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  1. I agree with everything you said except for the bold part. I think Sheldon is the writers' favorite character, I'm not gonna lie. But, IMO, Leonard( to an extent Leonard and Penny) is the real glue that held the group together. Take 1012 as an example, the other five characters all came to 4A and told their respective Christmas experiences to each other, it seems like Leonard and Penny were the host. And I think that was the reason the writers put Lenny in 4A. Oh, and please note: I have absolutely no intention to start a character war or ship war or whatnot, just my opinion on this.
  2. Ship Zone

    Regarding Lenny's future: I want to see them with their families, both in New Jersey and Nebraska. I want to see Penny working, like really working, not those side description we've been getting. I want Penny to meet all kinds of doctors, I think that will be very funny. And I want some plots involving Penny and her Boss Dan, maybe Lenny will go to some company party, and Penny introduces Leonard to Dan. I want Penny to film commercials for her company, or better yet, she becomes one of the casting staff and chooses the roles from those actresses who come to LA for becoming film stars like herself ten years ago. I think that will be very funny, and perhaps we will get some very touching scenes from Penny. I want Leonard to have some science plots only for himself. No need for something MAJOR, just his own experiments would be nice, and when those three guys come to his office, he could explain to them. I want more Lenny and Howardette scenes. Don't get me wrong, I love Lenny doing stuff with Shamy, but sometimes, I get the feeling that the writers intentionally put Lenny to serve as a foil to Shamy, TBH, I hate that. But, with Howardette, I never got this feeling. For example, in 1016, we got the 4A scenes, and you can tell both Lenny and Howardette were equal, both of them put their own family first. I like that, and I think it was very real. I want more of this, please.
  3. Oh, man. NOT LA again. But since I believe the reason we got the LA change was because the writers didn't know whether season 10 was the last season or not, so, now, with the two years renewal......I see your point.
  4. Totally agree. TBH, sometimes, I get the feeling that OOC is TBBT's "new normal" in this day and age. The writers rewrites character's history to suit the new plots, or suddenly, there are some 180-degree-turns. So, in our eyes, that's OOC. Some plots were just one-off jokes, so the writers didn't care about whether the joke hurt the characters or not, because they think most of the casual viewers won't remember them. So, IMHO, IF(that's a BIG if) the writers really want to let Amy go to CC with Sheldon, they certainly can come up with lots of "excuses", even though the "excuses" are OOC to Amy, but, like I said, they don't care, not to mention it's Amy, LOL. All above are just my opinion.
  5. OK, I'll admit, I kinda started this discussion because I said: And I wish Amy would go to Comic-Con with Sheldon, but I guess I'm just not that lucky. Why would I wish that? Because in 1015, the writers INTENTIONALLY put Amy in that kind of light, which is "the girlfriend didn't appreciate her boyfriend's interest(as in Amy was very annoyed about Sheldon reading her that schedule), but after she fantasised her boyfriend as a train conductor who poured water at himself, SUDDENLY, she just couldn't wait to get to that museum. And combine this plot with that "once a year sex" running gag, I think even the casual audiences could do the math, and knew what was the writers trying to say, which is: yeah, Amy was horny, she wanted more sex, but she just couldn't get some. Poor Amy! I know for a fact that many reviews mentioned this, even in this very own forum. And I read lots of those reviews on social media, also I asked some people around me. And as an Amy fan, I just hate this plot. So when I heard about that Comic-Con plot, I just so wish Amy would go to Comic-Con with interest, instead of what happened in 1015. And the bold part, the joke with Sheldon's pants was another example. I think I can safely say NOBODY wants to watch "horny Amy" in the future two years, and people who hate the "horny Amy" the most are Amy fans.
  6. Ship Zone

    Regarding this driver's license plot: I hate that the writers took this away from Sheldon. I mean, for years, Sheldon has many interesting traits, some people love them, some people hate them, people are different, that's OK. But now the writers told us Sheldon CAN drive, people who hate him now can put this in that "selfish" category, I'm not saying I don't think he is selfish, and I indeed have mixed feelings about Sheldon sometimes, but I absolutely LOVE the trait that "he can't drive, so people have to chauffeur him around", I think this fits his character very much, not to mention we already got a very funny and classic episode evolving around this. But, just like the three knock habit(which I LOVE too by the way, and I don't care that cliche and Psychological shadow explanation AT ALL), the writers took this away as well. I mean, I don't get it, why would the writers do this? There are NO up side in both cases, people who hate his traits can still hate him, now with this brand new "evidence"; people who love his traits just are disappointed with all this. Now, I still think that Sheldon is the writers' favourite character, but I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I feel the writers just hurt him so deeply.
  7. The bold part, did you mean that line:" What is there to gossip about? We barely have one." ? I don't think that Sheldon was mocking their own sex life by saying that, because based on his look and his tone, he really didn't have any idea why people would gossip about this. Because to him, their "two-times" sex life doesn't have THAT MUCH DATA to be gossiped about by other people, IMHO. And I'm NOT defending him, just my impression on this.
  8. Thank you for that info!!! OK, now I can wait for some surprise, and if that really happens, I will be truly happy, seriously.
  9. I haven't watched the preview. But based on what you described here, I'm just so happy for Lenny. I want this newlyweds feelings from them. As for Shamy, yeah, let's just say I'm not surprised, at all. What? You think this is my first day watching the show? LOL. Like you said, the writers once again ignored Shamy's intellectual eccentricities and went for the same old sex jokes. And once again, Amy misunderstood the situations. Yeah, I'm not sure about others, but to me(and my friends who stopped watching the show, LOL), these plots really gave people the feeling that Amy wants more sex. And I wish Amy would go to Comic-Con with Sheldon, but I guess I'm just not that lucky.
  10. Episodes

    I voted good, ONLY for the cold open.
  11. The bold part, To be COMPLETELY honest, I kinda feel like it's already happening in both Shamy and Lenny , even in season 10. Take 1016 for example, the "once a year" plot was nothing more than a recycled plot and an unnecessary relationship drama. Same goes to the Lenny plots in the previous episodes. Nothing funny or new. Howardette is good and funny, that I'm grateful. Raj...I don't know. I'm still can't understand why the writers did what they did to Raj.
  12. Thank you!!! I agree with every words. I don't like the plots they wrote for Shamy's split, and I hate that Shamy's split up took over all the show sometimes, and I think they actually "hurt" the other five characters. For example, in 906, they put Sheldon and Leonard in one science plot, that was nice, I like that. But all of the other five characters have been dragged into the "Amy's dating App" plot, even Stuart. Not to mention the "laughing at people" story, that was not funny, at all. In 908, on the one hand, they put Penny and Bernadette to observe Amy's date, even Leonard. On the other hand, they put Howard and Raj to find a new girlfriend for Sheldon. I mean, it was like the other five characters got nothing to do, the only thing the writers cared about was Shamy's split up. I think nobody wanted to see that, and I'm sure even Sheldon and Amy themselves needed something other than that to do. I know not all the episodes were about that, but the whole thing just gave people that "vibe". Especially to casual audiences. I have several friends and co-workers stopped watching just because this.
  13. Wow, now my favourite Fanfiction has a Cover photo, and it suits the story so well... Thank you so much!!!
  14. The bold part, so agree. For example, in 1007, we got that "Penny hides some of Leonard's nerdy stuff" plot and in the tag, we got that "Penny redecorated the room and turned it into some Pink Storm"plot, and, IMO, these were just totally CRAP. The "Penny" we knew would collect some normal things Leonard gave to her as keepsake, and I'm not sure Penny even love pink that much. She always has some Tomboy vibe to me. And, Leonard didn't know the batman from his keychain had been taken off...I can understand that some things from the book shelf got missing without people's notice, but NOT keychain. Leonard is not THAT stupid.
  15. I know what you mean, and I agree he is creepy. But Kripke is always creepy, nothing new. Then why did he sent his nude photo to Amy in 905? IMO that was because he learned what Sheldon told him about "Shamy's sex life", he falsely thought Amy was that kind of woman, and knowing Amy was single, he sent that photo. It was very IC for him to do. And now thank you April, I learned that the actor was not available in season 10. But what about season 7, 8, 9? And thank you Stephen Hawking for reminding me that live episode of FWF, that was a perfect time for him to talk about "Shamy's sex life" with Shamy. But no, that never happened. The bold part, I agree. And now I guess the reason we never got "Kripke talking Shamy's sex life with Shamy" in season 7, 8, 9 is because the writers intentionally want Sheldon to "dodge that bullet"IMO.