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  1. Actor

    Ok I'll weigh in here. It's not just the cast of this show. Us Americans give the finger as a joke to our close friends and relatives whenever they aim a camera or recorder at us for the hell of it. Just something stupid apparently only us Americans do. Nobody takes offense.
  2. I'd rather have back end then parity then. I see this show being on for years after it ends.
  3. Are they going to get anything for syndication? What exactly is "parity" and how does that work?
  4. Ship Zone

    Yeah, that and put the once a year sex crap to the curb. From what we've been SHOWN by both the characters, it's not believable anymore...if it ever really was.
  5. Ship Zone

    No she would not have ignored him. She still was in love with him and I still think Dave would've been kicked to the curb. Just more awkward for all involved
  6. Nothing yet
  7. Ship Zone

    No there's not but then again they can't possibly show or tell us every single minute of their lives now can they? After 6 years of knowing each other, I have a hard time believing that they never talked about their families. Amy even called to get his meemaw's cookie recipe.
  8. Ship Zone

    Good Lord, that was 6 years ago!! I'm sure she knows significantly more now after all this time!
  9. Exactly!
  10. Thank you so much Sah!! After I get this second story done and out of my head I'll go back to the first and see about getting it finished. I know I did leave it at a pretty intense cliff hanger. Something I don't want to repeat with any future stories...
  11. Sorry....real life got in the way and then sadly I've lost interest. And now I'm even busier. I've thought about finishing it up but I don't want to rush it and "half-ass" it just to get it done. I've also got another idea swimming around in my head that's not going away. I'm jotting down a little bit every day on the new idea but I don't want to start posting until I get most of it done and the rest at least in a rough draft form because I don't want another unfinished story posted. Maybe someday I'll get an idea popped into my head regarding the first one and I'll get it finished.
  12. There was something on Facebook about it and the vast majority of people who commented think it's a bad idea. That's pretty telling.
  13. Ship Zone

  14. I don't think the brown couch will go anywhere because it IS Leonard's couch. He bought it. But the teal couch needs to go not only because it belongs to someone who doesn't even live there anymore, but because I think it will finally cement in the minds of fans who still complain about Shamy being in 4B instead of 4A that yes, the move is permanent and it's not changing back.
  15. Regarding bed sizes....in America, we have 4 basic sizes. Twin - for 1 person Double - for 2 people (which is what the beds are in Shamy's, Lenny's & Sheldons old room) Queen - bigger than a double. Which is probably what Howardette have but if I was actually able to measure it, it's probably the same size as the others. Simon & Melissa are so damn tiny compared to everybody else. King - basically the size of two double beds I also think in regards to Sheldon's old bed, I'd bet money it's not even a true double size bed but rather a double size "display" bed you see at department stores to showcase a particular bedding. Which explains why Jims feet hang over the end when he lays down on it. If it was an actual bed, he'd "fit" better in it.