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  1. Ship Zone

    I get the feeling that the writers assume that S10 is the last, therefore they fast-pace the Shamy relationship to the detriment of the other characters. Combine that with the fact that they also need to write material for Howardette and Raj and the 20 minute time frame for each episode, quality and quantity of Lenny plot remains rare. And what can you write when the usual is gone, the nerd-chases-hot-girl issue.
  2. Actor

    I always thought that this was the main reason for him and Kaley ending their relationship. She wanted to broadcast it (like she's doing now), he was adamantly against it.
  3. Ship Zone

    Damn, Leonard is developing quite the gut ^^
  4. Ship Zone

    Sometimes, in my more pessimistic moments, I wonder if they're trying to write Lenny in a way that would facilitate a believable departure of the Penny character while Leonard stays (aka divorce) in case Kaley either wants to have kids or turn completely to riding.
  5. Ship Zone

    Imagine what it might mean for him if his colleagues find out that he used his influence to get his drug dealing convict brother a job at a prestigious university (doing whatever). It could reek of nepotism. In the minds of his colleagues (especially those in the Chemistry department) that new hire might steal some stuff to do his "trade"
  6. Ship Zone

    He doesn't look shy, he looks more surprised ^^
  7. Ship Zone

    All of them ^^
  8. I think they ram the Shamy relationship into overdrive because they've to be under the impression that the 10th is the last season. And since Lenny are married, the only thing they can do with them is create drama to have a story for them at all.
  9. I find these artificial relationship drama tiring. It's common in most shows, either they introduce a love triangle or they create drama where there shouldn't be one. The writers should realize that they are writing a COMEDY show, not a drama.
  10. Ship Zone

    I'm almost tempted to prompt you to make pictures with my chapters as inspiration, of either stories *wink wink*
  11. Ship Zone

    Well, he did just explain the theory of relativity to her... twice! (and I have already mapped out, how this scene will unfold in my story )
  12. Actor

    And him saying "I love you with all of me" is quite a sign... I never said something like that to a female friend, no matter how close I was with her. Can't help but think that these two still have strong feelings for each other but that their fear of "it" not working out again could cost them their friendship and that's why they don't try again
  13. Ship Zone

    *writing down notes for future chapter* Quite possible. Though I don't see a birth happening before the series finale. And the only thing we might get to see is a montage with said baby in Sheldon's old room
  14. Actor

    I'm pretty sure that her answer would have been the other one if she were currently dating an actor ^^
  15. And this time, Lenny could "violate the neutral zone" like rabbits