes 'sexy'. Some of these criteria may overlap. Some may not. but until you have established an objective measure of 'sexy', it is an impressive piece of presumption to say that anything is or is not sexy objectively. Literally all you can confidently say is 'these people say they find this sexy, or unsexy'. If you have decided to make sex appeal a matter of consensus, that is your prerogative. Still doesn't make it objectively true. The consensus not so long ago was that the earth was flat. Didn't make it true. now, you can say 'the showrunners' intent is for Penny to be seen as sexy' and/or 'the showrunners' intent is for Amy to come across as unsexy'. And there you may have some more wriggle room. But again - doesn't help you to make a declarative statement of objective fact about sex appeal. Because beauty (and sex appeal) are in the eye of the beholder.
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    Yes on my way back in my Uber. When my head stops spinning, I'll be back! Loonngg day! But bloody fantastic experience Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Majim birthday selfie in Shamy's apartment! Guys, there's FwF this week!!!!In the corner you can see 4A apartment flag and the board!!! FwF, a zoo, Bert, Stuart....this episode is gonna be awesome!!!
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    This is such a tough subject to comment on as I would rather stay neutural. The bold part, please. It is obvious that the eyes that behold Amy; the eyes that she wants to behold her find her beautiful and attractive and sexually appealing. As do some portions of the viewership of TBBT. An early episode of Cheers dealt with Coach and his daughter. She was feeling like an ugly duckling. That with her looks she didn't fit in. Lisa Pantusso: Beautiful? Daddy, you have been saying that I'm beautiful ever since I was a very little girl. But look at me, not as my father, but like you were looking at me for the first time and please, try to see me as I really am. Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso: [after looking deep into Lisa's eyes] Oh my God, I, I didn't realize how much you look like your mother. Lisa Pantusso: I know. I look exactly like her, and mom was not b... [Lisa pauses to reflect] Lisa Pantusso: ...comfortable about her beauty. Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso: But that's what made her more beautiful. Your mother grew more beautiful every day of her life. Lisa Pantusso: She was really beautiful. Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso: Yes, and so are you. You're the most beautiful kid in the whole world. Lisa Pantusso: Thanks, Daddy. A man can look at a woman and a woman look at a man and see beauty where others may not. Leonard, (as depicted on TBBT, not Johnny Galecki) is no knight in shining armor in the traditional sense. Nor is Howard. One of the original premises of TBBT was that a woman like Penny could fall for an uncoventional man like Leonard. That premise is ongoing with each of the relationships (save for Raj---time will tell). We're all a bit more uncoventional than we like. That we can see ourselves in the characters of Leonard, Howard, Amy and Sheldon, and even to a point Penny regarding her inner self is the reason we watch......A little off point perhaps, but really.....
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    Some parts of the audience do find Amy cute and even sexy. Some parts of the audience do think there's a ton of chemestry between her and Sheldon. Some parts of the audience to enjoy her character immensely hence why she's getting a ton of screen time. Different people like different things. It's not that difficult!
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    You're welcome guys! I didn't wanna write too much since I'm not much of a writer.
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    Presumably those commenting on Amy's appearance are in perfect body condition themselves? There is no point comparing Penny to Amy, they both have very different styles and appeal imo
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    According to the Seat 42F promo pictures article, Joel Murray will be guest starring as "Doug". At Comic Con Bill Prady told the story of not being able to get movie studio permission to use a clip of "Ghostbusters" for "The Focus Attenuation" (episode 8x5). Bill called Joel who reached out to his older brother Bill Murray who then yelled at a studio executive for being "mean to TBBT people". Permission to include the clip came swiftly after that phone call.
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    Stuart should be in the next episode too
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    It IS a matter of opinion because even in the show it is. I totally buy that Amy isn't conventionally attractive the way Penny is, for example, hence all those jokes about her frumpy looks. So that isn't my argument at all. But Amy has been portrayed as attractive to individual people - first and foremost her own boyfriend! So if parts of the audience have a preference for women of that kind much like Sheldon does then yes, she is attractive for those people. There is nothing wrong with that.
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    The thing is "wore me" "wore her" down gives the impression that he was constantly begging her to marry him. It's rather insulting to them both in my opinion. In the season 6 Valentine's Day episode (at which point we had only seen on proposal--who knows how many unseen there were---another example of retcon with the canon. Grrrrr). She told him that "eventually I'm going to say yes". Well my friends, that is her accepting his proposal right then and there. Admitting that she will say yes in the future, with an implication of “don’t stop asking”. In the same episode there is a split second when she fears he is going to break up with her. So I say bullsh** on all of this malarkey that Penny only married Leonard because he wore her down. And shame on Sheldon Cooper, by the way for denigrating his supposedly best friend's marriage relationship to advance his own in his and other people's eyes. Sorry to rant on (and I'm getting angrier as I type), but so much sticks in my craw over the treatment of Leonard and Penny since episode 7.01. Nicely put April. I pretty much just ranted the same thing regarding "retconning" without having seen your post. Your point of the all the characters treating each other awful at times is well taken, as is your comment as to it hitting home when it is the couple of which you are a fan......
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    Totally agree!!! And I'm often wondering why some people tend to downplay Leonard's importance, not just to Sheldon, but the whole show. IMO, Leonard is the most easy going character of the whole show (and Penny, too), some people think he is normal, mediocre, not me. I think he is kind, and very helpful. Sheldon once suggested Leonard that he should abondon Physics, and be a History teacher, Leonard was not pleased. But, the way I see it, if Leonard were to be a Physics professor, he would be a very good one. Remember Penny went to his lab, and he showed Penny the holographic display? I thought his demonstration and presentation was pretty simple and clear, not to mention neat and intriguing. So I think he would be a great teacher. Needless to say, I want Leonard to get that tenure position at CalTech, if the writers decide to give us a closure of that episode, of course.
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    Thanks so much for a great report Itwas! That you had such a great time is icing on the cake! You also brought confirmation of something we all knew: You are a hilarious fun-loving person!! So happy you got to experience this! Enjoy the remainder of your trip!!!
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    Ha! They should've filmed the audience here! I'd have loved to see @Itwasdestined's smooth moves! Hope you and your wife have a great remaining holiday, @Itwasdestined!! <3 Gotta agree with you here. I wouldn't have minded the Bert thing if it were a plot that would interest me more but I'm sensing a theme here that his dating experience is bringing out the worst in everyone which is giving me 9x21 flashbacks. I don't think we needed more of "Amy managing Sheldon", "Leonard wore Penny down" or "Raj is a pathetic loser in general". Ughh It surely will play out much lighter than it reads on paper, as per usual. But I'm also certain that this won't be my favourite episode this season by a long shot. Personally, I'm honestly really impressed by how the show handled the whole pregnancy/baby thing. This could have gone down so terribly but so far those stories have been rather sweet and touched on some issues I rarely see explored with such honesty. So I'm not surprised that this one checks out as well.
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    In honor of Mr & Mrs Itwas, my favorite episode from my favorite season. Have the best time ever!!!
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    Great to see an 'old school' Sheldon and Penny laundry room scene judging from the photos, been missing those.
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    I'm thinking that maybe the bar scene with the line dancing was a hallucination that Sheldon had.
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    It's an autoharp! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoharp I love that they found a new instrument for Mayim to play! These promo pics are ridiculously cute. <3 Also, omg that couch is so old and fugly. Someone please take it outside and burn that thing down. Or at least buy a neat cover so I don't have to see those stains from god knows what. Yikes.
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    And those promos will be shown, when the entity that owns the rights to the show, gets ready to broadcast the episode. This episode won't be seen in other countries for a while, so there is no need to show the promo, until the episode airs in that country. Her abs indicate she's been showing results for a while.
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    CBS has announced the season 10 finale will be on Thursday, 11 May, 2017.
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    I don´t know if I can leave this already but .... *sigh*
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    Yay, for the promo video!! Hahah I laughed so hard with Sheldon´s seductives moves, OMG I can´t wait to watch the episode, looks so fun. These weeks without TR or episodes were hard but I think it will be worth it! Someone else melted his heart with the both giggling while making smile faces on the board?? *sigh*
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    Love it! The Shamy part is so funny! There is everything I like of S. 10 Shamy/Sheldon/Amy: sassy Amy who strikes back when Sheldon gets nasty, Sheldon's hips movement (which is quite suggestive, can't wait to see the whole thing...) and, more important, for some weird reason finding out that it's Sheldon who wrote the smily faces on the board makes me smily too! Oh...and I also love that WFT face Amy makes about the hips movement, she is in "scientist"-mode, and when she's all business nothing can distract her...
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    Guys, the preview of next episode is up! These smiles on the board will make me melt! *sigh* And that shaking hips Sheldon will be priceless, LOL!
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    Three Lenny moments from season 10...just because
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    Yay for FWF! There's a little non-Shamy spoiler on Kaley's Instagram stories. In the background, I can hear Howard say something and then Stuart shouts, "Hang on Halley, we're busting you out of there!" Maybe something to do with the possible zoo storyline?
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    Oh my, this episode looks packed!! Can't wait to find out how this will all turn out in the end! *tries not to get too excited* *fails*
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    Could not agree more @bfm & @snapepans!!! To go even further, in the early years (1, 2, 3, 4) the story of TBBT seemed to me to be told through Leonard's eyes. Not that it was all about him, but that (again, to me) the world view that inhabited the series was through Leonard.
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    Totally agree! I stated repeatedly that I think Leonard is tremendously underrated, by both the characters and .the writers Sure he has his flaws and made several mistakes alomg the way and his jokes on his friends can be quite harsh at times, but he is generally a compassionate, tolerant, kind and helpful guy who does a lot for the people he holds dear. Sheldon had and still can drive him crazy sometimes but what would he do without him? Where would he be today if he hadn't met Leonard? "The Frienship Contraction" and "The Euclid Alternative" show that Sheldon would be a mess without him (and I don't think it's a coincidence that the episodes I could remember that do recognize Leonard are from much earlier seasons, I think his being underrated has become worse with the years). And Penny? Few men would be tolerant enough to wait for her to overcome her fear of commitment and take her harsh treatment (that may stem from said fear). Considering this is a man who had a childhood that would cause childhood depression and many psychiatric and physical disorders later on life, the guy is basically a miracle. IMO his intelligence is also mostly underrated. I agree he could be a great professor, he could do a great job teaching at the university and also guide graduate students in their research. His kindness, tolerance and helpfulness could make him students' favorite.
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    Yeah, he's a serious Rockstar. ...and he also tries to keep our favorite show alive.
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    I think the show has dipped in quality during this second half of the season, but for now I am going to blame perhaps news of the renewal allowing them to slow it down (behind the scenes they could have much earlier notice of a deal being done), rehash old themes and tropes etc. If next Season starts on a similar footing then I would be very concerned that they are struggling to come up with new material or have started to run out of ideas. Still a few tapings left and you would think they will want to generate some interest going into next season storyline wise. I have still found it enjoyable to watch even if they aren't hitting the heights compared to earlier in the season, if I didn't I wouldn't be posting and still talking about it.
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    May all our friends watching the taping tonight enjoy it.
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    A rare peaceful time in the DT.....let's enjoy it while it lasts guys.
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    Mayim actually is a big fan of yoga and she's in good shape for a woman in her 40s who had 2 kids. So if one day Penny is pestering Amy to join her yoga session by all means, bring it on!
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    Happy taping day!! I hope it is a good one for shamy, whatever it might come up to our beloved couple Hopefully one or more of the nice members of this forum who might attend the taping could provide us a few spoilers for our happiness. Wishing to them a great time there and thank them in advance as well. I must confess as the ends of the season gets closer I feel a bit of nostalgia because this one was made of gold for our Sheldon and Amy. Hopefully the surprises of the season might not have be done yet but if they were, I am a very happy shamy shipper anyway. *grin* Looking foward to reading and participating in our shamy great talks here!
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    Anyway, isn't that funny that we have so many clues about an episode that hasn't even been filmed yet and we know so little about 10.20 two weeks after it was taped?
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    About the engagement: I guess I'm a minority for my opinion on it. Every time I watch it I like it better, I think the anti-climax was funny and the dialogue was very Lenny, they was often awkwardness back then they confronted their strong feelings (e.g., "The 43 Peculiarity"). Then they did it right with the ring