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  1. Episodes

    I think it was just her not wanting to go to the model train store, where she has "no interest in model trains, stores that sell them, nor their heartbreaking clientele", or go to the wedding with someone who would "behave like a child the entire time". I think you are probably correct. After all, they weren't, at that point, boyfriend and girlfriend.
  2. And we've lost another one. Gene Cernan (Cpt. USN), the last person to ever step off the surface of the moon, has sadly died. That leaves just half of the moon walkers still alive.
  3. I'm told Budapest is a very nice place. I'd like to visit sometime.
  4. I'll continue to buy the Seasons, as they are released, and will buy the final, all Seasons Box Set. I'll probably need it, because my 1-6 Box Set will be well hammered by then.
  5. If Sheldon's theory is correct, then he's still there, in other universes.
  6. I've been there, for the Christmas markets.
  7. Episodes

    I still shudder when I hear that line. I think i might have to do something, fanfic wise, to address this, once and for all.
  8. The only downside I find with BluRay (I bought Season 8 on BluRay) is, when I get part way through a disc, switch off, then back on again later, the BluRay will start from the beginning of the disc, whereas the DVD will pick up where it left off.
  9. The same as the English Season 1. When they produce the final, all seasons box set, I'm going to buy it on DVD and BluRay.
  10. Episodes

    Penny: Okay, the reason he deceived you is you were being a pain in the ass. Sheldon: The reason I was being a pain in the B is because I was worried about him, and no one else was. Penny: Really? You won’t even say A? Sheldon: You bet your sweet B I won’t. However, in The Luminous Fish Effect:- Mrs Cooper: Because people don’t like it. Remember all the ass-kickings you got from the neighbour kids? Now let’s get cracking. Shower, shirt, shoes, and let’s shove off. (Exits) Sheldon: Wouldn’t have been any ass-kickings if that stupid death ray had worked.
  11. Are you sure? I've got the Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set, and I can't find a Season 1 Gag Reel on it.
  12. So sad he'll never see how the show ends.
  13. I believe the difference between the DVD and BluRay versions, is the DVD version doesn't have a gag reel for Season 1.
  14. How could Amy not understand Bernadette's comment, that being intimate with Dave would be like taking her driving test in a bus? Aside from being a biologist, she was present at at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies’ symposium, on the impact of current scientific research on societal interactions, at Big Sur, when Howard was intimidated by Bernadette's 6'7" ex-boyfriend Glenn.
  15. episodes

    Why was Sheldon talking down to Dr. Feynman in his dream, when Sheldon considers Feynman to be one of his heroes?