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  1. Ship Zone

    I know this was just perfect and totally unexpected! It will always be a special moment for me. Totally magic! It was brilliant delivered by Jim and Mayim! I know what you mean, I´ve already created a season 11 in my head and I`m currently doing a rerun of it. I´m currently at episode 11x18 "The Tepee Occurrence Renunciation". I guess I don´t have to say more as the title speaks for itself. So, I need a new episode ASAP otherwise I loose my wits. LOL I´ve seen the new clip and boy Sheldon knows how to move his hips.
  2. Ship Zone

    I love your first idea of a vacation! They could rent a little boat and go on a little trip but after a storm they shipwreck and while their friends are all worried, Lenny enjoy their time on an isolated island like in "The Blue Lagoon" movie if you know what I mean.
  3. Ship Zone

    It sounds like it, doesn't it? That's how the writers always proceeded: first they spread hints like Amy's dream of Sheldon kissing her, before he actually kissed her or Sheldon spreads innuendos which make it clear that he is thinking about sex before he finally experiences his first time with her. It would be nice if one day he constantly heard the psychist's voice in his head and realizes that she was right and that he feels the time has come to propose to her.
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I was not talking about the change of the flag but about the fact that if Sheldon talked about the British flag, that he also would mention the split up from the EU and I don't think that the writers want to get political, so my guess maybe is not the best.
  5. Ship Zone

    I guess she didn´t want to go to much into details, because the fact that Howard and Raj blackmailed Sheldon with a dirty sock to go on a date, might sound awkward from Bert´s point of view and seriously the exact details are no one´s business except Sheldon and Amy. And to a certain extent Howard and Raj who were involved as well. Maybe it wasn´t nice of Amy to mention to Bert that they met online as well, but I´m sure Amy didn´t mean to be mean, she surely wanted to cheer Bert up not to give up faith on online dating, as this is how she met Sheldon.
  6. Ship Zone

    Have a great time there @Itwasdestined! I hope that your and your wife´s appearance will bring luck to Lenny and they have some great scenes or even an own story arc without Raj!
  7. Ship Zone

    Maybe it´s a special episode, about how countries became closer and part of a union. (Although with the current situation of GB it would be too political I guess?) But it would be nice if Sheldon used the opportunity, to proclaim how he and Bert became friends while they sit on the sofa, despite Sheldon´s first aversion against Geology and puts his arm around Bert´s back, while Bert tries to escape under Sheldon´s arm in an awkward and clumsy way. It would be hilarious if this time it was Sheldon who feels totally comfortable with physical contact, while Bert feels quite uncomfortable and tries to interrupt Sheldon in his speech. Bert: Sheldon..... Sheldon: And this is how he and I became friends.... Bert: Sheldon...... Sheldon: Yes, my friend? Bert: Please stop hugging me. I don´t like physical contact. Sheldon pulls a face and pulls away his arm, while he slowly moves away from Bert.
  8. Ship Zone

    Oh that would not be difficult I guess if Howardette accompanies them. I´m sure that Howard would exclaim as soon as they the the sloth "oh, look Sheldon there is someone moving even slower than your relationship does". Or Shamy goes to the zoo alone and they see a sign next to the sloth enclosure. Amy: Oh, look you can adopt a sloth if you want. They made a board for all the godfather´s who spent money for the sloths. And the patrons can even give their sloth a name and leave a message on the board. There´s a sloth called Shamy. Sheldon comes closer and frowns. Sheldon: The patron is a Dr. H. J. Wolowitz. Sheldon reads aloud "This sloth reminds me of my friends, whose relationship moves with sloth-velocity as well. This is malarkey! Amy: Sheldon calm down, I´m ok, it´s not a big deal. Sheldon: How can you say that?! He has no doctor´s degree! Now it´s Amy´s turn to frown.
  9. Ship Zone

    A trip to the Zoo for Shamy? That would lovely! I'm trying to calm down but it's impossible. Anticipation is killing me!!!
  10. Ship Zone

    That's awesome @5Mississippis!
  11. Ship Zone

    I know but you have touched a soft spot.
  12. Ship Zone

    You need help for your Lenny revolution?
  13. Ship Zone

    Me too! Hopefully something nice and tender for every ship. (A little bit of Shamy here, a little bit of Lenny there, and in the middle a bit of Howardette) If Sheldon´s story has proven us something, then that Sheldon is not a robot at all, but a person, with feelings, wishes and needs. He can get as mad and sad as everyone else and as happy and in love as everyone else. He just doesn´t show it as often as others do.
  14. Ship Zone

    I know it´s time for another big Penny love confession. I´m still hoping that it will happen before season 10 ends. Lenny could have one huge fight, throwing things at each other, before Penny holds on for a moment, realizing what they are doing, while tears run down her cheeks, before she walks over to Leonard to hug him, while she says between sobs: "I´m so sorry, Leonard I didn´t know what went into me, but I don´t want to do it ever again. I love you." Leonard (sobs): I´m sorry too. You know that I love you. Maybe we should stop hiding our feelings and start talking about our problems. I´m willing to do everything to make it work. Penny: Me too. I don´t want to loose you. Leonard: Me neither.