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  1. Ship Zone

    Correct me if I am wrong I don't think we have seen the bedroom since Penny redecorated it
  2. Ship Zone

    too bad this scene was not real is was part of Leonard's fantasy in the 100th episode but the scene in season 3 where Penny says you really are a genius was real and hot
  3. Ship Zone

    a few episodes later that season was the 100th episode and Lenny got back together for good My mistake they were already dating again in this episode they got back together a month earlier
  4. Ship Zone

    I know I was just having fun with the idea that maybe Leonard's boss tells him to quit having sex in the lab cause we know the 2 times Penny visited in season 6 and the one time in season 8 or 9 they had sex in the lab
  5. Ship Zone

    Penny has visited his lab in season 6 and season 8 or 9 where they were caught by Howard and Raj I think Penny is no longer allowed in Leonard's lab cause every time she visits they have sex in the lab. It wasn't Leonard's idea maybe it's a new CalTech policy no sex in the lab
  6. Ship Zone

    Well I guess we are for sure going to get season 11 and 12 where do you see Lenny going in the next 2 years thought I start a discussion about the future of Lenny
  7. Ship Zone

    Next week's Comic Con episode should give us more Lenny moments Penny wanting to go to Comic Con is she turning in to a nerd
  8. Ship Zone

    This is another I want to see if we are getting two more seasons of BBT Penny dancing in the kitchen while making breakfast in Leonard's shirt
  9. Ship Zone

    I think Penny has found out over the years do not leave the bedroom without being covered up remember the first episode she was using the shower in 4A and she came in a towel and Raj and Howard were there
  10. Ship Zone

    If we are getting 2 more seasons I want to see Lenny get their own house Like Howard and Bernadette and for the guys to continue work on their air force project hopefully we will see the end results
  11. I bet the main cast and supporting cast are getting a raise cause Kaley said in a interview when asked if BBT would be renewed she said that is a very expensive question
  12. Ship Zone

    Did I miss something has BBT been renewed for 2 more years I hope so
  13. Ship Zone

    To be honest I think Penny looks hot in anything
  14. Ship Zone

    It is just one of the many things on the show that is never mentioned again or explained
  15. Ship Zone

    Maybe it did not go with the black dress Penny has good fashion sense or she chooses not to wear it out in public for fear of losing it I am sure she keeps it in a special place