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  1. Ship Zone

    But guys, maybe this will somehow lead to an epiphany by Sheldon of how much he needs Amy? So maybe the proposal?
  2. Ship Zone

    Ok here's my prediction for tonight's taping, even tho it is worth nothing! I think that as Molaro hinted at the hiatus, the ring will show its face tonight. This will be to "remind" the general viewer that it's still there (as if anyone on this forum has forgotten!!) That way it will be a set-up for the proposal sometime in the next few episodes. Thoughts?
  3. Ship Zone

    Yes!! This! The fandom waited years for the SIK (Sheldon Initiated Kiss, for any newbies). And we went crazy when it happened on the train. Now, writers PLEASE give us "SIS". Sheldon Initiated Spooning!
  4. Ship Zone

    Guys, don't forget the taping this week is one day later (Wednesday here in California). We have a US national holiday today (Monday) so the cast probably isn't working today.
  5. Ship Zone

    I was sad for her. I don't know that we've ever seen her teary like that. Then the preview for next week made me even sadder for her, with clueless Sheldon talking about their sex life. Poor Amy. I definitely felt like she thinks he has forgotten about marriage
  6. FYI rent in Los Angeles and Pasadena runs about $2600 for a one bedroom apartment. A two bedroom is closer to $3000 per month. To buy a dumpy little house in a bad area would be around $700,000 and up. Lucky for Howard that he inherited his mom's house. Penny and Leonard probably can't really afford to buy a house IRL
  7. Have fun!!!! Hope you get a good episode!
  8. Ship Zone

    This train museum is in Griffith Park near the studio. So they are probably filming before it opens to the public today. That explains the early hour!!!!
  9. Ship Zone

    Someone on Instagram mentioned "overalls" regarding Jim's jeans. Good call! And with that bandana around his neck, I'm now thinking something with trains also. Sheldon dressed the part. But why early morning? Very intriguing.........
  10. Ship Zone

    Jim has on jeans. Sheldon would never wear jeans. So what's up with that? Maybe he surprises Amy and takes her camping (kind of like the brunch episode?). Tries to be more manly? Could be really funny.
  11. Ship Zone

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you wonderful Shamies! This is the season to pray for peace and joy. And this has truly been a season of joy for us. Hoping all the goodness continues for a long time!
  12. Ship Zone

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all ! Here in the Shamy thread, we have a lot to be thankful for this season. Everyone is always talking about "bad writing" by the show (I know, I know crappy pregnancy timeline and all that). But I would like to celebrate the GREAT writing by Molaro and co as far as Shamy is concerned. We've wanted Shamy to move in together for years. WE GOT IT! And they are happy as clams. We've wanted Sheldon to show Amy how much he loves her. WE HAVE THAT in basketfuls this season! We have wanted a horny Sheldon for a long time. WE GOT THAT this season, and several examples over the 10 episodes. Can you believe all the subtle changes the writers have done with our Sheldon this season (and Amy also), to bring us to where we are in 10:11? They have done this slowly, and very believably. I've never watched another TV show that made changes in the main character so smoothly and organically. We need to trust our amazing writers with how they treat Shamy. Obviously, they love them as much as we do. This episode sounds like the culmination of so many things we've wanted for Shamy. They are so sweetly in love. THANK YOU BIG BANG WRITERS and I promised to never worry again about the path they choose for our favorite couple.
  13. Ship Zone

    FYI everyone - the taping is a half hour earlier tonight because of the holiday this weekend. Fingers cossed we get some spoilers!
  14. FYI the taping is a half hour earlier tonight because of the Thanksgiving holiday this week. I had a standby ticket but couldn't go. Fingers crossed we get some spoilers tonight!
  15. I couldn't get out of my meeting in time, so no