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  1. A joke. Or maybe Raj is really an evil mastermind who teamed up with Wil Wheaton just so he could break up all his friends' relationships. You're next, Shamy.
  2. It makes TV sense. It injects Raj into the epicenter of the show where he can't be ignored and frees up some set space.
  3. Sheldon sure gets sick a lot.
  4. Leonard should take inspiration from Community and turn the room into a holodeck. It would make Sheldon insanely jealous.
  5. My only problem with saying that Leonard would have valid reason to feel uneasy about it is that we get a very condensed snapshot of what informs these characters' views. So while we may never forgive the finale to season 4, Leonard's view may be written from a perspective that has achieved total closure on that subject. I haven't seen anything to indicate that he would have any concerns as far as Penny and Raj's loyalties go. I don't remember Raj expressing any interest in Penny at any point after the beta test. Maybe I can see it from the perspective that Leonard still feels like he doesn't deserve Penny. Even so, he doesn't act as possessive as someone in that position ought to. We could get into a whole big storyline where Leonard finally works out those issues here, if we wanted to, but Leonard's not the writers' shiny toy, is he?
  6. No, I'm saying they won't do anything. Any outcomes resulting from Raj moving in fall within a somewhat narrow spectrum of predictability. Penny and Raj bonding over 'girly' pursuits is a highly predictable outcome. Raj and Penny won't sleep together or anything so dramatic because this kind of show and these writers have obvious self-imposed limitations and won't go that far. Penny the person would have reason to be somewhat anxious in the above scenario, but we shouldn't expect anything damaging.
  7. Maybe she would, but we don't because these people don't exist in the unpredictable world of reality. I see Raj's presence as no more an enticement to Penny than Sheldon living there was. His only threat to Lenny is in how disruptive having a roommate will be, but it ultimately shouldn't greatly impact them. This is about Raj and not about Lenny, as hard as that may be to swallow. Lenny draws the short straw here because 4B has no room and having him bunk at Casa de Wolowitz would only serve to deepen the show's problem with getting the group to interact.
  8. They're perfectly fine for a sitcom marriage and especially for a marriage on a CBS sitcom. With extremely rare exceptions, sitcoms don't divorce their married couples or even give them serious marital strife. What Leonard and Penny are going through now is nothing in the grand scheme of things and having Leonard feel left out as Penny and Raj bond in this episode is hardly something worth fretting about. Sure it's unfair if you're a Lenny fan and they're constantly used for random sitcom fare while Shamy gets a rose-colored spotlight on their relationship each and every week, but Penny and Leonard are being used to service the show by helping involve all the characters who made the show great.
  9. I don't see a breakup, either. Penny's lingering feeling that something is missing in her life is the kind of thing that could end up with her seeking out an opportunity that will take her away for a time. Such an event would obviously create strain on a marriage, but I think the writers don't have the guts to do anything drastic like breaking them up or the kind of commitment to writing for Lenny that would be required to do it right.
  10. I seriously doubt there will ever be any sort of serious Lenny breakup, but I could see a bit of a reversal of the S8 finale where Lenny parts ways for a while and Sheldon proposes. This whole season has felt like one long setup for Sheldon to propose.
  11. I think it's just an excuse to mix things up with the writing and make Raj more involved. He was the odd man out with the guidance system project, so this kind of evens things out for him.
  12. I remember reading that Friends was actually a money loser for NBC in the end when all six were making $1M per episode. It gets to a point where a show's presence in the lineup and its use as a promotional vehicle makes it worthwhile to lose money in the short-term. Much like NBC back then, CBS doesn't have a lot of guaranteed future performers, so TBBT's worth is more about the network's bottom line than the show's bottom line.
  13. Also not crazy when you consider how many people actors who are this successful end up needing to employ.
  14. I feel like the jargon-heavy dialog was dialed down pretty early on, like midway through the first season. It's jarring to go back and watch the first few episodes of the series because the way all the guys talk is such a departure from the way they talk now. Even with the scenes this season of the guys working on the guidance system they don't come off as nerdy in their speech as they did then. One could argue that the way they talked originally was actually unrealistic, but it was funny for how novel it was.
  15. Leonard was perfectly fine landing in Priya's shuttle bay while Raj was in the next room.