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  1. Actor

    Jim at the Dan Patrick show; the full podcast is available at their web site
  2. Ship Zone

    Next new taping on March 7 and next new episode on March 9, we have to stay strong for a couple of weeks! I really hope the official announcement for the new deals arrives during this hiatus, at least it will keep us busy and happily entertained! LOL!
  3. Ship Zone

    Ok, I had to google this, because human anatomy is not my strongest suit, and now everything is clear, Sheldon has always been fond of Amy's hips! LOL!
  4. Ship Zone

    One question about the tag. Why Sheldon when he touches Amy's left shoulder calls it "her second most erogenous ball-and-socket joint"? LOL!
  5. Ship Zone

    Oh, I agree on this...The writers sometimes seem to be trapped in their 2007 jokes and don't want to move from that. It's not the right thread to say so (because Shamy seem the only ones in the show that don't have any problem with their finances), but a glaring example of that is the way the writers handle money. Those are well known scientists who work at Caltech for more than 10 years now, they are not anymore Post-doc fellows that have just gotten there (which, BTW, at Caltech earn 40.000$ a year, not that bad...), they should all have a pretty decent salary at this point; the whole issue with Raj being broke doesn't make much sense. Also, as you say, SDCC is a very mainstream event now, and being a nerd is not considered uncool anymore; actually, TBBT itself had a huge part in this shift in mentality, so it's baffling the writers themselves don't acknowledge that. I'm pretty sure that if Amy had a close look to that list of panels (not trying to be dirty here, LOL!), she would have found something she could have enjoyed. Probably not enough to spend 5 full days at the event, but she could have attended a panel or two...Given the way the episode was constructed, anyway, I think the best solution is that each of them does their own things for those five days; Sheldon can go with Stuart (even if I don't really know how he can pay...) if he doesn't find other options. On this, instead, I don't agree very much. Yes, Amy is still trapped in high school, but I think she is getting out of it. She was the "cool girl" doormat for 5 years, now she think she IS the cool girl (whether she is cool or not is not relevant), I see that as a progress, because she can relate with Penny at a more equal level.
  6. Ship Zone

    Nice episode overall, it was funny, but it confirmed my opinion that this second half of the season is not as strong and hilarious as the first part. There were things I liked about Shamy (and about Sheldon and Amy) and things I wasn't very fond of. I loved Amy's scenes with Penny, their relationship is much better and balanced and I can really say they are friends now. I also liked she was firm in not wanting to go to SDCC with Sheldon, it's not "her" thing and it's only right she spoke her mind with her boyfriend about that. What I didn't like, though, is that it seemed she half-expected Sheldon to give up to CC once his friends decided to not go to stay with their SO. It seemed to me she was (as it has happened in the past) comparing her relationship with the idea of "romance" she got from her girl friends' relationships. Now, obviously SDCC is the kind of event you don't go by yourself, so maybe that had a part in her expectations about him giving up to the convention too, but I got the vibe she wanted Sheldon to behave like Howard and Leonard. Shamy were nicely in the background, the lines Sheldon said about them being honest with each other were hilarious, even if I wouldn't call it "honesty" to underline that a mole is a mole (we waited until E. 17 to have a reference to Amy's hair, way to go, writers!) and a jerk is a jerk, LOL! As for the tag, after having seen the whole scene, there's no way Sheldon didn't know what he was doing, the dialogue from the get go implied he was trying to lure Amy into going to SDCC with him using seduction of some form. So, actually, it is a step forward from the "oblivious" Sheldon kind of jokes. Still not a fan of the fact the writers continue to use innuendos that don't lead to anything, but at least it looks like they are kinda moving from their old jokes and the scene in itself was hilarious. I've seen a IG pic of the Batman statue in question, that's really big! How did the apartment looked like with the statue in it? I don't know...for some weird and twisted reason, I hope it stays, it can do as a dishtowels holder, LOL!
  7. Ship Zone

    Some other bloopers, from Mayim's FB account, if that doesn't make it to the S. 10 DVD Reel Gags, I'll be really mad!
  8. Ship Zone

    I don't have a desk at my place, which is more or less 4B-sized. I usually work at the kitchen table...Not the best solution, but there was no place whatsoever for a desk!
  9. Ship Zone

    Most likely she sold them, there's a very flourishing market for used furniture nowadays on the internet! Or she had an old style garage sale outside her building...Anyway, in general USA apartments are rent with the kitchen already fitted, so probably cooker, fridge and whatever was in the kitchen belong to the landlord.
  10. Ship Zone

    Maybe they will realize that the couch and (hopefully) the coloured armchair in the living room don't match with their new Batman statue, LOL!!! I know that most likely that statue was there just for the joke in the tag, but I don't know why, I wouldn't mind if it remains in the apartment, it looks something Sheldon wants in his home and it's cute that Amy at the end of the episode is (more or less) ok with it...
  11. Ship Zone

    OMG! I've noticed that was happening already this morning, but after some hours the phenomenon is even more glaring: this pic from Jim's IG is full of more than 720 comments most of them saying Lenny and Shamy should switch apartments...Don't you dare, writers!!!!
  12. The TR doesn't say that at all, it looks like she got the info from Leonard. Beverly explains that Sheldon was used as a buffer and when he left they are trying to replace him with Raj. Lenny both deny this at which time Beverly points out to Leonard that didn't he say Penny wanted her brother to be a roommate not long ago?
  13. Ship Zone

    Jim writes the best captions ever!!! Plus, he keeps us on our toes regarding questions to which we have no answer yet: Is Amy impressed by the looooooooong "list" of panelists? Does she accompany Sheldon to SDCC?
  14. Actor

    This is so moving!
  15. Ship Zone

    Pretty sure the poor girl didn't even remember that the Gollum featured in 8.24, probably, knowing her, that was the first time ever she noticed that prop, LOL!
  16. Ship Zone

    He didn't want the room back, he wanted to know it was there...
  17. Ship Zone

    I think Beverly's explanation to Sheldon's anger, coupled with Amy's take on it, make perfect sense. Sheldon has always been a fan of back-up plans, they give hims a sense of security. It has not so much to do with how confident he is in his relationship, but with how his mind works. Knowing that his old room in 4A was still there, just in cases, gave him a peace of mind that everything was settled in his life, whatever might happen. Loosing that room probably gave him a glimpse to the unknown, and that's something Sheldon Cooper doesn't take well. Amy knows him so deeply that she could reassure him with few words and that was enough for him. Well...that and the Batman statue, probably, LOL!
  18. Ship Zone

    Thank you very much for the TR, it was so nice of you! Happy to hear you had a good time, even if there was some drama in the episode, but it all made sense, I absolutely agree with your take! So, Shamy have a new furnishing accessory in their home, a full sized Batman statue! That sound awesome!
  19. There is no way Raj's apartment rent is higher than 4A one. 4A is a two bedroom apartment, while Raj's is a 1 bedroom one and, frankly, whatever he says about that, it is not a de-luxe flat. In the sneak peek for today episode, the writers tried to explain why he is broke even if for years his parents totally supported him. He has very high car payments and credit cards debts due to an "emergency" credit card he supposedly pays by himself. TBH I don't buy that, for sure he earns at least 10 times more than Penny did as a waitress. I agree with you, it is a plot device of some sorts, but it doesn't make too much sense. I didn't see that coming at all!
  20. Thanks!!! I hope you had a wonderful time!
  21. Ship Zone

    You are right, we were like a self-help group during the first part of the season! Shamy angst hit us hard! But we got rewarded with ON...
  22. Ship Zone

    To be fair, last season we wrote more than 100 pages before the season even started! Cliffhangers make us very chatty! Not that I want another one again this season, LOL!
  23. Ship Zone

    To trust or not to trust Molaro? That is the question, LOL! In this forum there are pages and pages on this topic. My personal opinion is that generally speaking he doesn't lie in interviews (apart a couple of occasions, for example he said Shamy were not going to date other people during the break up...), but he does his job in advertising the show and his words are very vague and have the purpose to make the audience turn the tv on week after week. Oddly, if you read one of his interviews about future developments in the show after they actually happen, everything is clear and you can even say he was sincere (apart, as I said, a couple of occasions) but when you read them for the first time, they are basically incomprehensible. On this particular matter, I don't think he could have given a sincere answer to this question, what would have he said? We are planning an engagement for 10.18, the other episodes in between are just filler ones, LOL!
  24. Ship Zone

    No, it was soon after the mid season finale last december.
  25. Ship Zone

    They are killing us with all those pics!!! But please continue to do so, guys, we love Shamy pics from set! Happy taping day to us all and, to those who are going, have a blast!!!