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  1. How about that?
  2. Ship Zone

    I’m also still looking at you, Tensor.
  3. I can’t hide any secrets from you. (>1:18min) "NOW THAT'S FUNNY-The Big Bang Theory Live Taping"
  4. Penny also seems to be on your side.
  5. Yeah, I really don’t belong to the TPTB unfortunately. This was my "personal" question on you all here.
  6. …after watching the new promo vid, there pops out a question:
  7. ...and that should be the meaning of a screenplay in a comedy. Whether the writers still take into account these days?
  8. LOL, Yes! That would still not encourage me to watch this kind of a weird prequel.
  9. Ship Zone

    Here are two other role models... Never mind... Happy Weekend to all of you and hopefully an enjoyable last week of this March.
  10. He is and iconic too!
  11. I like to drop this in.
  12. Yeah, he's a serious Rockstar. ...and he also tries to keep our favorite show alive.
  13. Ship Zone

    I referred to the term "Job for Lenny" and had to laugh automatically with both of my beloved friends.
  14. Ship Zone

    Sorry, I have to LOL too.
  15. Ship Zone

    ...those were the days…funny days. Pt. II
  16. ^ Wow. New wine in old bottles at work.
  17. Ship Zone

    Rare, very rare but very determined these days.
  18. Ship Zone

    Brilliant translation of "skeptical“. Amazing. All right, I could never afford a real Ringo, but I found someone who possibly played in a Beatles-Cover Band and wants to applaud you.
  19. Ship Zone

    ...those were the days…funny days, although they both looked so skeptical at first.
  20. Ship Zone

    We all would appreciate this, I guess.
  21. Ship Zone

    Would we really be able to see "the end" on-screen? Actually I would doubt on that. Hey, writers, convinced me to do something better!
  22. Ship Zone

    This is exactly what we’ve missed painfully since season 7. Penny has probably guessed it earlier as she considered the future screenplays.
  23. Ship Zone

    Yes, it was also crucial for me to continue watching the show.
  24. Ship Zone

    What do you think…?
  25. Well, she’s an outstanding people person. That’s for sure.