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  1. Ship Zone

    If Leonard had not been on that camping trip to see the meteor shower only to get high on pot cookies, she would have yelled for him anyway. Sheldon was the only one available
  2. Ship Zone

    I agree with you here. An anti-climactic engagement was something most people didn't expect. The usual engagements have all been done already, so this was different ^^
  3. Actor

    Anyone notices that Johnny never really smiles when getting his picture taken with people?
  4. Ship Zone

    I doubt it's only the robe ^^
  5. Ship Zone

    Is it just me or does Leonard look fat in that scene?
  6. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I think Raj did it in front of Emily, which then created the whole I-hate-her situation. But also, we have to remember, when that happened, Leonard & Penny weren't a couple. Penny was single but sad over Leonard and Priya and Leonard was actually with Priya at that moment in time, even though he was somewhat distraught.
  7. Actor

    Ok, is she sleeping topless? I don't see any kind of shirt on the visible skin. Man, that Karl is a lucky guy ^^
  8. Debate Zone

    Because Leonard has asthma and a run can actually be dangerous to him? He already did. In the season 3 episode "The precious fragmentation" Leonard said "Penny made me watch all 5 seasons of Sex and the City"
  9. Ship Zone

    For me, the only beef I have with the Lenny portrayal was the end, when Leonard said he wouldn't go to Comic Con so he and Penny could spend the weekend doing something together and she immediately comes up with wildwater rafting? She should know by now that Leonard is rather limited when it comes to extreme sports, even sports in general.
  10. Ship Zone

    Why is Raj moving in with them? It can't be just because he's cut off from his father's money. He should earn enough to afford his appartment.
  11. Ship Zone

    Sometimes I wonder how much they both would have liked this picture to show the real thing and not just the make-believe.
  12. Ship Zone

    To be fair, I doubt any of the actors would have to go to the poor house if TBBT ended this season ^^ Though I don't know what the other actors are doing in their private lifes, the one who really needs that income is Kaley, since owning that many horses means a lot of monthly costs for feeding and housing them correctly.
  13. Ship Zone

    Wasn't she wearing that red "dress" as sleeping attire? The one she had on when Sheldon was having that tune in his head... And it was just a red dress. Some underwear and she could go to a club with it ^^
  14. Ship Zone

    Okay... so Penny is mad at Leonard because she thinks he takes her for granted and doesn't do much for the relationship anymore and now she wants to go to Comic con with him because he does so much for her? Which is it? I'm confused now...
  15. Ship Zone

    Question is, are they in the same room? Because Leonard looks like he's in some lab and Penny looks to be in someone's living room (there's a banister in the background, not to mention the couch and armchair)