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  1. I'd say Leonard and Penny because Leonard and Penny were the nucleus even when Leonard was dating others.
  2. I can't help wonder if the episodes with spoiled Raj and Raj with his ex girlfriends might not be a set up for the release of Beauty and the Beast. Raj being the BBT beast (ugg RajTM ). Love to have Emma Watson make an appearance! Perhaps Raj could have a dream sequence.
  3. Overall I don't feel that way. In the last few episodes of season 10 I have been feeling the stories have got into a rut I'd like to see them get out of. I'm hoping things will get better now that they seem to be closer to a settlement.
  4. Because they are the glue that binds the band together.
  5. ...but we had a Euler's Disk front and center.
  6. Nice. They could have fun in my departments demo room. It is stuffed with physics demonstrations and "toys". The sequence in the episode reminds me of taking my own kids to Science World when they were young. They had fun but it did not seem to inspire a scientific curiosity.
  7. Well no. Anyone else google Euler's Disk?'s_Disk Well then. Now that I have seen the cold open I'll change my vote from bad to Okay.
  8. Drat. I missed the opening. Rushed home from work but did not quite make it. I'll catch it on the weekend on VOD.
  9. They have the longest history and two of them are part of the core three characters but from the beginning of season 8 on they don't appear to be the main couple. Does there have to be a main couple?
  10. I rated it as bad which I don't do very often. Same old characters but nothing new really. I don't care about spoiled Raj or Shamy's bedroom priorities or people gossiping about it. For me this episode was a waste if time.
  11. I agree. I have been looking for this kind of news. I'd like Lenny to get a few stories to please the Lenny fans to help this be a happier place. For me I'd like more science and science fiction/fantasy references.
  12. Is there a "should"? If he were normal we would not be having this conversation.
  13. That's funny. Clueless Sheldon strikes again.
  14. She is human and she is not a nun. Both true. The rest is false but I have no interest in getting into a long discussion on it. It is not easy to avoid being at least somewhat hypocritical.
  15. Reading that reminds me of....