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  1. SHeldon used the phrase play date, so in his mind it is a play date. YOur turn
  2. but since when are a play date and a romantic date the same thing?
  3. Simon is a good 3rd. But the rest are very mediocre, who profit of the others abilities.
  4. No couple is perfectly balanced, Shamy included. But the balance is not that far off as some of you believe. Shamy isn't a normal couple, even though the have sex now, they are still a quircky couple. So trying to compare them, seperate and together, to a "normal" couple is pointless.
  5. I don't think you know what asexuality is like.
  6. Nope, sadly you got it right...
  7. At least we know the name for Raj's future wife. time to start thinking of shipname
  8. I agree we need to wait for more details, but trust the writers? I think we are way beyond that now, no matter which ship you support.
  9. OMG are you really starting to complain before we know all the details. You are just upset it's not the Lenny show anymore. I think and hope this episode will focus mostly on the birth of the little Howardette.
  10. Ship Zone

    They can, even "stuck" in a hospital there can be other stories. Sheldon looking back to all the hospital visits he did as a kid for example, and go from there. Or all other couples reflect on their lifes while waiting.
  11. Ship Zone

    Friends did a entire episode in the hospital, where chandler and monica end up in the closet practicing :D
  12. Ofcourse you do :D
  13. episodes

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't TBBT a comedy show? Had a small smile once maybe, but not even a laugh out loud.
  14. The problem in writing for Lenny, is that they are two characters who are rather plain/boring. Especially Leonard. Amy and Sheldon still have their quirks, both alone and together. For them all is still new regarding living together. And for the Shamy wedding, that won't be soon anyway. In a few episode Howardette's baby will burst on the scene, so the wedding (and aftermath) for Shamy will be close to the end of the show.
  15. Looks like we all go spoiler free for this one. Might save some frustration (at least for now) for some shippers here...