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  1. Sounds like Raj to me
  2. Ship Zone

    He is not the same in some ways but he is still Sheldon.
  3. Ship Zone

    Sounds like a great episode.
  4. That is what makes it a cliffhanger. Anyway even no is a great long ways from I want a break. Could also be yes.
  5. Well, I was hoping for a positive cliffhanger and it seems we are getting that. From that perspective I'm pleased.
  6. Yes it was gross. Too much party and not enough work on the boat.
  7. Sheldon mitosis. Not that I think it was good for them to do what they did to Leonard but Sheldon is a completely different character. You might as well have asked why Lenard had an interest in Penny from first sight while the guys had no idea what Sheldon's deal was for years.
  8. How else would you explain Amy being gone from Sheldon's life, forever? There is no forever. TBBT has only been renewed for two years. Amy could go some place for two years in the name of science.
  9. Ramona Nowitzki, yes. sp strikes again.
  10. My guess is nothing at all will come from Ramona except a few laughs.
  11. Sure. Many other things could happen including a long distance relationship continuing off camera. That likely puts Seldon back in 4a, if it were to happen.
  12. ...and thats the extent of his drunk sleeping around.
  13. Of course this is infinitely more likely as the chance of Sheldon cheating seems to be infinitesimal. It would only really be probable if Mayim is not signing which seems unlikely to me.
  14. I'd remember if that had happened.
  15. Sheldon finds Amy intellectually stimulating. Still it took Amy years to get a kiss from Sheldon. An interest in comic books and gaming is what Sheldon shares with the boys. By the way the only other women that stimulated Sheldon intellectually so far, and who even stole a kiss from Sheldon is not someone he is romantically interested in!