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  1. Ship Zone

    I get where you are coming from but I don't think that this was the implication they were going for. I do think the context with the two apartments mattered a great deal here.
  2. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I think that's a bit of a no-brainer. So I can totally see why Johnny would say that he loves the marriage drama cause it's the meatiest stuff he and Kaley have gotten in ages. And a huge part of why I enjoy even the drama episodes on this show is because it gives the actors a chance to show their skills. I thought both Johnny and Kaley did a great job with the latest episode - especially Johnny though! Kudos!
  3. Ship Zone

    But psychologically it makes a difference to go from the head space of "this is just an experiment and everything can go back without problem" (which was the original idea) to "okay forget the experiment, we're doing this for real now, no takesy backsies!!" Because making huge life changes, even when it's so god damn bloody obvious that this is the right thing to do, can be a bit scary and difficult. I certainly experienced that a few times in my life so I can relate to that. And yes, it's obvious to everyone that he wants to live with her - that was the joke in the comic book store. Which then leads to the hallway scene it all its visual poetry. I think it would be different if the question were simply about Sheldon living with Amy in 4A. Then I would agree with you that the hesitation is frustrating. But it's not just about living with Amy but moving out of 4A for good in the process. Rationally living in 4A is not that much worse than living with Amy in 4B. It's not like Sheldon was unhappy in 4A, not to mention that it has his beloved spot which in all those years has always been the one thing he would never let go of. It's a huge step for the character but also for the show and I think the way it's handled gave it the gravity it deserved.
  4. Ship Zone

    I actually don't find a lot of these things very contradictory, tbh, and many things are simply part of the plot and addressed in the story. The idea of making a baby* with Amy that will undoubtedly be a superior human being, or so he thinks, is something entirely different than dealing with other people's kids**. (*emphasis on the "making" but that's another bag entirely) (**obviously it's also a bit of a joke for the audience because everybody is just waiting for the episode when Sheldon has to babysit lol) The issue on Amy's birthday was the mood was ruined by the interruption. It happens to couples all the time and it was addressed perfectly in the story. The pillow wall was a suggestion during their first night - not because he doesn't want to touch her but he feared the extra heat would disturb their sleep. He doesn't have issues sleeping that night (as opposed to poor Amy) nor does he mind her snuggling up to him in a later episode. The uncertainty about deciding to live with Amy serves to underline how big that step is for him and to lead the episode to the hall scene when we see him finally make his decision. Without the uncertainty there wouldn't be that hall scene and it would be a terrible loss for all of us. So while I'm also not a huge fan of "Sheldon will be Sheldon" jokes I feel like those examples at least serve a purpose in the narrative or are at least explained in a manner that makes just enough sense. P.s.: Welcome to the forum! I'm sure he's come to like Christmas just enough ever since Amy made him those cookies. <3
  5. Ship Zone

    Fanfic is the new normal - we gotta get used to it. LOL Seeing how lovey-dovey Shamy are these days it will probably not take much longer.
  6. Ship Zone

    Aww shucks! Yeah, the show will probably always throw around these little barbs between the characters but it also always makes a point about how they are received, in case of both Amy and Sheldon they're not amused at all and sometimes actually look hurt by what was said. The show could easily capitalise on that and turn it into a plot point - and it wouldn't even be the first time. Love Spell is pretty much a case where the teases of the gang went too far and it hurt Amy because she's very much aware of how mean they are about her relationship with Sheldon. Now, back then she fled to the safety of Sheldon's room and he comforted her. But it's been a long time since then and Amy has become more confident so I think it wouldn't be unimaginable to see that she stands her ground and "her claws come out", to borrow your phrase, instead of fleeing the scene.
  7. Ship Zone

    This episode in short: Hey there Shamies, have some fluff!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ LOL Good lord, Shamy were some ridiculously adorable cutie pies in this. Fanfic goodness is the new normal. I love it! I'm not even sure what my favourite part is here. The kiss was great in that it was a good mix of steamy but also funny. The "I miss you" one-upmanship was so cute. But I think was kinda killed me were the Godzilla jokes. It seems exactly like one of those stupid little in-jokes many couples have so seeing them so playful was amazing. Not to mention the idea that Sheldon showing Amy how Godzilla showers is 1) such a totally silly fun thing to do, 2) it shows that he's a lot more comfortable now with Amy seeing him in the shower (compare to 10x05) and 3) it even implies they may be showering together. *squee* As for the two individually: I really enjoyed how Sheldon continues to work hard on becoming a better version of himself. For the most part he's just plain nice and supportive in this. I can only imagine that this quest of self-improvement and growth might be part of the reason why he's holding back with that ring. There's still so much he has to learn but he's embracing it and in the end Amy's will get a guy that's top notch husband material. LOL And Amy was also a lot of fun in this. Loved her hosting girl's night and feeling all popular and being proud about how her relationship with Sheldon is going. Bless. Though of course there was a little snide remark about Sheldon again and Amy didn't look happy about that. Always makes me wonder if one day she snaps and goes into a rant about how Sheldon actually is a great guy and all that, like some passionate little speech about how much she appreciates him and his efforts etc. I'm still "meh" about how the re-introduction of the RA was handled. Idk if we'll hear something about that again but this feels like a missed opportunity. Oh well. But that's the only even remotely critical thing I can say about this. All in all, a wonderful episode for Shamy. <3
  8. Actor

    The power couple in action! <3 The trainer's commentary though... "I feel like this is the perfect birthday celebration, but for some reason nobody seems to like my presents?" lmao
  9. At this point they could probably do a Raj-centric version of "Carol Brown (Choir of Ex Girlfriends)" by Flight of the Conchords LMAO
  10. Ship Zone

    Not necessarily for the proposal for reasons outlined in my earlier post but in general I would love to see more romantic gestures from Amy. Like, in this episode it wouldn't have made much of a difference if the trip were Amy's idea as a present for Sheldon instead of just one of Leonard's methods to get rid of him (not that I'm complaining about the glimpses of some cute Shelnard moments with the hug and all that <3). Granted, it would probably have been similar to her organising that fateful train trip in S7 but still. Amy making some big lovely romantic gesture for Sheldon would be wonderful (... and maybe that can be a lead in to the proposal...). I mean, the Harry Potter thing on her birthday was cute and sexy - which got the right reaction from Sheldon ("Wowza!") - but something heartfelt would be nice as well.
  11. Ship Zone

    Honestly, after establishing all the ways that Sheldon gets randy because of Amy showing that she also gets hot and bothered for him is just fair at this point. And I really don't think she's frustrated with their intimacy cause make outs are undeniably a thing now. Even if they're not having coitus they can be intimate enough to satisfy whatever physical needs they have. I certainly would like if that fantasy means they're inching closer to the moment when they do away with the once a year thing because that could be a sweet and fun story for them. But as long as they are happy with whatever they are doing I have no issues. With the progress they're making on this front they're shown to be rather satisfied with that which I can really appreciate.
  12. Actor

    The PCAs have been a taking place a lot later this year than in the past. Who knows when he made his plans for this cause it could just be that this was planned a lot longer and the PCAs collided with his existing schedule. Either way though, I don't blame him. Would have been nice to get some pretty pictures with Mayim but that's pretty much all I wanted from this show anyway. I'll live. LOL Anyway, happy birthday to Todd! What a cute picture and caption - they are so adorable!! <3 (I really like that he seems to be more confident about that - maybe all the homophobes will finally unfollow him! LOL)
  13. Ship Zone

    With regards to the idea of Amy proposing I think we also have to face the reality of the show writing itself into a corner here with all those "hurrhurr Amy can't get some" jokes in the past. When your running gag with this couple was painting Sheldon as an unwilling participant it's hard to rewrite that image in your audience's heads. So as a result the big steps have to come from Sheldon or else people are coming out of the woodwork with their pitchforks because how dare Amy pressure him into something he might not be ready for. I mean, they have been working hard all season long showing Sheldon as a lot more engaged and eager when it comes to his relationship with Amy - and yet the moment we get to hear/see some of Amy's desires some people were immediately up in arms. Poor girl can't win. Just imagine the reactions if she dares to utter the words "Sheldon Cooper, will you marry me?" and the lengthy discussions about Sheldon's reaction. So yeah, I think the show has to live with the sins of the past and keep a delicate balance here. I do appreciate that the writers have made some big steps to make amends since the breakup and especially this season. But I'm not sure they'll ever overcome that dynamic of having Sheldon be the one to make the big steps to sell the next big milestone.
  14. Ship Zone

    Totally agree, @wowbagger! I don't think the scene is to show that Amy is generally unhappy. What Penny does is what we would call here "jammern auf hohem Niveau" (meaning complaining for the sake of it even though everything is fine) and Amy is joining in to get to the joke. But the rest of the season she's been shown to be very very happy with how things have been progressing to the point of being able to brag about him in front of her married friends for whom that ring on their finger didn't exactly improve their relationships. And by the end of the same episode she's eager to get to that train thing with Sheldon cause she found a way for how she could enjoy that, too. LOL Point being, Amy should be allowed to have her little weak moments where she shows that she's still yearning for progress in the relationship even though they are in a good place now. You want the audience to root for them to get to the next big milestone and a reminder that the ring is still out there and Amy still wants it certainly isn't the worst decision after, as said above, Amy was the one who put on the brakes a few times this season. So she's ready and willing to go further, good to know. Loved the Renaissance dancing bit as well! Oh Amy, never change! <3
  15. There's nothing sudden about that. He's got plenty of "Story by" credits this season, not to mention that because of the way TBBT is written the credits are meaningless anyway.
  16. Ship Zone

    (hope you don't mind me bringing this here) THIS! I also love that with the fantasy in the end we finally get a bit more balance on that "they want each other" thing again outside of birthday arrangements. I mean, much of the season earlier was making a point of Sheldon being the one who got all hot and bothered while Amy was the one turning him down. Now we get a bit of Amy's side of things again with her fantasising about her man clearly being very much into him. I guess it's also a clever way of getting away showing off Jim's hard work while still kinda sorta pretending that Sheldon is not exactly that packed. (But who are they kidding with those tight shirts! LOL)
  17. *whispers* I think that was sarcasm.
  18. Ship Zone

    I think it's really fitting to have her mention that here cause it's been now one year since she found out so from a writer's point of view it's a good time to remind the audience that these two still want to get married. Now here first from Amy and I guess we'll hear that from Sheldon when he proposes which could happen at any time.
  19. Ship Zone

    Seeing how Amy wants to get there as fast as she can it sounds like she's determined to turn that fantasy in to a reality!
  20. Ship Zone

    Just let me drag this over here for simplicity's sake: OMG THE FANSERVICE!! #dead Like, there is really nothing much in terms of big developments but... they are really cycling through Shamy's greatest hits and this time we get a new variant of Amy's fanfic scenario - this time starring Sheldon, the sexy shirtless train engineer! LMAO
  21. Their nefarious plans have finally been uncovered - it's been the tighty whitey mafia and their meddling all along!! LMAO
  22. I imagine there was probably something about that in the Roommate Agreement - his first idea after being sure Sheldon was all tucked in for his first night in 4B was to drop his pants so... I guess Leonard letting himself go might just as well be a sign of him enjoying his freedom - a bit too much for Penny's taste. lol
  23. Is anybody actually making that case? (I'm sorry, you Lennies have been fighting about that episode for weeks in three different threads so I might have missed that, whoops.) I can only go with what the show is doing and the show is presenting it as "Penny is envious of Shamy" because their relationship right now has reached this adorable lovey-dovey phase. (Emphasis on the "right now" cause of course Penny wouldn't care for the 6 years of ridiculously slow courtship before that.) And the show illustrates her feeling of envy with stuff like "Sheldon wears pants at home as opposed to Leonard who doesn't". That is the baseline we are talking about here. Simple every day stuff - not the fundamentals of their relationship or whatever. And adjusting those little things can go a long way for a happy marriage.