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  1. episodes

    As a Shamy fan, I can't believe I'm saying this but I really hope Shamy were not in this episode. Lenny were super cute in this one. It's a pity that they didn't get more screen time. Howardette's storyline warmed my heart. Shamy and Mary's storyline was just utterly pointless and obnoxious. I didn't laugh once the entire time. The three of them showed their least lovable side in this episode. Sheldon was acting childish and, honestly, so very annoying. Amy was just a plot tool who in one moment is caring and kind, in another is inconsiderate and a bit bipolar. Honestly, some of her behaviors didn't even make sense. It's like she no longer has a personality these days. Her personality is whatever the plot requires it to be. It seems to me the writers wanted to give us a traditional couple episode. Howardette support each other. Lenny act sillly but adorable together. Sadly, what they chose for Shamy is the part of Shamy that I hate the most. One more thing, I'm getting so much second hand embarrassment from Sheldon these days that I had to close my eyes for a bit during some of his scenes.
  2. Debate Zone

    Do you guys really think the writers will continue with this Lenny storyline after this episode? Because I don't. I mean most of Lenny's conflicts, they are a one-episode thing. Their financial problem in season 8, Leonard kissing Mandy (technically it's not a one-episode thing, but it was resolved pretty quickly), Penny talking to the shrink, financial problem in season 9, it seems to me the writers like to write unnecessary conflicts for couples and resolve them in a rush or sometimes they just leave it there. But I guess we'll have to wait and watch the episode on screen.
  3. I have no idea how expressing my personal preference of the gifts would mean questioning the love between the couples. Besides I thought this is the discussion thread and we are allowed to question the love between couples. And why is it not Ok to diminish Leonard's gift? This is the discussion thread. I'm not saying anything bad about the actors. I just don't find that plot romantic. How is it any different than we complaining about a storyline or some episode? The gift is a plot written by the writers. And why does it have anything to do with whether or not the snowflake is a hallmark of Lenny's? I never said Lenny fans should stop believing that. I prefer Sheldon's. I find the snowflake and the necklace plots cliche, that's all.
  4. I said to JMO. I think I have a right to say what I feel about Leonard's gift. There isn't a competition, just me saying I prefer Sheldon's gift and don't find Leonard's gift romantic. Have no idea why that's considered dissing.
  5. I don't think gifts are out of obligation just because they're for special occasions. And even if it's out of obligation, I still find Sheldon's MRI more romantic, sorry. A snowflake from the north pole and a necklace that once went to space are like plots from second-rate romance novels TBH. And I've watched way too many kdramas to find those things romantic. Like I said, just my opinion.
  6. It's Ok. I was just speaking my opinion and what most of my female friends feel about the gifts.
  7. Yeah, Shamy have always been like that. They have an absolutely touching/romantic moment, and then they ruin it by Sheldon saying something ridiculous. That's just the way TPTB writes the couple. I think it might be for comedy purpose.
  8. Exactly because Amy works with brains all the time, she can get the romance behind the gift. Because she knows what orbitofrontal cortex is in charge of and what does that lighting up means:)
  9. Oh what I meant was I find Sheldon's gift romantic, just like Amy does. And why do Sheldon's gifts have to be romantic to most girls? He only loves Amy.
  10. Technically, Sheldon's gift is not the MRI scan. I'm sure Amy has his scans. The gift is him telling Amy "My brain lights up thinking of you". Speaking from my personal experience, you see most of the time, girls don't necessarily need gifts that are useful or expensive, as we can buy those things ourselves. What we need is to know how important we are to our partners.
  11. We all have different interpretations. I was just explaining as a girl, like Amy, I find that gift more romantic than Leonard's and Howard's. That's all.
  12. Most of my female friends who watch the show love Sheldon's gifts throughout these years and were very moved by this MRI gift. Howard's and Leonard's gifts are very thoughtful and precious too. But I personally prefer Sheldon's gifts. Let me put it this way, if it was any other girl, Howard's necklace would still work. But a lot of Sheldon's gifts, the MRI, him changing his emergency contact, adding Amy'a name to the title of FWF, those are exclusive to Amy. If I receive a necklace that once was in space, to me it means the person saying "I love you and I want you to have this precious gift." But with the MRI, it basically means "I love you and every time I think of you, I feel happy and only you could do this to me." Well, call me immature but I prefer the latter one:)
  13. Thank you! Basically your post is everything I want to say but can't put into words because of my poor language. That's why I never understand the logic behind "As long as Shamy are both 100% happy with whatever coitus arrangement they agree to, we shippers are happy." Like, eh, no. Shamy are characters created by the writers. They are happy because the writers write them so. I will be happy when Shamy are happy, and when their happiness makes sense to me. For now, it doesn't.
  14. Because it seems to me the writers think the audience have zero IQ and wouldn't notice any inconsistencies or illogicalities nowadays. So I make a lot of assumptions, based on the evidence I see, so that the show makes sense to me.
  15. Well I believe it is Amy who takes Sheldon's feelings into account. Sheldon is busy worrying about Amy's possible coitus expectations. Basically, I think Amy takes coitus off the table because first, she respects Sheldon and knows he still has problems; second, she has some concerns herself; third, compared with the possibility of Sheldon chaning his mind leaving Amy sleeping in Leonard's room alone, she prefers sleeping in the same bed with Sheldon without coitus.