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  1. On the Ramona front, I really hope that her appearance is simply her enacting her revenge on Sheldon and by extension the guys' guidance system. As for Lenny, I hope they are in a good place. As others have indicated, maybe something career-wise is on the horizon, based on what happens in 10x22. Hopefully, we all get spoiled come late Tuesday/early Wednesday.
  2. Who else is a fan of Riverdale? I've loved this new series since the pilot, and have heard rumors that Sabrina may appear in the season finale!
  3. In the U.S., some episodes get a line or scene cut from time to time to allow for more commercials in syndication. However, that's not what I'm talking about here... Sometimes my CBS station cuts off the episode, when it comes back from commercial break, or at the very start of the episode. It seems to me that certain ads run over their allotted time, and the episode resumes "already in progress." It's not all of the time, but when it does occur, it's irritating to say the least. It's like it picks right up with the characters already in mid-sentence. It may not be any more than 5-10 seconds lost, but when the episodes are already so short, I feel jibbed when it happens.
  4. Does anyone remember last February, when the cast appeared on Conan to promote the 200th episode? Jim mentioned that the writers had asked him if he knew how to ride a unicycle... It's interesting that one of the feats Sheldon attempts to master is the unicycle in next week's "The Cognition Regeneration."
  5. HAPPY TAPING DAY! Do we know of anyone going? Papa needs a taping report to wake up to!
  6. Awesome hashtag regardless, but I wonder if it has any bearing on the plot of episode 23... Could Raj be planning a party? Also, it's probably just pure coincidence, but the episode being filmed tomorrow will air on May 4th. Could there be another Star Wars' Day-themed outing?
  7. Yes, Friends was filmed on Stage 24 on the WB lot in Burbank, CA.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, just beyond the corner is a patch of grass where they film all of the outdoor scenes of various WB shows. For example, close-by is where Howard and Raj were sitting at the park bench in "The Cornhusker Vortex," and where Phoebe and Rachel are jogging in Friends, and Rachel runs into the horse in "The One Where Phoebe Runs." Also, the building behind these folks is where they filmed Batman and Robin entering Commissioner Gordon's office. Gotta love the WB Studio Tour! I really want to venture back to Burbank in August, and attend another taping!
  9. @luminous Thanks, you're the best!!!
  10. Episodes

    You're thinking of "The Einstein Approximation."
  11. Does anyone know where I can find the taping report for "The Cognition Regeneration"? I wanted to go back and re-read it, and can't seem to find it... Has it been removed? Happy Easter, everyone! :D
  12. @kerrycec03, any idea why this happens from time to time?
  13. The Futon Critic's listing for next week's "The Separation Agitation" lists April Bowlby as 'Rebecca,' Bert's new girlfriend. I never watched Two and a Half Men, but apparently she played 'Kandi.'
  14. Are there any Once Upon a Time fans out there? I've watched the series since the pilot, and while I'm enjoying the current episodes, I feel like it should end at the conclusion of this season. Reports have been surfacing stating that the current narrative ends this year. Therefore, a potential seventh season could mean less returning cast members and the introduction of others. With ratings continuing to fall, it may be best just to let the series come to an end. 6 seasons is nothing to shake a stick at! What are your thoughts?!