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  1. Ship Zone

    Thank you, @mirs1 and @koops !!! TBH, I'm really NOT mad at Sheldon at all, because he indeed didn't do anything wrong. And, I think this was the writers' intention. They wanted to underline this point. I just don't like this proporal, like @mirs1 said, they don't need any catalyzer at all. Now I think they will talk about what happened, then Amy will say yes.
  2. Ship Zone

    I'm curious about your guys' speculations about 1101. TBH, I'm really surprised about this proposal, with the Ramona spoiler, I totally didn't see it coming. But, I have to admit, the proposal gave me a "Sheldon proposed out of his insecurity about their relationship" vibe. As in: after he understood Ramona's intention, he was worried that someone might do the same thing with Amy, so he needed to seal the deal. So, now I think there will be 3 possible scenarios: 1. Amy says yes. 2. After learning what happened with Ramona, Amy pisses off and says no. 3. After learning what happened with Ramona, Amy calms Sheldon down, and talks to him(like Monica did on Friends). Personally, I prefer the 3rd one. But I think the writers will go with the 1st one. So, what do you think? PS: If you think I'm raining on your parade, I'm really sorry. This is not my intention. I just want to discuss this episode and speculate the next one.
  3. Ship Zone

    Thank you for the information, now I'm much more happier. LOL Thank you!!!
  4. Me too. I think people can really see the difference between this kiss and Leonard's boat kiss. And I hate to say this, but I think this is the writers' intention.
  5. Ship Zone

    I'm wondering this, too. And I remember Sheldon's line:" Don't fall in love with another scientist." So, I don't know...Maybe this time, the writers indeed had a plan? LOL.
  6. Ship Zone

    I think two of Sheldon's traits are he enjoys other people's attention, and he likes having a play date/companion for conversations or entertainment. And apparently, to him, Ramona was a good companion, they shared work-related information, and they even swimmed together. IMO, to Sheldon, Ramona is not a girl who is chasing him but a co-worker who happens to be here and they can play together. And I think this is the writers' way to prompt Sheldon to propose to Amy.
  7. OK, IMO, if you don't like the plots, maybe you should blame the writers, not the actors. The actors don't write the show.
  8. Ship Zone

    Thank you @shamyyellow and @snow*flower for sharing the information with us. I'm very grateful, thank you. Hope you had a great time at the taping!
  9. Thank you, @shamyyellow and @kazzie for sharing information! Thank you, and I hope you had a great time at the taping!
  10. Ship Zone

    Sigh, I'm so disappointed right now, I think the speculations on this thread are way better than the writers' version.
  11. Ship Zone

    I like this speculation, and I don't mind for it to happen for real. My reasons are: 1. I want more plots about Shamy's science project, the one in 1019 was just perfect. So, to me, the more, the merrier. 2. In this case, we can avoid the unnecessary relationship drama, but focus on their work-related plots. 3. I hope the writers can show us: Not every woman is interested in the man romantically, sometimes they just want other things.
  12. I really hope these "spoiler talk" won't prevent those generous fans from giving us any information. I appreciate any information about the show, so wherever your spoiler posts are, I will find them. Thank you, generous fans, I wish when you attend the tapings, you will have a wonderful time!
  13. Ship Zone

    Is it me or it looks like Amy is younger and thinner? Also, I think this vest really suits her.
  14. From reading the past few pages of this thread, I got confused. Why is Shamy has awful plots a good thing to Lenny? Shamy has awful plots does not mean Lenny will have amazing plots. Wishing Sheldon and Ramona hook up? OK, Let's see. Hypothetically, Sheldon and Ramona hooks up, then the writers will have to solve this problem, then they will write certain plots for Sheldon, Ramona, and/or Amy. Then until the problem gets solved, these certain plots require screen time, or even become the center of one(or more)episode(s). Then, at the same time, Lenny will definitely get little screen time, and hang around the kitchen island. I mean, don't you forget about the first half of Season 9? Back then, Shamy were broken up, but every episode from 901 to 909 had a plot to remind the audience that Shamy was still broken up, it was like an amplifier playing the sentence: "Attention!!! Shamy is still broken up, so until they are back together, we will suspend any other things." And, at that time, did Lenny or Leonard or Penny have any decent plots? No, I don't think so. So, what I'm trying to say is: whether or not Shamy has awful plots has nothing to do with Lenny, so no need for hoping that. PS: oh, I forgot to ask, is there a thread for people who enjoy Shamy, Lenny, Howardette and Raj to hang out?
  15. Ship Zone

    Off the top of my head, I can remember like: 421 drunk kiss, 512 tiara kiss, 715 train kiss, 719 XBOX ONE or PS4 kiss, 910 earworm kiss, 911 Opening night kiss. 1007 Goodnight kiss, 1011 cosplay kiss, 1013 X and (X+1) kiss.