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  1. Yes that's the Catch-22 of regulations. While they definitely protect people they also drive up prices.
  2. Ship Zone

    Needs Care Bears!!!!!
  3. Yes they're allowed. The requirements for operation vary from state to state but here's a link to the basics. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/requirements-opening-in-home-day-care-center-4521.html But since Bernie's mother's was illegal the point is moot. Sadly because child care is so expensive illegal day-cares are rampant.
  4. Actor

    Angoras? I thought they were Tribbles.
  5. Yes Bernie's mother worked, though in their home. She ran an illegal daycare in their basement. I always assumed Bernie helped with more than just her siblings, but with the daycare kids too. That's why she resented it and disliked kids.
  6. Actor

    She still had her OE nose!!!
  7. Ship Zone

    But doesn't sitting around without pants make him sorta like a Boy Scout... always prepared. That way it saves Penny's limbic system time.
  8. episodes

    But then there's a change we would have to see Sheldon with his tightie whities on his head for fifteen or twenty of those minutes. Careful what you wish for.
  9. Ship Zone

    No wonder they had so much trouble getting it up the stairs. They're carrying it wrong end first. That's 'against the grain' that way.
  10. Actor

    From your lips to God's ears!! Though I bet she was pretty well taped in to that outfit for 'safeties' sake.
  11. Ship Zone

    Why wasn't I invited to this convention?!?!
  12. Ship Zone

    Maybe it's just me but it looks like she's wearing Leonard's boxers in that picture so T-shirts wouldn't be out of the question. Though would it look much different from one of her T-shirts? They're about the same size after all.
  13. Ship Zone

    Well maybe not in public places.
  14. Ship Zone

    And her maiden name was Hennessy?
  15. How could you narrow it down to just 101?It must be approaching 1,000,001 by now.