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  1. Ship Zone

    is today jim birthday or tomorrow
  2. are you going to the 28 march taping?
  3. Ship Zone

    Hi since we didn't get spoilers from last night taping still bummed about that to keep us all occupied for the next two weeks what do you think will happen with shamy in the next four tapings we have left I am still hoping for a engagement what do you guys think
  4. Ship Zone

    thankyou hopefully we get something soon
  5. Ship Zone

    I want to know if there were any good shamy moments in tonights taping I need to know anyone please please the dispense is killing me
  6. Did we get anything from tonight taping at all
  7. Ship Zone

    me too still holding out for a proposal this season stil four tapings to after this one so fingers crosssed
  8. it just seem so weird cant seeing Sheldon going to one of those places and being episode 20 I was hoping for more shamy advancement say a proposal we only have 5 tapings left
  9. Hi guys what do think about next week taping I seen that Sheldon goes to a western bar what could that mean cant see Sheldon going to a western bar sounds a bit weird to me will it have to do with shamy ?
  10. Ship Zone

    Hi guys I know this is off the subject where are talking about at the moment but I just realized we only have five more tapings to for the season what do you think will happen with shamy I am still wanting an engagement what do you shamy fans think
  11. Ship Zone

    Can some one send me the taping report please I cant find it either I am dying to read about shamy please please
  12. Ship Zone

    yeah maybe a propsal