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  1. You are right. I forgot about that. At this point, I'm all for couples therapy. Bring Dave back. Perhaps he found his true calling.
  2. It is because Howardette's marriage is not a polished diamond of perfection that makes going to them a better choice for Lenny to confide in than Sheldon. For one, they are married. Six plus years, and Sheldon has yet to put a ring on Amy's finger. For another, Howardette have weathered their storms of differences and still find time for intimacy and means to make their marriage work. Bernie is demanding and critical but softens her blows by reminding Howard how much she loves him. Furthermore, they have their own Sheldon to deal with in RajStuart. Bernie and Penny are similar in that they both are demanding in their marriages. Howard and Lenny both deal with esteem issues due to their parentage for different reasons. Howard is taunted by Sheldon for being an engineer. Leonard is taunted by Sheldon for his career choices. Howardette and Lenny have much in common they can bond over. This to me seems like a more logical choice than Sheldon who is still learning to adjust the parameters in his own relationship to become a better partner for Amy, and it only works because Amy is as quirky as he is. It is not because he has experience to share. It is not Lenny asking Sheldon to help them write an RA that bothers me. The guy is a guru at making agreements. What astounds me is that they want an RA at all after all the times they ridiculed Shamy for theirs. By their actions they are implying Sheldon's way of controlling parameters in a relationship is a better choice than conventional ones that have proven to be successful.
  3. I agree with pretty much everything you said. To clarify, the promo literally begins, "when your marriage is in trouble, there is only one thing to do...".
  4. Ship Zone

    Well that would explain why it is much easier for Sheldon to let things go when he gets upset with Amy. Perhaps there is a clause about keeping his ranting at a tolerable level for Amy's sake.
  5. I just saw the promo for episode 10.13. It is not funny that the narrator refers to Lenny's marriage as being in trouble. Not funny at all. A very poor choice of words for a disagreement and just needing to spice things up. It seems to me that it's coming to the surface that Sheldon was a distraction or an excuse for Lenny not to face their issues. With him out of their home and the majority of his time with Amy now, Lenny have no choice but to face their differences and annoyances about each other head on. I'm just disappointed they are running to Sheldon for help, especially since he has always taunted them about not only their relationship ever getting started but his prediction of their demise as well. I understand friends helping friends and he is great with putting together contacts, but the very person they blame for hindering their relationship is who they are seeking to help heal it?
  6. Ship Zone

    I go to put my coat on before heading out into the cold, and with one picture, the temperature rises and it is no longer needed. OMG, I feel like I've waited for a Shamy scene like this forever. It's not the kiss, so much as you can see by the way they hold each other how much they mean it when they say they will miss each other. it's hard to believe now these two used to survive off of limited date nights together. Now they are practically inseparable and have witnesses who take notice. I'm bummed the episode is not airing tonight!
  7. I wonder if they ever redeemed the tickets Sheldon gave them as a wedding gift. If they were smart, they should have left him behind. We really need to see an episode where Lenny get away. I'm all ready for a trip to Nebraska so Penny can really appreciate what she has in Leonard, but not if the only thing we are going to see is them behind the kitchen island telling Shamy their plans, a conversation in the front seat of the car on the way to and fro, and another scene behind the kitchen island rehashing what happened on the trip to Shamy. I'm so over seeing Lenny in the same setting week after week. Island, car, hallway, couch, car, island, couch, hallway, car. Where is the romantic dinner? What about a movie? Leonard showing up at Penny's job? What if they go to New Jersey? There are so many opportunities available. I miss the Penny who went online to buy Leonard a toy helicopter to make him feel better. I didn't care for the one who wanted to shove a power ranger up his butt when he tried to return the favor in his own way, although I did get a chuckle out of that scene. My favorite part was the way he turned it's head before giving it to her. It seemed like such an intimate gesture to me.
  8. I'm baffled by Penny insinuating to Leonard that it was his fault she had to live with Sheldon. She is the one who caved after Leonard signed his walking papers and rights to the couch to move into 4B with her. She is the one who took Sheldon's side over his silly annual roommate meetings. Furthermore, she fails to consult with Leonard regarding much of anything. She just acts and then gets mad at him for getting mad at her. Nonetheless, Leonard adores his little pink-loving bully. I just wish they would spend more airtime focusing on why Penny and Leonard are together instead of giving us the impression they made a mistake. Penny tells others she is happy, but the things she says about her marriage and does give off a whole different impression. ... And I agree that it seems at times as if Leonard is just worn out, and he can no longer blame it all on Sheldon.
  9. Two wrongs don't make a right, but one has a right to choose which wrong they want to side with and which they don't. We are all hypocrites at one time or another depending on the situation and how vested we are in the issue that caused offense. However, to contradict my own statement, some believe two wrongs can make a right if one can teach the other entity how it feels to be wronged in a similar way and one or both parties learn from it.
  10. If I had read this before making my own reply, my response would have been a whole lot different. This is exactly how I am feeling about Mary and Sheldon's reaction to her. The more I think about it, if Mary had heard this news directly from Sheldon, the Bible lecture may very well have ensued. However, having already heard about it from Amy and discussed the matter with her, she had time to pray and come to her own conclusion on the matter. When she urged Sheldon to share his "news," her goal was to reassure him that she was okay with it and move on to an enjoyable meal perhaps discussing pleasant things. It was Sheldon not accepting her response and pushing back because it wasn't what he expected that led to Mary's mean confessIon and what followed. I see now she was acting totally IC. Just as Sheldon is changing, so is his relationship with Mary to a small extent. Amy is in the mix now. She is his soulmate and the one to care for him now. Furthermore, Mary has tried to do things God's way only to end up beaten and scarred by a bad marriage, a cheating husband, widowhood, and caught by her son fornicating. It is difficult to enforce what didn't work for ones own self. Mary has shown that Sheldon's happiness is more important to her than brow-beating him with the Bible. Furthermore, I'm convinced she believes God will forgive her for condoning his actions because Sheldon is "special." I hated her comment to Sheldon when he asked her why people cry at weddings during the Lenny redo. I think seeing Sheldon beat the seemingly impossible odds of having a successful relationship is a dream come true, and she will support it with everything and every prayer she can muster, even if his way of going about is contrary to her beliefs.
  11. Well, I can't really argue with when you put it that way, can I? I just know from experience that it's difficult to believe in yourself when your own parents don't believe in you. As my focus was on Sheldon, I neglected to see the parallel between Beverly and Leonard, which makes Mary tame in comparison. To Mary's defense, until Amy came along, Sheldon expressed no interest in ever having a girlfriend, let alone a lover and living with one. However, observing Sheldon at three years old, Mary could not have known that. So, even when Sheldon was a toddler, she must have had her doubts about anyone of the opposite sex having any interest in him because of his special circumstances. It did seem Amy was proud to be the reason Sheldon is not alone, and she would have preferred being mentioned first on Sheldon's list of people in his life that he finds valuable. I can see Amy taking the inward attitude of "take that," Mrs. Cooper and figuratively giving her an in your face taunt because she proved her wrong about her son meeting someone who wanted to board his train and ride the sometimes bumpy tracks with him. However, lets not forget that it was Howard and Raj who planted the Shamy seed. Without their blackmail, Sheldon could very well have been having sloppy joe alone with his mother and been none-the-wiser regarding the matter, while still bantering about how the world is unfair, and he has to continue putting up living with Leonard and Penny. With or without Amy, Sheldon having an issue with something is a guarantee. If I had to make a choice, I prefer the way things did happen. I did like the way Sheldon stood up for himself, but again, he put the emphasis on his brain smarts rather than social improvements. His siblings' inability to power a potato clock aside, they have managed to find their own significant others, start families, and live in a social society that Sheldon is still trying to find his place in. Once again Sheldon thinks he's trying to prove a point of what he could have been; some rebellious teen having given his "flower" away to any girl who came his way. Unfortunately, his immature actions backfired, and he just reaffirmed the reason his mother believes he's "special" and needs not only firm direction, but leniency on his decisions regarding his relationship with Amy because who else who want to deal with him? To Amy's credit, she's been there and done that with Sheldon. She's seen him act crazy stupid, but she understands how Sheldon overreacts. I really appreciated her trying to encourage Mary to have one of them go talk to Sheldon. I understood Amy holding his hand when he got his ear pierced, because she did the same thing out of rebellion when they broke up. Amy does get Sheldon. Mary does to some extent, but she only knows the son she raised, who could not express himself or his true feelings. Amy sees Sheldon the man, with a heart, the ability to feel and be hurt, and desire to be loved and give love in return. So, for all that, I can find it in myself to forgive Amy for the drug juice and going behind Sheldon's back to tell his Mom all. Just as Sheldon has his flaws, she has her own shortcomings. Sheldon didn't get an apology, but at least she owned up to not being the perfect mate either. For Mary, I didn't like her insult, but at least Sheldon was spared the dreaded religious lecture and can move forward in his cohabitation free from guilt of holding back information from his mother.
  12. Agree 1000%. Also thanks for clearing up Sheldon's inability to connect the dots. I had hoped that perhaps he knew something was up and just went along, but alas, it seems this isn't so. If anything, this proves to me they still have issues to work through before getting engaged.
  13. On the Amy "drugging" Sheldon. We really don't know if she drugged him with medication per say, but she did know how to put a cocktail together that would knock him out for a considerable amount of time. Maybe they were herbs or something. Sheldon recognized that it tasted funny but trusted her enough to drink it anyway. Granted, no harm came to him, but it would have been nice to hear him acknowledge that he knew she was up to something and was willing to go through with it.
  14. I don't think anyone, no matter what their lot in life is deserves to be insulted by their own parents, and for Mary to say what she did in front of Sheldon's significant other was down right rude. I am very upset with how Sheldon reacted to the whole thing by showing himself to be as "special" as his mother accuses him. If the writers want me to get on board with Sheldon's growth and show that he is still Sheldon, I'm fine with it except when they take a very intelligent adult man and turn him into a laughing stock in front of the two most important women in his life for the sake of comedy to justify why Mary and Amy treat him the way they do and yet still want me to believe Amy wants to marry into this one day? Furthermore, Amy is the one who tells others to stop treating Sheldon like a child, but then she turns around and does it herself. She avoids coming home when he is sick. She lies about her apartment. Now she drugs him. What bothers me, is that people actually thinks its okay to do these things with one's significant other, if they are perceived to be "special." It's not Shamy that bothers me. I hate that TPTB want us to believe how ecstatic Amy is to be with Sheldon, but then throw in just enough by her behavior to make us wonder how true it is. I hate that they want us to believe Sheldon is maturing, but then take him all the way down to where it is difficult to sympathize with him any longer because I know now he is capable of being better than that. I hate the whole Sheldon only has Amy because she is the only one who will put up with him, and that something is weird about Amy because she does....accept she doesn't. She shoves taffy in his mouth or knocks him out so she doesn't have to. I fell in love with Amy because I thought she was the exception; his source of confidence and soul companion. Now, it just seems she is being portrayed as Sheldon's object of love, yes, but more importantly his savior. Sheldon being "saved" by Amy just doesn't sit well with me. I'd prefer to see them hanging on and supporting each other sharing the same life jacket with the two of them against the world instead of everyone against Sheldon. And to the Lennies out there, I do see the parallel of my Shamy complaints to what has been going on with your shipper for a long time now.
  15. episodes

    Amen to that. I found the sight of Sheldon with underwear on his head utterly disgusting, and hearing him screaming three times in a row over getting his ear pierced and unpierced was a waste of airtime. So, his mom won't pass judgement over him living in sin or go talk to him when she has clearly upset him, but she will surely pass judgement, talk to him, and make him remove a piece of jewelry from his body. I was not entertained at all.