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  1. Ship Zone

    To me Sheldon being afraid he'd become like his father is even more of a reason that he wouldn't cheat on Amy. He was traumatised by his father's behaviour so I don't see him make the same mistake. The reason he was afraid of it in that episode was because he recognised the pattern of bickering between him and Amy from his parents. It probably also didn't help that between his father's cheating and his mother's fire and brimstone lectures he never got a healthy sense of sexuality in a loving relationship which certainly muddled the waters as his and Amy's relationship became even more physical at that time. I can't see the writers going down the slippery slope of "you're a cheater because your dad was!!" especially since the bickering that started it all immediately stopped and it has been sweet harmony between them ever since.
  2. Personally, I find the idea of Mayim (especially Mayim alone? Cause no one is wondering about Melissa) not coming back highly unlikely. There's no indication that Mayim wants out and she'll probably accept whatever generous paycheck they'll offer her at the end of their negotiations.
  3. Yeah, the idea of having Sheldon cheat would be a magnitude worse than Leonard's boat kiss incident. Even taking aside the question of whether or not it was in character for a guy who contemplated cheating before and who was weirdly complimentary towards his buddy two-timing two women - the incident itself was more of the "shit happens" variety with both being drunk and doing something stupid. All in all relatively harmless. You can't do the same thing for Sheldon. First of all it's completely OOC for him to do something like this sober. He just not that kind of person. Secondly, you also can't do that "being drunk and doing stupid stuff" thing with him, especially not if you want to go as far as a one night stand. It's well established that Sheldon is easily black out drunk so any storyline involving infidelity and alcohol would be a case of him being taken advantage of with all sorts of unfortunate implications. Yikes. Plus, I don't think the writers would want this for any of their characters. As said, even the boat kiss was relatively harmless. They didn't let it go far and, say, have Leonard sleep with Mandy. So I don't see them going there with Sheldon of all people.
  4. I think hiding a baby bump would be really difficult the way TBBT is filmed. Having a ton of strategically placed objects obscure a clear view of Penny would be really noticeable. Poor gal wouldn't be able to leave the kitchen island! LOL
  5. Tbh I don't want another pregnancy any time soon cause we've just been through this with Howardette. I mean, if Kaley gets pregnant and they have to work around it by writing it in then sure. But like you say, there are enough other fun and / or more important things to do. A pregnancy scare that reveals some feelings from the characters could be okay and even funny though.
  6. Ship Zone

    Yeah they'd need a ratings miracle to go beyond S12 cause with the current developments of ratings drops across the board there won't be much left to justify the production costs.
  7. Ship Zone

    Maybe when Amy is away Sheldon can get rid of it and surprise her with a new one. "What happened to Penny's couch?" "It fell out of the window. Accidentally. And then a truck drove over it. And then it exploded."
  8. Ship Zone

    I also think it may simply be a question of giving the different plots enough time. After all is said and done we may find that they could have switched the two episodes with a few adjustments but still decided to go with the Shamy one first because, well, they can't both be the finale. Gotta say, if I had to pick one of these two things I would have gone with sex, too. There's been such a build up all season long - it would have been so frustrating if that were all for naught. I can wait for engagement easily because they are as good as married anyway.
  9. Then again Kaley has been toying with the idea of having a baby so... Makes me wonder if maybe they let Lenny start thinking about it more seriously or even trying and then write it in once Kaley is actually pregnant.
  10. Ship Zone

    S4 - 1 // S5 - 1 // S6 - 0 // S7 - 2 // S8 - 1 // S9 - 5 // S10 - 7* * kisses aired so far, 10x23 would be #8, and as before +1 if you count the kiss on the cheek Man, they really make up for lost time with those last two years! lol
  11. Ship Zone

    17 mouth on mouth, 18 if you count Amy kissing Sheldon's cheek - the kiss in 10x23 would be either #18 or #19 depending on how you count! :D
  12. Ship Zone

    Even as someone who thinks that S8 has enough red flags to justify the 8x24 twist I don't see any of that here in S10. Like, S10 is all the S8 fluffiness minus all the cringy bits and then multiply that with the S9 fluffiness while leaving behind all the sad parts. To go from such heights to completely crash and burn the relationship is insane - especially when we're talking about Amy only being away a few months over the summer. It's not the end of the world and thus shouldn't end up in a doomsday scenario for the couple.
  13. Ship Zone

    If the "Don't fall in love..." line is as key as our spoiler providers say then together with the news that Ramona is back it has "dramatic irony" written all over it and I can easily see the humorous cheating misunderstandings you'd expect in a comedy. Personally, I would find it hilarious if the gang is getting a bit paranoid about Ramona socialising with Sheldon and reacting really weird to the whole thing cause they misinterpret what's going on (when actually nothing much is going on). They could push it so far that Ramona is actually pretty normal and not as crazy as she was back then but the gang runs into them in the most unfitting moments or overhears certain things (as per @mirs1's suggestion) and so they totally get it wrong.
  14. Ship Zone

    OMG LOL Pity about no actual bed scene but this scenario above has been on my wishlist for ages! (Yes, I'm easily amused.)
  15. Ship Zone

    LOL I spent the last weeks mentally compiling a strongly worded letter to Molaro in case he fucks up the season finale (especially the whole coitus nonsense). Guess I won't need that anymore!