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  1. He doesn't need Lenny to divorce for that. lol Idk... This would feel too much like what HIMYM did with Robin/Barney and... ugh... thanks but no thanks.
  2. Ship Zone

    I also found this line both hilarious and weirdly endearing with the smile. Like, for all that people are complaining about Amy nagging about every single thing (which she doesn't, but still) I also get the feeling that Sheldon appreciates it when she tells it like it is. Navigating social clues is difficult enough for him so I can see that maybe he finds it beneficial Amy not sugarcoating when he's insensitive towards her. Apparently brutal honesty goes both ways for him and he can take as much as he dishes out. Good for him. It's a bit of a pity though that this often clashes with Amy's sensibilities. Like, on one hand I think it's endearing that the idea seems to be that Sheldon loves Amy the way she is - with literally every hair on her body that he for some reason won't stop mentioning. When he's describing details of her body that other people would find unappealing (by society's beauty norms ugh) he's at worst matter-of-factly about it and at best ventures off into day-dreamy descriptions. I think it reflects the reality for many couples that even though social norms have been drilled into you (well, maybe not Sheldon as such) they fall by the wayside when you truly love somebody else. On the other hand it's not necessarily easy to have that mindset about your own shortcomings (again, by society's beauty norms) and having your partner comment on things that you're self-concious about may occasionally backfire even though they have the best intentions. And I think here's a bit more room for balance. With the right feedback sure hope Sheldon will be a bit more sensitive about what he chooses to comment on and maybe Amy can learn to take his comments in the right way. And I guess we can see that in the tag a bit with him complimenting her and her smirking a bit in reply to his joint comment. lol
  3. Ship Zone

    Since we spoke of Sheldon's shirts the other day I really like the minimal solar system one he wore today! :D https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/minimal-solar-system/128386/ <3
  4. Ship Zone

    There you go! It's nice to know that they're both enjoying Amy's hips... or whatever Sheldon is doing with them. Maybe that's even the answer to "Why?... Why!?.. Oh that's why!" LOL
  5. Ship Zone

    The answer to where the human body has ball-and-socket joints is NOT the knees. It's way more obvious. LMAO
  6. Ship Zone

    Yeah, exactly, it's a typical relationship thing and I think that's what the show wants us to see as well cause we got the parallel to Howardette doing the same earlier in the episode. Sure, Sheldon isn't as much of a smooth talker as Howard but he certainly has his own quirky charm. <3 Well... where else does the human body have ball-and-socket joints?? And how intimately does Sheldon know that part of her body?? You may connect the dots yourself...
  7. Ship Zone

    This is really one of those things where my perception of Amy and the relationship dynamic totally clashes with what apparently "the general public" is seeing. Like, I honestly don't get where that's coming from with this scene. It could have easily played out that way but it didn't. Heck, if you want to see what "hopeful Amy" looks like we got the scene at Howardette's. The tag scene had nothing of that demeanour. To me the writers have been going out of their way to avoid showing Amy in that "desperate for physical intimacy" light so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that their intention is not going for a "poor Amy" effect. The upside of course could be that if the writers realise that their efforts can't shake their sins of the past when they did indeed pull this "haw haw Amy can't get some" crap they might be persuaded to correct course further and finally make that plunge we all want them to do. Fingers crossed and all that.
  8. Ship Zone

    Just finished watching and really enjoyed it even with the bitter sweet "the guys skip comic con because they have other priorities now" theme. Not much Shamy for this but I liked them in a supporting role here. Amy with Penny was cute and, like others already pointed out, there certainly is a bit more balance to the friendship. I still find Amy's "popular girl" moment endearing cause yes, she's not as mature as people say she is and I like characters that have flaws (hence why I also reject the interpretation of her as a motherly figure for Sheldon when she is not that much further along with her social development). Also, aww, her aunt died. Probably the one from Weekend Vortex?? Aunt Flora would've been 98 this year. Similarly, Sheldon and Leonard having tea in 4B was nice and his advice proved to be right in the end. Though his example with Amy made me laugh more than it should have because of his "I sure hope she meant it when she called me an insensitive jerk" reaction. And no, there is no reason to be pedantic about calling it a mole or a beauty mark or a birthmark. There are no differentiating definitions for either of them and they're used interchangeably - so yes, you were just insensitive, Sheldon! (And to go back on our discussion yesterday: Those are situations where I can understand a character being upset about what he said.) The Shamy and Lenny stuff in the hallway was hilarious to me cause even though they weren't literally standing behind the kitchen island it was still the same dynamic of having one couple make comments about the other and here it was Shamy's time to take their seats on the metaphorical balcony. I also can't fault Amy for thinking that Sheldon would be deciding to stay at home like the other guys. There was a certain vibe in the room and she knows he is not the kind of guy who goes to these things alone - so her assumption doesn't come out of nowhere. But obviously I also can't fault Sheldon for standing his ground and still insist on going. The tag was such a treat and as said the other day: it's such a light hearted silly thing I can't even be mad at the writers. That was just plain fun. It totally mirrored what Howard did with Bernie earlier in the episode so I don't buy the idea of "Sheldon doesn't know what he's doing" cause he totally does. I didn't expect him to call her "pretty" out of the blue (which also makes up for the mole thing earlier - he may comment on Amy's body hair but he hasn't expressed any form of disgust like society would expect you he'd do because female body hair is ewww. fuck society, btw!) and even be touchy feely on her "erogenous" shoulder. LMAO I also love how Amy sees right through this and isn't swayed easily by his flirting. Her trying to keep a straight face was hilarious. All in all, fun little episode!
  9. I know this wasn't your argument but let me just use your post to clear something up: A "romantic lead" is simply a main character in a romantic story (film, play, whatever). There are no qualifications about how "romantic" the character in question has to be, nor how straight the "romance" is played in the story. A staple of many romantic comedies is exactly that one or sometimes even both of the romantic leads aren't exactly romantic, or they are in a situation that isn't romantic - and that's usually where the comedy comes from. Characters find themselves in some situation and fall in love and pursue a relationship is pretty much all it takes for a "romantic story". So if one wants to categorise Sheldon or Leonard or Penny as a romantic lead then they all match those criteria.
  10. Ship Zone

    They did this with S9 actually where the only real Shamy-related blooper was the similarly teasing "You know it's a few hours until my bed time..." and Mayim and Jim cracked up after the scene. So fingers crossed! :D
  11. Ship Zone

    Awww cuties!! :D This season better have a ton of MaJim bloopers - it's been such a fun season so far and they spend so much more time together than last season.
  12. Ship Zone

    We're talking about Shamy's apartment.
  13. Ship Zone

    I said this back when I was wondering about their books: I'd love to have a plot where they rearrange the 4th with proper bookshelves and at least one desk to work on. We wouldn't need to see it but at least we'd know it there and everything is in its place. :D I really liked when they had Dr. Gallo on and one of the first things she said was that she doesn't agree one bit with Beverly. So I guess it's save to say that even in TBBT land her reputation among psychiatrists is questionable at best.
  14. Ship Zone

    Sheldon's bed bigger??? The tiny one where his head would hit the head board while his feet would hang out at the same time. THAT BED!?!? LMAO But they also didn't have another table in the apartment where he could work. Now he can sit at the table. Their stuff is stored in the shelves around the apartment. I'm sure he has everything he needs.
  15. Ship Zone

    I'm almost certain Howardette's bed is bigger but maybe it just looks like that because Bernie is so tiny... lol
  16. Ship Zone

    Indeed!! As I said in an earlier post and probably also plenty of times in the past, I'd love some sort of romantic gesture or whatever from Amy for a change. The writers have done a lot of fun role switcheroos this season so something where Amy has to prove to be a good girlfriend (for lack of a better description - this sounds terrible but I hope you get what I mean lol) and maybe even mess things up to hilarious effect would be very welcome. Yeah, exactly! Obviously, they need to do something with Raj so they might as well use him to fill the 4A vacancy and make it clear once and for all that Shamy ain't gonna move into 4A - complete with Sheldon hitting the audience over the head with how much better they have. It's very on the nose and not subtle at all.
  17. Yeah, it's a pity that after roughly half a dozen episodes with fighting and all sorts of other issues there's still no payoff in sight. Like, is there something (hopefully positive) the writers are working towards to? Personally, I'll happily eat my metaphorical vegetables in form of some drama when I know there'll be a delicious dessert that makes it all worth it. I think it's time to allow us a little glimpse into the kitchen to see what this is all about cause right now everyone is fed up with what we've been served so far and are still getting seconds shovelled onto our plates nobody asked for.
  18. Ship Zone

    My thoughts exactly. This is true. Maybe I could have worded my post more precisely and I certainly didn't mean to say that Sheldon was always a jerk. But my broader point still stands that in the past Sheldon had in general more "jerk moments", often motivated by his own selfishness, arrogance or because he just didn't care how his actions hurt somebody else. And I think what they do now with him ever since S9 is that he actually started caring and the writers have been peeling away his jerky attitudes and singled out the areas where it's a matter of him having a differently wired brain and thus, as you say, his ineptitude is out of his control. Like, in simple quantity terms old Sheldon had more moments that would justify an outrage vs. what we get now. (The fight about the possessions is his only real major jerk plot I can think of and we're already through 3/4th of the season. Maybe one could count his rudeness to the parents in the opening. But 2 out of 18 so far is really not that much.) And it's not just the big plot blow outs in the gang. It's also happening with little barbs flying into his direction in normal conversations for seemingly no reason. I mean, sure if he said something offensive or genuinely annoying then by all means, snark all you want. And I understand they're supposed to be funny jokes or whatever but with snarky humour you need an acceptable target to work but when Sheldon has done nothing wrong I just don't understand why that's supposed to be funny. Like with this episode on the stairs - Sheldon expresses his sympathy, Leonard makes a snarky comment, Sheldon is upset about that, and then Penny justifies it because... people are just reacting to his obnoxiousness??? but what was so terrible that you are reacting to!????? And as you say, it starts to feel like Sheldon's mere existence somehow is reason enough which I dearly hope is not what the writers actually want. Cause on the other hand I've noticed for a while now that Sheldon also understand the hurtful nature of those comments cause we get a reaction from him every time - be it a fed up side glance or now even a disapproving comment. These things are piling up and I can't help but wonder if one day the whole thing just boils over. At the very least then it wouldn't have been completely for naught. Oh god, yes, this! Ughh. Haha, same! Like, what did you expect, Amy?? Making such vague wishes was a rookie mistake right there! You saw the Mars video - be thankful you didn't end up with a face full of cake frosting. LOL Fingers crossed Sheldon thinks of something better this year.
  19. Ship Zone

    MTE! I think Beverly is expertly skilled in hitting a person's weak spot and pulling the rug from under their feet. But she doesn't exactly understand people on a deeper level. Sheldon's relationship with Amy is such a vulnerable spot for him - but not in the way that Beverly may think it is. As we all very well know, Sheldon does have insecurities in certain areas in that he's afraid Amy might think less of him and maybe even, as you say, fear that she might leave him again. But he isn't doubting his own feelings or commitment, hence why he's so upset at the mere suggestion. Good to hear I'm not the only one! As said in my post earlier: It's a side effect of when you have his character work so hard on himself and actually succeed. In old times Sheldon was indeed a jerk so when the gang was mean to him you could say "oh well, he had it coming!" But now after over a year of episodes where every other story for him is like some therapy session and he is shown to try so so hard to improve himself and he actually makes tangible progress - and yet still you have the same mocking reactions from the gang and we have reached that tipping point where it feels, indeed, unnecessarily cruel. I've said this for a while now but what I would wish is for a story that tackles the group dynamic head on. Maybe Sheldon and/or Amy have enough of this and give the gang a "The reason you suck" speech because the small missteps Sheldon makes these days really don't warrant the constant overreaction from the gang. Sheldon changed and the gang needs to get the memo already!
  20. Ship Zone

    The "beautiful" episode was Platonic Permutation - and save for the tag I thought it was. I really liked the aquarium set so this might have been what she meant. But yeah, I think it's mostly us fans over-interpreting her pictures/words and infusing them with our wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with taking what she posts with a grain of salt but I think blaming her for our speculations is a bit much. Haha yes! That was a really nice extra. Also Amy being Sheldon's "dessert" makes me think back to their S6 date: "Dessert is served." LOL I think that was exactly the problem. I can only imagine the writers having gotten enough reactions from audience members or even press people asking them if Sheldon will move back into 4A or whatever that they felt the need to address it in some form. Occupying his old room with Raj now kills two birds with one stone.
  21. Ship Zone

    As said in my comment above, this feels like an episode that's kinda addressing the most prominent theories from the audience. For Shamy I've seen the idea quite a bit that Sheldon still has his room as a Plan B when things will go bad with Amy (these are usually not coming from Shamy shippers, to be fair) so the show is dealing with that by throwing this out there with the help of Beverly and then Shamy work through it and declare this is BS But yeah, let the guy propose already! To be fair to her: She didn't really say much, now did she?
  22. Ship Zone

    Looking at the big picture here what I really like about this is that the writers are emphatically shutting down 4A as an option for Sheldon alone or even with Amy together - because there are still many people who think this is temporary with either Shamy and Lenny switching apartments or just Sheldon moving back in or whatever. But this looks like an episode that says: The LAs are a set, Sheldon doesn't have his "escape hatch" y'all think he has - now deal with it! Good. The other thing I really liked is the little redecoration joke with the huge statue. As said, I really hope that this is just for the joke and they throw it out again because there's just no space. But what else this tells me is that they're still not done with this place. Especially with the two year renewal in mind I'd love to see more changes in 4B!! :D Everything else is a bit of a mixed bag. I like how the show continues to show Sheldon getting better on the empathy department, I like how he's still working on himself and that we even get to see a skype talk with Beverly (it has been mentioned that they're in close contact but we rarely get to see any of that so this is a nice nod), I like how Amy manages to calm Sheldon down and the bed scene sounds cute (albeit with a weird Walking Dead twist lol), I like that overall this is about emphasising the strength of their relationship. What I don't like is that Amy is mostly being pushed in a role where she's reacting to everything around her with annoyance - be it Sheldon, Beverly or the rest of the gang. Ugh. I also don't like that of all the offensive things Sheldon has ever said or done this feels like it should be way way waaaaaay down the list so I don't understand the outrage. The gang is mean to him all the time and it's all his fault. He expresses his genuine empathy in a clumsy way and he's suddenly the biggest jerk. I mean...????? It's surely a side effect of growing Sheldon so much in recent years that his missteps now seem pretty small and don't seem to justify a big fight - especially when he's frequently at the receiving end of mean comments himself. Thoughts?
  23. Ship Zone

    Thanks again. And yeah, keeping expectations low was the best approach it seem. LOL I hope that Batman statue is just for the joke and doesn't actually stay. The apartment is crammed enough!
  24. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all down, @2L344!! Glad to hear you had a great time. :D
  25. At the very least there is the chance to break up the usual PALS vs HBR dichotomy of their A/B plots. Lenny and Raj are the ones that need the most attention in terms of storytelling and if throwing them together will do that for the writers then by all means: bring it on! They explain it in today's episode - the preview clip showed them going over some of his expenses. The idea it that he has a ridiculously high rent and spends way over budget for shit he doesn't need.