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  1. Yeah I'm the same way. I personally don't think it made ANY sense for Amy to feel insecure about Sheldon and Penny's relationship. There was never any suggestion before to indicate it so during the "anything can happen" episode, I was literally scratching my head and wondering "where the hell is this coming from?" Same with the GoT episode. Oh, and "Penny's the only one that can make him take his medicine" crap. Really? I find it hard that ANYBODY, whether it's Penny, Leonard, Amy or whoever has to MAKE a germaphobic hypochondriac take his medicine. (See, writers....there's that continuity thing there). The 200th episode didn't bother me. Loved Penny's outfit (both dress & shoes) but personally the shoes didn't really match the dress. Was wardrobe not able to find flats to match better? I also know some Shamy's absolutely hated "Intimacy Acceleration" also but I found it cute....until the end when it was revealed that nobody knew Sheldon's birthday. BULLSHIT! I still don't buy it when they could've easily found out without even asking Sheldon himself. Public records, his mom, his TWIN sister, the guy that's been living with him for 10+ years, etc.
  2. Ship Zone

    They gotta get rid of that god aweful chair too. Looks like all the colors got together, had a party and threw up all over a weirdly shaped white chair. Hey Writers....you're DNA argument lost its edge seasons ago!! Lose the damn couch!!!
  3. Ship Zone

    It would be better to just get a new couch. Or better yet, drag Amy's living room furniture out of storage and bring it to there.
  4. Ship Zone

    Why? Everybody knows it would be Amy because there would be way too much of a backlash if it wasn't and it would be so ooc for Sheldon that it wouldn't be believable
  5. Ship Zone

    Keep in mind what he said about catching his dad cheating. That dramatized him so I really don't think tptb can go there without EVERYBODY calling them out on it and not in a good way. As much as they fuck up continuity they know just how far they can....and can't go
  6. I'm not a Lenny but I get it. I really do! I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy about Shamy. I'm actually exastic! But a lot of us Shamy's didn't like those scenes either and then some. Leonard & Penny saying good bye at the airport? Yeah, right there with you screaming my head off! "WTF is Sheldon doing there? He's not needed!!" And no I didn't think it was funny. What it was, was stupid and used for a cheap laugh. So cheap nobody but, probably the studio audience, laughed. It would've been better if it had been sweet and just Lenny. The writers keep pulling these jokes that only they find funny and I am soooooo f&@king sick and tired of "Sheldon the dog" jokes, "Sheldon the child" jokes. After 10 years, a live in girlfriend and now apparently what will be a more "regular" sex life, let's drop the old tired jokes, writers!! Penny's been married now for 2 years, engaged for 1 and in a serious relationship with the same guy for how many consecutive YEARS now?? Anyone? Molaro....did you say something? I think we can drop the "Penny the slut" jokes too and yeah, I know she's not my favorite (she's not at the bottom though, that's reserved for Raj the douch bag....I'll get to him later) but hey, writers! Your jokes are outdated and don't fit anymore. You guys are the best at what you do! Spend some time this summer and think up some new ones that WILL fit. And while you're at it, watch the last 10 years of your creation and TAKE NOTES!! Try and keep the continuity closer to canon. We do notice these things and you guys have gotten unbelievably lazy in this regard. When you start an arc, FINISH IT! Or at least resolve it in some way shape or form! Who the hell ended up with Tenor or whatever the hell it is? Are we ever going to find out? Hell, make up a professors name and let us know something! Anything! Stop being chicken shits about the big stuff and dragging your feet about everything. I get and understand why you'll wait for the very last episodes before having either Penny or Amy pregnant. Nobody wants to deal with a baby on set. Got it, no problem and the way you're handling Halley is genius (we miss you terribly Carol Ann Suzi!!!). We aren't asking for special treatment for our ship and again, a lot of us don't like how your ship is going or being treated either. So for the summer hiatus can we please try and get along. I'd love to write more but I gotta get to bed. So I'll see ya in the morning. Oh, shit! RAJ! I forgot about Raj! Do you see what you reduced him to writers? Fix Raj too!
  7. She's talking about this..... It's supposed to be "they're there." As in "they are there."
  8. Ship Zone

    @mirs1 & @spidergirl hate to bust your bubbles but I got a chuckle out of it.... I can guarantee they're not taping anything RIGHT NOW being that it's ohhhh 4:00 in the morning right now in California. I know, I know, you guys aren't in the states and it's hard to keep track of the time zones everywhere but I got a little chuckle out of your excitement. But I'm as excited as you guys are!!
  9. It would be hard to hear her on a different floor and how would she know they are home? Your best bet is to try your closest neighbor...which is Sheldon. And she was completely naked. I don't consider a shower curtain any type of clothing
  10. That's only because Leonard wasn't around. He was with the other two getting high on pot cookies.
  11. Ship Zone

    They do put bloopers on the dvds
  12. Joyce Kim....he was going to...
  13. Ok my head hurts now and math is no longer my favorite subject....
  14. Where's the episode thread for 10.20? You guys are slackin'.... @Tripper @Tensor
  15. I could be wrong and I forget where I heard this from but 1. Didn't Kaley want to stop wearing that costume and 2. Did the real Cheesecake Factory make BBT stop using them for some reason? @Tensor ??