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  1. Ship Zone

    I have a lot of issues with the dubbed of subtitled version of all shows. For years I've watched USA TV-shows in Italian (my first language), it's just a couples of years that I've opted for the original version, and there's no coming back from there. Apart from the fact that you can appreciate much better the actors' craft in the OV (even if I have to admit the Italian voice actors are really good at they job), the translation is a huge problem. There are of course a lot of jokes which are typical of the American culture, so they are lost in translation in Italian and generally are replaced by very cheap jokes (once I bother to google what the heck the writers intended and I can tell the difference, LOL!); plus, the writers' intentions are not always kept by the translation. I think that's exactly the case with the line you quoted... Fun fact: Italian fans hated so much the S. 1 dubbed version of TBBT because of its lousy translation, that they obliged the studio in charge of it to hire a new team of translators and to do it all over again. Oh, BTW, welcome to the forum @Anita! I hope you enjoy here!
  2. Ship Zone

    As @April said, I don't find many of the things you quoted contradictory for Sheldon, they are actually part of what he is. In the "baby" plot in 10.8 he wasn't thinking about the difficulties of raising a kid, he was just eager to bring to life the first of of those benign overlords that will guide Humanity to a brighter tomorrow he already mentioned back in S. 4. In 10.8 he had the proof, based on the results of Amy's experiment, that their genes together might really produce "superior" off-springs, and that was what inspired the whole plot. He doesn't care about other people's kids (as you can notice by his lines when he went with the gang to visit Halley in the nursery in the hospital) and certainly he is still too immature to realize that having kids means you have to look after them. As for the line in 10.11, my first language is not English, so I'm not really sure of what that means. The explanation you gave is a bit harsh, and I don't think that was what the writers were really looking for in the episode. It was just that the mood had changed, but Sheldon didn't want to disappoint Amy if she still wanted to have sex at that point. Thankfully, Amy had a perfect solution, and he appreciated that a lot. As for the Veracity Elasticity, for sure there was no real possibility for Sheldon to return in 4A, Leonard and Penny wouldn't have allowed that, but when has reality stopped Sheldon Lee Cooper from wanting something? He is basically selfish, so he didn't take into consideration Lenny's opinion on the matter, if he wanted to return in 4A in his mind there was no problem about it (of course I'm pretty sure Lenny would have locked the door with a thousand locks to prevent him from coming back...). It's perfectly IC for Sheldon to resist to change, even when he knows the change is good for him. His uncertainty was all I expected from him. Plus, I think the scene in the hallway played as Sheldon saying goodbye to 4A and all it entails, so it needed to be a bit dramatic to be affective.
  3. Actor

    Good luck to Jim!!!
  4. This is Johnny's opinion about the likelihood of a S. 11 for the show I find the number of episodes he indicates pretty interesting (unless he just misspoke, LOL!); might it be that the negotiations are settling for a pay raise for the actors vs less episodes for the show? Of course, they should come up with a figure that makes the deal favorable for all parts involved...
  5. Actor

    This is truly nice of Jim!
  6. Ship Zone

    In 10.15 TR it looks like there might be a scene where they are both in the bathroom (depending on which take they choose), so it seems to be pretty usual for them to share that space...I'm easily entertained too, but that makes me so happy, given where Sheldon is coming from. Anyway, I hope there is no curtain involved when Sheldon shows Amy how Godzilla showers, LOL!
  7. Ship Zone

    I loved the Godzilla jokes for the exact same reason! They looked as something just the two of them could get and laugh at and showed they are very very comfortable with each other. Plus, imagining Sheldon to show Amy how Godzilla showers is...you know...pretty visual, LOL! As for the "I miss you" part, it was very sweet, since those two are not the kind of couple which says that often (we'll get ILYs in the very next episode, so maybe that's not true anymore, what do I know?), but I expected some more Math inside jokes about how to quantify how much they would have missed each other, the one they chose was pretty obvious. That's just me, though, for some reason I was figuring out Shamy discussing on the various kinds of infinity, LOL!
  8. Ship Zone

    I loved Shamy in this episode, both when they were together and when they interacted with Leonard and Penny. There was a lot of Shelnard and Pamy in the episode, which I loved, those pairings can be so entertaining. I loved that Sheldon tried to comfort Leonard, in his own way, of course, and that Leonard was aware of the value of their friendship (" If Penny leaves me you're all I got", I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember the right words, but it was sweet); it was very nostalgic seeing them playing games in 4A or carpooling, it sounded a nice shout out to the "old" times. Amy was really high on sassiness at the beginning of the episode, she was playing the "popular girl" game with Penny, which is to me a very welcome evolution in their relationship. She doesn't see Penny as an out-of-reach model, and that makes their friendship less unbalanced. Of course, Amy in a way is still in her "teens", so sometimes that goes out of hand, which BTW is always adorable, but it really feels PAmy have reached a new level in their relationship. Of course, Shamy were on fire. They are shown to be so lovey-dovey, without even trying too much. Amy reminded me a teen at her first crush the whole episode. She seems so happy right now, she gushed over Sheldon as she used to do at the very beginning of their relationship and had that adoring grin on her face. Shamy seemed to be so partners in crime in this one, Amy was so into the Godzilla jokes; also, the shower one is, well...interesting to imagine! Sheldon felt so comfortable in PDAs (the kiss was Shamy-hot, I would say....) and saying nice things to Amy in front of other people. It's clear that they enjoy being together, probably they are still in their honey-moon phase, but they are a delight right now! Finally, I loved the mention of the RA, I think it's clear it's still on for them, and it has now a "no nostalgia" clause and a "I have to laugh"-clause; those two are not very romantic, but Amy gushing over signing their first RA was a nice touch.
  9. Ship Zone

    Very kind of him to remind us to watch the episode tonight...as if we needed to be reminded, LOL! I love the caption!!
  10. I guess the pic is from this week taping...
  11. This seems so weird! But I'm looking forward to it!
  12. Ship Zone

    Oh, I agree that Amy, as she often does when she is with her girlfriends, wanted just to join the "grown ups" club, and in particular, this time, its "let's complain about our relationships" sub-section; thanks goodness Bernie reminded her and Penny that that was the "Girls wanna have fun" sub-section. She has been shown to be very happy this season and actually in few episodes her relationship has grown as it hadn't done in six years. I guess that was just a reminders to the audience that the ring is still out there, we are just very lucky the writers have done that only a couple of times this season, I thought they would have teased us much more than this on the subject... I'm not really sure, though, that the way the writers have handled the ring allows Amy to ask him, if she really feels frustrated by the situation (again, I don't think she is frustrated at all). I mean, had she not known about the ring, that would have even been my favourite outcome, but the sad truth is she knows Sheldon has a ring and she knows that at the moment he has decided, for whatever reason, to not pop the question. Doing that herself could be interpreted as putting pressure on Sheldon or pushing him towards something he is not ready for just yet. In this situation, she might feel compelled to wait, not for validation, but for her mate to be 100% sure.
  13. Ship Zone

    I loved Amy in the sneak peek at 4B! First she wants to point out she is the one hosting girls nights now, she hasn't really gotten over the "popular girl" phase, has she?, LOL! Then, and above all, she gushes over Sheldon as she was at the beginning of their relationship; she is "dating Sheldon Cooper", but now she has really something to gush about! The line about the fact Sheldon is like her College boyfriend, except that he is actually real is both sweet and sad! I really liked that part!
  14. Amy wants to get married, so what? this has nothing to do with her career. There are a lot of people, women and men, that have fulfilling careers and wonderful relationships which they want to advance, up to marriage, and everything works out pretty fine, with all the difficulties that everyday life might create, of course. I don't see why scientists shouldn't want to get married, if they find the right person, who happens to have a ring somewhere, ready to be used.
  15. Yes, I've noticed that too; I think he won't attend either. Is the show usually recorded in NYC? How can he conciliate that with his work on TBBT?
  16. It's Kaley, I've seen it in a little video. They have an old photo of her, with short hair.
  17. Ship Zone

    I agree, I'm happy Sheldon figured the maths of the project out, actually he did so well that it was possible to build an even smaller prototype. With all the focus (not that I'm complaining about it) about his personal life and his efforts to improve his communication skills with others, we didn't see him working a lot and, above all, we didn't see him succeed at work. I also like that, from the sound of the TR, he didn't care so much abut his success, because he was fully committed in his passion for trains. Not that I think that he has become less cocky, he is still Sheldon after all...
  18. Ship Zone

    Now we know why Jim is working out so hard!
  19. I don't think they'll go there, but to be honest with you, I didn't understand Penny in this one (and probably even in some of the previous episodes...) I mean, who exactly prevents her from having a house, a kid or both if she wants? She is complaining about things which are entirely in her (and Leonard's, of course) power, and acting as if life has been mean to her not giving her what she wants. I think it's an arc which should lead somewhere; again, I don't think it will end up with Lenny out of the show, but I have no idea where it will go...
  20. Ship Zone

    Guys...I have just two words for you...SHIRTLESS SHELDON! It seems to be just a daydream (and the train scene is just the tag), but the lack of shirt seems real...there is a TR I've found on Tumblr in the Discussion Thread!
  21. There's a TR on Tumblr... http://nerdfussion.tumblr.com/post/156041404962/spoilers-s10e15
  22. Ship Zone

    I wonder if the dirty face is part of his "cosplay" as a train conductor because he is very into being in a trains museum and he wanted to dress up for the occasion or if he does it working on an actual train and so the museum is just a set but in the scenes we should assume they are on a train; so many possibilities, this is gonna be fun!
  23. Ship Zone

    Whatever this is, Sheldon seems very much into it, he even dressed up for the occasion! May I say he looks pretty sexy with that bandana? I wonder how Amy will react to that...
  24. Looking at Alex Ayers's IG stories it appears that Howardette's living room is one of the sets of the episode taped this week...