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  1. Ship Zone

    You said in your amazingly detailed and comprehensive TR that you thought the Lenny "banter" was funny. Was there a drop of sweetness or affection or caring of one for the other to soothe and comfort aching Lenny hearts?
  2. Ship Zone

    In honor of Mr & Mrs Itwas, my favorite episode from my favorite season. Have the best time ever!!!
  3. Let's put this island to much better use!
  4. Ship Zone

    Leonard too.
  5. Ship Zone

    This made me cry the first time and it still does!
  6. Ship Zone

    It was meant to be.
  7. Ship Zone

    A thought for today. I knew they were meant to be then. I still believe they are meant to be.
  8. Ship Zone

    Just because...
  9. Ship Zone

    This is a great picture of Penny and her heart locket. It's both a little sad but also nice that we have no Lenny story to talk about, so we make up our own.
  10. Ship Zone

    In the interest of helping you guys out, I volunteer to keep Leonard company while Penny is ministering to you.
  11. Ship Zone

    Feel better soon!
  12. Ship Zone

    Penny go-Braghless. Sorry. An idle mind is the devil's workshop.
  13. Ship Zone

    Love it!
  14. Totally hooked! Love the characters and stories. Takes some of my focus off the sad state of our Lenny. I heard they will be doing reruns soon as Tues was the last episode til the fall. I'll watch every episode again!
  15. Ship Zone

    Top of the mornin' to you Lennys