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  1. Well, I did say that we had no protection against it happening.... That said, let me just point this out: TPTB gave themselves a hernia getting Sheldon across the finish line with one woman. I do not see them compromising their blue-eyed oleander without severe internal injury. The likelier scenario is some sort of cliffhanger where we are supposed to wonder what might have happened, and then for it to turn out to be nothing. Oh, and one more argument, just for luck: Leonard has form for contemplating infidelity. Leonard also has a higher sex drive than does Sheldon. The Boat Kiss was clearly bullshit writing, but not because it was so incredible for Leonard to do a dumb thing while drunk. It was bullshit because we were supposed to believe that Leonard would sit on the information for two years, say nothing, and display no guilt until convenient moments before his wedding. That was the absurd bit. But, as I say, we have no insurance against insulting, exploitative nonsense happening, if someone thinks it would draw eyeballs.
  2. Completely apart from the character assassination of Sheldon or Amy angle, I think it would be gross for Ramona to be repurposed as an incipient homewrecker. She never had any romantic interest in Sheldon, after all. She wanted co-authorship. It would be sexist, and tired, and demeaning, to convert a nutbar careerist into a man-eater or whatever. My preferred scenario is still for her return to be an elaborate professional revenge against Sheldon, rather than anything remotely romantic. As to Amy cheating: of the two, she is the one who has displayed and to some extent acted on interest in people who are not Sheldon. So logically, she is the likelier candidate. It would be gross, and inorganic, and a complete Arse Pull. Which is precious little protection against it happening, sadly. Chrismo's suggestion of the cliffhanger is plausible. Not from a character perspective, but I buy that the showrunners would think it would put bums on seats for the premiere of next season. Basically, I think most of us agree that it would be exploitative bullshit, but also that we are glumly resigned to someone in the writers' room maybe thinking it would be a great idea and doing it anyway. Eyeroll.
  3. A roller coaster suggests ups and downs. I thought our problem with the writing of Lenny was that they were stuck out in the middle of the ocean with dwindling supplies and an indifferent Coastguard....
  4. veejay, you beautiful bastard (said with love), YES! ANY TIME!
  5. Huh, interesting. Because from my perspective, if being influenced/persuaded by someone who is not your romantic partner undermines your romantic relationship, then surely Sheldon had and has much more to fear from Penny, than Amy will ever have to worry about. Amy's interests (wine. gossip, spas and so forth) have been far more influenced by Penny than they have by Sheldon. When Sheldon bought Amy that tiara, Amy flung herself at Penny before she went to Sheldon. It was Penny whom Amy asked to put the tiara on her. It was Penny who received that Hieronymus Bosch nightmare of a portrait. Penny was Amy's first crush, in-show, and her influence continues to be felt. (PAmy heart eyes). This is not to deny that ShAmy gets undermined on the show. Far from it. The showrunners frequently scuttle into their comfort zones of 'romantic relationships = Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' tired gender stereotypes, which means that romantic partners will frequently be portrayed as never understanding/influencing each other because hyuk hyuk hyuk. But that doesn't mean that it's fundamentally terrible if Sheldon sometimes listens to an old friend, or his mother, or his grandmother, and not his girlfriend. Because - guess what? - his girlfriend is influenced by her friends, too. What undermines the relationship is not Sheldon's failure to slavishly obey Amy or whatever. What undermines the relationship is setting up romantic relationships from the base assumption of bullshit gendered conflict.
  6. to be clear, this post does not smack of indifference, precisely.... but good lord, here is one more tiresome sacred cow of the show taken out and given the quietus. Whatever next? Maybe 'he wore me down' or 'how did the nerd get the hot girl hur hur' is next for the chop? (please, please, please)
  7. Ship Zone

    I hate to quote myself, but:
  8. Ship Zone

    Wait, is this legit? Because if so..... I'll....I'll need a moment. ETA: GodDAMN! GodDAMN GodDAMN GodDAMN. Okay, I am SO TORN. On the one hand, thank FUCK. Bloody FINALLY. On the other: Awwwwww, and I had SO MANY RANTS about that stupid once-a-year gag that will never see the light of day now! Sniff. Bye, unborn rants. You would have been beautiful, I'm sure. But seriously: are the writers working off some sort of fandom checklist? I remember last season with the reconciliation episode I speculated that Lorre and Molaro had been tied up in a basement by a ShAmy going on a rampage, holding out a list of demands and saying 'for every one not met, say goodbye to a body part'. Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again: WHICH ONE OF YOU BITCHES* IS ON THE WRITING STAFF?!? *Term used, obviously, with the utmost love and respect.
  9. Ship Zone

    thing I would prefer that will 100% not happen: amy goes to Princeton, is getting along well with work, has regular Skype calls with Sheldon whom she misses. Colleague with familiar batshit gleam in eye says 'YOU ARE LETTING LOVE DISTRACT YOU! THIS MUST NOT BE!' And figures out some way to intercept Sheldon's calls. Sheldon (and gang) get worried because they don't hear from amy. Amy is worried because she isn't hearing from Sheldon (and gang). And it turns out that the colleague is Ramona! Saying to Sheldon 'so! Not content with denying me credit, you are using your sexual wiles to derail another female scientist's career!' While Sheldon and amy have an emotional reunion and amy says she has had an idea about cognitive processes and stress based on her recent trauma. And ramona says hopefully 'the fowler-nowitski theorem?' And amy slams the door in her face.
  10. Ship Zone

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and it would give Amy something to do! She could play the hero, like I've been wanting for her for some time! Basement of the building, Ramona relating her diabolical plan, about to press 'send' on an email in Sheldon's name where he confesses to spilling state secrets...... and suddenly all the lights go out, and all you hear is the Doctor Who theme played on the harp! And the click of a torch lighting up Amy's face as she says 'Not today, Missy.' While Sheldon gazes adoringly at her and says 'Took you long enough' or something appropriately ungracious, while Amy nods a brisk 'You're welcome, babe' or something.
  11. Ship Zone

    Okay, so I've been reading Elizabethan revenge tragedies, so I am on board. I would love a hilariously overblown Master Plan, told in a ridiculously overdramatic style, with thunderbolts and lightning sound effects, and black-and-white flashbacks. The works.
  12. Ship Zone

    Ha, I said in the discussion thread that I wondered if Ramona had been in the bar while Sheldon was blabbing. That would be awesome, if we had a flashback, and one cowboy hat slooooooowly lifts, and underneath is Ramona. Wearing sunglasses indoors for some reason. Ugh, yes, I do wonder if Sheldon is moving back to 4A. Well, let's hope it'll be interspersed with Skype sessions with Amy, and either a quick return for Amy, Sheldon deciding that he'd rather live by himself than crawl back into the womb or whatever, and/or Lenny moving out...
  13. Ship Zone

    maybe Ramona is behind the collapse! 'hello, my name is Ramona Lastname. You refused to give me credit when I was Science's Handmaiden. Prepare to die. Professionally.'
  14. Ship Zone

    I mean, given how much blood the showrunners shat at the thought of Sheldon getting busy with ONE woman, I don't see them having him give it up for another. Yes, people might be sexist enough to more easily forgive male infidelity than female infidelity, but if they ARE going to assassinate a character this way, Amy IS the likelier target. eh, whatever. Sheldon and Amy have worked together and gotten into Scientist Snap Wars. They can't take that away from me..
  15. To be clear, I think Ramona is fun. But she isn't a Wil Wheaton/Bev/Leslie level beloved recurring character. I hope that she isn't being used to give shippers' amygdalae a cheeky tickle, because that would be a disappointingly reductive treatment of a rather entertaining character. In the shamy thread koops speculated that Ramona might be trying to inveigle her way into a science project, or want credit for something. That could be quite fun. Maybe she was at the bar while Sheldon was spilling multiple beans while hopped up on cold medicine, and is blackmailing Doctor Cooper....