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  1. Was that my cue???
  2. The screen actors guild dosent work like a factory union. They set working conditions and minimums but most productions (movies for example) only last a few months then an actor moves to a new one they dont usually get a gig that lasts ten years on the same production. And except walkon or extras each actor or thier agent negtiates for themselves it is not collective bargaining like at an auto plant.
  3. He is funnier than Raj or Stuart to be honest, he's much more fun to watch IMO
  4. That maybe true in India but in Pasadena California USA she is an adult and can make her own decisions and Raj has no say in the matter, honor killings are part of indian culture to does that mean it would have been ok for him to kill her for dishonoring the family by dating a white non hindu? This isnt india and here Raj gets no say in what or who his adult sister chose to do
  5. It would be if it was at least consistent in each character. Sheldon needs a roomate/Sheldon has a drawer full of uncashed checks. Penny has huge debts/Penny has a guy/Penney has huge debts. Lather, rinse, repeat for every character
  6. Raj has never really made sense. Charecter wise over the shows run he is like 5% scientist, 10% Richie Rich, maybe 5% caring friend, 5% ambiguous metro sexual and 75% self centered douche The Charecter has never been given any real growth or lasting change and at this point i think he is beyond redemption. It would take to much story and screentime and honestly after 10 years of his behavior does anybody care anymore, i can truthfully say I dont and I would be fine with it if he moves back to India, I mean come on shouldnt his visa be up by now?
  7. well jousted sir knight, you may kneel before the throne of your queen...
  8. Ship Zone

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and honestly who wants to type a thousand words
  9. Naw, we just need a good bar fight
  10. I think you are correct that she said or at least strongly implied that, However.... Penny admitted to sleeping with one boyfriends brother and since we seem to be counting kissing as cheating she made out at prom with the capt of the football team while his date was throwing up. Since i am sure she didnt go alone she was "cheating" on her date. But ya know continuity lol
  11. This conversation has reminded me that while my worst fear has not yet come to pass it has been enabled. The series finale will now most likely be 12.24 After 4.24 and 8.24 i shudder to think what 12.24 will bring, with no chance to sweep it under the rug in the next season premiere...