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  1. I'd guess no but I was not in the forum that long ago either. The Russian janitor/physicist had no role except on the panel. Isabella received attention from Raj as a possible partner.
  2. With that thought about an inside joke who know what it really is. I was wondering what one might find with google. This popped up on a google search. If one found the right search terms perhaps that photo would pop up?
  3. I don't think there is enough resolution in the photo to make it out. Don't recall any reference to the photo in the show. It did seem like Howard had many relatives.
  4. Perhaps since there was no follow up, and she is not an ex at all, there is still a hope there. He could take his dog to a vet anytime.
  5. I'll have to watch at least the first episode. Having been a fan of Malcolm in the Middle, The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World and Family Ties I can't imagine not giving Young Sheldon at least some chance. ** disclaimer I enjoyed earlier seasons of Boy Meets World when he was still a kid. The later seasons did not seem to work when the same sort of lines came out of a much older face.
  6. Not sure how a vacancy in geology would help Sheldon?
  7. I like that one. Who knows what pranks his brother or neighbor kids might have pulled on him.
  8. You mean between true and false?
  9. I remember they had a redo in the opener. I just don't remember the redo.The episode was mostly about family awkwardness and a lot of guests. Mary, Beverly and Alfred were great.
  10. I don't even remember.
  11. There is this:
  12. Like Penny? Then they can leave Leonard lonely instead. Leonard has the worst luck of anyone. What was this all about? ...and the Mandy kiss, and the years of Penny not wanting to commit. The non engagement and crappy wedding. There is also the time Raj moved in with Howard and Bernadette and it got them fighting every time he was thoughtful. The writing is kind of on the wall.
  13. I mostly stopped caring about that after 4.24.
  14. I don't get excited quite that easily. Just bring on the great funny clever episodes I say and I'll be pleased. Hoping that the end of negotiations will help focus the writers on great stories.
  15. Sheldon will like this story (if he is given a chance to notice): They make a case.