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  1. Ship Zone

    Good Grief!!! You just made my day!!! I kept thinking of Tracy and Hepburn.......
  2. I appreciate knowing these details, Tensor. For me, the commercials are so hugely intrusive, I "watch" the show, but then "really" watch it without them. An amazing difference. If I couldn't watch it again, I think I would be more than frustrated. But, it does look like a bad week for several shows, so......No goodbye Steve.
  3. Actor

    Hi, I did listen to Jim's show. He said he would be on next Friday, but didn't mention any longer term possibilities. It was a great show, about Russia.
  4. Actor

    That's fine, mirs1. I haven't yet listened to last night's show, but will let you know if he said anything. Thanks.
  5. Actor

    Hi, I wondered where you read that Jim's show is being extended. I signed on to Sirius just because of him. I love how he is so genuine in his questions, so well prepared. Thanks for the news.
  6. The article ends with a sentence that I don't understand: "Warner Bros. is also believed to be eyeing an SVOD sale of the property at long last." Can anyone translate for me?
  7. Tensor, thank you for your important notes, such as this one on Legacy's second week's audience. You answered my question before I asked it, as usual.
  8. I respect your thoughtful post. I do understand what you are saying in the last paragraph. It made me think more carefully. Thank you.
  9. episodes

    You nailed it! My thoughts exactly. A great chance for his character to grow. And it expands BBT beyond nerds. Penny's role was to do that for years, but now that has softened, as she's found a lucrative job. It is good to have this mix for all the characters.
  10. Wowbagger, you made my day. Really. I appreciate your analysis.
  11. As one of the masses, I did indeed freak. Whew. I do wonder what caused the bleep.....
  12. Ship Zone

    You write very well, by the way.
  13. Ship Zone

    But how do you really feel, April!? I'm delighted to agree with everything you've said. It was a beauty of an episode.....yes!
  14. I so agree with you, especially about what we will come to call "the hallway scene." Having come on this journey with Sheldon Cooper, it was extraordinary to watch him stand there, and feel exactly what he was going through. Great, subtle acting perfectly done. And Amy....exactly the right response. Bravo to them.
  15. episodes

    Hi, I wonder if you could tell me which critics you are reading.....which you think are best to follow. I pick them up randomly , and did note that today there were quite a few good reviews! I'd appreciate your advice. GInny