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  1. Ship Zone

    Thanks for the answers. There is a specific one where he mentions Amy being his girlfriend where she is not there that I am trying to think of. There's also the first time one of the guys refers to Amy as his girlfriend and he doesn't protest to it. Sadly, my memory of the show hasn't been what it used to be. I may have to find these little moments on my next re watch.
  2. Ship Zone

    I always had a soft spot for when Sheldon used the word girlfriend when referring to Amy. Two moments that come to mind. 1) In the spanking episode where Sheldon takes care of Amy while she is sick. "You are my girlfriend and I care about your well being" 2) In the episode where Amy goes to work at CalTech, Sheldon tells her colleagues that she is his girlfriend. I am curious to know when was the first time Sheldon called Amy his girlfriend in front of her and the first time he said it when she wasn't there. Any fans want to try and help me out.
  3. Ship Zone

    If I read it right, it means an almost confirmed 2 season renewal is in place? Just waiting official confirmation.
  4. Ship Zone

    As am I! I really enjoy these new episodes every week! Much better than the one on one off crap.
  5. Ship Zone

    Congrats! The I miss you line was adorable and I enjoyed the x and x + 1 lines. Also yay for being on page 4, it only took us 3 months!
  6. Relationship agreement for Lenny. Not sure how I feel about this, but honestly if it will give Lenny some more stories and screen time then I am all for it. They deserve to be treated like a married couple and have storylines related to married couples. They have been ignored for far too long.
  7. Ship Zone

    Great Shamy episode this week. It seems like we get kisses every week now. While I do enjoy the kisses, I am starting to think we are getting a little too much of them. The beauty of the first SIK was how long it took to get it and the emotion behind it. Still waiting on that damn ring.
  8. Ship Zone

    One more week until new episode.
  9. Ship Zone

    Merry Christmas Shamy fans!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am not happy about the answer. I don't want this season to be their last. If it is, then I just hope that the writers have a plan on how to end the series.
  11. Has season 11 be confirmed without my knowing it? Are the writers writing this season under the assumption that it will be their last?
  12. I win the gender but not the name.
  13. Ship Zone

    I agree with this. The fact that Shamy is taking it slow again and we still don't have a confirmed season 11 worries me. Sheldon just needs to propose already. I don't want a rushed wedding or even worse no wedding at all. I can't believe we have known about the ring since the end of season 8 and it still hasn't happened yet. What are the writers waiting for?
  14. Any spoiler free guesses on Howardette baby gender? My guess is a baby girl that they will name after Howard's mom.