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  1. When is that going to happen? Maybe if the boys resurrect M.O.N.T.E and he goes haywire and tears the island to shreds.
  2. Come on now, you very well know Lenny stands behind the kitchen island making smart comments about Shamy while Stuart lies in bed watching his "Japanese porn cartoons" and Howardette have sex.
  3. I guess I mainly watch for the comedy because Howard and Bernadette is the only couple I like and they don't have a lot of shipper drama surrounding them. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a shipper for them though because I don't get all hot and bothered about the weekly status of their relationship. And about them kissing... they don't seem to have a lot of hot kisses. They have more causal pecks that aren't especially memorable. The trade off is that they're hotter for each other and have more sex than any of the other couples.
  4. I think it's just a matter of objecting to the blatant favoritism on the part of the writers towards Shamy. In my opinion, Shamy gets just as much bad stuff as Lenny. I mean, Amy treating Sheldon like he's her child is far worse in my mind than if Lenny had screaming fights in every episode. The real problem is that Shamy gets all these dedicated scenes where they actually hash out and resolve their conflict of the week. Lenny gets nothing of the sort. The most they get is some shared looks that can be read as them being on the same wavelength. So I can understand the resentment. It IS unfair. Even Howard and Bernadette -- who have their child's birth glossed over by the writers in favor of the annual Shamy sex -- are treated better than Lenny, but then they are the best couple on the show.
  5. Necessary has nothing to do with it. Sheldon being unnecessarily intrusive as a matter of course is part of his shtick. The show would have died at birth if it was nothing but couples having cutesy conversations about their relationships. It's bad enough now with Shamy bedtime scenes every week. The only reason that sort of works is because it usually has to do with Sheldon being obtuse in some amusing way.
  6. It's funny 'cause it's true. It shouldn't be surprising though since Shamy drives the bus nowadays. But I gotta say it's a huge case of "be careful what you wish for" because Shamy hijacking the show at the expense of Lenny is mostly a byproduct of Sheldon moving out of 4A. This is something Lenny people obviously wanted, but sort of forgot that Sheldon's presence makes anybody in his immediate vicinity more prominent in the show.
  7. This seems to me like a ramp up to Sheldon proposing. I could be wrong, of course. I just don't see the writers threatening their precious Shamy in any meaningful way when they couldn't even make an honest attempt at it back when they tried breaking them up.
  8. I'm not sure it's possible to cater to casuals. That's just not catering to anybody. Normally, I'd say that's a good thing, but it's clear they're enamored with Shamy this season and everything else plays second fiddle. You could say that the writers have a casual interest in Lenny now, because they do. Lenny obviously lost a lot of clout when Sheldon was removed from their situation.
  9. episodes

    It seems pretty obvious that it's number two. Number one would actually require consideration of Lenny, which the writers haven't had for some time. Sheldon will let anybody off the street sit in his spot before they cut any Sheldon or Shamy scenes. It also seems pretty clear that the Sheldon and Amy stuff from this episode was the beginning of something, whereas the story with everybody else was just a one-off joke.
  10. episodes

    I liked all the Penny and Raj stuff. Mopey Leonard was sad in a funny way and I loved the shopping montage. None of this says anything to me about any sort of grand plan for the future of Lenny, it's just silly sitcom stuff and it was executed well enough to make me laugh. Shamy collaborating was mostly a snoozer, but I did finally enjoy it a little bit when Amy read the revised rules at the end. If this becomes a recurring plot, I'm not sure I'll enjoy it. I guess I just resent how isolated those two have been ever since the move and it was especially evident in this episode after the token cafeteria scene.
  11. Boy, they really doubled down on the whole mother and child motif with Sheldon and Amy. I can't say I look forward to a Bert-heavy episode, but at least it's a tiny respite from Sheldon Cooper Presents: The Sheldon Show with Shamy and Their Insignificant Friends. I dare say I want more Raj.
  12. A joke. Or maybe Raj is really an evil mastermind who teamed up with Wil Wheaton just so he could break up all his friends' relationships. You're next, Shamy.
  13. It makes TV sense. It injects Raj into the epicenter of the show where he can't be ignored and frees up some set space.
  14. Sheldon sure gets sick a lot.
  15. Leonard should take inspiration from Community and turn the room into a holodeck. It would make Sheldon insanely jealous.