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  1. Ship Zone

    I took time to process all of this new information because some of it was just too real for me... But after thinking it through, I don't think this is gonna be such a bad episode. Obviously some parts upset me. I don't like the Sheldon is a jerk/ Amy is sarcastic dynamic (none of us do) and I really thought that we'd never see this again, but that was just wishful thinking. I don't wanna talk about the snake gift because... I just don't... (I hope Amy kept it though). Beverly is just the worst... obviously she knows what she's talking about, she is an accomplished psychologist (?), well either way, she usually knows her stuff, but I think she's well out of order here. I suppose we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out. I do think Shamy have the sort of relationship where they constantly need affirmation about their feelings, and that's not bad. Obviously that means they'll always have these sweet moments where they talk about their feelings and we get to see it, but it also means whenever either one of them says the wrong thing, it'll hurt someone's feelings. Whenever we think it's gonna be a bad episode, it usually isn't. I'm always hopeful.
  2. Ship Zone

    Does episode 18 have any significance in the Shamy-verse? You know like, in past seasons? Just asking... can't help myself.
  3. Ship Zone

    Don't plant these thoughts into my head, April... LOL. It's so fun to daydream about these things. Also, decided to not go unspoiled. I'd miss y'all too much.
  4. Ship Zone

    It would be kind of fun to go unspoiled for the rest of the season, but what if they don't get engaged and I end up unspoiled for nothing?
  5. Ship Zone

    Awww, no! We love your comments! Besides, sappy rambles are the best. I know what it's like having a bad day and drifting away into the wonderful world of Shamy. Live by my motto : fictional couple; real feels. <3
  6. Ship Zone

    My biggest fear right now is that tptb slows it down soooooo much after the renewal, that we revert back to seasons past. Let's hope not. It wouldn't make sense and could ruin the show for me. Wow, my expectations are so low these days.
  7. Ship Zone

    The one that's airing... yeesh, should've been more specific, sorry!
  8. Ship Zone

    Sorry to be a hassle, but what happens in the next episode? I've been away for too long.
  9. Ship Zone

    Proposal talk is the best! I didn't really love the last two episodes and my expectations are pretty low, but I know eventually the writers are gonna have to get back to the early season fan fiction-y stuff... right? I mean, they have to! I have to admit the "fight" in last week's episode wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be, so I'm happy. Speaking of happy, happy birthday @amethyst! As we say in South Africa, have a lekker day.
  10. Ship Zone

    On the subject of the next episode, these darn writers! After everything we've been through these past few years/seasons, we should just be happy this situation came at a time when they were secure in their relationship and generally happy. I don't know what to think at this time... I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. Ship Zone

    This new information is very intriguing. I think we should keep expectations low to avoid being disappointed, I mean, we don't know all the facts. Shamy fans sexual tension vs general viewers' idea of sexual tension is vastly different. I mean come on, for years we survived on eye-coitus alone. New episode coming up though! Can't wait to read all the response from you guys.
  12. Ship Zone

    I don't think he was looking in her eyes at the time.
  13. Ship Zone

    Just watched the episode guys! I really liked it. I thought it was funny and the Shamy moments were so cute. When Sheldon was checking the phone to see what emotions Lenny were experiencing, Amy almost had to tip toe to see the screen and it struck me for the first time in a long time, that height difference! I love it! I thought the bedroom scene was so cute and adorable. To me, the best Shamy moments are the sweet and tender ones they have when they're all alone. When it's just them, I feel like they can have these honest and open conversations about everything and anything. I can't really see that for the other couples on the show, so in that regard, on an emotional level Shamy's just the best. Didn't think Sheldon was being mean when he called Amy a sad sack, plus he did apologize. Amy's reaction to him telling her she looked weird without the glasses gave me the impression that she felt the same way, which is good. Key word of this this episode is unity. Shamy were a united front. Loved how they both got annoyed at all the little digs their friends kept making. I've never seen them so in sync, so that's good. Final thoughts on the ep is that it was really sweet from a Shamy perspective and I can just see this as being the foundation for bigger things to come.
  14. Ship Zone

    I'm always going to be optimistic, so in my mind this info on the new episode is the stepping stone for bigger, better things. Sheldon has a drivers' license? Great. Now he can drive Amy around for once. Waiting for a joke like : "Now you don't just drive people crazy anymore". LOL.
  15. Ship Zone

    I was binge watching the first half of this glorious season yesterday, and in Ep. 4 where they're in bed for the first time (just sleeping, of course) was still so unreal to me. Cos here on SA telly they have year long re-runs from season 1 til 9, so TBBT is always on, everyday of the week, double episodes... and even though I always hoped Shamy would be more intimate, the contrast still hits me all the time. The reason I'm saying all this, is to tie in with the talk of proposals. I think I would lose my shit if I actually saw it happening in front of me on my tv screen. If them in bed together or holding hands has me going crazy, a proposal/ wedding/ slow dance at wedding would be waaaay too much for me. I'm always optimistic, I really think they'll end up together... like if it ends, with them not together I'll be writing strongly worded e-mails to CBS daily... my Shamy wishlist right now would be: 1. Proposal, preferably cute and zany and kind of weird but carefully thought out and in IC. 2. A wedding to remember. 3. A honeymoon trip away. Would've said trains, but since we're getting that (yay!) already, somewhere unconventionally romantic. It is still happy days for them (and us), so let's not worry too much about drama that may or may not occur. I know stressing out about imaginary drama is kind of our thing here in this thread, but I'm sure it will all end gorgeously.