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  1. Hi live in melbourne watching new episode now
  2. Ship Zone

    If sheldon amy get married cant see why sheldon wouldnt have one howard got weding ring on so has leonard i am waiting for the day to see sheldon have a wedding ring but first they have to get engaged first we dont know if thats going to happen anytime soon do we
  3. Actor

    hidden fiqures is comming to australia feb 16 i cant wait
  4. Actor

    some people are saying he wasnt that happy about doing season 11 what did you think
  5. cant see the picture
  6. yes very slow we some news about something like contract negotitions or cast news or anything its to quiet
  7. Actor

    Why would mayim taking headshot for?
  8. ffingers crossed for jim
  9. Do you mean the big bang cast
  10. Ship Zone

    i not ready either we have to get news soon
  11. Ship Zone

    i to really luv shamy this season and hope its not last season because we need engagment and a wedding for shamy