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  1. episodes

    just like I thought from the TR, a really cool funny ep, I see no problems with Shamy or Lenny. If anything , I think Howardette have a problem cause Stuart will definitely try everything to stay with them permanently.
  2. episodes

    still hating the Raj storyline (zero realism, if he's such a big spender, for sure he has tons of expensive collectibles to sell - for full price on ebay, not for 10% of the price to suddenly out-of-nowhere cocky Stuart), but the rest was actually hilarious! I've laughed more than in any other episode I remember this season... Also I actually really liked Lenny in this ep, I thought they've had the best chemistry they've had all season, even in spite of the fight [so I'm gonna ignore how unrealistic it is that Penny can't recognize he's lying after she did it in one second in the Thanksgiving ep last season]
  3. Ship Zone

    I don't really mind the drama in this particular ep, but agree soooo much on Mayim. It's just weird. I love her but I've learnt to reverse pretty much all of her reactions on Shamy and then I usually get it right.
  4. I love Raj and I love the idea of him having (probably) more screentime living in 4A now, but his predicament seems so unrealistic to me it pisses me off. I dunno, maybe because he was the only one who I could relate to mentality-wise and now it's gone. I know in the US and western Europe it's shameful to live with your parents after you're 18, and it's not cool to accept money from them, but it's not the same all over the world. I won't speak for most of India, but friends I have in India while making decent money mostly choose to live with parents and instead spend their paychecks on gadgets/traveling/entertainment. It's the same choice we mostly make here in eastern Europe. I know Raj has lived in the US for a long time but his original culture is still different, one where it's ok to take money from parents. If he's broke and wants it fixed, just take some of your dad's money and invest in something decent, kick-start your party planner career, I dunno, something. I understand cutting down the expenses, but if I were him I would still be taking the same amount from my dad but would switch to a cheaper car and a cheaper apt. , get rid of the cleaning lady etc, and save the rest. But renouncing his dad's money COMPLETELY to the point where he has to give his dog imodium cause he got rid of the dog walker? (I still can't let that one-liner go, it's so unethical towards your pet!) And now he contemplates living in a garage?.. seriously? all because of pride? Anyways, so I'm happy about Raj in 4A, but not happy for the reasons that got him there. And the Shamy drama doesn't seem bad in any way in my opinion, I actually thought it was cute how Amy wasn't bothered by that! And I agree with everything Beverly said about Shamy and Lenny (which is really sad cause I hate her )
  5. I dunno, I'm staying pessimistic, I'm failing to see any logic beyond the way the writers are handling that (they keep showing him being sexual but acting asexual) other that their stubborn wish to make Sheldon stick to once a year thing because "that's who he is, he puts little importance in things like sex" (I think Molaro interview?) I just think if it's true, it's kind of masochism, and Sheldon is not a masochist in any way, he always indulges in whatever he loves fully (all his tv shows, comics, memorabilia, physics etc). So if he liked sex, why the hell he would restrain himself? It doesn't feel in character. If he didn't like it at all, then he's indeed asexual? Then why would they keep showing moments of him acting sexual here and there? This is just annoying to me , so I don't get my hopes up.
  6. Ship Zone

    me too, I love Sheldon's t-shirts so much! I normally like guys in suites, but whenever I see Sheldon on date night it makes me sad, him wearing suits feels fake and empty like it's not who he is at all!! His t-shirts are cool though, I actually wanna buy most of them for myself haha (one day I'll stop being lazy and figure out where to order them and will do it : P )
  7. ok as everyone knows I'm no fan of Lenny but I don't think the beginning of the episode was fair to Leonard. We haven't seen him burp or sit in his underwear like that in all 10 seasons and now suddenly he does that? It's just so OOC! I can believe Penny having issues with their marriage but I'm not buying him acting like that. And Penny's fantasy, that's kind of too much, she was never a fan of romance and now she wants him to quote NSYNC and 5 bouquets? It just feels so not her! I just think if they wanna create drama for Lenny it should be better quality and more in character.
  8. episodes

    really loved this ep! I thought the Howardette part was both the funniest and the most touching
  9. Ship Zone

    ok late to the party, but I've just watched the episode - omg how perfect was that ! And not just Shamy, I don't know about you guys, but I loved all the storylines, every moment seemed totally in place, even Lenny seemed so sweet to me (totally loved Penny being in denial and Leonard being our ship supporter and telling Penny they wanna have sex) Probably unpopular opinion but my fav Shamy scene wasn't one of the sex attempts but rather the opening scene where Sheldon was talking about his MRI and Amy was listening to him and smiling... that was absolutely touching! I loved how happy Amy was And he's totally a perfect boyfriend knowing her so well (twice so since he used to be so bad at understanding nuances of human emotion and motivations and choices, and now he's capable of coming up with a more orginal cool and unique present than 95% of people )
  10. Ship Zone

    That is so adorable, love Jim < 3
  11. I won't be surprised if exactly that is in there lol! I'm thinking light stuff like that, definitely no 'no sentimentality' clauses or other mean ones (Sheldon's clause about 'no body piercings' still pisses me off!)
  12. Even though I'm Shamy, I've always disliked the Relationship Agreement. Its strict rules seemed really offensive to me especially since it was so one-sided at first. I agree without it their relationship would have never started at all probably since it brought Sheldon comfort while he was a flight risk, but I still really disliked it! That said, this Lenny's 'RA' thing doesn't feel like Shamy RA at all. I'm sure it will be stuff like Leonard promising to work out at least 3 times a week or Penny promising to actually listen when he's speaking about his job and all that. You know, normal stuff. It's kind of canon Leonard ignores working out and Penny doesn't often listen to what he has to say so to me it sounded like RA would be just kind of pointing out stuff like that... Them trying to give more attention to each other and be better for each other. I don't think there will be any 'punishments' or anything 'forbidden' (or something silly only) Just a bystander's point of view. That said, I'm happy for some PAmy time! And that the writers are finding ways to make the baby storyline nerdy/science-y Thank you so much @shamyyellow for the detailed TR! And for being brave enough to share a TR for a controversial episode knowing some people might not be too crazy about the plot! < 3
  13. Ship Zone

    I think so too tbh, although it will be VERY weird chronologically, cause on Valentine's day Bernie already knew she was pregnant, so she must have gotten pregnant at least 3 weeks prior, so that makes that ~ January 25th, and Amy's birthday is December 17th, so if they make 10.11 Dec. 17th to revisit the 1 year agreement, and Bernie gives birth in that ep.... She would have to be 11 months pregnant : O Maybe Bernie gives birth in episode 10? It would make more sense chronologically... (although I think plot-wise, they would want it to happen in 10.11 as a big ending to the first half of S10) Also do you guys think maybe it was taped out of order cause of Stephen Hawking's availability and this week's episode will actually be 10.10? Then 10.09 could be Bernie giving birth (makes sense with the timeline) vs Shamy coitus 2.0 (makes sense as a continuation of the 10.08 sexual Sheldon theme )
  14. ok after reading the comments of the last 1,5 days I'm just curious - am I the ONLY one who's completely ok with this episode lol?? As a Shamy fan, I didn't expect it to be Shamy-heavy after FIVE! consecutive Shamy-heavy episodes... I actually expected no Shamy interaction at all, so it pleasantly surprised me that they did have scenes together. As just a general fan of the show, my least fav episodes are separate guys/girls plots usually, or boring science (you know, there's cool science like mention of CERN, string theory, holograms in Leonard's lab etc, and there's boring science like that guidance system plot, at least to me it was very boring : p ) and after so many consecutive episodes with separate shamy/lenny/howardette plots I expected an episode with no couples interaction at all, or I dunno... Well smth that's more about boring!science than emotions. But I was pleasantly surprised. I really can relate to Sheldon and I don't think we've seen him coming to terms with his jealousy before. Him being petty - sure. Like petty to the point of ridiculous (Howard going to space). Him being open about his jealousy and kinda exploring it - not so much. I think it's the situation many of us live in now, at least the younger generation, when we place huge expectations on ourselves and constantly strive to be the best and constantly live in stress and self-judgement cause of that we don't live up to our own standards... and cause nobody can win all the time and always be the best. So I was glad they explored that tbh, to me it is light years apart from Sheldon's usual derogatory comments towards engineers, geologists etc. I think they showed him maturing.
  15. I'm sorry but I disagree. I don't think she really enjoys this life, more like goes on auto-pilot. I have many friends who were never gonna do a 9to5 job but then they settled for it cause they need the money... Doesn't mean they're happy. It's just a compromise with life. I'm not saying Penny wants to go to clubs all the time or pick up new guys, but I don't believe she's happy listening to "a bunch of crap she doesn't understand" (her own words describing science) every day and watching the mr.robot-turned-daredevil movies instead of Jersey Shore and America's Next top model. Maybe her interests have changed, but I don't believe they changed into the interests of the rest of the group.