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  1. You know it's only a matter of time. Come now, boys. You've already dreamt of each other in distinctly sexual contexts. You've argued about how to divvy up your stuff. One of you has already molested The Apartment Flag. How much longer can you fight this feeling? It's time to bring this ship into the shore/And throw away the oars/Foreeeevveeeerrrrrr...
  2. I feel like there really should be a musical episode of TBBT...
  3. Ship Zone

    I actually don't think Amy's unhappy about her relationship or at the, excuse me, warp speed at which it has moved in this season. The girl was gushing about Sheldon and how amazing and honeymoony it all is not so long ago. I am guessing (hoping?) that the way it will play out in the episode is that she wanted to join in with the girl-talk of bitching about your relationship. And of course the showrunners wanted to make that cutting-edge lactation joke. Which - at least the show is implicitly rebuking Amy and Penny for being babies there, I suppose? Yeesh. As to the engagement: Amy's been putting plenty of brakes on the relationship (particularly sexual) in this season. She took coitus off the table at the time of cohabitation. She fled from Sheldon The Seducer. Painting her as pining and waiting and hoping for a sign from her aloof tormentor just for the sake of the lactation joke is just...well, @April reminded me that these writers are slags for a cheap gag. And it is very true. But even if you think Amy's frustrated at not being engaged yet (at which, may I remind everyone, there has been no sign otherwise this season): she could ask him. This being Two Thousand and Seventeen of years in this our Common Era. Waiting to be asked suggests that you're not interested in the outcome, but that you want a validation of your worth as a romantic object or whatever. And eesh, I suppose that's consistent with Amy. But even so? Dude, Sheldon has been bending over backwards this season to work past his boundary issues for you. He's shown he wants you multiple times. He organised brunch (brunch!) and cooked and laid the table for you. You cannot be in doubt that he wants you. If you ever were - again, Amy on-screen has never been shown as doubting her own romantic or sexual worth, and good for her. Ah well. At least Amy geeks out about Renaissance dancing. That's something to look forward to.
  4. Eish this latest TR sounds like fairly standard Boys Do Work Stuff, Girls Piss And Moan About Menfolk and Wedding Rings. Blech. It's not the worst or most offensive, perhaps, but it still sounds sexist and annoying. Bring on the next one.
  5. I'm so sorry. He was such an affable and reasonable presence, and so generous (as others have correctly said). He'll be missed. My thoughts with his loved ones.
  6. Debate Zone

    regarding the problems in the shamy relationship prior to s9? I still don't see that the RA was one of them. Sheldon was inflexible, Amy too was unwilling to budge on WHAT SORT of demonstration of affection she wanted from Sheldon. Sheldon needed to think about the role of sex in his relationship and so did Amy. Amy needed to think about her expectations in a romantic relationship and how realistic or fair they were. They both needed to communicate better. any of those problems would have existed without an RA. In some sense you could argue that the RA codified some of Sheldon and Amy's expectations and made communicating them more clear, even. Not that I am pushing the RA for any and all couples, you understand. I'm just saying that IF you think the breakup was inevitable/necessary (I'm on record as disagreeing) then it would have happened with or without an RA.
  7. Debate Zone

    I mean, Sheldon and amy's relationship also includes boyfriend/girlfriend singalongs. And I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that that was not Sheldon's idea. Similarly amy wanted the two of them to have pet names for each other and the idea was to be tabled and discussed in their relationship summits. Did Sheldon draft the agreement with his own needs in mind? Of course. Does amy have no input into the document? Untrue. Do you need an RA to be a dingleberry in your relationship? Nope. Does an RA prevent you from being spontaneously affectionate? Nope. Does this mean that the RA is an amazing idea for all couples especially Lenny? Nope.
  8. Ship Zone

    yay, the RA's back! I'll join you, mirs, in the unpopular opinion of loving it. And plus except for that ghastly viewing party episode I always thought amy thought it was more than hot, and had plenty of input into it, so I have never really thought of it as an instrument of repression. As to amy having to laugh at Sheldon's jokes: Of course it's naff. But what can I say? If we're pulling out the ShAmy Greatest Hits Compilation, then surely the RA gets a mention? This time with Bonus Bathroom Schedule, Brunch, Cohabitation and Coitus Amendments? er - not at the same time. Just to clarify.
  9. Debate Zone

    I guess the issue isn't even whether Lenny will break up, so much as whether the relationship shown is engaging? I personally was seldom comforted by being told that ShAmy were endgame, if I didn't enjoy the dynamic onscreen.
  10. Actually, it's a fair point. It's extraordinarily generous of these women to show up to anything except a Drop-Kick Raj Up The Koothrapalli event. Maybe he bribed them, or the inducement of giving him a 'The Reason You Suck' speech was enough?
  11. Hmmm. Well, Raj's plot sounds like the best part of the episode. Mirabile dictu! Did you ever think those words would be uttered? Not that I am hating the sound of the shamy stuff. It sounds sweet. But the Raj stuff seems to represent real movement for a long-neglected character. Phew. Now on to Lenny. And I don't know how to wrap my head around this: For a long time we had this tiresome 'three person marriage' with SLP. This season they finally seemed to be moving past that by having Sheldon move out. But on some level they still seem to flirt with the idea of bringing in a third. If not Sheldon (Leonard and Penny's surrogate brother), then possibly Penny's actual brother. And yes, i know it was just flirted with and isn't happening, but - Just give Lenny their own plots and let them sort themselves out, show.
  12. Well, so much for hoping that the relationship agreement meant more thought would be given to Lenny. Flip tables, my Lenny friends. I will hold your coats for now until I read the full TR (thanks, Kerry, and I hope you had a lovely time!). After I read the TR, I might flip tables with you. on the upside: Are they trying to fix Raj? I agree with Jonny that it's best to keep expectations low, but the mere fact that this doesn't seem like a Raj's Harem story is...sort of encouraging? Maybe? and merciful heavens, we have a mention of a father for Amy! And here I was thinking she had sprung, fully-formed and garbed from head to toe in polyester and wool, from her mother's brow. Goodness me. well, the writers give and they take away, I suppose.
  13. I confess I kinda hated the show's take on Irene Adler. How the show managed to be less feminist than the nineteenth-century original remains a mystery to me... And the current discussion on the ethics of drugging reminds me of The Hounds of Baskerville. Right, that's next to watch and rant about.
  14. I mean, there has been *some* criticism of a pretty hurtful (or at least badly expressed) thing she said. I don't think anyone's pulling out the pitchforks just yet, are they? At least not on here.
  15. I don't know if this helps, but could cognitive dissonance play a role here? In my opinion we are usually as an audience invited to treat Beverley as the bad guy, or at least her failings as a mother are a fairly large part of her characterisation. So when she says cold or cutting things, those can be treated as part of the shit that sensitive plants and nerds deal with all the time. Whereas Mary might be bigoted in a (heavy scare quotes) 'benign' way, but she is mainly presented as a good and caring mother to sheldon and a generally affectionate maternal figure to the gang. So for her to essentially say something this dismissive to one of her brood and for Sheldon's response to also be dismissed? Is not just a slap in the face to sheldon, but i think the show delivering a pretty nasty broadside to the 'different' people that the show supposedly espouses.