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  1. Ship Zone

    Being happy in the background or miserable center stage is hardly a set of good choices personally I would prefer happy in the background. These writers are not good at closure and love stretching out plots, if this is the last season they are more likely to leave any damage unrepaired at the end cause they were to busy "growing Sheldon" to take the time to properly fix it and at best we get a all is forgotten unearned "happy ending"..... Or a piano depending on Chuck's mood
  2. Ship Zone

    Penny, you got some splainin to do
  3. Ship Zone

    Plus you gotta save something for the Inevitable book
  4. Ship Zone

    There is always room for you in the Lenny bunker, we have old tapes of classic lenny...... and cookies
  5. Ship Zone

    I seriously doubt they are allowed to contractually. What I get from the latest statements by Johnny and Kaley as well is that they are willing to continue and placing pressure on TPTB in negotiations to make it happen. If it dosent they can honestly say they were willing but that management just wouldn't do what it takes to keep going. Basically if it ends it wasn't their fault, and fans won't blame them which could impact any fan enthusiasm for their future projects. It's a smart move
  6. Ship Zone

    You could read that's as he loves working with Kaley not necessarily as he loves the material they have to work with.
  7. The Shamys vote it very good because of the Sheldon/Amy interactions and kiss. You gotta remember Lenny's are not the majority here
  8. Welcome Anita and please continue
  9. Ship Zone

    Just wanted to again say thank you Both of y'all gave excellent TR's and we're very gracious about answering questions often in great detail I really do appreciate it as I am sure does everyone else here.
  10. DAMN IT!!!!! That's a triple word score for using "dingleberry" in a legitimate sentence
  11. That episode was taped in secret to prep for sweeps, Sheldon wins the Nobel prize in ALL categories and is proclaimed god emperor of earth
  12. Agred the cast continues to do their usual amazing job but even the best chef can't turn a two doller steak into fila mignon
  13. Ship Zone

    The question I am asking is, is that something to explore in a comedy? Should a show which is supposed to make me laugh contain "doom and gloom" in any Apriciable amount? To me a comedy should be mostly light and funny so as to help it's viewers relax and escape the pressure's of their daily struggles like the TBBT was in the "old days" not a heavy drama. It's like ordering a yellow shirt and getting a black one, it may be a perfectly fine shirt but it's not what you expected to receive
  14. Ship Zone

    Rationalize all you want but the sad fact is that @luminous art is more touching and @veejay gif's funnier than the show has even for a long time And at 54 I can tell you that 30 is FAR from the "twilight years"
  15. Maybe the problem is that TBBT is NOT a drama? Maybe a comedy should actually be funny and leave the heavy drama and the examination of the deep seated psychological issues of its characters for drama shows and just make people laugh and smile?