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  1. Ship Zone

    Haha, no problem. We don't have a super detailed TR for this but the gist is that the guys plan to got to Comic Con but for various reasons everyone except Sheldon ends up rather staying at home. Not much Shamy in it - though we get an outrageously flirty Sheldon in the tag as the tries to convince Amy to come along (it was in the promotional trailer for the episode if you have seen that).
  2. Ship Zone

    Do you mean the one that's airing this week or the one they're taping this week?
  3. Ship Zone

    It's Sheldon's turn to be the big spoon.
  4. Ship Zone

    Well, I'm always game for Shamy snuggles. Though I wouldn't mind more... or both!
  5. Ship Zone

    I agree. I don't think he planned to propose in 8x24. Maybe it would have slipped out if the evening went well but I don't think it was something he was dead set on going through with cause otherwise I don't think he would have let that evening go down the drain that much. I do think the shock in 9x07 together with the Meemaw incident and now the huge changes in S10 are believable reasons for a delay. It's a nice thought but I wouldn't bank on it either, tbh. On all accounts the trip was kinda terrible so I don't think they spent much quality time baking cookies with Meemaw. Happy Birthday from me as well, @amethyst!! <3
  6. Ship Zone

    I KNOW! Nobody doubts this - we're just waiting for the CBS announcement to pop the champagne.
  7. Ship Zone

    As I've said before, I think their anniversary might be a good choice, especially now that their first date has been brought up again. It would also be a nice bookend to 8x24 where the ring was introduced but everything was falling apart - now two years later they're closer than ever and the ring finally ends up where it's meant to be. Or something like that...
  8. Ship Zone

    Sheldon looks already mighty fine in his date night clothes - dressing him up in a proper wedding tux? Oh MY!
  9. Ship Zone

    In that case I'll stock up on marshmallows and popcorn!
  10. Ship Zone

    I was wondering for the longest time if she had grown out of this but then Lenny's wedding re-do happened and Amy was so adorably hyped for it so I think her wedding enthusiasm is still alive and kicking. Realistically there's a chance that the wedding will be a compromise of some sort - the show doesn't really do huge events like that and all three ceremonies we've seen have been carefully avoiding getting too many people to participate (Lenny's re-do being the biggest yet). So I'm not holding my breath for a really huge thing. But we'll see.
  11. Ship Zone

    Well, to be fair to the writers here those 4 years were just Amy's wishful thinking not a promise that this will happen with 100% certainty. Also, they may not have been married but at least they moved in together in about that time frame. Good enough for me!!
  12. Ship Zone

    Since their bedroom has become the place of so many lovely intimate scenes between them I'd also love if the proposal happens there. I've always thought proposing in bed when they have a sweet moment (no, not during coitus! lol) would be perfect - though back then I imagined it happen in Amy's bedroom when she still had her apartment. To think that they now live together and share a bed makes it even better. Oh yes, the man knows how to flirt! Amy has some inhuman powers of self-restraint though... I don't know how she does it. And from Sheldon's point of view it must look like she's a really tough nut to crack. First his efforts in 10x08 , now this... all it gets him is her best unimpressed face. Poor guy. LOL Here's hoping the writers lift the restrictions soon!
  13. Actor

    Future make up artist right there! LOL
  14. Ship Zone

    (It's been mentioned but nobody posted the quotes so far. Thanks!) That's what I really like about this - it actually fits! The show screws up on continuity quite a bit but it's always nice when it gets things right. It's also nice to know that Amy's efforts two years ago haven't been for naught! :D
  15. Ship Zone

    Indeed. It's easy enough to think of a scenario that explains it. Maybe someone tipped Kripke off that all those outrageous sex stories was just Sheldon tricking him or whatever (after all he just went with whatever Kripke was suggesting). What's then left would be the idea that Shamy have a sex life like anybody else which probably wouldn't be gossip worthy for Kripke. But he sure as hell would gossip gleefully about the reveal of them doing it only once a year. You and me both... Exactly! I get the wariness of the tired old jokes returning as well, so that's not my issue per se. But when even the most neutral reaction by Amy is interpreted as "look how they show her to be horny again!!" I'm just...???????? The woman so much as breathes into Sheldon's direction and it's seen as some sign of sexual desperation. What even!?? As for Sheldon: IMHO it's not even a strictly Sheldony thing - many people make bait-and-switch innuendo jokes, especially with their partners. Hence, why I don't see the oblivious part. The body language is very consciously flirty here. Yes, it's not her first rodeo with him. She knows that it's not what it sounds like. LOL