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  1. Ship Zone

    We just need a good finale and my year is complete for shamy
  2. Ship Zone

    This so weird because yesterday I reading the discussion thread and someone said it looks like this is leading up to something no one saw coming like engagmentor or pregnant now this has come out its got me thinking I don't think it will happen but its got me thinking
  3. Ship Zone

    A;;we need now is a happy finale for shamy I know I am pushing it maybe an proposal
  4. Ship Zone

    Hi guys just saw on discussion thread that episode 23 sound like a lenny plot someone tweeted it was about Princeton which means lenny plot again so episode 24 might be a shamy plot hopefully no cliffhanger that's what iam worried about now that's all I know about episode 23
  5. Hope we have some one there next week for the finale
  6. this getting to me I need spoilers
  7. Hi did we get anything from the taping
  8. Ship Zone

    Just saw on the discussion thread they are filming outside it looks like a courthouse its on the warner lot apparently kaley took the photo could this also invoved shamy this wait is killing me about shamy what will happen in episode 23 and 24 and will we get spoilers if we don't get spolers I will def go mad
  9. Ship Zone

    me too but what I am worried about its Passover right now is mayim allowed to work on these days
  10. Ship Zone

    Do you think it will happen in the next two tapings engagement I have my fingers crossed
  11. Ship Zone

    Havent seen the episode yet so cant comment so getting the subject for a moment wow we only have two more tapings left so what is going to happen with our beloved shamy ? I am still hoping for a engagement but no cliffhanger I cant handle it what do you other shamy fans think
  12. Ship Zone

    Hope so but still hoping for a shamy engagement please no shamy cliffhanger I couldn't handle it still getting over season 8 finale please no
  13. Ship Zone

    How do we know if mayim Melissa haven't signed yet they could have already signed ? everyone is presuming they haven't signed who knows
  14. Ship Zone

    Hi guys just saw mayim facebook page and she said she of the grid until sundown wed for Passover would she still be able to go for the table read on wed and work for the rest of the week I don't know much about jewish holidays because I am bit worried these are the last two tapings of the year just hoping for a really good shamy in the last two tapings even an engagement crossing fingers