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  1. Ship Zone

    The awkwardness was all about the movement so it's hard to tell in a still photo. Though, his brow looks like it's starting to furrow like it did during the second take. Fingers crossed that they chose the better version and that I didn't oversell it. I will say that the first take was so awkward to me that it probably still existed to some extent in the second take, but it was so, so much better that I was shocked. The report for this week's taping said that the kiss wasn't as hot as she thought it would be and that it was still awkward. Judging from that, I'd say they used the awkward take, but maybe I oversold it because the contrast between the two takes was striking.
  2. Ship Zone

    They have to use the kiss as it was filmed because it's an important part of how the scene progresses. They go in for a goodbye kiss, Sheldon says he isn't comfortable with PDA in-front of an unhappy couple, but Lenny gives them their blessing. A small kiss melts into a longer kiss and that accelerates into an aggressive make-out session. The first take looked sillier with their movements being more suited for comedy and Shamy. The second take had a comedic/Shamy component but looked more like a real couple getting caught up in a make-out session. I don't know which version they used... but I have a bad feeling it was the first. The scene ends with them being yelled at by Lenny and that's when they launch into "I'll miss you/I'll miss you too" which carries on until Penny pulls Amy out the door. So yeah. The kiss stays and so does the other Shamy goodness. I'm honestly not sure about a leg LIFT but I do remember her leg going up and that being a cue for his hands to start traveling down. By the time the kiss turns into a make-out, there is a lot of movement. Like I've said, the first take seemed more exaggerative and silly. The second take seemed more realistic, but both takes had a lot of movement.
  3. To be fair, I'm not sure the problem is the actors. In fact, I'm almost positive it isn't. They showed us The Birthday Synchronicity before Tuesday's taping and I was really struggling with the kissing scenes because like it's been said... it was too awkward. And then later, during the taping, Shamy had to passionately kiss in front of Lenny... and it was just as awkward. Again. So when it was announced that they were going to film it again, I inwardly pleaded, "Oh God, no!" So color me shocked when they do a second take and it was the steamiest, most passionate and realistic kiss I have ever seen from Shamy. I already told the Shamy thread about this and am pleading for all that is holy that they cut the crap and use the good kiss. I even saw Jim and Mayim making weird arm movements around each other before the first incredibly awkward take... as if they were working out how to look as ridiculous as possible. Come to think of it, Jim asked Mayim what she had in her mouth and said it better not be garlic before the second take... a valid concern for someone who is about to go in for a kiss that isn't so tightlipped they might as well be glued shut. I have absolutely no idea why they are being directed to essentially ruin scenes that would otherwise be amazing, but I saw it with my own eyes on Tuesday. Mayim and Jim gave it their all in the second take, but the first is still there for them to choose and knowing them, that's exactly what they'll do.
  4. Ship Zone

    Oh, no problem! I enjoy sharing and even though it's hard to see people get so upset about the info I'm giving, I know it's not personal and everybody has a right to their opinions. I thought tonight's episode was fantastic. It's definitely one of those classic group episodes that stand out as being very special. I was surprised at how great and cohesive the entire cast was. They nailed the sentimentality. As for Shamy, of course they are adorable. I've found that my favorite things are small, like when Sheldon boops Amy's nose on the car ride there or the way she was asleep on his shoulder before Howard announced that the baby was born. I obviously have to see it again (and again), but my first impression was that they really amped up the inexperience and awkwardness of Shamy after the initial attempt at coitus. Everything is absolutely perfect, but wasn't as delicately handled as the first time they had sex, so at least to me, everything looked a bit clunky... but in a very Shamy and very charming way. I say this because it's something I noticed at the taping for The Romance Recalibration. The first take of Shamy's big kiss was a bit more awkward and hesitant while the second take looked like Mayim and Jim showing Shamy how it's done. Before the first take, I saw Mayim and Jim making weird motions with their hands, almost like they were figuring out how they were going to grab each other in an awkward way... so it did seem premeditated. Before the second take, Jim turned to Mayim and said, "What do you have in your mouth?! That better be a mint and not garlic!" Adorable. And what made the second kiss for me was Sheldon's facial expressions. I couldn't pay close attention to their body movements because he furrowed his brow like he was really getting into it and I about died. In all honesty, that second take of the kiss in 10.13 was everything and I pray to God they use it.
  5. Ship Zone

    Oh! I don't think I mentioned in any of my posts about Tuesday's taping that they played tonight's episode for us instead of 10.12. It made sense because most of the audience probably didn't know that Bernie had her baby and the Howard/Raj plot in 10.13 would've been a bummer to see before the birth. I was kind of interested in 10.12 and wanted to keep 10.11 as something fun for Thursday, but I totally understand why they did what they did.
  6. Oh, they do! There is a scene where Raj and Howard are thinking of different ways to avoid the floor all together. Cue to a montage of Howard acting out a few ideas, including being harnessed in some kind of zipline. There were at least 3 ideas and I believe all three of them ended in Howard flying and breaking through the wall. It was really, really funny. When they build the grid on the nursery floor to figure out which spots squeaked, Howard steps on each square and does this strange wiggle with his hands in the air. Raj asks why he always has his arms up like that and Howard says it's the dance of his people. He then proceeds to dance and sing a Jewish song I can't recall. It was hilarious! The physical comedy from Simon was top notch. At the end, Raj and Howard show Bernie that they have it all figured out, but it includes massive leaps, almost doing the splits, and jumping onto an ottoman. Howard demonstrates and Raj comments that he tried the ottoman leap with socks and it didn't end well. Seeing Howard nearly do the splits in those pants of his was amazing. Overall, it was a great episode with a good balance of humor and tension. I also wanted to touch on what wowbagger and a few others have said about this episode feeling like the writer's acknowledging their struggles with Lenny... that's exactly what it felt like. The relationship agreement didn't feel like another way to make everything about Sheldon, but a nod to a long-running gag that started with Sheldon and Leonard, not Shamy. It didn't feel like the start of a new Lenny with Sheldon as their dictator, it felt like a way to make the average fan laugh (and it was definitely the biggest laugh of the night) while promising that there will be more thought and structure when it comes to Lenny in the future. I really did get the sense that the writers were admitting to how badly they've messed up. They showed us what Lenny had become due to their lack of attention and promised it would get better. The comedy is in the details on this show and sometimes its necessary to ignore them in order to see the developments for what they are. There have been plenty of times when Sheldon regresses for the sake of comedy and I'm sure any Shamy could tell you the struggles many of us have with that... but they're just throwaway lines or happenings for the sake of a punchline. Whether you love or hate that, it's something these writers are known to do, so we live with it. I know that Lenny's are discouraged and with good reason, but I wrote the TR last night with excitement that these issues were finally addressed and hope very well could be right around the corner for all who are disappointed. Maybe it gets better, maybe it doesn't, but I took from this episode that they're trying.
  7. For what it's worth, the passion being gone wasn't mentioned in this episode. Those were my words. Penny says that Leonard isn't trying anymore and there have been a few moments in previous episodes where Leonard has mentioned that he's married and doesn't have to look good anymore. Whether this episode is what they had in mind when writing those lines or not, Penny's complaint isn't totally out of nowhere. Simplified, what I took from this episode is that Lenny want to strengthen their relationship after realizing that marriage wasn't as smooth of a transition as they thought it would be.
  8. I thought it was very funny! And also very nice to see Lenny not only get more attention, but that this attention was very specifically addressing the issues most Lenny's have had about this season. The passion is gone, neither of them are trying anymore, and something needs to change. Sheldon writing a relationship agreement for them was at their request and they read it over and they agreed that it was fitting. Do I think that every week from here on out, they're going to say, "What would Sheldon do?" No. It was just a fun nod to a running joke and had the entire audience busting a gut with laughter. Everybody can get all hung up in the details and focus on the fact that Lenny asked Sheldon to write a "relationship agreement" but it was very clearly Lenny asking for the expertise of a man who loves to write up contracts so they can get a better grip and understanding of whats lacking in their relationship. This wasn't Lenny turning into Shamy. This wasn't Sheldon dictating their relationship. This was Lenny deciding that some structure might be nice and hold them more accountable. You can take a cue from someone without morphing into a carbon copy. And yes, I know that some people won't love what happened and they are certainly allowed their opinions. I think it just feels like a slap in the face because to me, this episode felt like Lenny getting back on track and the writers taking into consideration what the critque has been. I wanted everybody here to know and to be happy that it wasn't going unnoticed. Say this is out of nowhere all you want, but Lenny being dull and losing their passion not gone unnoticed. The subject had no official lead-up but in this episode, Penny was emphasizing exactly what angry Lenny's have been saying all season. This could be a good start to great things for Lenny, but not if nobody is willing to give it a chance.
  9. Super glad I made sure to fill you guys in on what happened. Doesn't feel like a mistake at all right now.
  10. In all honesty, as far as Lenny is concerned, the episode felt like the writers wanted to address all of the concerns I've seen expressed by a lot of you guys here. It didn't feel sudden and the relationship agreement written up by Sheldon was meant both as a nod to a running joke and to address that maybe Lenny are so used to his structure that their relationship suffered without it. It didn't feel at all like Sheldon was controlling their relationship. It just seemed like their good friend who knows them well offered to write a contract that would bring out the best in Lenny as individuals and a couple. They've finally addressed that the passion in Lenny's relationship is non-existent and are moving forward to change that. I'd say it's a very good thing and something Lenny's should be celebrating.
  11. Ship Zone

    I was at the taping tonight. Shamy are so cute and in love. I wrote a full taping report in the main thread, but I just had to say it here... that they are so sweet. They kiss goodbye in front of Lenny and it gets so heated that Penny has to call them off of each other. The kiss was very much like the Shenny kiss in 9.02, leg lift and all. They taped in twice with the first take being a bit more awkward and the second take being more passionate. I think they will go with the second one because it goes a lot better with the overall theme of the episode, but we'll see. Then they had a contest of who was going to miss who more. Lots of science talk here that I didn't understand, but they were basically doing the typical "No, I love you more" back and forth in their special Shamy way and once again, had to be cut off by Penny pulling Amy into the hallway. Amy gushes about how amazing Sheldon is during girls night, mentioning that he's always asking her how her day was and taking her into consideration. Overall, it was just adorable. They're in such a good place right now. I love it.
  12. I was at the taping tonight. The episode begins with Penny coming home from work and Leonard having prepared her a romantic dinner of flowers, wine, and pizza bagels. She says it reminds her of the 8th grade. Leonard intensifies that memory by expressing his feelings for her through NSYNC lyrics. She asks if he just quoted an NSYNC song to her to which he said, "I just quoted your favorite NSYNC song to you." It's a cute moment but swiftly cuts to Leonard sitting on the couch in his underwear playing video games while Penny looks on. I don't remember if Penny was dreaming or day dreaming, but the overall gist was comparing her fantasy to her reality. Amy, Bernie, and Penny have girls night in 4B. Amy makes a comment to Penny about how girls night has always taken place in 4B but now that it's no longer Penny's apartment, it's kind of like she's hosting it now. This was one of Amy's "I'm the popular girl" moments and Mayim's delivery was great. The conversation quickly switches to Penny confiding that she feels like ever since getting married, Leonard has stopped trying. There is funny banter in there about how Leonard and Howard never wear pants, to which Amy said that Sheldon always wears pants and she probably couldn't even identify his knees in a line-up. Leonard and Sheldon are playing chess in 4A. There is a funny bit where every time Leonard makes his move, Sheldon says if he does that, he'll beat him in 8 moves, 5, moves, 1 move, etc. Penny returns from girls night and Sheldon proclaims that he's trying to take a greater interest in other people, so asks Penny what she ate (chips) and what she drank (wine). She's obviously irritated and I don't remember what Leonard says in response, but Penny replies to him with, "At least he cares enough to ask." Leonard asks where this is coming from but Penny doesn't want to talk about it. When Leonard pushes, she says that he hasn't been putting effort into their relationship to which Leonard says, "Oh really? That's funny because it seems to me like I'm the only one who has ever put any effort into this relationship." It gets pretty heated and Penny says that maybe she'll just take Amy with her to a spa trip she had planned for them. He says that she should and storms out of the room. Jumping forward to Amy and Penny all packed up and ready to go, Lenny are obviously ignoring each other. Amy leans in to kiss Sheldon goodbye but he stops her to say that he doesn't feel comfortable with displays of affection in front of an unhappy couple. Leonard (or Penny?) tells him to go for it, so they do. It's a small kiss at first and quickly turns passionate -- think Leonard's nightmare about Penny and Sheldon kissing in 9.2. It keeps going until Penny tells them that's enough. Penny is already out the door and Amy in lingering in the hallway telling Sheldon that she's going to miss him. He says that he's going to miss her too. She says she's going to miss him to infinity. He tops her with some scientific speak that I can't recall. Amy is about to top him again when Penny grabs her arm and pulls her out of the apartment. There is a car scene with Sheldon and Leonard that I can't remember the details of for the life of me. I think Leonard was just explaining why he needed to find Penny and set things straight. We see Penny and Amy at the resort. Penny asks when the last time Amy got a massage was. She said Sheldon walked on her back a few weeks ago but that's just because he thought he saw a spider. Amy asks if Penny is going to be naked during the massage and when Penny says she is, Amy pulls open her robe and she has all of her clothes on underneath. The scene was filmed 3 times and the line changed slightly, but she basically says she might be wearing too many clothes. There is a knock at the door and Penny answers to find Leonard and Sheldon. Once again, the details are blurry, but Penny yells at Leonard and says it's sweet that he came but she needs space. Sheldon walks up to Amy and just says "Hello, Amy." This gets her acting flirty and playing with her hair as she says hi back. Sheldon says, "See Leonard? That's how you do it without being overbearing/obvious." We then see Shamy leave the hotel room to let Lenny talk it out and there is some running joke about Amy bringing back mini bottles of alcohol so Sheldon knows what it's like to drink like Godzilla. Sheldon suggests the hit up the mini bar to do that now that he's there. In the next scene, we see all 4 of them sitting at a table. I think Sheldon says something about them getting a divorce (maybe?) Penny says that getting married just brought up some issues that they need to figure out but they both seem in good spirits after their talk. They are both very, very reluctant to say so, but suggest that it might be for the best if Sheldon writes them a Relationship Agreement. Of course, Sheldon couldn't be more honored and delighted. The tag scene was all 4 of them back home in 4A going over the contract Sheldon has written up. There is a joke about Leonard's tiny white thighs. Penny asked if that was necessary and Sheldon says that he wrote this up for free, he was allowed to have his fun. Lenny agree that the contract sounds great and Amy says it reminds her of her first relationship agreement. Sheldon says, "And you're obviously forgetting the no sentimentality clause." And that was it. The Raj, Bernie, and Howard storyline was pretty simple. Howard was having trouble putting Halley (correct spelling as its written on the wall in her nursery) to sleep in her crib because the floor in the nursery is so squeaky. Raj and Howard turn the floor into a grid and map out where the squeaking happens and develop a Mission Impossible style pathway to the baby's crib that is super ridiculous. And that's basically it. Oh! The episode is called The Romance Recalibration. If anybody has any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
  13. The end of S5 and the beginning of S6 was all about Howard going to space/Howardette's relationship. 5.21, 5.22, 5.23, 5.24, 6.01, 6.02, 6.03, 6.04 and 6.05 were about those storylines in some shape or form and many episodes before that were about them too, just not back to back. It's also worth mentioning that after a break in 6.06, Howard/Howardette were highlighted again in 6.07, 6.08, 6.09, and 6.10. That was a lot. My personal opinion is that the writers were excited about that storyline, so they fit it into as many episodes as possible. It was the most exciting thing going on, so they ran with it. This season has been Shamy heavy, but 10.01, 10.02, and 10.03 barely have anything to do with them and none of those episodes are particularly Sheldon heavy either. It's also worth mentioning that since Shamy began their experiment in 10.04, Lenny has been featured in every episode with varying degrees of screen time. While screen time and storylines should obviously be considered, there has yet to be an episode that featured Shamy without also featuring Lenny. I also think this monopoly may have been very accidental. If you simplify it, this season has been all about a 4A and 4B living arrangement switch. In theory, that should involve just as much Lenny as Shamy but it obviously hasn't. Why? Because this is something Leonard and Penny have wanted and been in agreement about for seasons. They are married, happy, and have far less to work out than Sheldon and Amy do. Up until 10.04, Shamy had never just slept in the same bed together. Everything about this was new to them and because they're both less experienced/adaptable than Leonard and Penny, there is more to say for one couple than the other. Now, 10.08 didn't have anything to do with the living arrangement and was just very Shamy heavy, but it was also very Raj-heavy and he has been ignored all season. Things can shift very easily. At least a few times every season, I've gotten irritated because taping report after taping report seems to have nothing to do with anything I care about... which is another very important point: that watching a season from start to finish gives a much different impression than waiting weeks and months for taping reports with back to back "bad news" about your ship or favorite character. It has often seemed to me like things were less even than they were because waiting to hear what happens next feels like forever sometimes. I really don't think it's fair to judge a season until it's complete and you're able to watch it as a whole.
  14. You're right. I had to look at a list of episodes and write each list separately and must've missed that one.
  15. My statement came from my belief that Lenny dominated until they got married, which was the last episode of S8. And I don't think it's fair to throw Sheldon based episodes into this discussion. If this is between Shamy and Lenny, let it be about Shamy and Lenny. Season 7: Episodes 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 22, 23, and 24 were about Lenny's relationship in some capacity. Episodes 4, 5, 11, 15, 16, 19, 21, and 24 were about Shamy's relationship in some capacity. Season 8: Episodes 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, and 24 were about Lenny's relationship in some capacity. Episodes 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, and 24 were about Shamy's relationship in some capacity. S7 had more Lenny and S8 was split down the middle. I'm sure we could argue about total screen time and the quality of the storylines, but that wouldn't do any good. It's more than obvious that Shamy dominated in S9 and seems to have the better storyline/more screen time now, but I remain that the show was very Lenny-centric up until that happened.