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  1. Since both Bernie and Howard are back to work after their maternity and paternity leave, I guess that was one of those throwaway lines which stuck with the fans more than with the writers. Anyway, in that episode, Howard didn't seem very happy with that agreement.
  2. Ship Zone

    Sneak peeks are up; no Shamy scenes, but there's a cafeteria one when Sheldon explains what he and Amy are going to study together.
  3. Actor

    Mayim hit 2 M. followers on IG and is celebrating with her cat
  4. Ship Zone

    Featuring Footprints on the Moon! What a nice addition to the show!
  5. Ship Zone

    Oh, as I said, I'm torn as well @Jonny! If i think about the promo pic, it looks like a sweet scene and Amy playing the autoharp and speaking Mandarin is funny and very quirky as well, it is so...her. Plus, as @April mentioned, I think that was a huge FY to the people who sued the show over that song (and lost the lawsuit), the writers probably just decided to play it in every way and language possible as soon as they could, I find that hilarious too, LOL! But, I don't want Amy to mother Sheldon as well. It's hard sometimes to be a shipper, I think I'll love and hate at the same time that scene when I watch it!
  6. Ship Zone

    I agree on 10.21, it has more than one joke about how Amy cuts Sheldon off and treats him like a child, which is not my favourite interaction between them, it's a running joke for the show, and as a matter of fact the whole episode seems a festival of running joke for all characters, so that doesn't surprise me. I like more the sounds of 10.20, the country bar part should be really funny, and apparently Sheldon joins the folks on the dance floor, I'm looking forward to this. As for Amy and Soft Kitty, I like the idea of her singing it while playing that weird instrument and in German and Mandarin, it sounds quirky as Amy is. TBH, though, I've always associated Soft Kitty to something related to child-Sheldon, and in fact up to now people like Penny or Leonard, who act on occasions like pseudo-parents to Sheldon, or Mary herself sang it. I could have lived without Amy doing so...
  7. They do struggle with the 21st episode lately, don't they? 8x21, The Communication Deterioration, 9x21, that awful GoT episode where nothing made any sense whatsoever, and now...this!
  8. Thanks @Itwasdestined and @snow*flower, I hope you both had a great time!!!
  9. Ship Zone

    Here you are; I've no idea what that is, if I remember correctly somebody mentioned it could be a dispenser for having kids to take their medicine, I really really hope it's not it, very tired of the jokes about Sheldon being a child, especially when he's sick! Might it be a whistle he use to play with Amy?
  10. Ship Zone

    I was thinking...maybe this plot is vaguely inspired by Jim, which is actually working on two "big" projects and sometimes (as on his birthday, for example) in the same day he has to report to two different jobs. I just hope he doesn't get as exhausted as Sheldon seems to be, LOL!
  11. Ship Zone

    I hope the episode clarifies what's going on here, because as a matter of fact it looked like the Maths part of the job was almost over. They could explain it with a last step which doesn't come to place just yet, for example. I don't really count on it, I doubt casual viewers will catch this little inconsistency, but it would be a nice touch to explain why Sheldon is still needed in the project. Also because I guess that, if he is exhausted, he is still actively working (and hence doing Maths) on it. I agree, anyway, that I would prefer, as the final outcome of the episode, Sheldon being less involved in the Military project, or at least planning his tasks in a more "relaxed" way.
  12. Ship Zone

    Happy taping day!!! I hope it's a good one for Shamy...At least there should be a scene (I really hope more than one, though) featuring FwF, so I'm already a very happy fan!
  13. Ship Zone

    Is Amy playing the theremin for Sheldon? BTW, the promo pics for 10.20 are up, they are in the DT...
  14. Well...it depends on what they are looking for...I found everything I wanted, and even more, for example!