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  1. Actor

    Apparently there a Roseanne Reunion possibly in the works. I don't know how that could happen with Johnny doing Big Big Theory. if there is one. I guess they could write David and Darlene as living in Chicago or something and they make occasional appearances.
  2. I agree with you on this one. Couples don't need to know everything or anything that happened with each other before they even knew each other or started dating unless there a reason they need to or something that the other person need to know like a child from a previous relationship. Now if a couple break up then get back together say in 6 months to maybe even a year then they should say what happened in between or how many people they dated if any. Especially if there a Child involve. By the way I tihnk everyone seem to forget that Leonard saw Penny and Raj come out of his bedroom at the end of that episode so he knew something happened even though they didn't have Sex. I was under the impression that LEonard knew nothing like that happened. So I am not sure where the secret is here.
  3. Happy Tape my Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank You. looking forward to TR tomorrow.
  5. Hmm Never thought about about it that way. Good point. But I hope you peck in cheek or a hug and not coitus In from of SO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Happy taping day! Okay maybe Leoanrd didn't cheat maybe he didn't which still seem to be a hot debate around here but truth of matter is many women would not like it if their Boyfriend or husband iss other women even drunk. Amy and Bernadette are exception. She can trust them I tihnk Penny trust Leoanrd but doesn't trust other women if that makes sense.
  7. I posted Two Source and was not using My Family a a source. The Article said a Gene may more likely lead t cheating.
  8. It usually is passed down to some. as said earlier if it it Runs in the Family a Person is likely to Cheat. There is a Gene which can pass down lot of things including cheating. It was all over the news a few years ago.
  9. lol
  10. Oh of course it can. I don't condemn because I tihnk it the worst thing you can do to a Spouse Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Partner (My Maternal Grandma Dad also Cheated) but am not going judge the actions of My Ancestors. We are all Humans after all But there is a Genetic Link is all I was pointing out I ask on another forum and and people siad they have a problem with their boyfriend kissing other women even if drun.
  11. I was refering to My Grandpa Parents.
  12. True but it still can be passed down one way or another even if they decide not to eVeryone's usually tempted at least once. If cheating is run in the Family then that person is more likely to cheat . Cheating run in My Maternal Grandfather Family On both sides where his Paternal Grandfather and Maternal Grandmother Cheated at least once . Both of his Parents also cheated
  13. Still doesn't matter he cheated once. I do agree with Leonard didn't cheat but there many people on here who will disagree. And apparently Penny thinks he did.
  14. Cheating is usually is passed down. There was a study on this a couple years ago and they discovered a link to a cheating gene that can sometimes be passed down. It usually does runs in the Family but doesn't mean everyone will. I do believe this because of My own family history. Just because one cheat doesn't mean all the Kids and Grandkids are gonna cheat. Just because one Cheat doesn't mean their father did but likey their Grandfather or even a Great-Grandfather Cheated and maybe a Uncle or Great Uncle ror whatever. But you usually don't have to go back far in your tree to find a Family Member who cheated. Usually you only have to go back to your Grandparents or Parents generation. It can also skip Generation. Just like anything it can be passed down and not everyone is get it or do it or whatever and can skip generation There no Taping Tonight. it Tomorrow Night.
  15. Leonard Dad Cheated on his Mom and Cheating is often times passed down to next Generation so Penny should have had a watchful eye n him. But most men aren't gonna come back and tell their Girlfriends or Wives that they Kiss another Women