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  1. Then I wish they'd write them off. If there's nothing left to tell then why bother paying 2 actors 2 million per episode?
  2. I think there's a lot the writers could do with Lenny if they wanted to and not just as a couple.
  3. Episodes

    It was an OK episode. I laughed out loud when Leonard suggested that Raj could move in with Howardette and Howard went: "Why don't you like me??" Simon is hilarious.
  4. Özil is too sensitive IMO. When he's confident he's incredible, but when he isn't it really shows. He managed to deliver a bad performance against Brazil in 2014 and that was practically impossible. What about Mertesacker btw? Still injured?
  5. Not inappropriate at all. I love that you're able to focus on the positive aspects. I appreciate that very much about you, Martin.
  6. Oh believe me I've seen that as well. I've actually been in fandoms where people have sunk into deep depression because of a TV show. I know what it can do. And I've also advised those people to walk away from it for their own good. Oh it is depressing. But I get immense joy out of good writing and interesting storytelling. If a show can make me feel happy or sad, make me feel something, I'm a happy viewer.
  7. Miserable? LOL dear Lord no. I was miserable when my mom was in hospital last week (she's fine). If this show made me miserable I'd stop watching and also probably think about therapy. My happy place on TV right now is "This is us". Brilliant show. Great writing, amazing cast.
  8. Agreed. Plus, they can write Leonard being OK with a lot of things. Doesn't mean I have to be.
  9. When it comes to kindness, yes, I do expect that from her 10 years later especially when it comes to her husband. Going from being kind to being downright mean isn't something I would call character progression, I'd call it character assassination.
  10. And she would say this: PENNY: You are a great guy and it is the things you love that make you who you are. I miss her.
  11. You can be upfront and honest with someone without being mean and dismissive. My issue is actually something that Johnny has said a while back: that the writers draw from his and Kaley's relationship re: giving each other a hard time. Here's the thing, though: they are friends. And friends do tend to be a bit harsher with each other when it comes to little jabs. But that behavior just doesn't suit Leonard and Penny, who are a married couple. Didn't TPTB also write something for Leonard and Penny just because it happened to one of the writers? I want them to write Leonard and Penny, not Johnny and Kaley or anyone else. There seriously are times when I don't even recognize the characters anymore. Perfectly fine if others see it differently, but that's how I feel.
  12. I'm always stunned by how Özil just goes missing in big games. That's just a mystery to me. Such a gifted player and yet... I don't usually root for Bayern except in the CL. Great performance.
  13. I'm so torn about this. Of course I wanna watch more TBBT and especially more of Leonard and Penny. But please, I want more of the Leonard and Penny I fell in love with, who were kind to one another, who stood up for one another. If TPTB feel there has to be conflict then at least please write something that is a) in character and b) something that is properly resolved on screen. I'm just done with the half-baked stories we've been getting. I'm super excited for our fellow Shamy fans on here. You should be excited. I'm sure there's greatness coming your way! Back to my mantra: hope for the best, expect the worst.
  14. Saw some Avengers: Infinity War footage yesterday ( and I couldn't be more excited. Also can't wait for Thor: Ragnarok, and also Black Panther and Spiderman: Homecoming! Still waiting for another Iron Man movie but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  15. Interesting topic. I don't have anything against guns per se, but I've never felt the need to own one. I've always felt perfectly safe even when I would walk home alone at 3 am. I also trust our police very much.