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  1. Anyone remember this dialog? S: Yeah, wait. How do I know that you're not manipulating me right now? A: I think if I were manipulating you, you'd be smart enough to see it. S: How do I know you're not saying that as part of the manipulation? A: I think you'd be smart enough to see that, too. S: Okay. S7 - The Table Polarization S = spectator veejay A = ambiguous Molaro
  2. Ship Zone

    A big yes to that! Thanks to all of you here, the memory of a loving and extremely funny development of Leonard and Penny remains unforgettable to me, too. Last weekend I watched the second half of Season 6 once again and found a wonderful example for a meaningful use of a kitchen island (ok, sex doesn’t count ). Nevertheless, the chemistry of Lenny was immediately comprehensible, it was their own island! The look at this wonderful kitchen furniture with the present users is a disgrace and gives me headaches and acute abdominal pain. This is just one tiny example to memorize the old days of, well, love and fun.
  3. Definitely I'm in!
  4. I don’t want to fix it on certain episodes, but you're certainly right. LOL
  5. I think it’s the kind of dialogues. The writers usually look for a quick and easy joke now. Compared to older episodes, the formerly most brilliant and bewildering dialogue sequences have disappeared.
  6. I am absolutely with you.
  7. After watching the latest promo (EP22) I would like to dedicate this little jif @wowbagger. Maybe you like to brunch with us?
  8. Pregnancies, really? Should this be all what the writers will be telling us as the headline in the next 48 episodes of the series? What would be the next great idea? These funny Lolcat stories, we know from countless Youtube videos ("They're cute and they can't spell because they're cats"). Geez, the writers have proven that they can handle a credible and funny sitcom. I sincerely hope they will be recognize these days.
  9. Ship Zone advertised. Happy Weekend!
  10. Maybe I'm one of them (though I'm showing a tendency to be too Lennish ). I like to interrupt the usually pairings with a funny excerpt. Happy weekend to all of you.
  11. Ship Zone

    Thumbs up on both of you.
  12. I agree. H: Kissing, what kind of kissing? Cheeks? Lips? Chaste? French? L: What is wrong with you? H: I’m a romantic. S1 - The Fuzzy Boots Corollary