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  1. Ship Zone

    I was actually very excited for Sheldon when I read he finally got his DL. I was like: This is huge for Sheldon! It's a rite of passage! Then I became sad, because it kind of feels like all the gaps are being filled and our show is ending. What 's next? The elevator gets fixed? Penny finally gets an acting job? Howard's Dad shows up? Raj finally finds a steady girlfriend? I forgot to mention: We finally learn Penny's last name?
  2. Actor

    I love it when Jim goes on the Dan Patrick show. He is just so raw when he is on the show.
  3. Actor

    I knew I've always loved teal. How is this man real? He is just so gorgeous and beyond perfect.
  4. Ship Zone

    I thought I was the only one who had a thing about hands. Yes, Jim has beautiful hands. They're piano-playing hands. The thing about his hands in particular is that they say he is sophisticated, refined and kind.
  5. Ship Zone

    The hat takes your choice into consideration. Ravenclaw would be ideal for Sheldon because of his intellect, but I think his bravery and inner strengh is more dominent.
  6. Ship Zone

    So who is the Hufflepuff and who is the Gryffindor? If anything, I would have sorted Amy into Ravenclaw. Sheldon and Penny seem like total Gryffindors to me. We all know Leanord is a Hufflepuff.
  7. Ship Zone

    I have a feeling this will be Melissa Rauch's episode. I know she will be hilariously funny. I can picture Bernadette trying to do some sound barriering, high pitched labor pain screams and cursing Howard for impregnating her. I think it will be an emotional journey for the Wolowitz: anxiety, joy, laughs and tears.
  8. Actually, I think Jim is a pretty smart, business savy guy (most here would agree). I doubt he would consider being involved with this project if he hadn't first given some serious thought. Perhaps, he wants to expand the projects for his production company. Or, most importantly, Jim wants to have a say in how the character develops (even in retrospect), because, as most have mentioned, he created this character into what it is today. I agree with a prior post that casting would be key to the success of a prequel. It could work if they get an young actor who is as compelling as Jim is at playing a character like Sheldon. As a producer, Jim could even be a coach/mentor to this actor. I think a young Sheldon could be endearing and funny. Think about the story about how Sheldon wanted to provide free electricity to the neighborhood, or Sheldon being chased by chicken, or Sheldon taking a bus to meet Will Wheaton. I would be great if the producers gave us glimpse of this prequel in the cannon show. Kind of what Arrow did with the Flash. They could do a flashback episode featuring a young Sheldon and could even introduce his dad and/or brother. If it plays well with audiences, the network/studio can order a full pilot.
  9. Ship Zone

    Exactly what I meant in my post.
  10. Ship Zone

    That sneak peak is adorable. I want what Shamy has (Is it silly that I am envious of fictional characters?)! They are so ready to live together and get married. Seriously, in just three episodes we've seen so much about their relationship and how they can truly co-habitate as couple than we've seen between the other couples. It's so great seeing them get along and being all domestic. What I like seeing the most in the sneak peak, though, is confirmation that Amy and Sheldon are truly well-matched with each other. We will never stop saying what a great job Howard and Raj did matching these two. Btw: I, too, love Jim in rolled sleeves and seeing those forearms.
  11. Ship Zone

    I am loving all these pictures. Season 10 has been Shamy goodness so far. In fact, seasons 8, 9 and 10 are all Shamy goodness (even when they were apart, we saw how much they cared for each other). I like how the writers have evolved their relationship. As I was thinking about how the Shamy has evolved and compared to Lenny, I saw the following parallels from Penny's and Sheldon's points of view. The first couple of seasons (1-4) are about the Lenny relationship, which touched on Penny and her issues committing to Leonard. It was not until Season 7 that Penny truly committed to Leonard. With Shamy, we spent four seasons (4-8) dealing with Sheldon's commitment issues with Amy. If we think about it, the catalyst for both Penny and Sheldon with regards to their significant others happens in Season 5, the midpoint of where we are now. In season 5, Sheldon finally admits he wants a relationship with Amy and asks her to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Penny finally started giving Leonard a real shot in recombination hypothesis and beta test. In Season 7, we have the next major shifts for Penny and Sheldon. Season 7 is when Penny finally agrees to marry Leonard and when Sheldon finally kisses and becomes more physical with Amy. The next big shift for Sheldon and Penny and their respective relationships happens in season 9, where Penny and Leonard get married (Penny suggested to go to Las Vegas) and Sheldon and Amy finally have coitus. Another parallel between Penny and Sheldon happened during the even seasons 6 and 8. In season 6, we see penny making more of an effort in her relatonship with Leanord. She finnaly says I love you. In Season 8, it was Sheldon's turn to make an effort in his relationship with Amy (think Mars and Fort), and he finally says I love you. Season 10 so far seems to have both couples on an equal footing. Season 10 is about the couples as individual entities, if you will, with each finally cohabitating separately and growing into their own identities as fully committed couples. The LA experiment is huge part of that. The experiment is as much for the benefit of Lenny as it is for Shamy’s. I believe both couples will grow from this experiment and continue parallel paths that will eventually cross. In fact, Shamy's trajectory is now very close to crossing paths with Lenny's. Although Shamy may be slow in getting to major steps in their relationship, they are quick to embrace change when it happens (think about how quickly they added kissing to the RA). Sheldon is not far from proposing to Amy and marrying her. It may very well happen this season (we all know that when Sheldon makes ups his mind, he acts). The next big step for both couples will probably when they decide to start a family.
  12. Ship Zone

    Thanks for all the likes. I am glad that Shamy is getting all the lovin' here. Season ten is looking great so far. #forscience
  13. Ship Zone

    This was the best episode in the longest time. Probably the best ever. I loved it all: the Shamy, the Lenny, Howardette. Nonstop fun. I need more Shamy bed scenes, more cuddling, more foreplay fights. #forscience.
  14. Ship Zone

    Most likely he did meet them online. It would be cool if he did meet them while making plans for his proposal to Amy.