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  1. Watch out TSA agents. It's Amy 'bad ass' Farrah Fowler.
  2. I definitely watch, primarily, for the relationships. The funny/sciencey (is there such a word as sciencey?) stuff is good, but the relationships is what really makes the show.
  3. At least he believes he is. From The Fuzzy Boots Corollary:- Howard: Kissing, what kind of kissing? Cheeks? Lips? Chaste? French? Leonard: What is wrong with you? Howard: I’m a romantic.
  4. Ship Zone

    Are we absolutely sure, that there's only two more seasons?
  5. Ship Zone

    I haven't seen the episode, but from what I've read about it, it sounds very much like a fanfic I read (apologies to the author for forgetting who wrote it), where Amy is offered a job in France (iirc Paris), and Sheldon tells her it's a fantastic opportunity, which she can't/mustn't pass up. Just as she's about to board the aeroplane, Sheldon (at Penny's urging) goes after her, and catches her just as she's about to board the flight. ETA: I love the way Amy dresses. It's so "I'll dress how I want, and to hell with fashion and societal opinions."
  6. And Sheldon wants a Nobel Prize.
  7. Ship Zone

    What I'm thinking is (and I desperately hope it's not this), if Mayim isn't signing on for the next seasons, this trip could be a way to write Amy out of the show.
  8. Ship Zone

    Has Mayim signed up for the next 2 seasons?
  9. Actor

    How gorgeous is our lady, in this picture?
  10. Best is definitely The Wrath Of Khan. Worst is The Motion Picture.
  11. Where did Penny get a TV? Kurt had her TV, and refused to return it.
  12. I'm not trying to justify anything. I'm simply musing on the question of whether what he did was burglary.
  13. I doubt cleaning up qualifies as burglary. He's possibly guilty of illegal entry (although that is also questionable, since Penny didn't specify the circumstances when he could enter her apartment, and, as Priya pointed out, the legal principle is ambiguity in a contract benefits the party that did not draft it), but not burglary.
  14. Here in the UK, you can legally tape people on/in your property, without their consent. They've admitted he has OCD. Plus, the book giving him nightmares.
  15. Penny probably didn't lock the front door. It wouldn't be the first time she's left a front door unlocked. If you recall, Penny abused their trust, and pinched some milk. As were Sheldon and Leonard, when Penny "borrowed" their milk. Too late. He's already seen plenty, courtesy of Aquaman.