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  1. Now its the Ides of March,2017 and most of the North East is covered by several inches of snow. Its also very cold over at least 1/2 of the USA--even down here in Fort Lauderdale, it will be in the 40's tonight.
  2. From the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel citing Tribune News services "Young Sheldon" stars Iain Armitage, who's appeared on Steve Harvey's "Big Shots" and in the Nicole Kidman-Reese Witherspoon mini-series "Big Little Lies" . Lance Barber will play Sheldon's father, Zoe Perry plays Sheldon's mom, and Reagan Revord and Montana Jordan will play his siblings. Parsons, as the adult Sheldon, will serve as narrator. -Associated Press
  3. Actor

    Karl Cook is in an equestrian show on NBCSN right now--3-4pm EST today.
  4. I saw Lisa Kudrow on TV yesterday talking up her new movie "Table 19" starting 3/3/17. They showed a clip, and both "Memaw" and "Dave" were at her table,too.
  5. Non-Show Discussion

    Sorry you had such s rough day. It sounds like the whole family did. I usually find that a night of sleep makes everyone feel better and everyone wants to be friends again in the morning. Sleep tight!
  6. I never understood why Leonard would have had a lot of education debt--both of his parents were professors at Princeton and I always thought their kids got free rides.
  7. Episodes

    RE: Bernie drinking & breastfeeding. When I had my kids 40 years ago, we were advised to have a beer or glass of wine to help relax and aid the breastfeeding! I didn't much because I don't care for beer or wine.
  8. I was at the "Big Bear" episode last year and Kaley & Johnny said they'd all like to keep on doing this show for as long as we want to see them--even if it was years.
  9. Ship Zone

    I thought she was claiming she got her bad eye problems from her father, genetically. I don't think she was saying her father was as insensative as Sheldon.
  10. I've had to give my elderly cat Miralax--it was prescribed by the Vet; maybe Raj's Vet told him about the Imodium.
  11. Actor

    According to "TV Weekly", Melissa's movie "The Bronze" will be shown on STARZ on Wed. 2/1/2017 at 12:01 am, EST. I'll need to tape it.
  12. Apparently it is National Chocolate Cake Day, too, per Mayim's message.
  13. Actor

    Did she lose Esau? I know she said he was elderly and ailing in a picture a while back.
  14. I don't see why Penny, and even Leonard, don't just go see that psychiatrist that made them feel better. Both of them have the kind of jobs that have good health insurance that would cover at least a few sessions, and they probably could even afford them themselves in real life. Also, if Penny "has a guy" for her money, she should come clean to him about her mountain of debt and make plans to deal with it. Then she'd have some idea about how much longer she needed to do this job she doesn't like and could make some plans about what to do next. I know none of this is very funny, but the way they are going on now on the show isn't funny, either.
  15. Actor

    Just watching the episode where Beverly first visits and tells Penny that she may have "an external locus of identity " as many actresses do. I often think of this when I see all Kaley's postings.