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  1. Sending him out to pee several times, yes. A ticket that cost Leonard maybe a month's net salary (I don't know how much a physicist makes), seemed a bit much. On a side note, what I appreciated about the episode was they kept Sheldon's eidetic memory in tact. Rather than having forgotten the name of the girl in the cafeteria, he just simply didn't know it.
  2. It also seemed "off" that Amy apparently knew about Leonard's gift by her under-breath surprise that he finally used it. Sheldon has done a lot more annoying childish things that deserved being cast out as a child. That Leonard felt this was the time to redeem several thousand dollars of a Sheldon-free pass because he came up with a great idea just seemed....well, I don't know what to say. It just didn't fit with the situation.
  3. Ship Zone

    She said she was proud of him for reasons that have something to do with her father. They had moved past the conversation about her eyesight to Sheldon's ability to understand feelings and recognizing he had just hurt hers and then apologized. Unless I'm missing something, I thought her reply was in reference to Sheldon reminding her of her father, not inheriting bad eyes from him. If this theory is accurate, then I am ecstatic. If better explains why she was so tolerant of Sheldon's pre-breakup behavior and makes it more believable why she loves Sheldon inspite of his idiosyncrasies that sometimes cause hurt feelings.
  4. Ship Zone

    I really enjoyed how Sheldon called Amy out on enjoying the Lenny argument, but my favorite scene was how Amy put a consoling hand on sad Sheldon and Sheldon lifted himself to receive Amy's kiss. When he told her to put her glasses back on because she looked weird, her return expression was one of shy acceptance that he means it too when he says he loves her for the way she is. Also, I want to add that I love the way their bedroom is decorated with the pics on the wall.
  5. Ship Zone

    I was confused by Amy's comment about her father. It did not seem to me it had anything to do with her need to wear eyeglasses. It seemed she was thinking her own father was likely much like Sheldon, but it also seemed that she was guessing such, as if she knew little to nothing about him. They say women are attracted to men similar to their fathers. Did anyone else think this was what she was implying by blaming her father for loving Sheldon just the way he is?
  6. Ship Zone

    It seems one of the sides effects of Sheldon becoming more emotional and social is loss of his eidetic memory. Furthermore, for someone who values privacy and non disclosure agreements, it bothers me to learn he revealed the annual ritual to Kripke. I would think as uncomfortable as Kripke has made Sheldon regarding his interest in Amy, Sheldon would want to embellish their intimate encounters.
  7. You are right. I forgot about that. At this point, I'm all for couples therapy. Bring Dave back. Perhaps he found his true calling.
  8. It is because Howardette's marriage is not a polished diamond of perfection that makes going to them a better choice for Lenny to confide in than Sheldon. For one, they are married. Six plus years, and Sheldon has yet to put a ring on Amy's finger. For another, Howardette have weathered their storms of differences and still find time for intimacy and means to make their marriage work. Bernie is demanding and critical but softens her blows by reminding Howard how much she loves him. Furthermore, they have their own Sheldon to deal with in RajStuart. Bernie and Penny are similar in that they both are demanding in their marriages. Howard and Lenny both deal with esteem issues due to their parentage for different reasons. Howard is taunted by Sheldon for being an engineer. Leonard is taunted by Sheldon for his career choices. Howardette and Lenny have much in common they can bond over. This to me seems like a more logical choice than Sheldon who is still learning to adjust the parameters in his own relationship to become a better partner for Amy, and it only works because Amy is as quirky as he is. It is not because he has experience to share. It is not Lenny asking Sheldon to help them write an RA that bothers me. The guy is a guru at making agreements. What astounds me is that they want an RA at all after all the times they ridiculed Shamy for theirs. By their actions they are implying Sheldon's way of controlling parameters in a relationship is a better choice than conventional ones that have proven to be successful.
  9. I agree with pretty much everything you said. To clarify, the promo literally begins, "when your marriage is in trouble, there is only one thing to do...".
  10. Ship Zone

    Well that would explain why it is much easier for Sheldon to let things go when he gets upset with Amy. Perhaps there is a clause about keeping his ranting at a tolerable level for Amy's sake.
  11. I just saw the promo for episode 10.13. It is not funny that the narrator refers to Lenny's marriage as being in trouble. Not funny at all. A very poor choice of words for a disagreement and just needing to spice things up. It seems to me that it's coming to the surface that Sheldon was a distraction or an excuse for Lenny not to face their issues. With him out of their home and the majority of his time with Amy now, Lenny have no choice but to face their differences and annoyances about each other head on. I'm just disappointed they are running to Sheldon for help, especially since he has always taunted them about not only their relationship ever getting started but his prediction of their demise as well. I understand friends helping friends and he is great with putting together contacts, but the very person they blame for hindering their relationship is who they are seeking to help heal it?
  12. Ship Zone

    I go to put my coat on before heading out into the cold, and with one picture, the temperature rises and it is no longer needed. OMG, I feel like I've waited for a Shamy scene like this forever. It's not the kiss, so much as you can see by the way they hold each other how much they mean it when they say they will miss each other. it's hard to believe now these two used to survive off of limited date nights together. Now they are practically inseparable and have witnesses who take notice. I'm bummed the episode is not airing tonight!
  13. I wonder if they ever redeemed the tickets Sheldon gave them as a wedding gift. If they were smart, they should have left him behind. We really need to see an episode where Lenny get away. I'm all ready for a trip to Nebraska so Penny can really appreciate what she has in Leonard, but not if the only thing we are going to see is them behind the kitchen island telling Shamy their plans, a conversation in the front seat of the car on the way to and fro, and another scene behind the kitchen island rehashing what happened on the trip to Shamy. I'm so over seeing Lenny in the same setting week after week. Island, car, hallway, couch, car, island, couch, hallway, car. Where is the romantic dinner? What about a movie? Leonard showing up at Penny's job? What if they go to New Jersey? There are so many opportunities available. I miss the Penny who went online to buy Leonard a toy helicopter to make him feel better. I didn't care for the one who wanted to shove a power ranger up his butt when he tried to return the favor in his own way, although I did get a chuckle out of that scene. My favorite part was the way he turned it's head before giving it to her. It seemed like such an intimate gesture to me.
  14. I'm baffled by Penny insinuating to Leonard that it was his fault she had to live with Sheldon. She is the one who caved after Leonard signed his walking papers and rights to the couch to move into 4B with her. She is the one who took Sheldon's side over his silly annual roommate meetings. Furthermore, she fails to consult with Leonard regarding much of anything. She just acts and then gets mad at him for getting mad at her. Nonetheless, Leonard adores his little pink-loving bully. I just wish they would spend more airtime focusing on why Penny and Leonard are together instead of giving us the impression they made a mistake. Penny tells others she is happy, but the things she says about her marriage and does give off a whole different impression. ... And I agree that it seems at times as if Leonard is just worn out, and he can no longer blame it all on Sheldon.
  15. Two wrongs don't make a right, but one has a right to choose which wrong they want to side with and which they don't. We are all hypocrites at one time or another depending on the situation and how vested we are in the issue that caused offense. However, to contradict my own statement, some believe two wrongs can make a right if one can teach the other entity how it feels to be wronged in a similar way and one or both parties learn from it.