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  1. Just too, too much Sheldon.
  2. Thanks so much for a great report Itwas! That you had such a great time is icing on the cake! You also brought confirmation of something we all knew: You are a hilarious fun-loving person!! So happy you got to experience this! Enjoy the remainder of your trip!!!
  3. Ditto....
  4. Ship Zone

    Best PS ever! I love all you Lennys!!!
  5. I love Elvis!!! Was just watching (for the first time in too long a time) the wonderful and touching Veronica video this morning!!!! (I even posted it on Twitter just because)......."Do you suppose that waiting hands on eyes, Veronica has gone to hide? And all the time she laughs at those who shout her name and steal her clothes. Veronica!" Sorry. We return now to our regular programming.....
  6. The real question here is why are my email notices of posts all out of order? (can we blame it on 22 ° ????)
  7. Ha! How about Amy lied or exaggerated about the 22 degrees so she didn't have to go horseback riding???
  8. ...the whole "22 degree" thing was a cheap joke, like so many others, that does not fit into the canon and is quite absurd......
  9. Would rather see old school Leonard & Penny instead.
  10. She's good at the hula-hoop! (Why are we not surprised?)...
  11. You are a wonder! Where do you get these?? On second thought, you may not want to divulge your secrets!!!
  12. Could not agree more @bfm & @snapepans!!! To go even further, in the early years (1, 2, 3, 4) the story of TBBT seemed to me to be told through Leonard's eyes. Not that it was all about him, but that (again, to me) the world view that inhabited the series was through Leonard.
  13. ...I would love that. Bert being popular within "the group"!
  14. Non-Show Discussion

    Been there; heard that! It is amazing when "they" creep into our lives (and how cute our SO's are when they pay attention while we think they don't!). That is why we ship them!!!