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  1. Thank you so much, Kazzie! Wow indeed... Speechless
  2. Ship Zone

    Thank you so much, Martin! And you are absolutely right: Good things come to those who wait. What I will be waiting for next season is: - Amy accepting the proposal (I don't see why she shouldn't, apparently Sheldon was even more clueless about Ramona's intention than Leonard was about Alex's. I don't think Amy will hold that against him). - planning the wedding and (finally!!) getting to know more about Amy's family (maybe even meeting them??) - Sheldon's stag party! Really wondering what kind of desaster they will come up with for that one! - Penny getting a new job, one that she really loves! It doesn't have to be acting, but at least something she can identify with. I honestly like and admire that about Penny: She doesn't like flirting with doctors and lying to them for the sake of selling stuff. Having to do something you hate every day is terrible, and it's difficult for your partner as well. - overall good times for Lenny! No more fighting, we really saw enough of that. Maybe planning to add a new member to their little family? - lots of scenes with the whole group! One of the things I missed this season. - Raj? Not sure, any good storyline will be okay, at least give him something to do... - Howardette: Pretty okay at the moment! Having Howard stay home with Halley while Bernie goes back to work might be fun. - girls night - boys have really grown up! But...wouldn't complain if they 'grew back down' a little. They can be responsible adults and still play D&D or Halo or go to Comic Con. That's about everything I can think of for season 11 at the moment. But I'm sure I missed a lot!
  3. Ship Zone

    YES!!! So apparently a clueless Sheldon as expected! Now that's a cliffhanger I can live with this summer!!
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm with you. United we stand and united we stay up all night. And tomorrow morning (for all of us living in the Eastern hemisphere) we'll celebrate together! I just refuse to believe anything else!
  5. Ship Zone

    Happy 'Anything-can-happen-Tuesday'! Hoping for good news tomorrow morning...and everything that doesn't qualify as a desaster will be good news to me!
  6. Thanks guys! @Tonstar17: Wow, that's more than I thought. @Jonny: Good point! Now that I think of it, you are right, Howardette really seem to be more of a hugging type. Well, Howard is a romantic guy after all.
  7. Really curious and therefore honest question: Do Lennys keep track of the Lenny kisses? We know Shamys do (18 including the kiss on the cheek). I recently wondered how many Lenny kisses we've had so far. Does anyone know?
  8. Ship Zone

    Ooookay....catching up after being off the grid for some time. To cut a long story short: I've spent the last few days in amusement parks, rode about 10 different roller coasters including the first and up to now only dive coaster and a free fall tower. All the time I was wearing my new garmin watch which includes a pulse monitor. Well, how do I put it? My highest heart rate during the roller coaster rides was 123. I hit 139 a few minutes ago...
  9. Well thank god everybody ignored Penny's comment in 'Proton Displacement' about 'dating' a second grader when she was in pre-school...
  10. Ship Zone

    LOL! Yep, I was expecting that, too! But I understood what she was saying. As for the part: "...das nie und nimmer murrt..." - well, I really had to watch this part 3 times until I finally got what she was singing. The pronunciation of 'murrt' and 'schnurrt' was just so ...well, different from what it normally sounds like that it took me a little longer to figure the words out. But still: Good try! And great and funny episode overall!
  11. May my thoughts and prayers be added to yours! @No Regrets I understand how you feel. But please don't lose faith! There are a lot of good things happening everyday even if they are sometimes hard to see. You really have to open your eyes (and your heart) to find the good things but they are there - as well as a lot of good people in this world. I pray for your family, don't give up hope!
  12. Waterproof coat Sorry, went backwards, so make that YOUR waterproof coat!
  13. Zoboomafoo
  14. Alien
  15. Together