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  1. Indeed. I always enjoy Kripke and Beverley, and neither is exactly likeable. I was fine with Amy0, when she was extremely rude and treated everyone except Sheldon with disdain. The character first started to go wrong after she forced her way into P & B's girls' night and then became repulsively needy. Needy can never be funny, IMO. And while there's nothing wrong with having a malicious character, Amy's malice has a slyness that I find depressing. And in a comedy, a character like that is expected to get her come-uppance, but Amy never does. Amy is sometimes funny, not so often as the other characters, but how is that supposed to appeal especially to female viewers? Why wouldn't male viewers like the smoking monkeys or the brain dissection soliloquies? Shamy is surely not funny, and that's Amy's main role.
  2. I believe your first sentence is correct. But to me adding Shamy to prolong the series' life has meant spinning it out by diluting the quality. It's equivalent to saying "we wouldn't have got 100 pints of beer out of this 72-pint cask if we hadn't topped it up with water halfway through". I'm only referring to Shamy: Bernadette has enriched the show IMO. I think it would have been better to have no Shamy, finish the series in 6 or 7 seasons, and let the stars do other projects. I always thought KC should be making films like those Goldie Hawn did at that age, but I guess it's too late now. Among the many things in the world I don't understand is how Amy appeals to female viewership. She often seems to me like a hostile parody of a woman. Amy could equally well be played by a male actor, and often reminds me of those female impersonators we happily don't see so much of these days. The parody of feminity was supposed to be all good fun but there was often an undertone of real contempt.
  3. The point I was trying to make is that I see no reason to link MR and MB's renewals. Irrespective of Bernadette's and Amy's popularities with the audience, their position in the structure of the show is very different. Bernadette is deeply embedded; Howard couldn't reasonably exist as a character without her now, and she provides the only justification, such as it is, for Raj and Stuart still being in the show. Cutting her out would be like a major amputation. Amy on the other hand could be easily written out leaving all the other characters intact. Sheldon would have to change somewhat, and Penny and Leonard would to be IC be disappointed Amy wasn't getting Sheldon off their backs after all, but it could be managed. It might not be universally popular, but it could be done quite easily. Cutting Amy out would just require stitches. For comparison, Raj could be cut out without leaving a scar. I'm not saying what is likely to happen or what should happen, just what could be done if necessary.
  4. I meant other characters, not viewers.
  5. I don't know why Bernadette and Amy are treated as a package. They didn't come in together and have no special connection. I don't see how it would be possible to write out Bernadette without without also losing Howard. In fact Old Howard was pretty well done when they brought in Bernadette to save the character, who has been great ever since. Amy, on the other hand, could easily and cleanly (and IMO advantageously) be written out. Have Sheldon rediscover his emotional self-sufficiency and that his friends are all he needs. No-one else would miss her. Maybe bring back Emily, not necessarilly as Raj's gf but as another friend for Penny and Bernadette. Or have Raj join their girls' nights as an honorary girl.
  6. That's ridiculous - Raj is not even capable of being responsible for himself. Priya is far more grown-up and in fact is superior to Raj in every respect except intellectual achievement. Their parents are not shown as fools so would surely realise this.
  7. Also in 523 The Launch Acceleration what Raj said at Howard's stag party that Will Wheaton put on Facebook or something almost caused Bernadette to break off and cancel the wedding. Malice or idiocy?
  8. Rewatched 323 to confirm Leonard's going along with Penny's drunken desire for sex is not any way comparable to Raj's taking advantage of her helplessness in 424, I noticed how much more they did in each ep than they do now. And was the dialogue funnier then than now? There's also some great facial acting by KC; Penny hardly says a word in the scene with Zack and the guys on the roof, but her embarrassment is the heart of the scene. The only worthwhile long-term story arc pretty much finished with the scene at the train station in 724, when Penny and Leonard as an engaged couple walked away from Sheldon about to set out on his wanderings. Now we're in the disappointing sequel. That would have been the time for a Seldon-centred spinoff - Sheldon's train odessy around America.
  9. Ship Zone

    That's something to think about while watching tomorrow's Ireland vs England in the 6 Nations.
  10. Sometimes I feel I have a sort of mystical connection with the writers. When I think the show couldn't get any worse, they seem to sense my thought and rise to the challenge - it does get worse. I thought this ep would have been better if all the Shamy scenes had been cut out and replaced with Lenny or Penny-centered scenes, but do they have any writers who can even write Lenny any more? Raj and Stuart and the milk seemed to flounder. I wonder if they originally wrote something more extreme and fetishistic ( IC for R &S) but it was deemed to creepy to show, so what we saw is the wreckage after the creepy stuff was cut out. The Charlie Brown joke was pretty funny, tho.
  11. No idea what Sheldon's reaction would be. Perhaps he'd use the photo to prank Kripke. I thought one of the better Amy moments was the appraising way she glanced at the picture before putting her phone away after showing it to P & B.
  12. The "promise" to Raj, which BTW illustrates again how excessively soft-hearted Penny is, has no weight compared with her relationship with Leonard. Penny has every right to tell Leonard anything, and has no obligation to anyone to keep secrets from Leonard. Generally she would be sensible to tell L everything as she is actually quite naive (her "street smarts" seem to be a collective delusion) and Leonard should advise her when people have taken advantage of her.
  13. That bit in bold says it all IMO. The only way I can imagine this being even tolerable would be if the voice-over were Sheldon telling the story as he did in TBBT, and the events we see are stikingly different from the way he tells it.
  14. Typical that they couldn't even be bothered to round up one of the extras from the boat party scenes to be the participant in the North Sea snog. Why not use the South Asian woman facing Leonard, for example.
  15. Ship Zone

    You're right - I'd forgotten how far things went with L&L. In terms of serious relationships Leonard has more of a past than Penny.