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  1. Still setting the bar
  2. Oh FYI I am starting my vacation this morning so my internet connection will be spotty at best for the next week to ten days but I will be on when I can. I expect the thread to get locked down at least once while I am gone I don't want Tensor to feel neglected
  3. WOOHOO!!!!! Howard is on the bandwagon #runtoindia
  4. Ship Zone

    They are simply hooking the least developed/liked character up with Lenny in hopes that they can work their magic on him like they did that other guy. If it worked on an ass it should work on a douche right???
  5. Ship Zone

    Cool the writers are finally setting up some good stories for the possible season 11 now when Raj gets deported they can keep Cinnamon without penny having to call PETA
  6. What about a cardboard standee?
  7. I at one point worked in a independent pharmacy and our drug reps were for the most part attractive women with people skills who could sell, only two had degrees and one of those was in theater arts. So speaking from personal experience penny is perfectly qualified for her job. The most important skill in sales is can you get people to buy if not no amount of education will save you from unemployment if you can nothing else matters.
  8. Ship Zone

    Hey, I haven't shut that thread down in almost two weeks
  9. Not to say that I don't still like half dressed penny, I am a guy after all and and while she may not be as "hot" as she used to be she is infinitely sexier
  10. But that has nothing to do with her job, they could just as easily show her on sales call's with whacky doctors like they showed her at the cheesecake factory. And we saw her many times back then hurt depressed or crying because of her audition failures. It's not the job it's the writing simply Penny is as penny is written her job is irrelevant. Old penny the 22 year old half dressed actress is in her thirties now she is grown up and people need to learn to deal with it, it's not the cause of her unfunniness that's the writers fault
  11. Great point and welcome to the forum and as I call this thread the thunderdome
  12. This may anger some but I think the reason some people miss Penny's acting is that at that time she was dependant on Leonard and he was often the hero riding in to "save" her, and they miss that dynamic Just my opinion of course
  13. Or they could just write her as successful and happy with her job, seems like the better not to mention easier (and these writers Love easy) choice
  14. Ship Zone

    Good times..... I choked on my drink, $395 for THAT!!!! It's hideous...