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  1. Ship Zone

  2. Ship Zone

    Raj moving in, Beverly butting in, Lenny squabbling. Did we know Stewart was back with Howardette? I got nothing. Me, early this morning, after reading 2l344'S excellent TR (Thanks for such a detailed report. Glad you had fun!)
  3. Ship Zone

    Me too. My Lenny withdrawal symptoms are serious. I'm not a crybaby.
  4. Ship Zone

    Here we go. Where there's life and Lenny, there's hope.
  5. Ship Zone

    Such a cute couple!
  6. Ship Zone

    P "I missed you so much. At first it was exciting being in NY. But I couldn't sleep without you next to me, spooning me and hugging me and whispering your silly jokes in my ear. We've slept together since the night after we got married and had our talk and worked things out. I don't want to have to go away without you ever again." L" I missed you so much. I couldn't sleep either. I love you, Penny and I don't think we'll sleep too much tonight either."
  7. Ship Zone

    Whatdaya think they're saying!?
  8. Ship Zone

    Leonard's thumb stuck into Penny's waist band. I'm swooning.
  9. Ship Zone

    This is amazing. It absolutely sizzles! Thanks for making my day!
  10. Ship Zone

    About time we get to see the lovebirds "gettin' busy" under the new sheets.
  11. Ship Zone

    OR, Leonard surprises Penny at the convention (in NY) for the weekend. He has theater tickets, dinner reservations. Penny is surprised, delighted and in love and it ends with steamy hotel room sex and you know who is safely 3,000 miles away.
  12. Ship Zone

  13. Ship Zone

    Penny could go on a week long business trip. Leonard can't go because of work. It's the longest separation they've had since the North Sea trip. They each begin to miss the other around the 3rd day and by the time Penny returns, they are both undressed before you can say pharmaceutical company.
  14. I was thinking how much mjc45 would have enjoyed the Lenny Thread the last few days. We've been so happy and silly and posting the best gifs and pictures. He would add his likes to everyone and, as always, profess his love fervent for Lenny.
  15. Ship Zone