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  1. Ship Zone

    I loved the role reversals for both Amy and Sheldon: Amy with being the "host" for girls night, and Sheldon for the hot beverage scene where Leonard is the one going through the checklist of asking if hia tea was prepared correctly and Sheldon getting annoyed! I thought that bit was hilarious.
  2. Ship Zone

    I know all the ladies are lovin the kissing scene, but my favorite scene is the one right after- the "Ill miss you X+1" banter back and forth was adorable! Corny, but adorable.
  3. I agree. Its not so much the item being given but the meaning behind it-that they were thinking of the ladies. When Leonard came up with the snowflake idea he was away on a long trip and the snowflake represented his thoughts of her, and bringing back a peice of his trip to her. In Howard's case he was deep in thought about the looming trip to space, yet he still had Bernie in his thoughts and found a cute way of bringing back a peice of that trip to Bernie in the form of a "star" that was in space. Sheldon's gift was pretty literal, a snapshot of his brain while thinking of Amy. The fact that Amy is a neurobiologist takes the gift from being "cute" to being an awesome nod to her passion for her profession. Lets face it, when we all give someone a unique gift we're secretly a little proud of ourselves for going the extra mile, its human nature. But nonetheless it certainly doesnt diminish the thought and effort behind the gift and the pleasure it gives to the recepient. Those of us on the forum suggesting Sheldon's MRI gift is more about him are, IMO, missing the bigger picture.
  4. Ship Zone

    I know a lot of the lady shippers of Shamy go crazy over the kissing scenes (I would expect no less lol) but I prefer the giddy scenes where Amy is excited and Sheldon looks pleased. I like the same scene you did. I also liked Amy's reactions to "banner night for female genitalia", her popping out of the bathroom in her robe, and her flirty behavior when Sheldon suggested she was naughty and bad (that twirl of the scarf and her smirk, yes!)... i liked the way shift pointed at the stairs with her thumb and with tongue in cheek asked Sheldon if he wanted to go back up--and Sheldon has that contemplative and smirky xhin deop as he ponders the meaning behind it.
  5. Ship Zone

    aww hey, everyone is entitled to see things the way they see them! we all come on here to swap ideas and when we differ we make our points! Lord knows Ive been swayed a number of times, some if them by some of your fine posts. By the time I post my opinions Ive probably devoured an episode 3 or 4 times (no joke) and even then i change my mind after others point out there own observations.
  6. Ship Zone

    Yeah thats why I think itbwould be really good if the writers end this once a year business on Amy's birthday, and after seeing 10x11 and Sheldon's enthusiasm I think its a given that physical relations will be more normalized (fingers crossed). It would put an end once and for all to the questions of Sheldon's motivations when it comes to sex. Personally, I felt he was all in at the beginning--wakingbher up at the stroke of midnight, just to give her a gift and please just her with sex? Nah, he wanted it too and since he hasnt been "lucky" after the seduction episode I think its been on his mind more. But I do understand how others might see the opening scene a tad differently and thats fine too. The important thing is they both were pretty happy in this episode, and thatbis indisputable!
  7. Ship Zone

    I'll keep it brief-- Amy's giddiness, snarkiness, and adorableness (not a word I know!) throughout this episode is gonna make it one of my all time favorites! Happy Birthday to you indeed! Absolutely loved this episode! And Sheldon's choice of reading material in the waiting room--you've come a long way my friend!
  8. Ship Zone

    Hilarious thanks for sharing! JP has such a fun laugh when he screws up on set, love his out takes especially with Mayim. I'm hoping for a lot of this when S10 ends and the dvd comes out!
  9. Ship Zone

    "Right turn Clyde" lol
  10. Ship Zone

    Borrowing a line from Howard, "You lucky bastard".... Hey @stephenhawking I think youre due for a post about 10x11 lol..
  11. Ship Zone

    "Wowza!" The new Bazinga lol
  12. Ship Zone

    Probably asking for a lot and it's a stretch, but Amy and Sheldon two-steppin' at a country New Year's party in Texas would be pretty cool! And they do dance well together And since Sheldon is from eastern Texas I'm thinkin' they could go to Pasadena Texas and do their partying at Gilley's, Urban Cowboy style lol...
  13. This! When I watched the episode the thing I noticed most was that Sheldon was taking a trip down memory lane when sorting through his and leonard's mutual belongings, and remarked on how the items were born from happy times spent with Leonard. I saw him wanting to keep them more for the sentimental values they held and not so much that he coveted them for the "cool" factor. The sword was a freebie win from Penny, and the plant and clock were retained because Leonard didnt even argue to keep them, sarcastic banter notwithstanding. Yeah Sheldon was being a bit selfish but at least when explaining why he thought he should get to keep the clock, for instance, he tried to rationalize why he should. Amy, who is usually on top of Sheldon's DB behavior when she sees it, didnt even notice (even grinned back at him when he suggested the plant would be a good housewarming gift) until Leonard gets upset after the clock! Theodore's wrap up of the fight, as clumsy and abrupt as that scene felt, was accurate IMO. The sorting of their property could have been fun for both had they enjoyed the walk down memory lane and were gracious with one another--but it's a sitcom and the conflict brings laughs and thats what the writers were going for
  14. Actor

    the video is probably still on her facebook page, it was a loose v neck tshirt lol. she needed to not lean into the camera wearing it, as she later found out