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  1. Actor

    Sadly, yes, it seems to be the case. I'm not sure if she made a public post about that but I've seen people say that for a while now and her latest IG posts with him point to that direction as well.
  2. The first thing Leonard did when Sheldon was out of the door was dropping his pants. So there might have been some desire there that have been suppressed thanks to the RA. Now that Sheldon is gone maybe Leonard is enjoying his freedom by doing all those things he couldn't do before? LOL
  3. Rick, you know better than trying to have this conversation with me.
  4. I literally just said it: Nobody calls a cucumber a fruit when they talk about them in a culinary context. Unless you're a pedant and want to make a smartass comment like Sheldon would... etc etc. See circular argument. In the end none of that matters because you'll still be unhappy and nobody wants any of that cucumber talk anyway. Yeah, it really tells me that the writers still don't know what to do with Lenny now so fighting and snark is a bit of a crutch to get at least some material for them. A whole lot of their story was (rightfully or not) billed as "look at how this nerd gets his dream girl!" which is cute enough but now that he got his dream girl it feels like everyone's looking around the writers' room like "now what?" because they never really imagined getting this far and now having to write them as a married couple. So now what, writers?!? There are interesting things the writers could do but if they will is anyone's guess. I really hope they will find a solution though cause they have shown with Shamy and Howardette that they can write some really great happy couple stories that feel organic to the characters and give them development as individuals and together. If they finally figure out what to do with Lenny it could be equally beautiful and fun. LMAO Right? Be careful what you wish for!
  5. Yeah, I get that. This lose storyline (if I may generously call it that) has been a long time in the making and up to now there was never really any urgency to it so that the writers got distracted by other stuff. The only good thing about them hammering home that something is up with Lenny and then homing in on the more specific idea that something seems up with Penny is that it finally starts to look like they've started to take some interest in that story and are putting a bit more effort into it. And yes, I also think that they really need to find an answer to the question of "what do we do with Lenny without drama?" The relationship always had a ton of little or big drama plots. If they aim to get rid of that by whatever means what is then left? What kinds of stories can they tell that don't involve Lenny being chained to the kitchen island (cause nobody wants that lbr)?? What kind of relationship dynamic can they have beyond the tired old "hurr hurr the nerd got the hot girl, isn't that a hoot!?" bullshit?? The writers never really went far beyond these superficialities and it's a pity because I do think Lenny have a lot of potential on that front. Instead of joking about how they have nothing to talk about and leave it at that why not show them what makes them work as a couple? Instead of having Leonard praise Penny's looks for the gazillionst time why not give us something about how he admires her for her other attributes?? Instead of Penny complaining about Leonard's hobbies why not let the two find something they both enjoy??? You know, stuff like that.
  6. The cucumber was part of his drink. Consuming food = culinary context. He didn't explain a scientific drawing or anything. Nobody calls a cucumber a fruit when they talk about them in a culinary context. Unless you're a pedant and want to make a smartass comment like Sheldon would usually do with his "fun facts" but that would take us back to the initial complaint of that taking up too much screen time, now would it? So it's all a bit of a circular argument. And I have literally said for all I care they could have cut that thing short cause the joke about the drink wasn't exactly fresh enough to justify its existence.
  7. In culinary context cucumbers are called a vegetable. It's not wrong cause words can have more than one meaning/definition. More importantly though I don't think anybody wants Sheldon go into a god damn lecture of "Fun fact, did you know that..." every time someone calls a vegetable a vegetable that is technically a fruit or something. Heck, I don't think anybody wants me to go into a lecture about that and I'm not in a position to steal anybody's precious screen time. But Sheldon would so count your blessings that he kept his mouth about that And for the record, yes, I also think they could have cut that scene but I guess the writers wanted to make a joke about cucumber water for some stupid reason. Anyway: This is really the crux of the matter. I guess with the RA part we got at least some sort of tangible evidence that they talked about something. But seeing how this is now one of many little or big (YMMV) fights Lenny had in recent episodes and will have in upcoming ones that are not resolved on screen it's starting to get a bit... Idk... weird?? suspicious?? ... that there's never really a proper on screen solution to their problems and seeing that all of this is still ongoing one can only assume that this is by design cause if they actually get the opportunity to work things out properly on screen then all this drama should be over, right? Idk where all of this is leading but the latest TR points to Penny feeling some general sense of aimlessness in life and frustration about that. They started something like that last year and it could be an interesting storyline for her if they finally let it play out and not get distracted by other shiny plot lines like last season. The downside of that is that it'll probably get worse before it gets better, but we'll see.
  8. Ship Zone

    I get where you are coming from but I don't think that this was the implication they were going for. I do think the context with the two apartments mattered a great deal here.
  9. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I think that's a bit of a no-brainer. So I can totally see why Johnny would say that he loves the marriage drama cause it's the meatiest stuff he and Kaley have gotten in ages. And a huge part of why I enjoy even the drama episodes on this show is because it gives the actors a chance to show their skills. I thought both Johnny and Kaley did a great job with the latest episode - especially Johnny though! Kudos!
  10. Ship Zone

    But psychologically it makes a difference to go from the head space of "this is just an experiment and everything can go back without problem" (which was the original idea) to "okay forget the experiment, we're doing this for real now, no takesy backsies!!" Because making huge life changes, even when it's so god damn bloody obvious that this is the right thing to do, can be a bit scary and difficult. I certainly experienced that a few times in my life so I can relate to that. And yes, it's obvious to everyone that he wants to live with her - that was the joke in the comic book store. Which then leads to the hallway scene it all its visual poetry. I think it would be different if the question were simply about Sheldon living with Amy in 4A. Then I would agree with you that the hesitation is frustrating. But it's not just about living with Amy but moving out of 4A for good in the process. Rationally living in 4A is not that much worse than living with Amy in 4B. It's not like Sheldon was unhappy in 4A, not to mention that it has his beloved spot which in all those years has always been the one thing he would never let go of. It's a huge step for the character but also for the show and I think the way it's handled gave it the gravity it deserved.
  11. Ship Zone

    I actually don't find a lot of these things very contradictory, tbh, and many things are simply part of the plot and addressed in the story. The idea of making a baby* with Amy that will undoubtedly be a superior human being, or so he thinks, is something entirely different than dealing with other people's kids**. (*emphasis on the "making" but that's another bag entirely) (**obviously it's also a bit of a joke for the audience because everybody is just waiting for the episode when Sheldon has to babysit lol) The issue on Amy's birthday was the mood was ruined by the interruption. It happens to couples all the time and it was addressed perfectly in the story. The pillow wall was a suggestion during their first night - not because he doesn't want to touch her but he feared the extra heat would disturb their sleep. He doesn't have issues sleeping that night (as opposed to poor Amy) nor does he mind her snuggling up to him in a later episode. The uncertainty about deciding to live with Amy serves to underline how big that step is for him and to lead the episode to the hall scene when we see him finally make his decision. Without the uncertainty there wouldn't be that hall scene and it would be a terrible loss for all of us. So while I'm also not a huge fan of "Sheldon will be Sheldon" jokes I feel like those examples at least serve a purpose in the narrative or are at least explained in a manner that makes just enough sense. P.s.: Welcome to the forum! I'm sure he's come to like Christmas just enough ever since Amy made him those cookies. <3
  12. Ship Zone

    Fanfic is the new normal - we gotta get used to it. LOL Seeing how lovey-dovey Shamy are these days it will probably not take much longer.
  13. Ship Zone

    Aww shucks! Yeah, the show will probably always throw around these little barbs between the characters but it also always makes a point about how they are received, in case of both Amy and Sheldon they're not amused at all and sometimes actually look hurt by what was said. The show could easily capitalise on that and turn it into a plot point - and it wouldn't even be the first time. Love Spell is pretty much a case where the teases of the gang went too far and it hurt Amy because she's very much aware of how mean they are about her relationship with Sheldon. Now, back then she fled to the safety of Sheldon's room and he comforted her. But it's been a long time since then and Amy has become more confident so I think it wouldn't be unimaginable to see that she stands her ground and "her claws come out", to borrow your phrase, instead of fleeing the scene.