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  1. Here is the thing though we have only seen him on a plane once and while he was a pain because he was being an ass to Howard, I didn't see any indications that he needed to be drugged for any other reason. They were both afraid of the turbulence.And you are right we have no idea how he was up to the point Amy gave him the funny tasting juice. But we also have never heard anything that said he hated to fly. I think I have only read that in fanfiction. Do we know he loves trains more? Yes as indicated in the one when they went to San Francisco. I don't think that was because he hates flying but more because he would have rather taken the train. We have seen him traveling in a car and again while being a general ass, I have never really seen any indication that he needs drugs in order to travel, except if they just want him sleeping, which is obviously the case. I agree that Leonard or Penny drugging the other would make no sense whatsoever.
  2. I'm going to weigh in and say that I would miss any of the characters if they left. They all have their own personalities that make the show what it is. Do I think the addition of Amy and Bernadette made the show better, not necessarily. I definitely enjoyed the first three seasons as much as I enjoy it now but for different reasons. Before I watched this show I had no idea was shipping was. Then the Locomotive Manipulation aired and I got more and more hooked on Shamy. Did I always want Penny and Leonard together, absolutely, but I sort of knew that would happen from day 1. It was written that way. I knew it was going to be how can I get the girl type of show. And I am with many of you on here that feel the he wore me down storyline is old. I can't stand when they talk about that.....he didn't wear her down....she fell in love with him. Did it take some time, of course, because she was afraid. She had been hurt so many times that she was cautious. And of course Leonard was nothing like all those other guys until tptb decided he needed to have cheated on her. Now as far as Bernadette.....she made Howard a better doubt about it. He was utterly creepy and still has his moments now. Just a few weeks ago it was pointed out to him by Leonard. Amy made Sheldon somewhat different. He is still an ass just not all the time, in my opinion. I watch older episodes now and say why do they put up with him? How is he not dead? Why are they friends with him? But I do sometimes say the same thing about Leonard. He can be really mean to Sheldon. Not as much as the opposite way but these guys are supposedly best friends and they both have treated each other terribly at times.
  3. Ship Zone

    I am with you. I love being spoiled and honestly half the stuff doesn't play out the way it sounds. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is worse. I remember reading the I love you for the first time and almost screaming out loud while at work. It was so great then when I watched it, I loved watching the reactions to those around me that were not spoiled. I want to know when the proposal comes but if someone else doesn't who am I to argue or judge. Although when it does happen it might be hard to keep from those that are not spoiled. The I love you was hard....this will be harder. Thank goodness the coitus episode was spoiled by the media.
  4. Ship Zone

    Here you go, I hope this helps.
  5. Thank you! I was so angry at that line. I was like Leonard made you? Nope not at all..... I hadn't thought about the apology but the more I think about it the more I don't understand why they felt the need to come over, I guess the writer's needed to create more angst between Lenny.....because apparently that is all they are good for. I do feel for Lenny fans on this one. I think Howard made the episode more enjoyable for me. His lines were spot on. His back and forth with deaf Emily made me laugh. Kind of wonder what was actually supposed to have been said. However we all know she is a gold digger and her dating basically Bruce Wayne nailed that again.(Hey the writers were consistent about something) I thought the emotion detector was silly fun and I did laugh when he read Amy's emotions in his office. I did agree at the end when Bernadette read Sheldon it was spot on. All in all I actually enjoyed this episode. I know I am in the minority.
  6. Okay so I don't usually weigh in on TR very often but this one I want to do so. Thanks @Trinabeana78 for the report. So now what I want to comment on is this. I get it Shamy have sex once a year, good for them. I love it if they are okay with it. No issues there. But here is the thing, the writers make us think that they are doing it more or will do it more with certain aspects. We had an entire episode of Sheldon trying to seduce Amy so they could have a baby. It will take probably more than once a year if they ever do want to have children. When they first moved in together, Amy pulled Sheldon aside and spoke about coital expectations. If the agreement was to only do it once a year on her birthday why was it necessary to have that discussion? To me that is just ridiculous. Either they are going to bring this out that they would like to do it more than once or not. To say let's take it off the table when it was going to be months before it actually happened ticks me off. It got my hopes up. I thought they did the whole once a year thing joke and then waited the year just to keep the joke but after it happened I thought they would have that conversation that they took off the table. I get that they had to do this so Sheldon knew what to keep secret and what not to but he is supposedly a grown man that apparently can drive and he doesn't know to keep his private life private. Is this some oh now I am one of the guys I can talk about it like the rest of the guys do. As for the Raj storyline I will reserve judgment until it airs. The episode doesn't sound bad, that is not what I am saying, it just pisses me off that these two grown adults can't seem to have a mature conversation about how often they would like to engage in intimate activities. If they have offscreen then the jokes about the once a year thing need to be squelched.
  7. Okay I am weighing in on my thoughts. And I would say this episode was okay. I was one that when I read the TR I thought it didn't sound so bad. To me it sounded like Leonard and Penny were adjusting to living alone together for the first time. I thought not too bad, everyone needs time to do that. But it came off much worse in my opinion. I mean I see Penny as someone who thinks she should be treated the way her daydream was. In season 6 the girls told her Leonard does things he doesn't like to make her happy and she told them that was his job. When they questioned what her job was she answered letting him make me happy. She has no interest in what he likes and has even made fun of his stuff in seasons past. This season she hides his stuff and leaves nothing but a candle when redecorating? Not even the cute pictures of the two of them(prom and best fiancé ever). But he is the one who isn't trying? Him sitting in his underwear and burping was not funny at all in my opinion because it isn't him. Dancing in his underwear maybe but being a slob nope not Leonard. Although we did get a little foreshadowing in Brain Bowl when Penny asked why he didn't eat broccoli and he answered "I'm married I don't have to be attractive." while stuffing his face full of noodles. The fight was out of the blue in my opinion and wasn't what I expected. The one in the last episode made more sense since they were a bit tense from the tree and all. I got that. We have all had those days where little things set us off. And there seemed to be no transition to Sheldon and Leonard going to the spa. Where was that conversation? Things that were in character was Penny saying things were fine when they aren't. She has been known to do that. But other than that not really much else. To me they need to talk about things they want maybe not put it in an agreement, no matter if they will actually use it or not. But I did get why Leonard may want it and I said this when I read the TR. It is how he has lived for the last 13 years. He is kind of used to it. But Penny being in agreement doesn't make sense to me at all. I wish we would have seen them coming to the conclusion about why they wanted one. I have to say I agree the conversation between Shamy at the spa was not needed. Who cares if Sheldon likes cucumber water or not. Now while I enjoyed the Shamy kiss, awkward or not, it was completely out of place. Now I am not saying it is OOC because he has kissed her in front of other people. But the fact was he felt uncomfortable doing it when his friends were fighting and when they said go ahead they took it too far. It was ridiculous and I know the writer's were making a point. I did like the I will miss you and miss you more using math and science. It was cute. But for crying out loud it wasn't like she was going away for 3 months! It was a weekend trip. Good for Penny for pulling her away. We get it they are in the honeymoon stages of living together and stuff but so are Penny and Leonard living by themselves. I guess with the start of the cohabitation we saw Shamy fighting now we have to see Lenny too. UGH! I love Shamy but they were not very much in character last night in my opinion even if I did enjoy watching the scenes. Also I know some are okay with a relationship agreement between Sheldon and Amy and I was too, after seeing the silly I have to laugh comment but when Sheldon made the comment about bringing up nostalgia stuff I was a bit angry about it. So she can't reminisce? Well I can see him not wanting to remember the break up and such but come on they have had some very good moments too. Howard thinking about how to fix the floor kind of made me laugh just because he knew they would no. The end result did make me laugh. All in all I didn't laugh that hard like in the past couple of weeks.
  8. Ship Zone

    Oh this sucks. I have to wait until I am done work to read. I can't get Tumblr on my computer.
  9. Ship Zone

    I find myself checking every few minutes. I have been doing so since 5am.
  10. I agree but like I said it was perceived by me in that episode she hated it but the following year they seemed to be having fun and last years as well. And that is what I want to see again. In season 3 when they were going to go to Switzerland they never said it was pressure or anything so again it seems that the writers forget that she was into it in season 3, thought it sucked in season 6, and season 7 and 9 seemed to like it. I want them to like it and have a good Valentine's this year with no issues, reservations, dogs or fighting, or whatever else the dumb writers can come up with.
  11. She said Valentine's Day sucks. That is pretty close to hate to me.
  12. I would love to see everyone happy but sadly you are correct. This show seems to thrive on someone in conflict. I do hope they change that this year though but I have no real hopes of it. I would love to see Penny be the one to plan a Valentine's Day since she really hates the holiday or maybe they just decide to stay in like they did in season 7. Even though they ended up at the vets I still think it started out good. If they can stay at home and not fight I would love it. And it goes without saying I want a happy one for Shamy too. I hope no one is fighting in this next episode but.....who knows anymore.
  13. Ship Zone

    When I heard the line in the preview last night I was like oh they still have an agreement and laughed. I guess I never really thought about them not having one just because we didn't hear about it that much. Yes we heard how much Amy didn't like the meetings but she thought when Sheldon had to make up the dates it was better than hot it was "binding". Honestly I really don't care if they have one or not as long as they aren't fighting over it like Leonard and Sheldon did over their Roommate Agreement.
  14. You know I never thought about what Raj did in that way. You are definitely right though, people will defend it because of it being Penny. Now that it has been pointed out I must say I do feel differently about that too. That was just as wrong. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. He did not get upset you are correct. I never said I didn't laugh at how she got him to the car, I actually found that funny. I also laughed when Leonard wanted to know the recipe for the juice or however he asked. The underwear was very immature and I'm not going to make the excuse it's Sheldon being Sheldon because that isn't him. This was Sheldon being a weirdo for some unknown reason to prove a point which could also have been done differently. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk