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  1. Looks like Mayim is having a good time on set! :D
  2. Then who did? Because Kathy didn't mention anything about the gif either so...?? [The X-Files theme plays muffled in the background]
  3. Ship Zone

    I know - the summary we got with the pictures said as much. I still expect him to be cranky because of that (I certainly am when I'm overworked and exhausted).
  4. Ship Zone

    Yeah, a bit of crankiness is to be expected - I don't think it will be full on "big baby" but still: low expectations!
  5. As you should - it's a great gif! I love that episode so much, haha
  6. We do see her spread her legs in a roughly 45° angle while playing twister - as far as her skirt would allow it. When it comes to the wonky continuity on this show I rather believe what I see with my own eyes than a terrible throw away joke. 22° is just a ridiculously low number here - it's basically standing hip-width apart.
  7. Ship Zone

    Yeah, not saying your idea is completely out of the blue - we all know these writers (ughhh). But usually when I look for a thing I can quickly find out what it looks like and the results for a medicine dispenser are nothing like that little thing Sheldon holds. So I'll just hope it's a whistle or something and we're just dealing with another case of "Jim Parsons holds things weirdly while acting" - like Idk what was up with him in 9x10 but that's not how you eat with a fork. (Then again, Sheldon was going a bit bonkers then so that'd be a good enough reason.) lol
  8. Ship Zone

    Me too, that joke is terrible and should be thrown into a dumpster fire where it belongs! I'd love a spontaneous girlfriend/boyfriend sing-along night to allow Sheldon to relax though. That would be so cute! <3 ETA: I just remembered in one of Mayim's pics from this ep she said that Jim was singing "Oklahoma" - maybe he was practising and that's the song they sing?? LOL Not to shatter your hopes but since there are a few BTS photos with Melissa on the zoo set I fear it's probably more of a Howardette story. Well, maybe she just really like the set but, you know, low expectations and all that!
  9. Ship Zone

    I've looked online but whatever this is it doesn't look remotely like a medicine dispenser for kids. My first thought also was something like a whistle to play with Amy but he's also holding it weirdly so I'm not sure.
  10. Jeez, I thought it could be fun. And Amy can open her hips wider than 22 degrees. We've seen her play twister with the girls, for goodness sake!
  11. Mayim actually is a big fan of yoga and she's in good shape for a woman in her 40s who had 2 kids. So if one day Penny is pestering Amy to join her yoga session by all means, bring it on!
  12. Ship Zone

    This is certainly true for this episode. Will they keep it up though after this? It's funny how this episode has finally become interesting for me. I didn't really have many expectations after the vague summary we got from the taping but if this turns out to be something where Sheldon is sorting out his science projects that would be neat. And to think people were complaining Sheldon doesn't do enough science anymore - poor kid does so much he's overworked! lol I hope he and Amy will figure something out. <3
  13. Ship Zone

    Oh, I'm well aware of that. It's just that it sounds like a rather voluntary task for him and not something he's required for. He's the maths guy, the maths is done - everything else is just for funsies on his part. (Or so the show seems to tell us here...) However if this is too much for him to keep up with both the military stuff and his project with Amy I'd say he should prioritise his new project since his work with the military is mostly done and what he and Amy are working on sounds promising. Howard and Leonard surely wouldn't mind to see less of him either. Win-win for everyone! lol
  14. Ship Zone

    I'd rather they find a way to reduce his workload with the military plot - the maths is apparently done anyway so what is he even still doing there!??