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  1. Ship Zone

    Any BTS you can share with us ?
  2. Agree.. Stuart and Leonard´s mom were fun... great episode.. light, fun and no drama in the end.....
  3. Ship Zone

    Finally...we've been waiting for this for sooo long I really hope this plot does not end in one single episode.... there is so much fun / interesting scenarios they can go...
  4. Ship Zone

    Maybe Mayim is anxious about the ring just like us....Good I kept my expectations low this time. I'm start to think they will leave the proposal to the end of season 10...as a cliffhanger perhaps (they could have at least 3..Raj moving to india, Lenny pregnancy or divorce and Shamy proposal ....) Thanks for TR
  5. Ship Zone

    OH MY..love how creative you guys are.... LOL
  6. Ship Zone

    I wish they could put an end on this stupid once year coitus.. this is ridiculous in my opnion.... besides that i´m very happy with we´ve got so far...
  7. Agree..that was a fun to watch... love all the couples....found Lenny and the tree histerical....
  8. I liked......for the 1st time in ages Stuart had some pretty funny lines....liked his interaction with Raj and H/berny... The paint plot took longer than i thought.... and I would like to see more about the division of their others things... Wondering why they cut the scene where sheldon is explain something to Amy using his hands... CL was okay...laught some lines but they should have used him with a better plot IMO
  9. Ship Zone

    Loved Amy face in the last picture.... sheldon is trying problably to push something horrible, like the clock,.... Amy won´t buy it... Can not win with sassy Amy ehehe
  10. Ship Zone

    Finally...need more details to survive thru the day here....... This was our xmas present...thanks writers
  11. The votation scheme is ridiculos...most of people will press on check box and that's it.. they don't want waist time typing.... ..Think Johny, Mayim and Simon deserved some recognition too
  12. Poor Mayim...working as a leading ..earning like an intern ...lol Agree that lab scenes were good..seduction part not so much fun for me..they should reduce the time imo . Unbalance of characters worries me too.
  13. Agree.. he should play himself.. maybe some BTTF festival.. with some present and perhaps futures scenes... old crazy sheldon and Leonard would be fun..
  14. Ship Zone

    Really think the LA is done deal but IMO I think they should move to other place..something bigger ...seems odd to me they have to live in a very small apartment.. without any of their personal belongs..... I think they will move to a better place up the end of the season, following with a proposal of course. Love the hallway scene.. indee one of the best scenes ever.. the way Amy understood his feelings and give him space and also comprehension... loved...great to have some big chances without any words, just feeling...... well done writers
  15. I loved... have to agree that FWF was a little too long and kind of boring but the rest of episode was priceless.... love Lenny new room and Leonard hiding stuff... so funny. Hall scenes was great.. so sutil and well done.. love love love the way Amy handle... I also love the possibility to Shamy living in a new place.. I can not stand the fact they have to live in tinny 4B... I want them to live nearby and in their apartment.. full of monkeys, brains, trains and books stuffs..they really need a house with more personality...