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  1. Ship Zone

    I just watched the episode again. Took me an hour to get the courage to put it on. A cute thing I forgot about was Leonard mentioning, during Penny's daydream, that they had driven to Santa Barbara to a winery and he was serving the rose' that she had liked (and apparently overindulged in). Yes, it was off screen, but still a cute little road trip story. Also(sort of) cute that Leonard texts her from the bathroom. Again, the fight sucked, but the ending was cute.They need to hold hands and get it together. Coincidentally, I'm supposed to leave tomorrow morning to visit my sister in Santa Barbara(wine tasting on our to-do list). Anyhow, just heard that United has grounded all domestic flights tonight due to computer issues. Could turn out to be a long day tomorrow as high winds and rain are expected later in the day here.
  2. Ship Zone

    Your song is beautiful, John!
  3. Ship Zone

    We do get our share of mixed messages, but I do love these pictures.
  4. Ship Zone

    Thank you, spidergirl, for a heartfelt tribute to our Lenny and the amazing actors who have brought them to life.
  5. Ship Zone

    There's an interview with Johnny and Entertainment Weekly posted by Vonmar in the Discussion Thread and Johnny talks about Leonard and Penny being "in a rough patch." He goes into a bit of detail about it and says they're working on it and he loves their scenes together. But, obviously, he can't say he doesn't like it.
  6. "Penny and Leonard are in a rough patch." "Their working on it." "Getting married doesn't lock you into happiness and answer all the questions." "I love that stuff." " I love their scenes." Johnny's been making the rounds!
  7. Ship Zone

    I didn't hate the episode. Maybe it's a case of "Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best." They can fight, be unreasonable, be defensive, be disappointed. But they love each other and can forgive each other and can try to do better. And tolerate the imperfections. Like real people in a real marriage. We have seen it before and sometimes it's uncomfortable to watch. But in the end I felt the connection, love and appreciation they have for each other.Leonard caressing Penny's back and Penny's sweet and loving smile said to me " We are ok. We're way better than ok." (Bernie's story about the pizza guy and Howard kind of put Penny's high drama moment in perspective. )
  8. Actor

    He is perfectly imperfect in my book.
  9. Actor

    No talk about if the show will continue. A clip and a plug for "Rings". I might go see it to see Johnny, but I'll hate it. Wish there was news about "Master Cleanse". That sounds better to me. I thought Johnny was cute, funny and gracious to the fans who support TBBT.
  10. Actor

    He and Stephen are doing their whites together.
  11. Actor

    Took a little nap so maybe I can stay awake!
  12. Ship Zone

    I'm reminded of an old favorite which has some good advice (It would work in that musical episode which you are yearning for.) She may be weary Oh women do get weary Wearing the same shabby dress And when she's weary Try a little tenderness
  13. Ship Zone

    During the S 6 VDay episode, Penny acknowledged that she can be a real difficult bitch at times. So, she has a level of self-awareness regarding some of her character defects. She was also absolutely horrified and terrified for the moment when she thought Leonard was breaking up with her because of her bad behavior. Maybe , at some point, we'll see that self-awareness resurface after all this fighting. If we get a good discussion, re-evaluation, reconciliation type of situation between them, some good could come from these very disturbing and not very humorous fights. Maybe she thinks that Leonard isn't trying anymore because she still seeks and craves frequent validation of his total adoration of her. And maybe Leonard needs a reminder that maybe he has become a little complacent (I don't really buy that, but I'll go along). Penny married Leonard after the boat kiss reveal. That has meant to me that she loves and wants and needs him just as much as he loves and wants and need him. The "He wore me down" stuff is ego driven bs. Please writers, don't drag this out any longer. There's only so much bouncing back even Lenny hearts can handle.
  14. Ship Zone

    Obviously, Parrot was watching TBBT! Or reading recent TRs.
  15. Ship Zone

    Thanks! We needed that! I keep telling myself "You survived the boat kiss. You survived the boat kiss."