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  1. Standby tickets for March 7 are available:
  2. Same! PM me and I'll do my best to hop on for those tickets.
  3. Yeah, I saw them go up at 8:21, and by 8:24 they were sold out.
  4. Same! See you there. Standby are now up for the 2/22 taping:
  5. Standby for 2/7 are up:
  6. I'll do my best to help, too! Let me know the names and I've got a reminder in my phone.
  7. Guaranteed tickets for 1/17 are back up and holding steady...
  8. So tickets for 1/17 just went up. They seem to be gone now. I'm not sure why they went up a day early but I'm hoping it was either an error or a test run and proper tickets will go up tomorrow as well as scheduled.
  9. Standby available for Jan 10th taping:
  10. Thanks for looking out, mate!
  11. The taping was moved up earlier by 30 minutes, so 2pm is probably better if you can manage. Congratulations, and have fun!
  12. Standby for 11/22 are up:
  13. Tickets are up!
  14. CRAP I'm so sorry I forgot about tickets this morning you guys. I'm normally not this big of an asshole, I promise, I'm just recovering from Comic Con. Did everyone who wanted to get tickets get them?
  15. And more standby added in case anyone missed it: