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  1. Totally agree!!! And I'm often wondering why some people tend to downplay Leonard's importance, not just to Sheldon, but the whole show. IMO, Leonard is the most easy going character of the whole show (and Penny, too), some people think he is normal, mediocre, not me. I think he is kind, and very helpful. Sheldon once suggested Leonard that he should abondon Physics, and be a History teacher, Leonard was not pleased. But, the way I see it, if Leonard were to be a Physics professor, he would be a very good one. Remember Penny went to his lab, and he showed Penny the holographic display? I thought his demonstration and presentation was pretty simple and clear, not to mention neat and intriguing. So I think he would be a great teacher. Needless to say, I want Leonard to get that tenure position at CalTech, if the writers decide to give us a closure of that episode, of course.
  2. Ship Zone

    No, sorry. I don't think this is Lenny's JOB. I agree with @Jonny, I hope they will interact with Howardette. Needless to say, I want some Howard/Amy, Sheldon/Bernadette scenes so badly!!! Or, like @April said, Sheldon figures this out by himself. But either way, I want Shamy hanging out with Howardette!
  3. IMO, I think people saying Leonard and Penny don't have anything in common, part of the reason is because the writers failed to write Leonard and Penny individually. I often compare Penny with Rachel from Friends. I know, not the same, but to me, they still have some similarities. In ten years, we watched Rachel becoming a professional woman gradually. Similar to Penny, she also was a terrible waitress with a big dream - Fashion, but she wasn't just dreaming, she acted on it. We watched her quitting the Coffee shop job, we watched her going to interviews, we watched her starting to work at Bloomingdales, we watched her fighting for the promotion, we watched her job-hopping to Ralph Lauren, and in the end, we watched her turning down the Paris job. This was a process step by step. And, Let's take a look at Penny. We knew she was a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, and like Friends, the gang also constantly went to CF to eat, but unlike Rachel, we rarely got to see Penny's life at CF, except for Bernadette, we knew NO ONE from her job. The Cheesecake Factory was just a set for the four guys and Penny to interact, not about Penny herself. And, we knew Penny went to community college, but except for Sheldon's mocking line: "Not knowing is the part of the fun? Was that the motto of your community college?", the essay episode, the oral presentation episode, The Disappointing Child by Beverly episode, nothing more. Till this day, we still don't konw how Penny is doing in the college. Since 801, Penny got a new sales rep job, but we either got side descriptions or nothing at all. Off the top of my head, I can think of some episodes regarding to Penny's job: 1. Penny's interview with her Boss Dan. We knew she is a "people person". 2. Penny was studying with Bernie about her new job. But it was just a short scene. 3. Penny was practising her sales skills with Emily, but sadly, the topic changed before we learn something interesting about her job. 4. The lonely doctor misunderstood Penny and wanted to court her, but aside from that, still not about Penny's job itself. 5. Penny and Bernie went to their company's party, but I think this episode was more about Bernie. 6. Penny went to see Dr. Gallo, but sadly, just after a few lines, the topic changed, again. I want to see her "people person" side at work, not heard of that. TBH, I'm shocked about we got so few Penny's individual story plots, and here I thought "Penny is one of the BIG THREE, Penny is one of the Original Five, and Penny is the Leading Female Character. " How foolish of me.
  4. Love this show from Season 1 to Season 4, but not so much love about Season 5 and 6. The weird ending, the unsolved problems, etc, etc. I love Ben, Locke and Sawyer. Like you said, "by the end it kinda lost it". Yes, exactly my feeling.
  5. I've seen it too, and I agree it was the Best X Men and Wolverine movie. Not gonna lie, I cried a little at some scenes. I love this movie.
  6. Last weekend, I watched the new Beauty and The Beast. But I don't think it's a very good movie. This is supposed to be a love story, but I just can't understand When and Where Belle and the Beast fell for each other, I'm not feeling their love. But other than that, I think the visual effects are so great, the supporting characters really stole the whole movie IMO, especially Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth. And I still think the cartoon version(1991) is much better.
  7. I know, I'm just saying it was those lines which intrigued me to watch this show, and I'm forever grateful for them. And I share the opinion of the new mediocre version of TBBT now.
  8. I want to say something, but I'm afraid it will be offensive of TBBT, but what the hell. When this show started last fall, I didn't want to watch it right away, because it was not my favorite type of the show. But last month, on social media, I came across an article about this show, it contains a snapshot picture, which was Kevin's outbursts at the set, he said: "It's not the writer's fault this show is so bad. And it's so bad! It's not the network's fault for airing it! It's you guys! Why are you watching this stuff? It's your fault for demanding so little of us that we settle. I can't feel my face right now, but you know what? I knew exactly what this job was when I took it. Shame on me for taking the money! Shame on you for making me famous! Shame on all of us!" I'm not gonna lie, when I read those lines on that picture, it immediately reminded me of TBBT, and I literally felt shamed. So I binge-watched the show. And now, let's just say, I'm forever grateful for that snapshot picture. I can't wait for Season Two.
  9. So, until next Wesnesday, if we are lucky, we can get new things to talk about, right? So instead of Leonard's cheating, Penny's fooling around with Raj, Amy's drugging, we can have some NEW and REFRESHING stuff to talk about. And I'm just wondering, why is there no one talking about Sheldon's shit? Because he is just a so perfect character? IMO, we should treat the characters equally, right?
  10. Apart from the Lenny fan part, I totally agree with you. Season 6 is my favorite, too. I can honestly say I almost LOVE every episode of Season 6. From the start, we got to see Howard "actually" being in space, not some side description. We got Halloween episode, Christmas episode, Valentines Day episode, IMO, this season was the most balanced between friendship plots and relationship plots of all the seasons. And 619, The Closet Reconfiguration was just perfect. I remember at that time, I've read tons of reviews about the letter on social media, people were guessing which version was true and even the casual audiences thought this was a very good episode. And in the end, we got to see Leonard going his North Sea trip. So, not only the friendship and relationship parts were good, but the profession part was great, too. Even the new character- Alex was my favorite recurring character, no doubt. Sorry for my gushing over Season 6.
  11. I'm not a die-hard Sheldon fan myself, but I have a few friends and co-workers and acquaintances who are die-hard Sheldon fans, regarding this spin-off, I've asked all of them that whether they would watch it or not, and ALL of them told me NO. Like you said in the bold part, they told me they love Sheldon because of Jim Parsons's appearance, because of Jim Parsons's acting skills, etc, etc. It is he who makes "the annoying Sheldon" enjoyable and loveable. Even though Jim Parsons will be the narrator, it's not the same. They (and I, TBH) fear the spin-off would rewrite Sheldon's history, and that would be so messed up.
  12. I'm guessing, we might get one episode of Shamy engagement, one episode of Shamy wedding, one episode of Penny pregnancy announcement, one episode of Raj's "resolution", and, what, 44 episodes of filler? I'm really hoping that in those 48 episodes, we can get as many decent and nice and funny plots as possible, as few pointless fights, cringe-worthy characters' behavior and repetitive unfunny plots as possible. Yes, wishful thinking, I know. But anyone can dream, right?
  13. How about "The Golden Boy from The Big Bang Theory"? You know, in case there are still some people who don't know this is related to TBBT, they might as well put TBBT into the show's title.
  14. I think Penny's sister was referenced twice since then. In 609, The Parking Spot Escalation, Penny told Bernie and Amy, the first time she got bikini wax, it was her sister who did it with melted Crayolas and duct tape. And in 903, The Bachelor Party Corrosion, Penny told them her sister's water broke during the Father Daughter Dance at her own wedding. I want to meet Penny's sister, too. And I hope we get to see a COOL SIS. IMO, I'm disappointed with Penny's mother and brother, based on what we saw in 1001, I didn't think those two characters were her mother who smoked pot when she was pregnant with Penny or her brother who cooked meth. I'm just not buying it.
  15. IMO, they should hire some die-hard fans for proofreading the scripts in advance, because the inconsistency problems are getting more and more ridiculous and obvious, to the point even the casual audiences noticed some of them, and they thought those contradictory plots were stupid, and they are NOT happy. Believe me.