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  1. You should have seen this forum last year when it was announced he was back. Fun times!
  2. Ship Zone

    Always at your service!
  3. Ship Zone

    There is actually a German nursery song called "Das Katzentanzspiel" from the 80s that this is based on: They took a few lines from the song, changed some words and the melody as well into whatever the hell ended up in the German TBBT dub. Idk exactly why they did it but copyright would be a good a guess as any.* *ETA: I know that getting the rights to certain songs across national borders can be tricky. I know several dubbed shows couldn't use certain music from the original because of such issues.
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm really liking the old-school feeling of the cafeteria scene and how Sheldon taking an interest in neuroscience is still so very him. Can't wait to see Shamy collaborating with all their scientific competitiveness for myself! :D
  5. I wouldn't exactly call it a throwaway line since it's been a couple years and couples adjust over time. I think the core issue for Bernie was 1) that she didn't have to give up her career and 2) that Howard would pull his weight in raising the kid. So far that seems to work out pretty well. (Though it certainly helps Howard that he has Stuart and Raj as additional help lol)
  6. Ship Zone

    Seems like he was reacting weirdly to the medicine and ended up wandering around in his delirious state eventually ending up in that bar.
  7. It IS a matter of opinion because even in the show it is. I totally buy that Amy isn't conventionally attractive the way Penny is, for example, hence all those jokes about her frumpy looks. So that isn't my argument at all. But Amy has been portrayed as attractive to individual people - first and foremost her own boyfriend! So if parts of the audience have a preference for women of that kind much like Sheldon does then yes, she is attractive for those people. There is nothing wrong with that.
  8. Some parts of the audience do find Amy cute and even sexy. Some parts of the audience do think there's a ton of chemestry between her and Sheldon. Some parts of the audience to enjoy her character immensely hence why she's getting a ton of screen time. Different people like different things. It's not that difficult!
  9. Yeah, as I said, it depends on the situation. I totally agree that the writers take it too far sometimes.
  10. I'd say that depends on the situation cause that particular thing is also painted as a sort of in-joke with the gang. Doesn't make these remarks less hurtful for you, I know, but it seems very much like a case of not having a good sense of what is appropriate. The "in-joke" itself is totally unnecessary, I agree. So are any remarks towards the validity of Shamy's relationship either. The show doesn't need that to be funny.
  11. They also seem to want to retcon their courtship phase into that even though what we saw broadcast wasn't as dramatic. Like, we knew there where a few times that he asked her to marry him but in the episodes it was just 3 times or so and Penny had the same score of asking him. Now we find out he also once asked her via sky writing and stuff like that. Or the "on again - off again" thing which on screen also wasn't that many breakups - but in S9 Leonard stated he stopped counting at 4 or something. Where is that coming from?? Why is that necessary? So to me there is a clash between what I've seen in the past on screen and what I've been told now, hence why this joke doesn't work for me.
  12. The severity of Sheldon's comments is certainly subjective cause many of them are just him not picking up on social clues. I get that as a Lenny fan these things can come across harsher for you much like the reverse is the case when Lenny make snipes against Shamy (or Leonard towards Sheldon specifically) which is coming across harsher when you're invested in Shamy as characters. It's all a matter of perspective I guess. But in the end all the characters can be and actually often are terrible towards each other for the sake of humour.
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    It would be great if one day Sheldon comes home and finds Amy with all sorts of musical equip and she's recording some remixed folk music or whatever. LOL A girl can dream...
  14. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I was just searching for a quick explanation/demonstration of how the instrument works and it cracked me up that the first video I stumbled onto was dropping some nice beats as per your suggestion! I'm all for Amy going into electronic music like that - with a quirky twist, naturally. LOL
  15. Ship Zone

    It's not electrical - you'd need some extra equip for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=468Xn6KwIvw
  16. As said, I meant it in that specific context, sorry if that wasn't clear. The quantity is really depending on what parameters we are using here. One of the biggest issues with the treatment of Lenny on the show is that their relationship is subject of derision pretty frequently. But, as said, looking at this season from what characters are these lines coming? They really cranked the "he wore her down" jokes up to eleven and almost exclusively they're coming from Lenny themselves. Even if I tally up any other kind of mocking comment by Sheldon towards their relationship I don't think it comes close to what the writers did with Lenny this season because it just happened so god damn often. If we get really bored during the hiatus we could go through the episodes and dissect all the insults if you want. Could actually be interesting.
  17. Ship Zone

    It'll also be interesting what they'll do with the dubbed version then. Will they have the German Amy voice actor sing the English version? lol
  18. Lawsuit has been dismissed: http://www.thewrap.com/big-bang-theory-soft-kitty-copyright-lawsuit-dismissed-by-judge/ I was specifically talking about the "he wore her down" joke and Sheldon isn't doing them as frequently as Lenny. This season we had Lenny make a comment along those lines like what? Every other episode? Sheldon didn't. I'm not saying he never mocks their relationship. That would be ridiculous.
  19. Ship Zone

    They are way past 100 by now... in S8 they were already at 232 episodes! lol But yeah, maybe some other round number.
  20. Lenny make the "wore her down" joke much more often than Sheldon does. He is really not mocking their relationship that often. Actual dialogue from the episode: Leonard: You enjoy your mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. Sheldon: It’s Penny’s bedroom. Plenty of men have gone before. Sheldon was just reacting to Leonard quoting Star Trek. Nothing more. Penny is a grown woman who didn't live like a nun before she got together with Leonard. Nothing wrong with that.
  21. Ship Zone

    Not that I'm aware - the first FWF was 5x14.
  22. There are a lot of things wrong with this post but I do agree with the general premise: You gotta call out Sheldon when he's an ass. Things that are not correct though: - Lenny have made jokes and remarks about Shamy's relationship for ages, even not making much of an effort to hide their schadenfreude at times. Just this season when they recounted their Christmas in Texas Lenny were pretty amused by Mary thinking of them as a bunch of weirdos. - Sheldon didn't call Penny a "slut". He just said that plenty of men have been in her bedroom which is factually correct. He didn't add any judgemental words here.
  23. Ship Zone

    Looking at it rationally it's probably not the worst thing but I could have lived without that as well. LOL I guess since the lawsuit from a while back was dismissed the writers took the first opportunity to bring the song back into the show. Oh well... http://www.thewrap.com/big-bang-theory-soft-kitty-copyright-lawsuit-dismissed-by-judge/
  24. I realise you probably just wanted to post the gif but just in case: Leonard would be a stand in for the writers cause I genuinely think they did a good job with the Howardette baby thing.
  25. Ha! They should've filmed the audience here! I'd have loved to see @Itwasdestined's smooth moves! Hope you and your wife have a great remaining holiday, @Itwasdestined!! <3 Gotta agree with you here. I wouldn't have minded the Bert thing if it were a plot that would interest me more but I'm sensing a theme here that his dating experience is bringing out the worst in everyone which is giving me 9x21 flashbacks. I don't think we needed more of "Amy managing Sheldon", "Leonard wore Penny down" or "Raj is a pathetic loser in general". Ughh It surely will play out much lighter than it reads on paper, as per usual. But I'm also certain that this won't be my favourite episode this season by a long shot. Personally, I'm honestly really impressed by how the show handled the whole pregnancy/baby thing. This could have gone down so terribly but so far those stories have been rather sweet and touched on some issues I rarely see explored with such honesty. So I'm not surprised that this one checks out as well.