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  1. Actor

    i agree he is very savvy. So happy for him. He certainly deserves all of his success!!
  2. Actor

    Where does he find all the time for all of these projects! ?
  3. Ship Zone

    I was just catching up on missed posts and as this is my "home" thread, Fellow Shamies , what are your guts telling you re contract renewals and more seasons?
  4. Ship Zone

    Are not the next few taping for February sweeps? Usually big things happen in February!?
  5. Ship Zone

    Peace love and good health in 2017 to all my fellow shamies, and all bbt fans. May the new year bring us good news of more seasons to come
  6. Ship Zone

    My wish is for more seasons. When do you think we will know? (This season has been so amazing for our couple)
  7. Ship Zone

    Merriest of Holidays to all my fellow Shamies. It's always wonderful to visit here.
  8. Ship Zone

    I'm late to the party but did I miss something about season 11? Any word or hint?
  9. Ship Zone

    Same for me. Love this forum!! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  10. Ship Zone

    Sounds amazing. Can't wait!
  11. Actor

    Maybe this is the wrong thread but is anyone else getting nervous with no news about seasons after 10. I'm thrilled for Jim and Todd and all their upcoming projects but is that forebearing of bad news for the show. Love their old school selfie! Much love and continuing success in their future!
  12. Ship Zone

    I agree the hallway scene was so poignant. Jim and Mayim are incredible in their craft. Writers are so on their game!
  13. I noticed in the recent photos of next weeks eposodes that the photos that were always on Penny's refrigerator in 4 b are gone. It will be interesting to notice the set changes in upcoming episodes
  14. Ship Zone

    I believe they will stay in 4b. Don't you all think so?