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  1. Hey, what about us here on stage?
  2. Evolution has gone fast. You're guilty on purpose.
  3. BTW. This thread rocks too! First Townshend, now KISS and Costello. Even a pretty Groupie! That’s the spirit.
  4. @vonmar As I said, he's the real Rock Star!
  5. I can’t agree more. It’s probably in the sense of comedy. Oh, come on...
  6. This is pretty a great comparison! Well done, no one has to asked WHO?
  7. Oops. I just pop in here and have to follow Penny's confusion. (...and I thought I have a 22° to some degree. )
  8. Ship Zone

    The TPTB probably promoting old prejudices? Poor Penny, she can’t catch a break. S: If there's no one here, why are there two glasses of wine on the table? P: Oh. Well, you know, I-I've got two hands and a bit of a drinking problem. S: Of course. S7 - The Deception Verification
  9. Another zoo adventure. Not only a sloth but a also cute ape.
  10. Oh, noooooo.... !?
  11. Ship Zone

    I’m also still looking at you, Tensor.
  12. I can’t hide any secrets from you. (>1:18min) "NOW THAT'S FUNNY-The Big Bang Theory Live Taping"
  13. Penny also seems to be on your side.