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  1. Or take the problem in hand. That would be a neat reminder of the very first scene ever. I consider Penny the only really lovable character and I really want her and Leonard to be happy, but I don't particularly want to see their short, myopic, asthmatic, about-as-smart-as-Penny children.
  2. This year I've seen the word "Transhumanism" crop up quite a lot. I'd never seen it before. I haven't gone into it, but it seems superficially to refer to something that was an ambition of Sheldon's - to transfer his consciousness and personality into a more durable and powerful container than his body and brain. He mentioned this often in the early seasons, currently not so much. It would have made sense for the writers to jump on this "Sheldonist" trend and make it a major storyline. IMO the reason they haven't is Shamy. Not only has Amy crowded out the only female character with star quality, Penny, she's also reduced Sheldon to little more than a one half of a not-very-interesting relationship. IMO the problem is not that TBBT has become the Sheldon show, but that it's been replaced by the Shamy show, and the brilliant comic creation that was Sheldon has become just an ordinary guy who's unusually irritating.
  3. Why "even"? I always thought Beverly had great chemistry with Sheldon. I particularly liked the ep when they appeared to be discussing sex and it turned out to be karaoke.
  4. E4 always wastes minutes on trailers for other E4 shows. They could cut those if theyt've got more ads. Damn them.
  5. I think the revelation of the Mandy kiss was somewhat prepared for in 701 The Hofstadter Insufficiency. Penny cofided to Sheldon her most embarrassing secret, that she appeared topless in Serial Apist1. Then we saw Leonard on the boat showing the video of SA1 to his fellow scientists and boasting that the girl in it was his girlfriend. That in itself was a betrayal of Penny. Then we see Leonard being acclaimed by the gang on the boat as a stud, and L at the centre of a drunken party. This is clearly the first time in his life Leonard has been in this position and he's loving it. So it's not all that unexpected that things went a bit further later. Given that, it's odd that there were no more hints that something happened before 824.
  6. I'm only up to 1019, but from this point it looks as tho' Shamy could go 2 ways IMO. In The Collaboration Fluctuation it seemed the writers had finally found a believable and original basis for Shamy. I never believed that Sheldon felt erotic love for Amy, but I was fully convinced by their getting off on intellectual collaboration. So they could develop as a happy couple with a unique "deal", drop all the unsightly gropings and just show the intellectual sharing. I dare say such couples are very unusual, but it's better for the show to create something original and unconventional than to try to present a representative sample of 21st century californian relationships. Why should it do the latter? 1017 The ComiCon Conundrum showed an entirely different Shamy. An aspect of Amy's character is shown by her behaviour towards Penny: she developed a creepy crush on P, but now that's worn off she often disparages Penny's intelligence and education, as Sheldon does but in a sly way. Well, now it seems to me she's changed her behaviour to Sheldon now she's sure of him. Once she would have been thrilled if Sheldon took her to anything he wanted to go to, but now she's too selfish (unlike Penny) to go with him to CC, even tho' they would wear matching costumes. She's often treats Sheldon with impatiance and even contempt. It's been widely remarked that A behaves as tho' she were S's mother. But not like Sheldon's actual mother; Amy has none of the qualities that make Mary so lovable. Remember Amy's own mother is crazy and horrible. Watching 1017 I thought how long before Amy makes Sheldon sit in the Sin Closet like her mother did her. Sheldon deserves a better fate. 1017 also indicated that Sheldon's character has deteriorated as a result of his relationship with Amy. It's a matter of one word, but when Sheldon, trying to persuade Amy to come with him to CC, says "there's my pretty girlfriend", he descends to deliberately dishonest flattery for the first time ever. These facts are all either well-established or self-evident: (1) Amy is not pretty; (2) Sheldon doesn't think Amy is pretty; (3) S doesn't care that A is not pretty (4) A knows that S doesn't think she's pretty; (5) A doesn't care that S doesn't think she's pretty (6) S knows that A doesn't care. But now Sheldon has given up the honesty and frankness which has always been an admirable, if sometimes disconcerting, part of his behaviour, to try to cajole Amy into doing what he wants, even tho' in his better days he would have known it couldn't work. So which is the future for Shamy - as in 1019 or 1017? Or are they both one-offs?
  7. It doesn't seem unlikely that the programme companies would use unpaid interns for that, actually.
  8. How about Leonard decides to raise his game and try one of the things that Penny likes that he refused because he thought it was dangerous - and it turned out it is dangerous and Lenny is injured? Eg horseriding - L could be thrown or kicked either while learning in order to surprise Penny, or while they're riding together. Don't know which would be better. But of course the problem with any L injured and P looks after him scenarios is that it would require giving Lenny a major share of the screentime, and what are the odds of that happening?
  9. Well, this is good. Shamy finally have a basis to their relationship that I can believe in, instead of the totally unbelievable sexual bond. If this means no more horrible Shamy bed scenes, but only Shamy whiteboard scenes, I could even start to ship them a bit (see how I used "ship" as a verb like I knew what it meant). Not as much as I do Lenny, obvs, but a little bit. It's good Penny has a new girlfriend now Bernadette is too busy. Too bad it's Raj, but you can't have everything. Now they need another to complete trhe social triangle. Now Penny no longer has 4B, girls' nights have to be in 4A.
  10. What could Penny do? Well, my understanding is that she's a pretty good actress but isn't going to make it as a star. It seems to me that a lot of people in a lot of roles in life are essentially acting. Penny is already using acting skills as a pharma rep. A couple of possibilities: remember Sheldon asked her to teach him acting skills for his lecturing. It would be natural for her to have already coached Leonard for his presentations at conferences. They could go with that, either she's hired by CalTech to coach their scientists to give gripping presentations, or she sets up as a freelance consultant doing that. Or she could run for elected office - a lot of actors there. Either as a Democrat (we saw her in a Hillary 08 sweatshirt early on) or for a fictional new left-liberal/green/ feminist party. A lot of easy plots there, and could be setting up for a spinoff when TBBT ends, if that's what KC wants.
  11. I think TBBT promotes the hypothesis that intelligence is more a collection of specific abilities than all-purpose smartness. We are told that Sheldon and Amy are highly accomplished scientists but we see both of them behaving like idiots compared to the rest of the gang except Raj, who is also supposed to be an accomplished astrophysicist and behaves like an idiot. We have seen Penny explaining to each of them concepts of behaviour that any generally intelligent person should have picked up for themselves. I wonder if there exists a set of assumptions about the characters that every writer is given, or do they make everything up as they go along. For example, one could suggest that part of the reason Sheldon is a socially underdeveloped is that he went to college when still a child and had all his formative experiences before he was old enough to learn from them. But since Sheldon is fictional, the question is whether that is what the creators of the show had in mind when they defined his character.
  12. Ah, the 200th was such a false dawn. It gave Penny the focus she deserves. Such a let down afterwards.
  13. The Penny and Sheldon strand of TADD was brilliantly written itself, but also benefitted from the nicely-balanced relationship between Penny and Sheldon: there was a general feeling of slight antagonism from S to P, so that when Sheldon rescued Penny and looked after her it had extra impact. This was also the case with for example The Hug in The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. We don't get that subtlety in the S & P relationship any more.
  14. There's an exchange in 1017 The comicon conundrum that could bode ill for Lenny. When L says they can do something they both enjoy instead, P says "whitewater rafting!" with great excitement. L says they could compromise on some ride at Disneyland. IRL that would be very regrettable. P will be deeply disappointed that L didn't want to join her in something she loves. Also L may be scared of WWR, but it's worrying that he doesn't mind appearing a wimp to P, or apparently love her enough to overcome his fears. Bad show, Leonard. Alternatively, this may just be a one-off joke that isn't supposed to have any long-term significance. One never knows.
  15. In 219 The dead hooker juxtaposition, Alicia was supposed to be as hot as Penny. (I didn't think she was, but for the story to make sense you have to accept she is). Leonard foolishly ran after Alicia. But it is impossible to imagine their becoming a couple because Alicia totally lacks Penny's charm, intelligence, wit and kindness, as well as her delightfully animated facial expressions. While the Penny character has a good foundation in KC's good looks, what makes her so irresistable is the way she's acted. That's why KC is a star.