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  1. TPTB and the writers won't do anything that will harm Shamy in any way(and I don't want that either). This thing with Ramona in the finale is totally harmless in my opinion.
  2. For Lenny it has always been a roller coaster ride, but for Shamy these days, I think it is pretty smooth sailing.
  3. Looking back at season 10 makes me highly doubt that Lenny will have any major story arch to be honest. My guess is that Lenny will stay most of the time behind their beloved kitchen island delivering funny one liners.
  4. They already have broken one bed with their activities in the bedroom.
  5. How can you fix something that isn't on screen. If you look at your numbers over major Shamy plots over the previous seasons the first thing you'll notice is that the numbers are increasing for major Shamy plots every season. According to you it is 6 major episodes in season 7 and 8 major episodes in season 8 and another 11 major episodes in season 9. We don't have the numbers for season 10 yet but I really don't think the numbers are down on major Shamy plots this season. It is pretty clear to me how season 11 will be like, with very little Lenny or Howardette. .
  6. Great post Serena, and I have to be honest never understood why Penny and Leonard helping Sheldon is such a sensitive subject.
  7. So Lenny aren't allowed to have one episode out of 24.
  8. Actor

    I think Kaley now has at least 8 horses in her barn, that's pretty impressive to be honest.
  9. We don't know what will happen in episode 23 and the finale concerning Lenny ,so sadly everything is possible. I also want to point out that I don't think a separation is likely, but you'll never know with these writers.
  10. I highly doubt that season 11 will be Lenny best season , my guess would be that season 11 will be just like the previous seasons with less screen time and no real plots for them. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if we see a separation of Lenny in the season finale, the writers love to create drama for no reason .
  11. Ok, Penny finds her stallion pretty hot and sexy.
  12. Just before the giraffe knocks on the door.
  13. If you look back at the previous seasons, it is pretty clear to me that the writers doesn't want to spend time and some effort to write a pregnancy plot for Lenny.
  14. I highly doubt that Penny will get pregnant to be honest. I'm guessing It will only happen if Kaley gets pregnant.
  15. I don't have one either.