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  1. Ship Zone

    On that picture from Mayim's Facebook page, you can see the corner edge of a little plaque. I'm guessing it's the beginning of 'Three-toed Sloth'. Seems like a zoo exhibit to me.
  2. Ship Zone

    Yeah, there are plenty of moments in this season alone, and we still have 5 episodes to go! Here are a few of my favorites for S10: - “The Cohabitation Experimentation” tag - science argument->make out - Buridan’s donkey hallway discussion where Sheldon chooses Amy over his comfortable homeostasis - Toothbrush holder hug - Sheldon’s seduction attempts in “The Brain Bowl Incubation” - MRI birthday gift - Harry Potter cosplay - “The Romance Recalibration” goodbye kiss - Sheldon flirting in “The Comic Con Conundrum” tag
  3. Ship Zone

    It does feel like this season has been building up to something for L/P or Raj. I’m still leaning towards something related to Sheldon as well, though. When it comes time for next season, I agree with @mirs1 that they might want to have a lot of Sheldon-focused advertising for the spin-off. Like @spidergirl, I don’t want the new series to affect the current show at all, and hopefully they won’t try to tie it in directly to an episode of TBBT. But I do expect it to be promoted somehow, so when it comes time for fall premieres, I could see them wanting to advertise the Sheldon character as much as possible to get people to tune in for both shows.
  4. Ship Zone

    Well to be clear, Sheldon is mean during this little part. It’s been difficult to explain or describe why I enjoyed their argument despite that. I think everyone will just have to judge this aspect for themselves. Regardless, the end result of them successfully working together is pretty sweet, and I think the tag showed they were in a great place. I liked their set of final rules, and thought it was just right for them I was really hoping for that going into the filming of the tag scene, but it'll have to remain in the realm of fanfic writers for now. Sheldon's Amy impression should tide everyone over. It still makes me smile to think that that's what it looks like to him when she walks, lol.
  5. Ship Zone

    They tried Amy’s ultra-friendly collaboration plan first, and when that yielded poor results, they were both frustrated. Sheldon then aimed some of his frustration at Amy, which shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone. He’s rude in the way that you would probably expect from his character. It’s possible that some won’t like their argument, but I was fine with it. Season 10 Amy didn’t just sit there and take it, she got to have an equal voice, and the back-and-forth nature of their little spat is why I chose to describe it as snark. It was also interrupted a few times by their various work-related epiphanies, and it didn’t take long for them to figure out that riling each other up was actually the thing that was helping them progress.
  6. Ship Zone

    Ooh, I could make a list of Shamy moments, but it looks like you guys pretty much have it covered. So I’ll just say:
  7. Ship Zone

    Yup, it's in there. It's one of a number of things I left out because my TR was long and I didn't want to spoil all the fun little things anyway.
  8. Ship Zone

    This is in the episode, so you will find out. It's one of many little details that I remember but left out of the TR. Shamy working together plays out so very differently than Sheldon and Raj. You'll all have to form your own opinions about the dialog. The thing that I enjoyed about the Shamy storyline was the way that Amy pushed back against Sheldon's attempts to dominate their working relationship, and the fact that it turned out to be just what he (and she) needed most to be successful. I think it ends up showing once again how well-suited those two are for one another. I think most Shamy fans will enjoy this episode. With the way that they kind of argue and Sheldon makes rude remarks, I suspect a lot of non-Shamy fans might think we're all nuts for enjoying it though, lol.
  9. Ship Zone

    Interesting TR bits. I think feeling homesick/nostalgic after realizing he lost his journal makes more sense than being physically sick, but we’ll have to wait and see. If it turns out that he’s trying to recall his past and recreate his journal, that sounds almost like a possible premise for the “Young Sheldon” spinoff. Last I heard, Jim is going to be narrating that, presumably as adult Sheldon remembering things.
  10. I was just reading this article and while TBBT ratings are down quite a bit, the show seems to be faring better than the other prime time CBS scripted programs this season.
  11. Ship Zone

    Yeah, that was great! I liked how Sheldon recognized the truth of Amy’s explanation and that he was immediately calmed by it. Wanting to have a plan B for every situation does not mean that he considers that situation to be likely in any way. The order that he would eat his friends in the event of an apocalypse is an absurd scenario, but that was his first thought as an example. It seems that he finds the idea of needing an ‘escape hatch’ from his relationship to be pretty darn improbable if that’s the comparison that springs to his mind.
  12. I enjoyed meeting you too, @BigBangEnthusiast! As soon as the episode contained talk of scientific collaboration, I knew I was going to write a longer TR than I had originally intended, and long as it is, I can still think of lots of little details I didn’t include. Speaking of stuff I didn’t include, I forgot to mention a few behind the scenes things from Tuesday. When Kaley and Johnny spoke to the audience, Kaley said that she ‘thinks it’s safe to say’ there will be two more seasons, so presumably Mayim and Melissa’s negotiations are still ongoing. Johnny had some nice things to say to the 20+ Big Bang UCLA scholars who were in the audience for the taping. I didn’t know that it was a scholarship endowment designed to last in perpetuity, or that it had contributions from the crew as well as the execs and cast. The audience host always asks attendees if they want to come up and say anything about the show’s effect on their lives or what it means to them. It was nice to see Chuck Lorre happily listening along to what the fans had to say during that. I know people here don't always like the guy, but he does seem to care about the show. The host kept referring to 4A as Leonard and Sheldon's apartment and 4B as Penny’s apartment. I’m sure it’s a habit after 10 years, but I found the inaccuracy of it kinda annoying.
  13. Ship Zone

    I think given the choice between science and X, Sheldon will always knee-jerk respond science. I don't think he gave it any real thought, though, and he didn't even get to finish what he was saying before Amy called him a bonehead. If he had thought about it, I think he would've said they could manage both. Science is kind of their thing, after all. @April might also be right that he said it to make her mad and keep the creative ideas flowing because it was right after they realized the connection between their arguing and scientific breakthrough.
  14. It wasn't clear to me whether she had never talked to him about these people or if she had and he should've known who they were. I can't remember all the details of that scene well enough to even take a guess.
  15. Ship Zone

    Amy definitely stands up for herself throughout this episode, and it's great! I remember when Mary told Amy that she just needed to put some zing on it. Well, when Amy said that the first rule is that she makes the rules, there was a lot of zing in the delivery of that line. In fact, they had to reshoot that scene because the audience went 'ooh' instead of laughing, which we aren't supposed to do. Jim gave the audience a funny little mock look of reprimand for our loud 'ooh'.