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  1. Ship Zone

    Exactly! I would definitely like to see some old school TBBT as opposed to Lenny drama or Raj/Stuart loneliness/loser plots. Cafeteria talk, group stuff like a Raj themed event, how about dinner at the chinese restaurant or even lunch at the Cheesecake Factory?! Movie night at a theater, an aquarium visit, a bowling night.....u get the point! Im feeling a bit nostalgic lately for some reason lol
  2. Ship Zone

    oh thanks for that update, I forgot about that issue!
  3. Ship Zone

    Howard was making a reference to "Beauty and the Beast" where all of the animated dishes, utensils, characters sing "Be Our Guest" during the Belle dinner scene. Dont judge me for knowing lol
  4. Remember Amy's first roommate experience attempt in 4A? "Penny's the snake in our garden" speech comes to mind. He has a difficult time lying for other people, but does a pretty good job of it if it suits his needs (ie., calling up a studio and pretending to be an executive to find out why a show was cancelled).
  5. Ship Zone

    In which case, do you think she'd have ignored Sheldon, and carried on making out with Dave? haha, not going there buddy, whats in the past stays there!
  6. Ship Zone

    Uh oh, no TR and we're flashing back to the breakup episodes?? What have you done April lol! I still say the breakup arc was unnecessary since Amy took Sheldon back unconditionally, and if Sheldon was five minutes later at that front door he wouldve interrupted a hot makeout session on the couch with Dave.... Lol jk jk! Ah, those nostalgic S9 days on this thread where we all wrote passionate arguments about the breakup and dissected every minutia of every episode during it. As much drama as it was for some of us here I really came to appreciate and love the forum and its members for the spirited conversations!
  7. Ship Zone

    and meemaw of course!
  8. I got to thinking about the whole Raj roommate thing. It could be possible that (intrusiveness aside) Raj could be the one to help Lenny through some issues. Love him or hate him, Raj is the kind of guy that can be that sympathetic ear for the gang when he wants to be. When he and Sheldon spent time in the CalTech basement it was Raj who talked to a scared Sheldon facing a career change, and tried to comfort him and bring perspective to the change Sheldon was facing. Raj has given advice to Howardette that was spot on when he stayed briefly with them (and it was probably too close to home since in the end Howardette turned on Raj lol). And despite his one time and short lived drunken bedroom romp with Penny, Raj DID insist to Penny once that she should tell Leonard she loved him when leonard confessed to Raj that she never had. I think Raj wants them happy. Raj has often times been the one that went out of his way to keep the gang together with his love for themed events, scavenger hunts, boys gaming nights, and involvement in girls nights too (jewelry making). I know he is written to also be a tool bag too, and he has screwed up a lot over the years. But this latest TR shows he can be a friend to both Leonard and Penny. So just maybe Raj at some point can be the one that helps Lenny recognize some things that may elude them, and in the end he could become a surrogate therapist of some sort. He can be a sensitive and deep thinking guy on the show. Just something to consider.
  9. Ship Zone

    love this! btw, just how much did @stephenhawking pay you to get his own line in your pic lol?!
  10. Ship Zone

    Lol my wife dragged me to line dance in the late 80s, love country music but hated line dancing!
  11. Ship Zone

    It reminds me of the episode where Sheldon wore the smelly skull device on his head and asked Amy and the gang to maintain a level of shrillness for him in order for him to be productive. That theme is reintroduced in this new episode and Im betting Sheldon had no problem at all with that premise!
  12. Ship Zone

    These two knuckleheads both love human experimentation and enjoy the whole cause/effect part of toying with human behavior (especially Amy in Herb Garden and the episode where she and Sheldon used Lenny in figuring out puzzles and compared results with monkeys). Im betting theres a part of them that relishes the banter that this particular professional union will bring. The fact that they can outline boundaries shows they are separating the work from personal stuff and as long as they have thick enough skins they should be able to be productive without offending each other. Like others here, Im pretty excited about this venture!
  13. Drama is never fun to watch on a sitcom especially between couples you ship. I am, however, very hopeful that in the end the writers will be fixing the issues with Lenny after some more drama. They presumably have some time now with a probable two season coming, which also means they may milk the squabbling a bit longer before righting the wrongs. Im still hopeful that things are gonna improve for the original couple of TBBT.
  14. What youre gonna see in tonight's episode is Beverly (the expert in her field) outlining two problems for two couples- Sheldon's old room being a surrogate "escape hatch" for Shamy, and the introduction of another roommate into Lenny's life and the possible reason for it (other than helping a friend). The interesting thing I found in watching the taping of thos is how each couple handled Beverly's revelations. Amy initially told Sheldon to ignore Beverly, but later she and Sheldon discuss the feelings behind it. And even prior to Beverly's skype session Amy has a sit down with Sheldon to discuss their feelings about the 4A issue. What you dont really see is Lenny doing that. Penny is immediately dismissive of Beverlys comment as was Leonard, but then Leonard second guesses it and gets concerned. Penny kind of throws Leonard under the bus and treats issues related to Raj moving in as Leonard's problem. They dont have a real discussion and in the end Leonard dismisses his own concerns as Beverly planting doubt in his head. The issue of communication between Lenny was even mocked by Sheldon in last weeks episode. Its pretty bad when Sheldon gets it and Lenny doesnt. The latest TR continues to bring this issue front and center. Lenny will probably be the focus of the finale IMO, and unfortunately in a likely cliffhanger icky episode. Fingers crossed that Im wrong...
  15. Thanks for writing it up, sounds like an interesting episode! Glad you got to go!